887 Statutes

    World Calendar 668.

    In the Cornelian Ocean, the destruction of Ettoman's Invincible Steel Fleet symbolized the rise of the new generation Pirate King.

    Pirate Prince Edward bowed in front of Fang Yuan and said humbly, "Your Excellency respected Pirate King! According to the news we received from Pirate King City, they've successfully broken through Solomon Strait and bombarded Norton's fleet that was reorganizing by the shore... From now on, there will no longer be any Ettoman forces in the Golden Ocean! Also... the privateer captains who surrendered have arrived."

    Pirates were not known for their loyalty, so many privateer captains easily betrayed Ettoman's navy.

    "Greetings, respected Pirate King!"

    "You are the ruler of pirates, the owner of the royal city!"

    A group of second-rate pirate captains was escorted in, speaking humbly and respectfully. Some of them even went straight up to Fang Yuan to offer him gifts.

    According to conventional practice, this was how pirates expressed their allegiance.

    Among these people, an infuriated Orlando watched how the pirates surrounded the Arcane Trickster.

    Even though he had thought about revenge earlier, he was eventually discouraged after seeing the kind of influence and power that Fang Yuan had today.

    At this moment, he looked exactly like all the other captains around him.

    He was even more convinced that his revenge plan would never be accomplished.

    Fortunately, Fang Yuan could not even bother with him.

    "We have removed the biggest nail in the Golden Ocean and Soloman Strait. What we need to do next is to follow up with this victory by pressing home the attack. We have to capture the Nightmare Ocean and even Ettoman's coastal waters so that we can threaten its native land!" Fang Yuan sat on his throne lazily and squinted. "Of course, the very first thing to do now is to train our fleets!"

    Without mentioning those directly under his personal command, he still had four pirate governors who he had messy relationships with.

    "First of all, I will compile a list of statutes. Even though we pirates are known to act as we wish, there has to be some conventional rules internally. Right now, what I want to do is to fix these rules and turn them into statutes belonging only to us. It shall be called the 'Pirate Statutes'!"

    In a world, a regulated force would eventually be on top.

    After saying this, Fang Yuan suddenly felt an immense fluctuation in the world again.

    At that moment, the majority of gazes cast on him came from those Evil Gods who had just escaped.

    And those gazes belonged to those on the same level as Demon Masters and Demon Gods. They were attracted by the news that Ettoman's Invincible Steel Fleet had been exterminated. Before the first wave had subsided, a new wave rose, and they were all concentrated on Fang Yuan.

    "Evil God? Haha..."

    Fang Yuan waved his hand lightly, and a translucent water membrane opened up, instantly isolating the flagship from the surroundings.

    "Fluctuations in the world attracted the attention of those Evil Gods?"

    He smiled, not too concerned about this.

    How could beings struggling at death's door be a match for him?

    Needless to say, while taking advantage of this golden period of time, he had already sent his strongest opponent, the Ettoman Royal Navy, into hell and would sweep across the four oceans.

    Even if Ettoman worked together with the Evil Gods in an attempt to gather sufficient strength at sea to fight against Fang Yuan, it was certainly not going to happen overnight.

    Moreover, those Evil Gods were simply a collection of chaos. In fact, they might not even possess the same way of thinking as humans did.

    Some were like the Deep-Sea Stalker, who only had plans to inflict fear, chaos, and death in human countries in order to amass strength. It would be impossible for both sides to agree with each other.

    "Pirates are always lacking in order, but there has to be a list of rules to restrict us!" Fang Yuan stood up and shouted, "From today onward, the 'Pirates Statutes' that I enact shall be the supreme standards for all piracy. Anyone who goes against it will be equivalent to going against Pirate King Roche, and I will chase him to the ends of the oceans!"

    "'Pirate Statutes'?"

    Even Orlando, standing among the crowd, could not help but feel astonished about Fang Yuan's plan.

    This fellow had given up on any small-scale plans, or even thinking about incorporating it into anything-he wanted his own standards to become the established standards of the entire world of pirates!

    Only a Pirate King like Fang Yuan could say something like this.

    Otherwise, even a pirate governor with this idea would end up being jeered at.

    Pirates always advocated freedom, and if the current Fang Yuan wanted to turn them into a massive fleet, it would most likely end up failing. Even if he somehow managed to succeed, the mutual wear and tear would end up depleting the strength of the entire force.

    However, it would be different with the 'Pirate Statutes'.

    It was basically a list of standards or rather a list of procedures to resolve problems. It would be beneficial for both the captain and the crew of a ship.

    "This is my first draft. Take a look, pirate governors."

    Fang Yuan handed over a scroll.

