633 Crossbow

    "Quick! Leave immediately!" Krist shouted loudly, swinging the large sword in his hand and splitting a gold-haired werewolf in two.

    Behind him was a bunch of bewildered members. They had fallen into great despair and were at a loss after seeing the hell-like Sacred Mountain and the tragic battlefield at the headquarters.


    Zweig looked at everything and felt that he was totally numb. "Sacred Mountain has become hell... The Demon Hunter Headquarters has been invaded... am I having a nightmare?"


    Promptly, his head was ruthlessly slapped. "Don't be distracted, bring out the results of your constant training. After going down the mountain, we'll immediately go our separate ways to break the siege.

    Krist took the lead but was sighing internally.

    If it was like this, maybe everyone's survival rate would be a little higher?


    At this moment, a thick pillar of light soared upwards from behind the headquarters and spread out horizontally, transforming into a large cross that slashed into the sky.

    "This is... Holy Punishment?"

    Amongst the group of people, Mond, who had a grey cloak draped over him, suddenly raised his head and looked at the place where the cross-shaped beam of light came from and firmly pressed onto the bangle on his right hand. "Aragón, blew up Sacred Cup?"

    It was different from the Sacred Spear; Sacred Cup could self-destruct.

    Needless to say, with the batch of Sacred Water that was previously produced in a hurry, even the Evil Demon King would be killed with its destructive power.

    Obviously, Aragón also understood that he wouldn't be able to escape. Hence, he would rather destroy the Sacred Cup and die, rather than allow it to fall into the hands of the Evil Demons.

    Moreover, the destruction of this type of Sacred Weapon, and the sacrifice of a Sacred Weapon holder could definitely kill many Evil Demons as well.

    The shock wave came and was filled with sacred, pure power.

    The Night Family Clans that attacked the Demon Hunter Headquarters immediately suffered huge losses.

    Fang Yuan sensed even more.

    "Darkness... has fallen?"

    Fang Yuan nodded his head after feeling that the strong presence had vanished.

    Although he didn't know that Darkness Evil Demon Ainz had previously been heavily injured by Longinus, it was definitely not an issue to kill a large Evil Demon with the self-destruction technique of the Sacred Cup.

    As if it was due to the difference in this world, even the power that a Power Obtainer wielded was far from that of the great energy from the Da Qian Empire.

    However, Fang Yuan knew that even if Demon Hunters went to the Da Qian Empire, they could immediately be successful and even be compared to that Dream Master Sage from before!

    The powers of the different worlds were different, however, the nature of the powers aren't different!

    "Sacred Weapon holders should be close in power to the previous Dream Master Sage, but they constantly fell... The losses of the Evil Demons must also be very huge..."

    Fang Yuan quietly came to a high vantage point and held up Monster Sob.

    Below, two large demon figures suddenly appeared in front of the group of members.

    "Chaos" Evil Demon Cosmo and also "Evil" Evil Demon Zoro!

    Although these two Evil Demon Kings looked very exhausted and spent, their wings were in a sorry state, and even their horns were chipped off, they still firmly blocked the escape route of the Demon Hunters.


    Cosmo wasn't bothered by Krist who was cautiously looking at the incoming enemies. Instead, it looked at Mond, who was covered by a grey cloak. "Hand over Sacred Coffin and the page of the core Dead Sea Ancient Scroll. Then, kneel down to pledge allegiance to us, and we shall grant you a long life. You can even be like Urias and be accepted as one of us royalties!"

    "Dream on!" Mond answered resolutely and decisively, touching the golden bracelet on his wrist.


    Amidst a glow, a large sacred coffin appeared and a countless number of black shackles with thorns spread all over the sky, like a spider web.

    "The Sacred Coffin's power is sealing... but we won't give you the chance to do so." Two Evil Demons roared.

    Immediately, a large number of Night Family Clan members appeared in the dark and began to surround and attack them.

    "Chaotic Wind Kill!"

    Krist moved his sword and it suddenly transformed into a gust of razor sharp wind, cutting everywhere.

    Just from that attack, countless Night Family Clan members died at his hands.

    Unfortunately, the ferocious demons where like a surging tide that caught the Demon Hunters off guard, their front line was broken.


    Bodies and blood flew everywhere. The scene of Night Family Clans hunting was naturally quite bloody.

    Even so, Mond didn't move and stared into nothingness.


    Krist clenched his teeth and his sword slashed at two Evil Demons. "Holy Wind Chop!"

    Zap! Zap!

    Crescent-shaped energy appeared in the air. Like a razor, it slashed over the area where the two Evil Demons were.


    Mond snapped out of his daze, and a countless number of shackles barged in from nothingness and appeared from behind the two Evil Demons, firmly binding their four limbs.

    "It's useless."

    Cosmo struggled, "There already is the most powerful owner of Desire within Sacred Coffin, it's impossible to contain a second Evil Demon! Just a mere sealing power..."


    Just as it finished speaking, a gunshot was heard. The head of the Chaos Evil Demon suddenly exploded like a watermelon.

