762 Ancient Netherworld

    The difference between ordinary Mental Demon characters and Mental Demon ancient text was like the difference between the Da Qian common language and the rule language. It was a stark, otherworldly difference.

    Mental Demon ancient text was used by the almighty beings in the Mental Demon Realm.

    In other words, it was a natural evolution formed after their power had been dispersed outward.

    In this, it usually contained a lot of Dao path information and was greatly beneficial for a Demon Master to see and hear.

    "This Mental Demon ancient text was born out of the Mental Demon characters and the voice of a Great Dao. This isn't difficult for me at all..."

    In fact, a complete set of Mental Demon ancient text could be understood even by an ordinary person and had characteristics similar to the rule characters.

    It was not that a Great Dao could not be described, but the reason why it was so mysterious and profound was completely because he had not reached that realm!

    "A true almighty being can completely display the Heavenly Dao in other forms... Of course, it's truly difficult to say what would happen after an ordinary person comprehends it."

    Fang Yuan suspected that there would be great bloodshed if any ancient texts were to drift into the lower realms.

    The properties it had could completely bewitch and produce an army of intelligent life.

    Furthermore, someone gifted could even use the ancient text as their foundation and derive many vicious demonic cultivation techniques, changing the general situation of a world and eliminating the demons.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    At the moment, the Mental Demon ancient text linked together and many characters bloomed with brilliance, containing an immensely horrifying aura.

    "This is... that Demon God's Dao?"

    Fang Yuan's eyes were somewhat dazed, as if he was intoxicated.

    He had already searched long and hard for the Dao of Demon God, and right now, the Great Dao was suddenly placed before him, causing him to be a little shaken, as if someone dying from thirst in a desert seeing a fountain of spring water or a person driven to a dead end discovering a way out.

    Furthermore, the Dao path created by a Demon God would naturally be excellent, have strong foundations, and a hint of flawlessness.

    Even more so, any Heaven Immortal or Earth Immortal seeing this would think that this was the 'Heavenly Dao' that they had been searching hard for!

    "This is the Dao of Demon God? The circulation of energy can be considered perfect, and regarding the use of origin power, it's endlessly exquisite and all-inclusive. This is practically my future goal... Wait!"

    Suddenly, Fang Yuan's entire body shook as his eyes sobered. "The Dao of Demon God is something I have to create myself. If I were to indulge myself in other Great Daos, it would be perpetual hopelessness!"

    This thought was like a bolt of lightning, causing him to immediately recover his clarity of mind as he once again looked at the Mental Demon ancient text with a cold smile. "This is indeed the workings of a Demon God... Anything left behind has its dangers!"

    In fact, there is nothing wrong with this Great Dao, and it could even give great benefits to cultivators below the Ancient God rank.

    However, Fang Yuan was determined to find his own 'Dao'. If it was contaminated by other Daos and his foundation became incomplete, that would be the true disaster.

    "My Dao is Creation. Any external Daos can only supplement and nourish me, but definitely can't interfere with my intrinsic quality!" Fang Yuan muttered, completely recovering from the influence.

    At this moment, the Mental Demon ancient text in front of him suddenly underwent a transformation.

    Characters started automatically arranging themselves as if they had their own limbs, gathering and forming a new meaning. "Let me out! Let me out!

    "I, Ancient Netherworld, am a king of the Demon Gods!

    "Let me out! You will obtain all of your desires!"


    "This Demon God that's already been sealed can still mess around using the few traces it left behind?"

    Fang Yuan was slightly astonished.

    He could clearly sense no external powers interfering with these characters.

    It was impossible for such a careless mistake to happen to the Spiritual Realm's seals.

    However, these symbols left behind for an unknown number of years and were completely repaired afterwards could still engage in deluding like an intelligent creature.

    "The existence of a Demon God is really unbelievable!"

    He sighed and asked, "Where is the seal on your true body? I can't find the location and basically can't use my methods."

    Zap! Zap!

    These characters were indeed like living beings and started contorting, converging to form a small array containing immensely complicated procedures, and even a Heaven Immortal would be dazzled after seeing this.


    Fang Yuan was considered proficient in the Dao of Array. With a thought, the palace suddenly exploded and became innumerable tiny runes that started to once again assemble.

    Not long later, they formed the array demonstrated by the Mental Demon ancient text.

    "Hmm? It seems to have special effects such as transference and breaking the void!"

    Fang Yuan tested it by directly walking over.


    The array roared and emitted a huge glow.

    The next instant, he arrived at a bizarre land.

    On the surface, innumerable blood plasma crawled like living beings.

    In the surroundings, Dao Marks appeared in dense numbers. If it was seen by Nine Heads, its eyes would pop out as there were really too many, close to ten times more than outside! A hundred times!

    "This is the bottom of the Blood Abyss?"

    Fang Yuan realized that this was a secret realm those Demon Masters had never come to before.

    "Only my Black Source Pearl can supplement the Mental Demon ancient text completely. An incomplete Mental Demon ancient text is fundamentally unable to demonstrate this transfer array...

