689 Competition

    On the day of the celebration, there was a noisy atmosphere within Santana.

    Colorful silk ribbon decorations were hung on the roadside treetops and shop doors, and there were people wearing bright clothes everywhere.

    After four years of the demon crisis, the average citizen truly needed a reason to raise their spirits. So today, even the average citizen wore their best clothes.

    And the Stan Family had also changed its usual stingy image and became oddly generous.

    In the early morning, intricate food began to be distributed on the streets. There was white bread, honey wine, and even cakes.

    Even a free citizen might not be able to eat such a delightful feast.

    At the distribution points, there were inevitably scenes of open plundering. If not for there being a team of fully armed elite soldiers immediately maintaining order and discipline, the chaos would have been worse.

    "Lu-Luhn, I-I'm a little nervous"

    Baron Timo wore a swallow-tailed coat with pleated lace decorating his collar. In Fang Yuan's view, he looked as if he had the elegant manner of samba. Most importantly, his face was covered with a layer of white powder. According to the court etiquette master who came over from the palace, this was an attire that a legitimate noble should have.

    Compared to the clothes, the various marriage formalities were even more tedious, causing Fang Yuan to rejoice that he had only married the daughter of a baron and did not have to deal with so many rules.

    Fang Yuan smiled and encouraged, "Relax. No love rivals will dare appear today, or it would be equivalent to going against the grand duke!"

    "I-I'm not afraid of people contesting. I'm afraid of being unable to remember so many of those formalities..."

    Timo looked as if he was about to cry.

    "For this, the etiquette master will remind you from the side."

    The former baroness slowly walked in and glanced at Fang Yuan with an accusatory look in her eyes.

    Ever since she knew that Fang Yuan had left Tanya alone in his territory and came alone to Santana, she had never given Fang Yuan a pleasant look.

    If she actually knew of the imminent dangers in Santana, perhaps she would be the first to escape?

    Fang Yuan detachedly looked on. He knew that in these few years of the baroness wielding power, her mentality already had some slight changes and was still thinking fondly of having authority.

    If it were those great feudal dynasties, the empress dowager would even kill her own son with poison in order to continue her reign

    Of course, this place was not like that. Also, with the support of the ruling family, the baroness had no choice but to dejectedly retreat.

    However, her temperament was not good.

    Fang Yuan was still considered lucky. Those servants and maids were the ones who were genuinely unfortunate. Just a slight lapse in attention would cause them to be severely reprimanded.

    "Let's go. The celebration is starting!" The baroness walked forward and looked over Timo with a critical eye, and then immediately pulled his hands. "You have much to do today! We need to leave!"

    "Okay!" Timo moved his lips and chose to comply in habit.

    Fang Yuan shrugged his shoulders and followed behind.

    Today, he only wore a white attire wrapped with a long noble robe and had a long sword at his hip, seeming very capable and elegant.

    The party boarded the carriage and arrived at the venue of the celebration not long later.

    "In order to celebrate the festival and the marriage of the Princess Amerie, Grand Duke Stan specially decided to organize a huge competition!"

    Seeing the extremely dense crowd outside, Fang Yuan frowned.

    The customs of the current Stan Duchy were very similar to that of the Ancient West in his previous world. During large festivals, there would usually be athletic competitions and performances.

    Just like now, Grand Duke Stan was determined to carry out a huge event. The competitions not only included the traditional ones like archery and long distance running, they further included duels that could showcase a person's bravery, even preparing three hundred Stan gold coins as the reward for the champion. This was already sufficient for a few Extraordinaires to participate and fight with their lives.

    When Fang Yuan and his men entered, the competition at the scene was already at the final stage.

    The clamor accumulated to form a wave that nearly blew the roof off.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, let us enter the final duel. The winner will obtain the Warrior title personally conferred by Grand Duke Stan and three hundred Stan coins!" In the middle of the arena, the MC roared hysterically. "First, the competitor on my left is the 'barbarian' from the Beast Wastelands, Will. His hands are able to strangle a giant bear to death, and he previously ended his battles incisively and swiftly.

    "This warrior on my right comes from the Southern Marshlands. His name is Jaffa! He is a warrior with exquisite martial arts and proficient in using various weapons to defeat his opponent!"

    "Will, kill him!"

    "Jaffa, I bet on your win!"


    On site, the atmosphere was roused to the peak by the of the spectators filled with craze and enthusiasm.

    Being inside such an environment was akin to being in a furnace.

    Under the scrutiny of many scorching hot or jealous eyes, Fang Yuan and the others climbed onto a high platform. The nobles of the Stan Duchy were sitting here, and it was obviously different from the surrounding cramped environments. Everyone had comfortable chairs, with servants and maids serving them on hand.

    "Haha... Timo and Luhn, quickly come up!"

