1017 Defeating the Demon

    The Demon Sect.

    Fang Yuan was fully clothed in black, in the Everchanging Demon Lord's attire, and stood before the sect's gate. "Unparalleled Demon Emperor, come out!"

    "Is he... the Everchanging Demon Lord?"

    "Report to the sect master immediately!"

    "Inform all the elders and guardians!"

    A person's reputation cast a large shadow! The Everchanging Demon Lord was the fastest rising and most ruthless devil currently. Furthermore, he did not belong to the Demon Sect either, frightening most of the disciples.

    Soon after, a row of Demon Sect executives walked out. The person leading the way was wearing a black robe. He looked handsome, and his complexion was pale. He was the Unparalleled Demon Emperor, Nie Wuji.

    Behind Nie Wuji was a row of Connate realm elders. Most of them were at peak Connate.

    Of course, the Blood-Snake Sword Master was not among them. Instead, he hid underground nearby, concealing his aura. Unfortunately, he could not escape from Fang Yuan's discerning eye.

    "Everchanging Demon Lord, why are you here today?" Unparalleled Demon Emperor Nie Wuji spoke first. "I hear you enjoy collecting secret manuals. As long as you join my Demon Sect, everything is up for discussion!"

    They had obtained information about the Everchanging Demon Lord's hobby of collecting secret manuals. Even so, they were confused. How could he not have an inheritance if he had cultivated to God-tier? At this point, what was the use of collecting all these intents?

    "Haha... it's great that you know. Quickly hand over the 'Thirteen Breeze Swords' and the 'Unparalleled Demon Body'. However, I have no interest in joining the Demon Sect!" Fang Yuan's gloomy voice sounded.

    "Good, very good... Everchanging Demon Lord, are you planning on robbing my Demon Sect? You're truly bold. You're asking to become the enemy of the entire world!"

    Nie Wuji and the other Elders were surprised.

    If he joined their Demon Sect, he could obtain what he wanted, but he unexpectedly chose to take the hard route!

    Furthermore, the Everchanging Demon Lord no longer belonged to the righteous path. At this moment, he was about to cut himself off from the demon path as well. He was truly a reckless maniac.

    "What a shame... I was planning to treat you well!"

    The Unparalleled Demon Emperor took off his robes and walked to the center of the venue. "Perfect. I've completed my cultivation of the 'Unparalleled Demon Body'. After I deal with you, I'll kill the Divine Monk and the Heavenly Sword Sect Master! My Demon Sect will unify the Pugilistic World!"


    How terrifying was the Demon Emperor when he made his move?

    The Demon Sect disciples nearby were unable to breathe as they shuffled backward continuously.

    Nie Wuji rubbed his hands together and released a thick metallic scent. All of a sudden, he flew forward at a shocking speed that was hard to see with the naked eye.

    "Waterfall Essence!"

    Fang Yuan spread out both hands as a bubbling water screen rose, creating an impenetrable defense.

    Frost-type intents are too extreme. With my evolution, the Sheer Cold Intent has evolved into the Intent of Water! The resilience has increased many folds!

    At this point, even if he used the Sheer Cold Divine Formula, Fang Tianhan might not recognize it.

    Bang! Bang!

    Just as the water screen rose, two fist prints appeared on it, sinking deeply into it before it soon recovered its original form.


    The shadow flickered, and the Unparalleled Demon Emperor appeared behind Fang Yuan. With a vicious kick, he created ripples on the water screen.

    Regardless of how the Demon Emperor attacked, even if this water screen sunk to its limits, it remained the same, unbreakable.

    The Unparalleled Demon Emperor Nie Wuji appeared in front of Fang Yuan and complimented, "Good! Of all the God-tier martial artists, you have the best defense! You managed to withstand fifty percent of my power. It's comparable to the Autumn Leaf Divine Monk's Impenetrable Vajra Arhat Technique!"

    "Demon Emperor, fight at your full power!" Fang Yuan replied with a smile, wanting to test his defense.

    In reality, he felt somewhat dissatisfied. This world's martial artists are blindly obsessed with powerful skills and exquisite moves. Regarding the nomological rules of heaven and earth, their understanding is far too simple and crude. In eight secret manuals I obtained, most of them were minor intents like poison, snow, alcohol, and so on. The ones that deserved my attention were the Intent of Water and the Intent of Fire!

    For Fang Yuan, each intent he learned was a key to comprehending the nomological rules of heaven and earth.

    Even though he did not have to rely on secret manuals to comprehend them, it was bound to require more time and effort otherwise.

    "To break through this world, I have to comprehend the nomological rules of earth, fire, wind, and water..."

    The nomological rules of earth, fire, wind, and water were known as the cornerstones of some worlds, and they could upgrade and merge to form chaos.

    Fang Yuan was prepared to gather these four intents and upgrade them to the 'Chaos True Intent', thereby breaking this world's cage in one go. Since his true body was here, he had deep mastery in this aspect.

    "I obtained the Intent of Fire from the Great River Alliance and derived the Intent of Water from the Sheer Cold Divine Formula, Flying Blizzard Divine Gun, and other snow-type intents. Now, only earth and wind are left!"

    The Intent of Earth and the Intent of Wind rarely appeared among Connate martial artists.

    Fang Yuan thought hard about it and realized that the secret manuals for these two intents could be hidden within the Demon Sect.

    "Even if this isn't the case, as long as there are manuals that touch on them a bit, it'll be convenient for me to derive the intents. Otherwise, I can only comprehend them myself. Even though I can do that, I don't know how long it'll take..."

