607 Female Horseman


    With rhythmic sounds, eight horses were pulling an enormous carriage, moving forward on a broad road.

    The carriage was very spacious and had over ten people sitting inside, with two lights at the front. As a type of ancient bus, it toured on roads between towns and cities that were difficult to pass through.

    "We'll reach John Town once we're through the Black Forest!"

    Within the carriage, people sat close to each other, squeezing in. Everyone brought along either a thick bag or luggage and was alert as they stared at the strangers around them.

    It's never a bad thing to be cautious when one travels.

    Amongst the bunch of tourists, Fang Yuan only carried a long luggage case that was very different.

    "Based on the ripples from before, the contact point of the Black Scale Club should be in John Town!"

    There was never a time when he relaxed during the investigation of the Masters clan. Instead, he confirmed the other party's location through the tiny traces that he had gotten from Black Jack's place.

    John Town was located within the deep mountains. The road to the town was bumpy and had many turns. Hence, the only way to travel was through the public horse carriage.

    "Even so..." Fang Yuan looked out of the small window, towards the outside.

    Although it was only the afternoon, the sky was already gloomy. Within the Black Forest, there were strange ancient trees growing without any restrictions on both sides of the roads, looking like oddly shaped arms.

    "John Town... It's said that the sun was concealed for almost half the time, every year. Furthermore, the wild animals in the surroundings are very ferocious..." Recalling the information that he had, Fang Yuan had a foundation in his heart of what it was going to be like.

    Of course, the Vampires in this world weren't afraid of the sunlight, and there wouldn't be any Vampire clans that lived in solitary in this gloomy, small town.

    To many Night Family Clans, the environment in John Town was actually pretty good.

    "Masters and Night Family Clan... can they live in harmony?"

    Fang Yuan had read many ancient classics that clearly recorded how insane the Master clans were. They took the root of their blood as a deity to worship, some, who were even more paranoid, even performed more disturbing and extreme things in order to maintain the demonic power in their blood.

    These types of Master clans were usually more cruel and bloody when compared to the Night Family Clan.

    Even if Demon Hunters met them, they would also need to completely eradicate evil.


    At that moment, there was a sudden desolate wolf howl that caused the horses to stop in fright.

    As the enormous public horse carriage stopped, the facial expressions of the passengers changed.

    "There are wolves?"

    "There's a wolf pack in the Black Forest?"

    A granny looked like she was going to faint. "That's impossible... my daughter and son-in-law never told me about these things!"

    "Looks like there's only one!"

    "Unless it's a lone wolf?"

    A wolf is an animal that lives in packs, however, it's also highly possible that there can be a lone wolf in the night as it might be a wolf that failed to snatch the title of the alpha. It can be said that it's an ex-alpha!

    "Everyone, please mind your own safety!" At that moment, the driver at the front of the horse carriage, who had been driving the carriage, had a serious expression as he stood up and took out a hunting gun with a long barrel from underneath his seat. "Don't leave the carriage! I'll... What are you doing?"

    Just as he warned them, he saw a youth with a cropped head haircut stepping down from the horse carriage without any consideration. He even went towards the forest with interest.


    Within the black, dense forest, a silver light flashed, and a large form appeared. It was indeed a large wolf, and its movements were unusually strong and vigorous.

    "As expected... it's not a normal wild wolf!" Fang Yuan moved his fingers. "Little doggy... come over here!"

    The driver and other passengers behind him felt as if they were going to faint soon. To them, Fang Yuan was basically insane and an idi*t!


    Within the Black Forest, as expected, that enormous wolf was agitated, it leaped over with lightning speed. A normal person could only see a blurry white shadow.


    Sparks flew.

    Fang Yuan raised his head and looked in the direction of John Town.

    Opposite him, the wolf howled once and stopped in its steps, focusing on the horseman that had stepped forward.

    The other party was riding on a large black horse and ran like a breeze. With jeans, a jacket, a hunting cap, and amber long hair tied into a ponytail, she totally looked like a western cowgirl that was holding onto a gun now.

    "This isn't a place you should be...

    "Go back to where you're from. Otherwise, I swear, in the name of Forest Protector Florina, you shall be punished!"

    The female Forest Protector used a serious voice to speak. She looked around 20 plus years old, but her riding skills were very experienced. Before going to the public horse carriage, her gun was aimed at the large wolf.


    The human and wolf looked eye to eye, but it was the white wolf that couldn't take it. Soon, it turned and ran back into the woods.

    "I knew that you would come, Florina." The carriage driver let out a long breath before putting his hunting gun back into position. "Alright everyone, please continue on. I guarantee that this was only an accident... That large wolf should be from other places..."

    Florina greeted the passengers, "We, John Town, not only have the best black oat wine and grilled meat, but we also have a group of excellent Forest Protectors. You definitely won't be harmed."

