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    In East Dragon Planet's Wasteland, a steel tank sped forth.

    This was a military tank designed by East Dragon University. It traveled across rocky roads as if it were smooth ground. This constituted the savings of Green Leaf Squad over the years.

    Sun Mengmeng gazed at the dark-red land through the glass. There was vegetation that looked like ferocious and demonic arms. While starting to feel slightly uneasy, she recited the knowledge from class. "Other than the places where humans gather, Planet East Dragon is full of abandoned wastelands and territories. Star beasts are the most common threats!"

    "Senior, this tank isn't cheap, right?" Fang Yuan asked curiously while examining the interior of the vehicle.

    "It's not that expensive, just a few thousand credits. Everyone in the squad contributed a little, so we could buy it! But I have to say, its defense and speed are pretty good, perfect for an expedition. This investment is the reason why our Green Leaf Squad is able to explore deeper into the Wasteland, kill star beasts, explore many dangerous regions, and reap great rewards!"

    Beatrice sighed. "Actually, I hoped to buy those battle constructs, but there are only a limited number of them sold to the public... Even so, it's still possible to buy them using credits in university. Furthermore, the construct mentors will give us a discount!"

    With Fang Yuan's understanding, constructs referred to robots that could perform multiple functions.

    On the school website, he had spotted the stats listed for a construct. It was equivalent to a level five Mystic. Obtaining it for exploration would be well worth the price.

    In fact, construct engineering was a subject with many mentors, professors, and even Undead Immortals performing research on. However, the school could only provide this construct to students.

    "Constructs... haha..." Wu Sanhuai propped his leg up and lifted a wine glass. "Even the best construct is only equivalent to a level nine Mystic. For higher levels, its smart-brain configurations are insufficient. There are many places in space where it can't be controlled either. No matter how good it is, you're better off saving up to buy a mecha. Even the lowest grade can contest a level ten Mystic! That's what I'd call powerful!"

    Level ten Mystic. This was equivalent to ancient cultivation's Golden Core stage. No matter what, it would fall safely into the middle class of cultivators.

    In ancient cultivation, Golden Core cultivators were strong enough to become the head of a sect, changing their status completely.

    "Mecha..." Beatrice laughed bitterly. "Sir Sanhuai must be joking... even the lowest-grade 'Gundam' series costs tens of thousands of credits and only those with top-tier jurisdictions can get them!"

    Even though East Dragon University had lots of useful resources on its intranet, there were limits.

    Fang Yuan looked it up. However, he did not find any columns that allowed him to exchange credits for mechas.

    "That depends on the person. When piloted by a cultivator, even the original Gundam series has the power of a level ten Mystic. Once your strength increases, you can take on more missions and expand your horizons. In return, you obtain greater rewards!"

    "However... if we really did manage to get enough credits for a mecha, who'd pilot it?"

    Perhaps Sun Mengmeng had lost her sense of logic after sleeping for too long because she had asked something pretty dumb.

    "Of course, nobody can!" Lu Qiming scratched his head. "Theoretically, even though a level one Mystic can pilot a mecha, it is generally accepted that those with higher cultivations are better candidates. On top of that, there's still a technical skill. In our university, there's a special 'Department of Mecha Piloting'. The students there become mecha pilots and are recruited directly by the military. They're the vanguards of the Human Alliance!"

    "The Gundam series can allow a level one Mystic to match up against a level ten Mystic?"

    Fang Yuan was interested and checked this information.

    The universe was not very peaceful. The conflagration between the Human Alliance and the Cosmic Lifeform Alliance had never stopped for a moment.

    In the Cosmic Lifeform Alliance, all kinds of special races had their own characteristics. For instance, the Zerg had terrifying reproductive and evolution speeds.

    Even if humanity began to mass-produce cultivators and Arcanists, in front of cosmic lifeforms, they still had certain disadvantages.

    Until Grand Arcanists joined hands with Undead Immortals, and they developed a special magical weapon! This was when constructs upgraded into mechas, and the situation began to change.

    Regardless of whether it was cultivation or the Arcane, the majority were low-level Extraordinaries. Within the military, discipline was key. This caused a paradox regarding the freedom of high-level cultivators.

    In fact, even if the Human Alliance increased its population, it was difficult to produce a lot of high-level cultivators. As such, the alliance was reluctant to send them to the battlefield.

    The emergence of mechas resolved this problem quite well!

    Even the most basic Gundam series only required a level one Mystic to pilot. With it, they could have destructive power equal to a level ten Mystic!

    Training mecha pilots from low-level cultivators was much less costly than sending their Undead Immortals and Grand Arcanists to the battlefield.

    Therefore, mecha technology was very popular, and there were constant innovations.

    The Human Alliance's best science and technology resources were the Undead Immortals and Grand Arcanists. And the strongest military force in the alliance was its large interstellar warship fleet and the vanguard mechas!

    After searching several times, Fang Yuan found some information on East Dragon University's intranet.