    Aeoris took the scroll and unfolded it. All he saw were lines of words written in the mainland language, Ettoman's language, the elvish language, and the dwarven language:

    'When a ship is forced to make a major decision, it shall be decided by the crew members voting!

    Stealing, injuring one another, and traitors shall be banished to an uninhabited island to suffer the pain inflicted by a fully-loaded firearm.

    Wealth distribution-the captain receives 30% while the other important positions shall receive double shares.

    Restriction on humiliating captives...

    There is a need to maintain weapons and to clean the ship's deck and cannons daily.

    Private fights are prohibited, but public duels agreed to by the captain or the majority of the crew can be held. Both parties can negotiate on the method.'


    Unexpectedly, the rules were very simple and not demanding at all.

    "Great, I think this is feasible!" Edward nodded.

    Initially, he thought that Roche would come up with a list of demanding statutes and command all the pirates under him to follow it strictly.

    However, the first draft felt more like setting established conventions to be commonly used. Moreover, there were not many provisions, and they were all simple and practical. It had the foundations of a statute that could be popularized.

    "I have no objections!"


    After the pirate governors agreed, Fang Yuan's original subordinates, such as Bill and Butcher, were naturally not going to oppose him.

    With their support and agreement, it was almost certain that this 'Pirate Statutes' would be implemented across the oceans to become the foundation for resolving any disputes out at sea.

    "Pirate Statutes? Maybe after today, it will be called the Roche Statutes..."

    Orlando's heart trembled at this scene.

    Even though he was the renowned Deep Sea Hades, he was truly insignificant in front of the true Pirate King.



    "My Lord..."

    Donald locked himself in a small room and prayed constantly.

    Ever since that incident, he had been feeling restless and uneasy.

    Even though the government classified it as a drainpipe accident, he was naturally not convinced since he saw murloc.

    In fact, under Fang Yuan's intentional or unintentional pointers and after gathering more information through his connections, Donald was truly frightened.

    Something was happening across the land, and the death count tallied over a hundred!

    And there were all kinds of supernatural and ridiculous incidents.

    There was no need to mention the rampant Cecil influenza, which was like a god of death entrenched in the continent, wantonly harvesting lives.

    "... My Lord, please forgive my feebleness... Please bestow your mercy and give humanity asylum..."

    Frankly, the more Donald knew, the more uncertain his heart felt. At this moment, he was simply pinning his only hope on the Dream and Armament Master.

    "My Lord... I have sin... I have wavered..."

    Donald was praying while kneeling and holding the emblem.

    Ever since he went to that house and saw the marks Parsi drew, he felt that something was amiss.

    Even being extremely far away from that house and having no intention of heading back, the triangular insignia was increasingly clear and floating in front of his eyes for some unknown reason.

    Recently, it became even more severe, and he could see every stroke clearly. It was as though it was seducing Donald, trying to get him to portray everything accurately himself.

    If Fang Yuan were here, he would definitely be able to see that Donald had been 'infected'!

    After all, the Deep-Sea Stalker was on the same level as Demon Gods.

    Through this imprint, Donald had a connection with that existence. However, he had Fang Yuan's energy within his body.

    Regarding the Deep-Sea Stalker, there was an increasing need to pay more attention.

    The result was Donald growing increasingly insane.

    He even had urges to bite off his fingers every time he looked at them.

    "You have indeed sinned!"

    At this moment, the emblem in Donald's hands suddenly let out a ray of light and warmth.

    "My Lord... Your consciousness has finally descended?"

    Donald was almost crying tears of joy.

    Over time, the Dream and Armament Master gave him fewer and fewer responses, making Donald feel like he had lost 'God's Grace'. He was becoming more neurotic and sensitive.

    "You don't have to worry or panic... The test of the world is about to arrive, and only the sincere ones will be able to survive!" Fang Yuan's voice sounded.

    In reality, he had to play the role of a good Pirate King and oversee the pirates recently, so he was not as focused or as motivated as before for this side.

    However, Donald was still his pope, so he could not watch him get plotted against by others.

    A stream of water suddenly appeared and soaked Donald. After this, it quickly converged on his back to reveal an inverted triangle.

    "This is..."

    Donald used a mirror to look dazedly at this item that looked neither like a tattoo nor an imprint.

    Shortly after, he understood.

    Ever since he had entered that house, he could sense the watchful eyes of the Deep-Sea Stalker.

    Of course, for that kind of existence, perhaps it was merely a casual imprint.

    But to Donald, it was enough to make him feel uneasy and eventually collapse under the pressure.

    Fang Yuan had no doubt that if it were anyone else, they would have certainly been led astray to collect the materials needed to summon deep sea underlings.
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