673 Temporarily Away


    Accompanying the jade-green flames in the fireplace, the corvus sculpture on top chirped suddenly, "Chirp chirp! Chirp chirp!"

    Its sound was hoarse and husky, with a feeling of inauspiciousness.


    Jemc had a black gown draped over him as he immediately moved forward. He took down the wax cylinder that had been sent through the flames from the bird's claws.

    "This is an urgent document from the Stan Duchy."

    He took a glance before leaving the room with the documents in the long cylinder.

    From what could be seen, it was a giant building that was like an ant nest. Large amounts of people draped in black gowns were going in and out of the cave like they were working ants.


    Jemc increased his walking pace and arrived at a large, black door before knocking on it lightly.

    "Come in."

    After getting the permission of the owner inside, he opened the door slowly and looked respectfully at the old man sitting on the main seat. "The latest news from the Stan Duchy."

    With his qualifications, he could not even touch the magic fire paint on the sealed cylinder. He could only send the long cylinder over.

    The old man with a snow-white beard opened the long cylinder, looked at the message inside, and said, "It's news about that youngster... Oh, he should be called Sir Luhn now."

    "Even if he is a noble, he still shouldn't treat the people of our secret agency that way." Thinking about the widespread news from before, Jemc clenched his fists uncontrollably. "He actually eliminated our detachment and turned them into robbers... This behavior must be punished!"

    "Be mindful of your words, Jemc!"

    At this time, the eyes of the old man turned extremely sharp.

    "Sorry, Sir. I am only..."

    Jemc retreated a step, suddenly understanding the jealousy in his heart.

    Even though he was a deacon of the secret agency, he needed to live carefully in concealment.

    Why should that youth be able to live freely under the sun, even becoming a noble?

    That jealousy and unwillingness transformed into a poisonous snake, making him want to destroy everything the other had.

    "I understand. You can leave."

    Unfortunately, the old man did not give him the chance and waved his hand.

    Jemc moved his mouth, but did not say anything. He bowed before dismissing himself.


    The old man of the secret agency looked at the latest information and frowned. "He inherited the Death Hands' legacy?"

    The former Legend Knight Group of the Stan Duchy was a renowned existence on the continent. Each of them had set up a large family and produced many descendants. Through large amounts of arranged marriages, they had also gained connections with all the nobles in the Stan Duchy.

    Before this matter happened, none of them knew that the small family of Knight Jorah were safekeeping such a shocking secret.

    "However, to be able to experience the Legend's test, his soul should have no problem..."

    The old man collected the documents slowly and started to file them. "Anyway, this type of inheritor will definitely meet many obstacles and tests. I just need to continue observing him..."

    In fact, he was pessimistic about the other's future.

    His foundation was polluted by a Legend. This meant that, in the future, he could never be supreme and would only be used as a disposable combat force..

    The ending of such people were normally unfavorable.

    "When that time comes, our scores will be settled. No one can provoke the secret agency!"

    A ray of coldness flashed through the old man's pupils.

    Even he could not bear to watch Luhn's actions.


    At the same time, within the Stan Duchy.

    With the benefit of magic, Grand Duke Stan received the news almost at the same time as Baron Shawshank.

    The current Grand Duke Stan was 67 years old. If he was placed in an ordinary world, he was thoroughly at an advanced age. However, due to being an Extraordinary, he only looked like he was at most 50 years old and was full of energy.

    "Seems like... we can add another high-level professional military power to our camp. Needless to say, the reputation of the Legend Knight Group also has the power to garner supporters."

    At the moment, Grand Duke Stan smiled in ease as he looked at the information on hand.

    "However, should we consider the views of the other few families?" At this time, someone beside him that looked like his advisor said, "Especially Earl Floren's family. They'd always bragged that they were Glendon's legitimate heir. I'm afraid it'll be difficult for them to accept..."

    "Yes, even I was shocked when I first received the news. After all, the inheritance of Glendon was not in the hands of the Floren Family, but at a collateral branch."

    Grand Duke Stan had a weird expression. "Looks like many things had once happened among the descendants of Glendon."

    "From what I know," the advisor continued, "since the matter about Knight Jorah was exposed, the Floren Family has been trying hard to 'recover' the inheritance. Because of this, they even sent a few ranked successors to activate the ceremony secretly... Unfortunately..."

    Obviously, such attempts would all eventually end with failure. Otherwise, Fang Yuan would not have gotten it so easily.

    "From this, there must be something about Luhn that is really extraordinary." Grand Duke Stan stroked his chin. "How should I involve him? Make him a Baron?"

