603 Interrogation

    The pleasant early morning sunshine scattered across the floor, it was dazzlingly beautiful.

    A breeze blew past; if the ruined Bay of Pigs wasn't in the picture, the weather was definitely enjoyable.

    Fang Yuan walked through the Bay of Pigs, his backpack full from the harvest from the previous night.

    After watching Almon and the other kids leave, he responded to Daybreak Sword's call and attacked the Night Family Clan. The outcome was obvious.

    The bag full of his spoils of war said a lot about his harvest.

    The fire at the harbor had already been extinguished, only the spirals of smoke were still being fought off.

    The survivors had a lifeless look in their eyes as they looked at either the debris in front of them or the corpses on the floor. Someone cried out first, and promptly, it became a sea of howling grief.

    "At least 500 people died last night... Most of them were killed by the fire..." Fang Yuan sighed silently and reached the military center.

    Demon Hunters gathered there and looked at the row of corpses covered by white cloth on the floor, they were silent as well.

    "The Demon Hunters suffered high casualties as well... If it wasn't for Seres, who was able to rush over in time, they might have been eliminated!"

    The atmosphere in this place was heavy.

    After all, the dead Demon Hunters were their good friends and relatives.

    "Today... I stand here, deeply grieved, to remember these comrade-in-arms...

    "Daybreak Sword, Seres, stood in front of the crowd, his voice was deep, "Issac, Mendo, Chekhov... They were all good men amongst the Demon Hunters, righteous comrades that fought against evil to the end, I'm proud of them!


    "Although Evil has taken away your lives, my respect, determination, and our longing for you will accompany you for life, never changing. Rest in peace, my closest comrades-in-arm!"

    During the eulogy, Fang Yuan was also solemn and stood at the side.

    These Demon Hunters had, of course, died horrible deaths, some of their corpses were even incomplete, or swallowed whole by the Voodoo Corpse. Only weapons and clothes could be used to represent them.

    "However, I believe that good and justice and will accompany us forever!"

    Till the end, all the Demon Hunters took out their weapons under Seres's lead. "I swear, I must protect good and justice, and fight evil till the end!"

    During the oath, many Demon Hunters became brave and hot-blooded again. They finally alleviated the mournful atmosphere a little.

    After that, the mess was cleared up. Flock, who had his chest bandaged and looked like a mummy, was carried back miserably.

    However, Seres didn't leave, instead, he glanced at Fang Yuan with a thoughtful look.

    "Young man, what is your name?"

    "Hulk! Sir!" Fang Yuan bowed slightly. He knew that his performance from the last night or the traces he left on the demon corpses had attracted this Legendary Demon Hunter's attention.

    "Your swordsmanship is pretty decent... If you have any question in the future, you can approach me!"

    Seres had an emotionless face, it was obvious that he wasn't the type of person that showed his emotions.

    However, it was already astonishing to other Demon Hunters that he offered his goodwill, to the point that they were all envious.

    This was a Titled Demon Hunter, the best in the whole Hurin area, and he actually looked at a newbie in a different light?

    Fang Yuan immediately noticed that there were gazes on him, some were even filled with jealousy.

    "This is normal too, no matter how virtuous an organization is, there will be darkness lurking around..."

    Fang Yuan was nonchalant about it. After thanking Seres again, he went on to do his own things as if nothing had happened.

    In any case, although it was a little troublesome to have succeeded in gaining this favor, it would be much more convenient for him to do things when he was back.

    In regards to being formally accepted as an apprentice? Keke...

    This Seres was clearly a reserved person and only allowed Hulk to seek advice from him, he might have prepared a test or something in his heart.

    Unfortunately, to Fang Yuna, all this was the same as leering at a blind man.

    Regarding the comprehension of Morning Stars Swordsmanship, he was no longer below the other party, so why would he still ask advice from him? Unless... there were other motives.

    Compared to that, he might as well think about how to deal with the ingredients he obtained as it was much more meaningful.

    "Six ghoul claws, a gargoyle heart, Fire-practising Demon ingredients... this should be enough for an Alchemist to make a set of Demon Weapons?"

    Fang Yuan couldn't forget about the "Shady Flow Flying Claws" series he found in the library.

    After all, that was a method to attack from a distance, it was also able to have the ability to move quickly on complicated terrain. To Demon Hunters, the latter was way more important.


    Hurin area, black market.

    "Hawk, please don't worry, your request will be fulfilled promptly. You'll be able to see the arms you've ordered lying in your storehouse tomorrow."

    Black Jack held his beloved pipe in his hands, sucking it and blowing out smoke.

    "This deal is very important to me, I'll entrust everything to you!"

    In front of him, a businessman stood up, bowed, and left the secret room, as if relieved from a burden.