    At the middle of the nobles, it was Grand Duke Stan that was the center of attention.

    He raised his golden yellow wine glass and looked at the battle below with interest. "How about guessing who will achieve victory?"

    "I-I feel that it's Will. He obviously has the advantage." Timo looked down at the tournament stage. At this moment, Will was waving a giant axe and had already forced Jaffa into a corner.

    Grand Duke Stan looked at Fang Yuan with a slightly contemplative glare. "Then Luhn, how about you?"

    A golden glow flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes as he replied with a smile, "If there's a bet, I'd bet Jaffa."

    "Haha... No matter who wins, I've decided to bestow upon him the most supreme glory and allow him to attend my daughter's wedding," said Grand Duke Stan as he laughed out loud.

    At this moment, many surprised gasps were suddenly heard from below.

    In Timo's frightened gaze, Jaffa, who had been forced into a hopeless situation, leaped at Will like a viper, his legs intertwining around his opponent's neck before viciously twisting.


    A bone-cracking sound that made people queasy could not be suppressed even by the tumult at the scene.

    The referee walked forward and inspected before instantly shaking his head and loudly announcing the results, "The winner... Jaffa from the Southern Marshlands!"



    The entire plaza was full of activity. The spectators loudly shouted Jaffa's name, while those who had bet on the wrong person threw their betting slips into the air with a look full of frustration.


    Grand Duke Stan walked forward and his hands slowly pressed down.


    Soldiers moved forward uniformly with imperceptible majesty, but more likely due to the influence of Extraordinaries unleashing their powers secretly, the entire scene instantly quieted down.

    "My people!" Grand Duke Stan slowly spoke, and the sound that passed through a spell's amplification made his voice disseminate far and wide. "Today... who is the champion of the arena?"

    "Jaffa! Jaffa!"

    "Correct. Jaffa, in the name of the Grand Duke of Stan, I confer you the Champion of Honor, Warrior of the Duchy! You will obtain unimaginable wealth and glory!"

    Grand Duke Stan's face was a little red. "I hereby announce that Jaffa will be given permission to attend my daughter's wedding and today's dinner party at the palace! Let us cheer for him!"

    "Grand Duke!"

    Amid the cheers, Jaffa walked forward ill at ease. The black man modestly kneeled down.

    "Take this. It's what you deserve."

    Grand Duke Stan nodded, and an attendant beside him immediately flung a bulging bag full of coins.

    "Alright, now it's time to carry out proper business!"

    After Grand Duke Stan did this, he signalled to Timo with his hands. Among the palace nobles, a girl with her face covered with a veil stepped forward surrounded by many maids.


    Fang Yuan lightly pushed from behind and made Timo walk forward.

    "Baron Shawshank, your family's generations of loyalty toward the ruling family has fulfilled the obligation of a duchy baron. According to the previous sacred agreement, I will offer my most beloved pearl, Amerie, and betroth her to you," Grand Duke Stan said, his face glowing red.

    At this moment, Fang Yuan intuitively turned his head back and saw an army of death pastors slowly walking forward, their leader being an elderly man wearing a golden crown.

    "Pope of Death?"

    Astute intuition made him instantly detect the other person's animosity.

    "Knight Luhn!"

    The Pope saw Fang Yuan and his steps slowed down. "I heard you succeeded Glendon's inheritance? And took on the Legend profession, Disaster Knight?"

    "This seems to be the case." Fang Yuan nodded.

    "Then, that rumor is true? The advancement of the Disaster Knight requires dead spirits and grievances?"

    As the elderly Pope was talking, Fang Yuan frowned as he felt at least six rays of lie detection spells undulating and landing on his body. "True!"

    "Death is the Lord's domain!" the elderly Pope declared and did not continue to pester with him. Instead, he walked forward with large steps and arrived at where the rest were.

    As the person presiding over the marriage today, he still had many more important matters to do.

    On the contrary, a few archbishops remained around Fang Yuan with a cold look in their eyes.

    Daniel was actually one of them.

    Luhn, you made a big mistake! At this moment, his heart was full of satisfaction. You have profaned souls and violated the Lord's domain. Even as an ally, the Pope would definitely not let you off!

    For benefits, the Church of Death could cooperate with the duchy.

    But the Stan Duchy might not be willing to offend a large church for a Quasi-Legend. In the balance of benefits, a decision was very easily made!

    In truth, the Pope had already contacted the Grand Duke. Knight Luhn, do you know that you have already been given up on? And the price that the Church pays is merely a transfer of a portion of the benefits!

    Daniel silently mocked in his heart. Of course, you still have a little value, so the Pope decided to let you unleash your excess heat and fight for the duchy to the last moment before sending you to trial!

    For a warrior, if they had fought to the final moment but met with an attack from behind, what kind of feeling was that?

    This kind of revenge is truly delightful and thorough.
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