    Her leather boots kicked the horse's abdomen area and the black, big horse moved in front of Fang Yuan, its gaze watchful. "Who are you? Why did you come to John Town?"

    "I'm Hulk, a zoologist specializing in wild animals! I'm currently doing some traveling records!" Fang Yuan pulled his collar and made a gentleman bow. "Dear pretty lady, it would be nice if you could tell me where that enormous wolf came from... its elegant form and beautiful fur are definitely from the king among all the dog species! As the first to discover and record this, I want to use my name to name it."

    "Sorry... I'm not sure either." Florina shook her head and looked at Fang Yuan, a hint of surprise flashed across her eyes. "You're a scholar?"

    "That's right! Do you want to see my documents?" Fang Yuan stretched his hands into his chest. If he had worn a pair of glasses, he would've had the distinct qualities of a professor.

    "Alright, I'm not the police but a mere Forest Protector. Welcome to John Town, I hope that the journey wasn't in vain!" Florina's face flushed.

    She had to say that Hulk had a nice appearance: he had a large build, was brave, young, and handsome, but most importantly, with Fang Yuan possessing the body, there was an additional evil charm. To any girls that had yet to awaken their first love, he had a deadly charm.

    At the moment, she seemed as though she was completely bewitched and even took the initiative to talk more to Fang Yuan.

    Clang! Clang!

    However, after the horse carriage left, Florina stopped waving her both hands and smiled bitterly. "Zoologist? More like a big liar! Why did he come?"

    She could tell that the person wasn't bothered by his own identity. It was completely a game for him.

    "An interesting fellow, let's hope that he doesn't die here!" Florina said and looked towards the forest again. "The Alpha Family's commotion is becoming more and more frequent, this is already the third time they had gone across the 'border', this is a declaration of war!"


    "My luck is pretty good!" Above the horse carriage, Fang Yuan hugged his hands, with the brim of his hat down, however, the corner of his mouth was slightly curled up. "Even though I've yet to reach my destination, I've found traces of a Werewolf, and that Florina seems to have traces of a secret power as well..."

    Werewolves were also a species of the Night Family Clan. They had the appearance of wolves but could stand and walk like a human. They were intelligent as well.

    The large wolf from before was a Werewolf! Of course, it was unable to turn into a human form no matter how round the moon was.

    "However, Masters that have the blood of a Werewolf have the ability to change into an enormous wolf... Don't tell me that this small town is where they're living?"

    In a small town that was cold for most of the year. It didn't have any Vampires; but instead, it had a possibility of having Werewolves. This was quite new to Fang Yuan.

    "We've reached... John Town!"

    After an estimated time of half an hour, the public horse carriage stopped at a plaza. The door of the carriage opened, and, one by one, the passengers walked down while exhaling a long breath.


    Fang Yuan looked around. The small town was huge, and its buildings loosely organized. But the structures were firm. With casual reinforcement, most places would seem like fortresses. It even had high-rise buildings that were formed purely from bricks, which gave the impression it was indestructible.

    "I'm a scholar right now that's researching wild animals. I should look for the town mayor!"

    In his hands was an introduction letter that spoke about his identity and history in detail. There was even a stamp from the city hall that mentioned that it wanted the mayor to receive him properly.

    Many times, would the Demon Hunters use this identity to undergo different kinds of investigations on the Night Family Clan. His history was flawless and was guaranteed by the amount of money Fang Yuan spent on it. There would be no flaws-even if someone went to the city hall to check on his student status.

    "3 Black Stone Street, this map is a little too simple..."

    Fang Yuan turned left and right in the town and almost got lost several times. Finally, he arrived at a 2-story wooden villa.

    Around the villa was a wall of fences that surrounded a large garden. There were cauliflower, cardamom, and other unknown wild flowers planted there. It looked heavily laden with fruit.

    Ding Ring Ring!

    Fang Yuan shook the bell in front of the door. After a moment, the main door of the villa opened and a bald middle-aged man walked out, examining Fang Yuan. "You are..."

    "I'm Hulk, may I know if you're Mayor Beetho?" Fang Yuan passed the letter over, "I'm thinking of staying in John Town for a certain period of time. At the same time, I want to perform research on the environment of the animals around here...

    "Mmm..." After confirming whether the letter was real, Beetho shook his head awkwardly. "However... we don't have a motel in this town... Looks like you can only stay in my house. I have a daughter, who's an excellent Forest Protector. I believe that you'd be able to get along well with her."

    Step! Step!

    Just as he finished talking, Fang Yuan saw a female teenage horseman. She stopped in front of the fence, jumped from the horse's back and whistled before revealing a teasing smile. "Wild scholar, we meet again!"
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