    "I suggest you don't do this. If it's only an empty title, there won't be much gratitude. Ff it's a solid title, where would we find land? Unless you want to divide the noble's governing land? Many won't agree to this," the advisor said.

    "On the other hand, why not just look at the actions of the Floren Family? We just need to choose the critical moment to take action. By saving him at a critical moment, we can then receive much gratitude. Even if it fails, then we might as well acknowledge the benefits of the Floren Family..."

    In front of ice-cold politics, there was no tolerance for any affection.

    Grand Duke Stan's mouth twitched, but he did not refute. "For the time being, let's just do this. When do you think... is the best time?"

    "Of course, it's when Sir Luhn visits the baron for the first time. As a newly promoted subject, this is a duty that he must do. And there will be many chances along the way. In a month, a Legend's essence can't even be understood clearly," the advisor said without any hesitation.


    Unfortunately, the prediction of others were erroneous when it came to Fang Yuan.

    Although he was indeed the 'Descender' that the secret agency predicted, his essence was higher than any essence that they had seen before.

    Even if it was a Legend's power, it could only let itself be grasped by him as he pleased.

    At this time, everything that belonged to Glendon was digested and organized by him.

    "The power system of Monger World has many varieties. Only the Legend state is unified, and even a Legend is only the broken version of a Domainers. One must obtain a Godhood gifted by the world to enrich their rights and become a True God!

    "Under the Legends are the Extraordinaries. The difference between them is huge. A warrior that has just incited his fighting spirit seed could only be counted as a 'Quasi-Legend'.

    "According to my view, Extraordinaries can be split into four stages: fundamental, elite, master, and Quasi-Legend. When one reaches the stage of a master, they're already a high-level professional. They'd be able to live anywhere, and their life would be pretty good."

    Although there were only four stages, the difficulty of promotion was extremely terrifying.

    In other words, it was not definite for ordinary soldiers to find the fundamental way of becoming an Extraordinary in their lifetime.

    "I can only be counted as an elite now, but as for how to later train the attribute 'fighting spirit', I have no idea..."

    Since he was already in this world, of course it would be easier and faster to walk through the power system of this world.

    "However, if I consider it, it's not definite that there's no way. Instead, there's a way to cheat..."

    Fang Yuan nodded his head and then promptly shifted his attention to another of Glendon's inheritance.

    This Legend knight did not walk a warrior's path, but instead walked a higher level Legend profession path-Disaster Knight!

    In the rumors, such knights could summon wind, rain, and lightning. Every time they walked somewhere, there would be a dreadful natural disasters.

    But in actual fact, it was only a magic warrior to Fang Yuan. These knights studied both magic and fighting techniques at the same time, and were specialized in halo techniques.

    Such knights, in the late stages, could probably envelop half of the battlefront when they activated their magic field. They would be able to provide extra benefits to their allies and, at the same time, weaken and curse their enemies. They were considered an efficient weapon on battlefields.

    However, this did not suit his taste.

    "To lead a war? I have always been alone, but to leave this territory without management and taking out a bunch of cannon fodder, it would really be a total waste.

    "Also, I don't wish to give up the power of fighting spirit."

    Although warriors were common among the Extraordinary professions and weren't comparable to the rare Disaster Knights, it suited Fang Yuan's taste.

    After all, the more ordinary profession represented stronger malleability in the future. A white paper was easier to create drawings with.

    On the other hand, Disaster Knights, a Legend profession that could be promoted, had already been mostly solidified. Although their strength was decent, their room for development was also limited.

    "The harvest of this time was a lot. I should go back."

    At this moment, he had some thoughts of leaving.

    He had already created a Magical Clone in the Water Realm once and was familiar with it now.

    He found a chamber and divided out a Magical Clone to take over Luhn. However, his Sage True Spirit suddenly left this universe and returned to the Da Qian World.


    "Rice must be eaten bite by bite. The Monger World is very powerful. Without any assurance, I shouldn't casually take action."

    In the Da Qian World, Fang Yuan casually inspected the results of his subordinates' labor. Immediately, he placed his heart and mind into his Heavenly Abode.

    Yin-Yang Continent.

    After eliminating werewolves and vampires, the human clans had ruled the whole continent and created a great empire called 'Avalon'.

    Now, it was already the 33rd year of the Avalon Empire era.

    Humans had completely taken over the Yin-Yang Continent and drawn a complete map of it, and had now shifted their attention to the oceans.
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