1079 Without Choice

    Great Sage Immortal World, Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect.

    The Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect was one of the famous Holy Lands, and it was located on a giant floating mountain.

    The turquoise floating mountain cast a huge shadow, bringing with it a sense of overlooking all living beings.

    In fact, this entire mountain was a primordial treasure that surpassed immortal artifact-the Mysterious Peak! Rumor had it that the foundation was laid by the founding patriarch, and a few Grand Unity Almighties had refined it in succession. It had once suppressed and killed a Primordial Godfiend!

    Streams of light flashed on the Mysterious Peak. The lowest level of them was at Golden Core.

    The Holy Land had its own standards. Ordinary Golden Core disciples were outer disciples, while Nascent Soul disciples were inner disciples. Immortals who wanted to join had to pass an assessment, but they would still become deacons at best.

    Only those who were at the Grand Unity realm were qualified to be in the direct consideration of the Holy Land.

    The Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect was undoubtedly the overlord in the southern Great Sage Immortal World.

    On a certain mountain top of the Mysterious Peak.

    Above the sea of clouds, a life-like stone statue seemed as though it was overlooking a cliff.

    Crack! Crack!

    Suddenly, cracks appeared on the statue. It exploded to reveal an old man.

    "Seems like I came out of seclusion earlier than expected this time!"

    This old man was dressed shabbily and had dark eyes like the night sky. He wrinkled his brow as he calculated and took out a jade pendant from his storage bag. He smiled. "So it's the Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower... Ah, Mount Mengyan's prestige used to be far above my sect, but unfortunately, now only this assessment mysterious realm remains..."

    "Greetings to Elder Tai Xuan. Congratulations to Elder for coming out of your seclusion!"

    It was not long before streams of light descended and turned into Immortals, who were all very respectful.

    "Okay, rise everyone!" Elder Tai Xuan waved his hand casually. "Did anything important happen while I was asleep?"

    "Nothing serious, thanks to the might of the few elders!" replied the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect Master humbly. "On the front of the Sixteen Countries, we have already reached a compromise with the barbarians. We jointly created the Combat Heavenly Palace in order to cope with the Demonic Tribulation twenty years later. The beginning shouldn't be too busy!"

    "So it's at that time..." Elder Tai Xuan nodded. "It's a little bit earlier than what I expected, but it's also fate... The Outer Heaven Tower of the Mount Mengyan Holy Land has come alive!"

    "Mount Mengyan Holy Land? Outer Heaven Tower?"

    The other Immortals looked blank. Only the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect Master's eyes brightened. "Isn't that the primordial treasure specially used to assess Golden Core and Immortal cultivators? Wasn't it destroyed along with Mount Mengyan?"

    "It wasn't destroyed. I saw the fall of Mount Mengyan. At the last moment, the Mount Mengyan Sect Master sent it out to wait for fate!"

    Elder Tai Xuan shook the jade pendant in his hand. "I took the opportunity to deploy some means. It will give me a sign as long as it opens. It seems like... it's in the direction of the Sixteen Countries! Send a few people out and bring it back!"

    A primordial treasure was worth far more than an immortal artifact!

    Even a cultivation Holy Land could not ignore it.

    "Understood!" The Heavenly Circuit Sect Master answered respectfully. "There's one more thing that I should report to Patriarch. It's also regarding the Sixteen Countries. A new monstrous talent has appeared recently, claiming to be the best godly thief in the world, Situ Zhaixing! He can ignore restrictions and obtain items through space! Even Immortals are helpless against him!"

    "Oh?" Elder Tai Xuan's small eyes glowed immediately. "This description sounds familiar... Do you have detailed information?"

    "Naturally!" The Heavenly Circuit Sect Master passed a jade slip, which recorded the information of when Fang Yuan went up against the Immortals.

    "This performance... It can't be wrong! It's the Illusion Realm's nomological laws!"

    The demeanor of Elder Tai Xuan changed. First, he started mumbling to himself before the sharp Qi from his body condensed, seeming to have become a sharp sword. "What Immortal disguise? Bullsh*t! He's at Golden Core! Hehe... A monster who comprehended peerless nomological laws. Even in the Holy Lands, how many thousands of years have passed since the last time?"

    "Elder?" The Heavenly Circuit Sect Master could not help asking in concern after seeing Elder Tai Xuan's unstable mood.

    "It's nothing! I'll make a personal trip to the Sixteen Countries and resolve the matter of this lad and the Outer Heaven Tower together!" Elder Tai Xuan said before turning into an illusory image.

    "We see Elder off!"

    The Heavenly Circuit Sect Master saw a streak of light flash by and could not help exhaling.

    This world was enormous, very much so! There were many dangerous zones between the Sixteen Countries and the Great Sage Immortal World, and it would take over a year to cross even for Immortals.

    Otherwise, they were not affable people, so why would they not have conquered it?

    On the other hand, Grand Unity Almighties would only need a month to go back and forth.


    Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower.

    Nineteenth level.