    "At present, the military's standard equipment is the Gundam-K9999, known for its stable performance and strong compatibility with auxiliary weapons! Its general combat power is at level fourteen!"

    "Special mechas have combat power at level fifteen and above. Recently, Professor Fu Hongxue of East Dragon University has announced the latest mecha model developed by him, the Blood Dragon. Its all-around performance has increased by 33.5%, and the military has plans to place an order. With this piece of good news, some military stocks have risen..."


    "The K9999 has strength equivalent to Golden Core perfection. Furthermore, the mecha pilots are only level five Mystic. Truly terrifying..."

    Thinking about the number of low-level cultivators, Fang Yuan was slightly shocked.

    As for why the Gundam series was so prevalent, it was simply because it was cheap!

    Equipment for the military could not be overly expensive. It could only prioritize a balance between performance and price. Without question, the K9999 was currently one of the best on the market at this.

    Of course, within the cutting-edge mecha research labs, there were stronger mechas around, such as the Blood Dragon.

    Even though there was no specific data on it, Fang Yuan estimated that it should have combat power comparable to or even exceeding Undead Immortals and Grand Arcanists.

    "This isn't the most terrifying! The most terrifying is that in a real crisis, those Grand Arcanists and Undead Immortals will be the ones to pilot the mechas on the battlefield. Their combined power will absolutely be more than enough to cause shocking changes!"

    As he thought about many white-robed mentors performing research in their labs being suddenly deployed to pilot mechas on the battlefield, he did not know why, but Fang Yuan felt somewhat affected.

    As expected, scientists who excelled in both research and battle were the most terrifying existences.

    I wonder how this world's peak individual combat strength compares to me, a Demon God?

    Fang Yuan closed his eyes as a cold glint flashed by them.


    The tank sped forth before finally stopping in front of a forest.

    "All right. There aren't many large tribes nearby. It's just right for newcomers like you to practice!"

    Beatrice and her squad wore their battle suits and stepped out. She smiled at Fang Yuan. "So? Nervous?"

    Lu Qiming and Paine looked like they were prepared to watch a good show. Even Wu Sanhuai looked amused.

    The gravity and cosmic radiation here were incomparable to the safe zone. They were currently watching Fang Yuan, hoping he'd make a fool of himself.

    "It's not bad!" Fang Yuan stretched a little and took a deep breath. "The environment's not bad, perfect for cultivation!"

    In East Dragon University, he still had to use credits to move to district five, but that could not compare to the outside. Moreover, he did not need to worry about others being attracted when he used his Demon God abilities to help consume the energy of the universe.

    "Not bad. I didn't expect you to be a cultivation genius! You've adjusted to the environment so quickly!" Wu Sanhuai nodded.

    On the other hand, Sun Mengmeng's cheeks looked a little red. However, there was nothing to be done. With a cultivator's physique, she would adjust quickly.

    "Well, let's look for a star beast for the juniors to have a shot!"

    Paine looked like he was walking in the air while moving forward. "How is it? Can you keep up?"

    "No problem!"

    Fang Yuan used the Featherweight Body Spell. In an instant, he felt that his body was as light as a feather, as if gravity had disappeared. With a light tap, he immediately moved a huge distance.


    Paine slapped the ground. A loud noise rumbled, and a dirt-colored armored beast suddenly emerged from the ground.

    "Hundred Flying Swords Proficiency!"

    Fang Yuan extended his fingers. Instead of summoning his magical artifact, he stabbed forward with two fingers.


    Sword Qi landed, and blood splattered everywhere.

    The armored beast roared in pain. It became more aggressive and pounced at Fang Yuan.

    "Triple Flower Sword Qi!"

    With a leap, Fang Yuan moved back a huge distance and pierced several spots.


    The Sword Qi split in a floral shape that soared straight into the armored beast's unprotected stomach. It exploded to pieces.


    Its flesh splattered about. The armored beast writhed in pain, turned over, and exposed its snow-white flesh. There was a huge open wound with organs and fresh blood gushing out.


    Sun Mengmeng stepped forward and applauded vigorously. "Junior, you're truly amazing. This beast is almost at level two Mystic!"

    In terms of cultivation, any student from a cultivation university would not be afraid of a star beast.

    However, when it came to killing, the killing intent would often terrify low-level Mystics, rendering them powerless.

    The fact that Lin Meng could overcome this immediately meant that he was a battle genius!

    "You're flattering me!" Fang Yuan laughed dryly. "It's just too weak. I wasn't really satisfied with that. I have yet to taste the blood of battle..."

    "Haha... you want a bloody fight? Well, as we head further in, there's more prey ahead!" Wu Sanhuai laughed loudly.

    "Sir Wu Sanhuai, why did you follow us here today?" Beatrice asked curiously.

    "Actually, there's nothing to hide from you guys. My cousin Wu Wudi has discovered the traces of a heavily injured star beast king. He wants me to track down its whereabouts..."

    Wu Sanhuai gestured his hands casually.
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