    "Let Rabid Dog escort these goods!"

    Black Jack looked at the fading shadow of the other party, his eyes glimmered with cunningness, "This person should be the second inheritor of the Christine Family? By buying so many weapons, it looks like he's thinking of revolting... Make Skylark contact the first inheritor of the Christine Family and sell this news to her. Tell her that if the selling price is less than 100,000, her tongue will be cut off!"


    A few subordinates bowed and left immediately.

    Black Jack, on the other hand, went on to stroke his beloved pipe with a satisfied expression on his face.

    Everyone knows that Black Jack would never cheat the old or young when he did business! He said that he would sell arms to the party, and he would definitely keep that promise.

    Of course, whether or not the information will leak will depend on the other party's sincerity.

    Black Jack was confident in this aspect and could definitely squeeze the other party dry.

    "Calculating the time... the matter regarding the Bay of Pigs should be almost finished?" Black Jack knocked his pipe on the counter and pondered silently.

    Compared to the benefits he had gotten, this was the most important thing.

    "However... I'm not the only one who has the information, would the Demon Hunter branch dare to take us out?" Black Jack laughed coldly as he thought.

    He understood very clearly that many black market businessmen had traces of Demon Hunters backing them.

    After all, everyone, even Demon Hunters, would want to get a piece of such a large profit. They're not fairies that didn't need to eat, like everyone else, they have a family to take care of too.

    If there was a request, black market businessmen would seize every opportunity.

    This huge network would be able to guarantee that they wouldn't be affected too much-even if the mission was a failure, and the other party was badly damaged.

    After all, the information they gave was accurate. The only thing they did was overlook a couple of things, was that not the case?


    At that moment, there was a scream coming from outside that made Black Jack's hair stand on end, "Hunting Dog, go and find out what happened!"

    "Yes, boss!"

    An employed soldier that was big and tall, with a scar on his face, nodded and walked out steadily.

    As a black market businessman, Black Jack had naturally offended many people. Aside from observing them closely and finding a large backer, he was able to live undisturbed until now due to the group of employed soldiers he had beside him.

    Each of them had been selected from a large pool and were skilled in using all types of arms. They were even elites in using many types of cold weapons and combat techniques.

    Like this Hunting Dog, he single-handed killed 10 enemies that were fully armored!

    Ping! Ping!

    Outside the house, various gun sound could be heard before gradually coming to a stop. Everything became dead silent again.

    "No way... that was fast..."

    Cold sweat dripped down from Black Jack's face, he quickly stood up and ran towards the secret room.

    Behind him was a demon god-like black shadow, which was carrying a dead Hunting Dog, "Black Jack?!"

    "You're... that newbie Demon Hunter?!"

    Black Jack turned behind to look at him, his impression was deep.

    "Thanks to you, I'm really indebted to you for your hospitality from before!" Looking at how the other party was appalled and distraught, Fang Yuan knew that he didn't find the wrong target. He walked up and grasped Black Jack's neck, lifting him off the ground.

    "Spare... spare me!"

    Without any delay, Black Jack's old face turned purplish-black and was struggling to beg for his life.


    Just when he felt that he was going to faint, the enormous power that was grasping his neck was released, causing him to slip onto the ground, panting heavily.

    Black Jack swore that he had had never felt so blessed to be able to breathe freely!

    "You... you're so fearless? I have a great lord as my backer..."

    After panting several times, he trembled as he said out a few names, wanting to increase his survival rate.

    Unfortunately, Fang Yuan didn't care about this.

    "I know that you black market businessmen have big connections. Everywhere you go, there'll be someone who wants to bribe and support you, and, hence, had a power network... but, an organization is an organization, a person is a person, I only want to deal with you alone!"

    Fang Yuan took out Starry Night and slashed downwards.


    A spray of blood flew out as Black Jack's hand was nailed to the ground.

    "So... do you understand?"

    When one abandoned all the restrictions one has, it's normally extremely terrifying.

    The Fang Yuan was currently acting as a hot-headed man that was extremely furious after being cheated.


    It was clear that Old Jack cherished his life more than other people, so he immediately shut his mouth and stopped talking.

    He knew that even if he mentioned the leader of the Demon Hunters and the Evil Demon King, he wouldn't be able to move this young Demon Hunter even a millimeter.

    "Very good, first... tell me-Who was the one that told you to create this setup?"

    "I don't know, the other party gave me a large amount of money... Ah!" Just as Black Jack spoke, a silver light flashed and cut off his hand, causing him to scream in agony.

    "You have two more legs and one hand. You have three chances, think clearly before you answer!" Fang Yuan said coldly, there was no emotion in his eyes.
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