    The Time Flying Blade chopped the immortal puppet's head right on target.

    Fang Yuan rushed to the entrance of the twentieth level in excitement and directly blasted the seal with Saber Qi.


    The white light surged and trembled slightly, but it was still very strong nonetheless.

    "How troublesome!"

    Fang Yuan's face turned icy. He turned around and saw the headless puppet still hovering.

    "You really surprise me... Other than the Illusion Realm's nomological laws, you've actually comprehended the Nomological Laws of Time as well!" The head suspended in midair smiled slightly. "It's just... this doesn't mean... you can kill an Immortal!"

    Immediately afterward, its head turned into a silvery stream of water, melting into its headless body.

    From the puppet's neck, a head slowly grew before finally becoming whole, not even leaving a scar on its neck.

    "..." Fang Yuan was speechless.

    "This is not the puppet's ability but that of every Immortal... It's not easy to transcend the tribulation and become Immortal! The sublimation of life represents the disappearance of vital points... Unless you completely wipe out my Immortal Qi, this immortal puppet will never die, and the seal on the passage will never open!"

    The puppet smiled. "That attack wasn't bad! You're about five percent closer!"

    Merely five percent.

    The same attack done twenty times would be able to kill this immortal puppet!

    But the question was... even if Fang Yuan had the power to do so twenty times, would the artifact spirit just stand there like a lamb waiting for slaughter?

    "Really... troublesome!" Fang Yuan sighed and disappeared into the void right before the immortal puppet's attack hit him.

    "It's useless. I might not be able to find you, but I won't take your sneak attacks nineteen more times!" the green-clothed puppet said confidently. "Also... I have some unfortunate news for you. You don't need to think about dragging this out. Twelve hours after your first attack damaged me, I'll manipulate the tower to supplement this puppet with Immortal Qi. You have no chance!"

    After all, it was an expert in battle and blocked Fang Yuan's last hope.

    Originally, even if the damage of the Time Flying Blade was low, as long as Fang Yuan persisted and relied on the Illusion Realm's nomological laws to remain elusive, he had a shard of hope in killing the puppet.

    But now, it was no longer possible.

    "You don't need to complain about unfairness because this is the speed that ordinary Immortals can absorb the power of heaven and earth at! As long as their Immortal Qi doesn't run out, the Immortal will never die!" said the green-clothed puppet.

    In the void.

    Looking at this scene, Fang Yuan shook his head and used the wooden token to leave the Outer Heaven Tower with a thought.

    "You're out so soon?" Venerable Lie Huo asked in surprise outside the passage.

    Seems like... that Golden Core trash that entered before only broke through the third level after a tough fight... Fang Yuan thought, but he did not say anything. He waved and threw over fifteen Dao Comprehension Stones. "According to the contract, these are yours!"

    After that, he teleported again and disappeared.

    "Dao Comprehension Stones? A total of fifteen?" The Miscellaneous House Master's eyes nearly popped out when he saw them. "This is just thirty percent of the harvest. Doesn't this mean that he obtained fifty?"

    "Han Feng had only obtained a single Dao Comprehension Stone after passing the third level. And he nearly died..." Madam Hua Rui was shocked too. "He obtained fifty so easily?"

    "Big Brother... I suddenly feel that we made a huge mistake in inviting him here!" Qian Xingzi said solemnly.

    "Compared to that, I'm even more afraid of this mysterious realm... It produced fifty Dao Comprehension Stones!" Venerable Lie Huo smiled bitterly. "I'm afraid we can't monopolize such rich resources. Even the Sixteen Countries might not be able to do so!"

    He looked at the Dao Comprehension Stones and suddenly felt his hands going hot.


    "It's also good that I've completed the contract!" Fang Yuan's Torch Dragon clone returned to the Pantheon Palace and sat down cross-legged. "Otherwise... I really wouldn't be able to give it up when my harvest is greater!"

    His temporary withdrawal was to complete the contract.

    The next time he snuck in would be the second time, which was not within the scope of the oath.

    "Also, that immortal puppet is truly difficult to defeat! Is this the combat strength of an Immortal? Not only are they powerful, most importantly, they almost can't die!"

    An Immortal was pure Qi. The condensed form was a body and became Qi when scattered. It was a complete sublimation of the intrinsic quality of life, like how nothing had happened when Fang Yuan had loped its head off.

    "It's very difficult to annihilate this intrinsic quality without being an Immortal as well..."

    Fang Yuan was speechless, thinking about the recovery speed that the puppet had told him about.

    "Looks like... I have to use these immediately."

    He used the Dao Comprehension Stone in his hand without hesitation.


    Heavenly Dao aura filled the surrounding, bringing him into a state of enlightenment.

    His main body also sat cross-legged and entered a deep state of cultivation.

    "So... this is time!"

    Fang Yuan's eyes opened after some time, feeling that his comprehension of the Nomological Laws of Time had finally improved a little.

    At the same time, the Dao Comprehension Stone in his hand could not bear the heavy load and shattered into powder.
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