636 Gathering

    "Demon Hunters, are really finished?"

    Looking at the state of Krist, that was named as the most talented Titled Demon Hunter from the Sacred Mountain Headquarters, Zweig's heart instantly sank as deep as the sea.

    Even his body wasn't able to react in time to the drastic change.

    After all, he was only a disciple that went to Sacred Mountain to learn previously.

    However, the three Sacred Weapon holders promptly passed away, the Sacred Cup was destroyed, and the glory of the Demon Hunters vanished.

    If it was an ordinary Demon Hunter, he probably would've turned insane; based on the news Zweig had received, this was indeed the case, many Demon Hunters escaped from reality and some of their faith wavered, causing them to degenerate.

    Even the remaining Demon Hunters were busy scrambling for power and profit, making him unable to have any zeal.

    "Compete... Compete with all your strength, so what if one becomes the new leader? One will still be destroyed by the Evil Demons!"

    A dark thought spread through his mind and snapped Zweig out of his stupor. "What's happening? Even I'm beginning to waver?"

    At this moment, the commotion at the scene became intense. Although some Demon Hunters suggested deciding what was right or wrong through combat, this method was quickly questioned as the opposition clearly understood that if it was still this straightforward to determine the winner through power, the ones holding the power would definitely be the Titled Demon Hunters in the end!

    Unfortunately, there were still Demon Hunters that believed that the strongest should be the king of the Demon Hunters, hence there were some that instantly voiced out their support.

    Just when the two parties were locked in a stalemate and were preparing to organize a workable plan to fight, an agonizing shout, from the outside, was heard. "Evil... Evil Demon!"

    If it was in the old days, a mere Evil Demon would be attacked by the Demon Hunters, together, and be ripped apart.

    However, they had become badly frightened, and their first reaction was to escape.

    "A bunch of cowards!"

    The old Demon Hunter, that had previously spoken, couldn't stand them anymore. He took a large hammer and went towards the source of the sound.

    Krist held onto a sword in his hand and went to follow suit.

    Promptly, he sucked in a mouthful of cold air as he saw a strong Evil Demon.

    The other party didn't have a human form but had the appearance of a three-headed demon wolf. It was as big as a small mountain, and its mouth was chewing on a ferocious head.

    "An Evil Demon with the appearance of a three-headed Demon Wolf? I haven't seemed to have heard of it before..."

    Krist was solemn and tightened his grip on his sword.

    No matter what, the other party had a concentrated Evil Demon presence and a terrifying power that couldn't be faked.

    Especially the heads on both sides, their eyes were filled with madness and brutality, causing all the opposing Demon Hunters to feel cold in their hearts.

    "Alright, Fenrir, don't frighten our friends."

    At this moment, a human voice travelled from the top of the giant wolf's head. Many Demon Hunters looked up and only then did they realize that there was a large number of human figures on its head.


    Fenrir laid down and threw the head it was biting onto the floor.

    "This is... Bramble Evil Demon Gulizar?" The old Demon Hunter beside him exclaimed.

    "Wait a minute, this voice..."

    Compared to the old Demon Hunter, Zweig was even more shocked, as the young voice opposite him was deeply carved into his mind; it was impossible for him to forget.

    As expected, in the next moment, a human figure leaped off the wolf's head. It was a very young Demon Hunter, his short hair was like metal thorns, and his whole body looked very refreshed.

    "Hulk... You are Pharmacist Hulk?" Zweig rubbed his eyes and said in a disbelieving tone.

    "Indeed, it's me... I saw the Evil Demon on the street and casually killed it as a present-I wonder if everyone is still satisfied?"

    Fang Yuan smiled as he observed his surroundings.

    At this moment, the Evil Demon Hunters jumped down from the giant wolf, one by one, causing the surrounding people to be in a state of shock.


    "Merlot? Is that really you?"

    "Berto, I thought you were dead..."

    Those that Fang Yuan picked, naturally, weren't just any simple characters. Those that he had either persuaded or aided were at least A-grade Demon Hunters. After becoming Evil Demon Hunters, they all had the potential to charge towards territory, and the possibility was huge!

    At this moment, they stood behind him, their slightly bowed posture said everything, causing the Demon Hunters there to go into a bigger commotion.


    Krist looked at Zweig, who was beside him and said, "Is that student really in the same year as you? Why do I feel... that he's even more powerful than me, a Titled Demon Hunter?"

    "I don't know either..."

    Zweig touched the pendant that hung on his neck. Unfortunately, the high-class Demon Weapon wasn't able to provide him with any bravery or confidence at all.

    "!@#' Is this still the Pharmacist that I could almost be at par with?"

    Zweig suddenly felt that he had taken a large blow, feeling cheated and uneasy.

    "Haha... Welcome, my brothers."

    Old Demon Hunter could feel that something was amiss from the start, but his face was still brimming with a smile. "Let us discuss the future of Demon Hunters, together!"

    "There's no need, after losing the three sacred weapons, there is no future to talk about for demon hunters."

    Fang Yuan waved his hands, and allowed one Evil Demon hunter to come out, "tell them our purpose of being here."

    "Yes, leader-Sir!"

    An Evil Demon Hunter leaned forward, and large, bat-like wings appeared behind his back, a large presence swept throughout the whole place.