    Fang Yuan was a little anxious.

    After all, he was still trying to break through the Abominable Lord's dream world restriction.

    He could return at anytime, and it was extremely dangerous.


    "Full power? Sure!"

    Nie Wuji's eyes glowed red. "You're the first one who'll experience my Unparallelled Demon Body at full force! Ha!"

    With a roar, his clothes ripped apart, unexpectedly increasing his height by two heads, and his veins bulged. He faintly gave off a black Qi, as though a killing god had arrived, exuding ominousness.

    Be it this world or reality, his strength was extraordinary. The Unparalleled Demon Emperor was the representation of a mortal's pinnacle.


    He did not use weapons. Instead, he only moved forward and punched!

    One after another, a force pounded Fang Yuan's chest, shoulders, elbows, and fists, exploding and smashing onto the Waterfall Essence.

    Fang Yuan was like a ball as he was ferociously smashed into the air before landing next to a rock face and making a large pit in the ground.

    "Good!" Instead of panicking, he was excited. "Merge fire and water. Come again!"


    All of a sudden, bundles of flame appeared inside his water shield.

    "Flames... burning inside the water?"

    This scene left many Demon Sect elders staring so hard that their eyeballs nearly fell out.

    "Demagogy!" The Unparalleled Demon Emperor snorted before he stepped forward. "Demon Extinction Fist!"

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Terrifying blow after blow landed on the water shield. The flames continued to burn brightly.

    After nine blows, Fang Yuan stepped back nine steps and released his fire and water shield.

    "He won?"

    The Demon Sect elders began to cheer, but they abruptly stopped in the next instant.

    Because they saw the Unparalleled Demon Emperor's hands had turned bright red, as if a furnace had burned them.

    "My defense method merges Fire and Water Intents to work as both offense and defense. Every time you attacked, you actually received the full counter-impact of your blows, as well as burn damage!"

    Fang Yuan stood straight and said without hesitation, "You should use a thousand-year Snow Lotus to remove the poison as soon as possible. You can still save your hands!"

    As a fellow God-tier expert, how could his understanding and application of intent be any weaker than a regular person?

    "Amazing, Everchanging Demon Lord!" The Unparalleled Demon Emperor waved his hands. "I'll deliver the 'Unparalleled Demon Body' and the 'Thirteen Breeze Swords' to you soon!"

    Hearing this, the Demon Sect elders protested. However, the Demon Emperor suppressed them instantly, and they did not dare to speak another word.

    The Unparalleled Demon Emperor thought bitterly, I'm not the Demon Lord's opponent. If you force him into a rampage, the Demon Sect will cease to exist. Compared to that, giving up two secret manuals means nothing.

    "Thank you!"

    Fang Yuan cupped his hands. After a while, he took the ancient books and directly flipped to the intent patterns at the back without looking at the techniques at all.

    Great, the Thirteen Breeze Swords is truly the Breeze Intent. Using it as the foundation, it won't be a problem to comprehend the complete Intent of Wind.

    As for the Unparalleled Demon Body, it tends toward destruction. However, it seems like the defensive technique has a bit of the Intent of Earth mixed into it. Maybe I can comprehend something from it...

    Of the four Intents of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water, it was hardest to find the Intent of Earth.

    Only those extreme defensive martial arts were relevant.

    For instance, the Unparalleled Demon Body was the fusion of mostly Destruction Intent and some Intent of Earth.

    As for the Autumn Leaf Temple's Impenetrable Vajra Arhat Technique, according to Fang Yuan's estimation, it was more likely to have the Vajra Intent. For the Intent of Earth, even if it was there, it would not be much. Since he had the Unparalleled Demon Body ancient book, it would be of little use.

    It seems like the Intent of Earth will be my bottleneck! Also, after I comprehend the Intents of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water, I'll have to deduce how to move to the next level and evolve them into chaos.

    By merging the Fire and Water Intents, Fang Yuan defeated the Unparalleled Demon Emperor and became the strongest in the world. However, if God-tier martial artists gathered to besiege him, he would have to avoid them.

    If a day came when he could merge the four great intents, sublimating them into the Chaos True intent, he would be absolutely unbeatable. Even if the top ten from the Martial Roll joined forces, they would not be a match for him.

    If I comprehend the Chaos True Intent, my martial arts would rise to an unfathomable level, right? For instance, the realm above God-tier?

    Fang Yuan decided he would begin training in seclusion after returning to cultivate the Intent of Earth.

    Even though this world's particularity made many of his methods useless, with his aptitude and comprehension, it would take no longer than ten years for him to comprehend the chaos nomological rules and break through the world.

    With the help of numerous ancient books, he expected to shorten this time to about three years.

    Great... I've gotten a lot of ancient books. It's enough for now. When I'm finished digesting them, I'll go snatch more!

    Fang Yuan cupped his hands at the Unparalleled Demon Emperor. "So, thank you for this gift, Demon Emperor. I'll be leaving now!"

    His movement technique was fast. After finishing his words, there was only an afterimage left.

    "This Everchanging Demon Lord..."

    Seeing this, the Demon Sect disciples were dumbfounded. "Where did he come from? His techniques are top-tier, but his movement technique is even more terrifying!"

    Lightness skill was fundamental in the Pugilistic World. If someone could not defeat an opponent, they could at least flee.

    When they saw Fang Yuan's dream-like movement technique, they had the same thought. "I must not make an enemy out of him!"
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