    "Could... the Dao Marks outside have always been waiting for the person holding the true key? Such a realm..."

    Fang Yuan stepped on the blood plasma crawling on the ground and rapidly walked forward.

    Numerous Dao Marks appeared. Not only did they belong to Demon God Ancient Netherworld, there were traces of the Celestial Thearch and another Immortal Dao Zenith Heaven.

    "Indeed, the Celestial Thearch with the support of heaven's will is truly the strongest!"

    Fang Yuan looked at the ancient seal mark in the sky and gasped in admiration.

    He looked at every single Dao Mark, not even missing those of the Celestial Thearch and Zenith Heaven, and his understanding toward the Demon God realm became clearer.

    "Demon God! Demon God!"

    Fang Yuan licked his lips. "If you gave me more origin power right now, I could definitely increase my abilities to an unimaginable realm!"

    Although such an accumulation might not necessarily allow him to break through to Demon God, but it was enough to accommodate a sharp increase in origin power

    Bloop! Bloop!

    The blood plasma bubbled up and created many huge bubbles.

    Obviously, that sealed existence was already unable to carry on watching by the side.

    A lot of blood bubbles fused and gathered to form a human face. "A Demon Master? Interesting... seems to be someone who ascended from the lower realms!"

    "You are... Demon God Ancient Netherworld?"

    Fang Yuan was completely composed.

    In this sealed land, it was already his limits to reveal a face outside.

    As long as the seal was not broken, this Demon God could not transfer an ounce of power and could only rely on deluding him.

    Furthermore, if not for Fang Yuan's arrival, it would be impossible for those Demon Masters to even find this place. In other words, Fang Yuan was his only hope to escape his predicament.

    "The Black Source Pearl is on your body... release me! You will obtain unimaginable glory and unparalleled power, as well as everything you hope for!"

    Ancient Netherworld chanted in a voice containing enormous enticement.

    Even a Heaven Immortal hearing this voice would instantly transform into a loyal subject.

    "..." However, Fang Yuan was speechless. "You think... I'm truly a fool? A promise made by someone like you is completely untrustworthy!"

    Perhaps an Ancient God or Golden Immortal would still be restricted by an oath, but what about a Zenith Heaven and Emperor?

    These existences themselves were the manifestations of a 'Dao', so what rules could restrict them?

    Much less, Demon Gods were the accumulations of chaos, and Fang Yuan did not dare risk his safety on a small promise.

    "Junior... since you've come here, you definitely have something to ask of me! With this premise, we can trade..."

    The face formed from blood bubbles became stagnant. Shortly after, it spoke indifferently.

    It stared at Fang Yuan for a while with an amused look. "Not to mention... there's the aura of another Demon God on you. It seems that you've offended him? Hehe... If you go to the Mental Demon Realm, you'll definitely be immediately discovered by him! So how about it? I can protect you, and even get rid of this connection for you!"

    Fang Yuan's face became dark.

    That Demon God's means truly surpassed his imagination.

    He had already carefully checked his body before, but he could not imagine that that existence could still set up a hidden card on him.

    If he had truly ascended to the Mental Demon Realm, it was likely that he would not be in control of his own life and death now.

    "I will settle this resentment myself, so there's no need you to worry!" Fang Yuan recovered his calmness. "However, I overcame all odds to come to this place and indeed have some issues I would like to ask Your Excellency for help with!"

    "Say it!" The face was smiling.

    It was sealed and had infinite time to bargain slowly with Fang Yuan.

    "I want the Mental Demon Realm's lower realm secret techniques and the magical techniques of traversing realms!"

    Fang Yuan raised his requirements.

    Since the Dao of Demon God had to be created by himself, and he previously had some inspiration, resources in this aspect were not too important anymore.

    Currently, he was more interested in the method of realm-traversing in this higher dimension universe!

    For a Dream Master of Da Qian, the method of using Mental Demon elemental force is unique, but there are only two intrinsic qualities. The first is the path of transformation between fantasy and reality, which is the power of creation that I've always been investigating and improving. The second is traversing a multitude of realms!

    Reaching a higher dimension universe, I still need to pick up this old skill!

    Fang Yuan thought silently to himself.

    He still did not know the inside details of converting between fantasy and reality from the Mental Demon Realm. However, the realm-traversing ability was still very powerful.

    Without considering those almighty beings who could descend to lower realms as they wished, it was impossible for the current Fang Yuan. Even the Mental Demon Realm itself went expeditions everywhere, even invading the Spiritual Realm before.

    Fang Yuan wanted to obtain the inner essence, supplement his Dao of Dream Master, and change it to his own accumulations.

    "You want my Mental Demon realm-traversing technique?"

    The blood bubble face turned dark and immediately said, "I can do that... as long as you agree to a contract to release me once you get it!"

    "That's impossible!" Fang Yuan instantly shook his head. Agreeing to any rule contract with a Demon God was equivalent to placing himself between life and death.

    Unless he had a massive breakthrough in his cultivation, he would not consider that at all.
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