    "Evil Demon? No... That's not right!"

    "This is... an Evil Demon Hunter?"

    A few old Demon Hunters exclaimed.

    "Not bad, power has no good or evil, the key point is what it's used for... The time of Demon Hunters has passed. Now, only Evil Demon Hunters can obtain achievements again and save the world!"

    This Evil Demon Hunter loudly said, "We have already built an Evil Demon Hunter Association, and we welcome everyone to join! All Demon Hunters that join can be modified by the Biologically Modified Master and become an Evil Demon hunter!"

    This news was like a bomb, causing the whole place to fall dead silent.

    After a long while, a huge commotion stirred up, filling the whole place with noise.

    "All of you... betrayed the union?"

    "Division! This is a brazen division, we'll never acknowledge it!"

    At this moment, the emotions of the group rose.

    Facing this, Fang Yuan stepped forward.

    Thump... Thump! Thump... Thump!

    His footsteps were firm, the sound was clear and melodious. To the point that every falling step felt as though he was stepping on the hearts of the Demon Hunters.

    They were frightened as they looked at the god-like human figure, unconsciously retreating.

    "All of you, who do you think you are?"

    Fang Yuan finally stopped his grim reaper-like steps, shooting a side glance at them. "So what if we created an association? The king is the one with the power in this world. What has what we intend to do, have to do with you?"

    After the fall of Sacred Mountain, it was the first time that the Demon Hunters saw a Demon Hunter such as this, that took rules as nothing, and they were speechless.

    "Us, the Evil Demon Hunter Association, will take over the mission of the Demon Hunter Union and will continue to view the Night Family Clans as enemies. This time, we'll be able to unite the whole of humanity and go against the Evil Demons' tyranny!"

    Looking at the situation, a few Demon Hunters on the sidelines immediately said, with generousity, "Those that are willing to join are our comrades. Those that are unwilling to, we won't force them.. However, after becoming Evil Demon Hunters, we've, at the very least, greatly reduced our reliance on Sacred Water, and we can even directly obtain power from the Night Family Clans!"

    "That's right!"

    A few old Demon Hunters recalled the records in the ancient books. "Evil Demon Hunters are also official Demon Hunters... Moreover, the more Night Family Clans one hunts and kills, the stronger the hunter will become..."

    They knew that this route naturally had malpractices, otherwise it wouldn't have been replaced by Titled Demon Hunters in the end.

    However, the ancient book didn't record anything else, and they couldn't think of any reason to refuse.

    "Without the need for large quantities of Sacred Water, and one only needs to prey on Night Family Clans to obtain power?"

    After hearing this, the eyes of many young Demon Hunters instantly lit up.

    "Yes, we, the Evil Demon Hunters, are the ones that are keeping up with the times, the main power contending against the Evil Demons in the future!"

    Many Evil Demon Hunters roared together, their voices also sounded very majestic, "Join us, and fight with us, hand in hand. Even if we have to be in hell in the future, we'll also do that together!"

    "Well said!"

    A Demon Hunter with red eyes stood out. "For revenge, we need power!"

    Witnessing this scene, regardless of whether it was the old Demon Hunter or Krist, they could only sigh for the lost cause.

    However, they still had their own egos.

    "Demon hunters can, of course, join the Evil Demon Hunter Association, but as the leader, what kind of strength do you have?"

    Krist spoke up, clearly challenging him.

    In fact, this was also because he didn't know that Fang Yuan was the mysterious sniper that had saved his life. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been this bold.

    "The power of Demon Hunters is used to deal with Evil Demons, and not used to seek to prevail over others..."

    Fang Yuan shook his head, and the words he said next made the surrounding people shocked. "But... using it to deal with some lawless hoodlums is also possible!"

    "Hoodlums, do you mean us?"

    Krist face turned red, and he tightly held onto the handle of his large sword.

    "No... it's a bunch of mice that are secretly spying on us..."

    Fang Yuan held onto Starry Night long sword and suddenly, a stream of flame shot out to the sky.


    Surrounding, the night curtain was pulled. The stars moved as if it turned to night in an instant.

    "Morning Stars Swordsmanship-Starry night!"

    Amidst the radiant starlight, a ray of brilliance appeared and suddenly transformed into fireworks. Just like a meteor shower, they exploded and fell in all directions.

    "This is... Seres's Morning Stars Swordsmanship?"

    Witnessing what was before him, Krist instantly knew that he was no match for Fang Yuan.

    This was because the other party, right now, was already comparable to the former Daybreak Sword!

    An even more shocking scene happened.

    As the flames and stars fell onto the ground, a bloody hole suddenly appeared.

    A few human figures that seemed to be hiding behind trees and rocks and the field was forced to reveal themselves. Their leaders were unexpectedly a few wealthy old men.

    "People from the Master clans?"

    Krist bellowed immediately after seeing this scene unfold, "They were actually hiding so close to us?"

    "The 13 Clans Elder, Santos, sends his greetings to everyone!"

    A white-haired old man that was wearing a purple-gold robe walked out, but his eyes were filled with astonishment as he looked at Fang Yuan. "Such a superb level of Black Magic technique-no wonder you can see through the setup that we had teamed up and done."
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