    Even though the Evil Demon had a body that was made from the elements, and it had the ability to evade deadly blows, Monster Sob was a weapon that was specialized, why was it possible that this wasn't considered? What it caused, was true damage!

    Otherwise, why would it have such vicious infamy?

    "Monster Sob?!"

    Zoro made a weird sound, and he struggled violently, obviously afraid of the hidden sniper.

    Bloop! Bloop!

    At this moment, Cosmo's headless body released a large amount of bloody fog, and another Evil Demon head grew out. "One life! D*mn Demon Hunters! Already took away two of my lives tonight!"

    As a Chaos Evil Demon, it had a unique gift, and one of its most important abilities was its three lives!

    With three lives, it was able to deal with two deadly blows!

    Unfortunately, the two chances disappeared just like that tonight.

    After recovering, Cosmo summoned a large quantity of bloody fog and heavily concealed its own figure.

    "Hmm? Such a great effect? This should be due to Sacred Coffin's seal. Without it restricting the Evil Demon's movement, even I would have difficulty aiming properly."

    After witnessing such a scene, how could Fang Yuan let go of this perfect opportunity that was bestowed to him? He immediately raised his gun to aim and fired again.


    The bullet left a large hole in the red fog, and the pathetic figure of Cosmo appeared, its chest had a bloody hole. "This d*mn seal..."

    It roared once, a crossbow suddenly appeared in its hand.

    This crossbow was pocket-sized, had a silver body, and was as exquisite as a piece of art. Of course, in the hands of a tall Evil Demon, it looked similar to a toy.

    However, Mond, who was previously certain that he was winning, face made a 180-degree turn upon seeing it. "Demon Hunter Crossbow? Master clan?"


    Zoro didn't say anything as he set the arrow in place and triggered it.

    Accompanied by the sound of a machine, a shooting star-like silver ray split straight through the defenses and stabbed into Mond's heart.

    He immediately kneeled onto the ground, then collapsed, blood flowing nonstop from his chest.

    The Sacred Coffin's glow dulled a little, and the shackle retracted. The two Evil Demons vanished instantly.

    "D*mn Master clan!" Krist went forward and checked Mond's wound as he cursed.

    The chest of this Sacred Weapon holder was pierced by a small arrow. It was filled with carved symbols that held the glow of a spell.

    The small arrow was filled with the shocking presence of a Black Magic technique and very strong corrosion and a curse that stopped all of Mond's life force!

    "Such a powerful Black Magic technique..."

    Mond was paled faced and laugh bitterly once. "Master clans can no longer be trusted, the few top clans must have already sided with the Evil Demons... this type of cursed arrow and Demon Hunter Crossbow cannot be produced without the 13 clan's elders' combined effort..."

    Clearly, despite the fact that the Masters were trying to hide themselves before, they stood up and openly sided with them, without fear, after the huge war.

    After all, the future of Demon Hunters was that of a dead dog. Ruling the world with Evil Demons could be predicted.

    And, in order to appease the rest of the ordinary people and consolidate its power, it wasn't a bad idea to take advantage of the Master clans as the middle man.

    This world was, in the end, different from the past!

    Even if it were the Evil Demons, they must also be particular about their way of ruling. The Master clans might be able to be moved by this type of reasoning and became the buffer between humans and the Night Family Clans. The Demon Hunter Crossbow was proof of their allegiance!


    Krist almost choked with tears.

    "Take... take Sacred Coffin away, it can never fall into the Evil Demons' hands..."

    Mond handed the bracelet to Krist with shaky hands.

    "It's ours!"

    At that moment, an Evil Demon shouted and Zoro's figure appeared, its sharp claws went forward.


    Krist was enraged, his sword slashed forward ruthlessly.


    Another gunshot was heard, and an enormous hole appeared in Zoro's shoulder, blood gushing out.

    "Hmm? Who's that?"

    At this moment, Krist discovered that there was a black gun barrel at his side that had unknowingly appeared.

    That sniper was very bold to directly go to the center of the battlefield.

    "I really will be courting death if I stay here!"

    Fang Yuan didn't know what Krist was thinking, but he understood in his heart.

    The two shots had already exposed his position. With the addition of the alure of Sacred Coffin and Dead Sea Ancient Scroll, it made him act in an opposite way and entered the battlefield with the conceal of the invisible cloak.


    Evil Demon shouted loudly and angrily as they immediately discovered something.

    However, Krist didn't give Zoro an opportunity to keep moving.

    At that very moment when it was injured, his sword landed straight down with a different kind of territory power, "Holy Wind Chop!" "


    A large wound appeared in front of Cosmo's chest. It shrieked before its body vanished in the darkness.

    "Finally managed to fight it off, let's go quickly..."

    Although he knew that the Night Family Clans were also heavily injured, Krist didn't have any thoughts of chasing after them.

    However, it was futile when he tried to find traces of the mysterious sniper.

    Even more so, Mond's will and testament, the gold bracelet that contained Sacred Coffin, which was on the floor had also disappeared at that moment.

    Seeing this, Krist was enraged, frustrated, and promptly felt lost.

    Was the time of Demon Hunters really ending?
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