1107 Yanyang City

    Golden Soul Sect main sect.

    "Junior Brother Tie, Junior Sister Huang... and this must be Junior Brother Li Hun?"

    Qiu Tianfeng stood among several core disciples with a pleasant smile.

    He appeared to be in his thirties, and his skin had a hint of gold to it. He had two pupils in each eye and a chiseled face. As though he was innately noble, he became the center of attention just standing there.

    He stepped forward to greet them, and Tie Xinku and Huang Yue immediately felt slightly overwhelmed by his favor. "Eldest Senior Brother!"

    "Greetings, Eldest Senior Brother!"

    Fang Yuan tried not to stand out and greeted him like the rest. However, he was secretly contemplating. I sense an extraordinary agglomeration of the power of heaven and earth. Is this another Son of Destiny? Or a semi-developed one?

    If there was a version of providence in this world, then Qiu Tianfeng was definitely someone captivating with a towering auspicious aura.

    In other words, he was someone with great providence.

    Of course, these kinds of Sons of Destiny could not be supported by small sects. They might even cause the entire sect to become annihilated! This was the truth of great providence suppressing destiny.

    However, the Golden Soul Sect was a Holy Land, and there were many Grand Unity Immortals and Golden Mount Meru stabilizing its destiny, complementing his great providence.

    "Every demon disaster is a test of heaven's will to us cultivators. Disasters draw out elites. It is truly worthy of celebration for you three to have become core disciples of our sect..." Qiu Tianfeng smiled. "As the Grand Unity grand martial uncles are busy with important matters, they haven't been able to provide you with guidance. However, I can introduce you in Yanyang City. As for whether you can become a disciple, it depends on your fortune!"

    Although he said it in a simple and plain manner, there was a quality of leadership and inspiration to it.

    Tie Xinku and Huang Yue were overjoyed and thanked him. "Thank you, Eldest Senior Brother!"

    Speaking of which, they were unlucky. The biggest benefit of becoming core disciples, the guidance by Grand Unity Immortals, had not been granted to them even once. They had not even managed to meet one, much less become their disciples.

    This Qiu Tianfeng... isn't simple! He's even able to influence the decisions of those at the Grand Unity level.

    A trace of darkness flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes.

    Even the sect master of the Golden Soul Sect was merely a butler for the Grand Unity Immortals. The fact that Qiu Tianfeng could do this put Fang Yuan on alert.

    "Since Junior Brother Li Hun has just come out from secluded cultivation, perhaps you don't know these people. Let me introduce you. This is the fourth core disciple, Xie Wufeng; ninth core disciple, Lu Wen; thirteenth, Xia Qinghe..."

    Qiu Tianfeng continued introducing, and those who had their name called out all smiled amiably. "Greetings, fellow juniors..."

    The atmosphere was harmonious on the surface, without the slightest bit of oppression or disdain.

    Fang Yuan thought about it a bit and understood the reason.

    Those that could become core disciples had a very good chance of becoming Immortals. And if Qiu Tianfeng succeeded the sect master position, he would need people to help and support him.

    Would he not be cutting himself off from the masses if he behaved arrogantly now? Moreover, they had come to join his faction, so he really should welcome them.

    The other seniors were clever as well, and they put on a hospitable act without revealing their thoughts.

    However, only they would know what they were really thinking...

    Fang Yuan put on a polite show as well, and his acting skills were just as good.

    "All right, it's getting late. We've all received the mission and must arrive there promptly!"

    Qiu Tianfeng took out a small boat and blew it in the wind, immediately turning it into a giant ship hovering in the air. "I obtained this trinket by chance in the past. It's able to fly without leaving a trace, and its defense is decent as well. Even if we are surrounded by otherworldly demons, it should be able to buy us some time. Shall we use it to travel?"

    "Thank you, Eldest Senior Brother!" Tie Xinku and the others were delighted as they stepped onto the deck right away.

    Junior Brother Li Hun... do you know why Eldest Senior Brother took out this immortal artifact? Huang Yue said through voice transmission from behind him. This isn't only for caution against the otherworldly demons on the way. It's more for caution against... people!

    Fang Yuan raised his eyebrows, showing he was aware. Rest assured, I won't let my guard down.

    However, he was actually sneering in his mind. The power struggle between the Golden Soul Sect's core disciples had already reached this point.

    Clearly, although Qiu Tianfeng had great hopes of becoming the sect master, it was not set in stone.

    The second and third core disciples were evidently formidable as well.

    Most importantly, the fight among core disciples will soon come to a close. These first three core disciples are surely prepared to advance to Immortal in this demon disaster!

    A Demonic Tribulation was as much an opportunity as it was a disaster!

    Since the world was met with disaster and in dire need of increasing its combat capabilities, the noose around the necks of Nascent Soul cultivators, the lightning tribulation, loosened somewhat.

    Those whose chances rested on a coin flip had very good chances of becoming Immortals if they choose to undergo the tribulation and face the demon disaster now.

    Fang Yuan even suspected that Mo He and Immortal Lie Huo had transcended their tribulations only because of this kind of heavenly favor.

    As for the top three core disciples, including Qiu Tianfeng, all of them had accomplished fighting evenly with Immortals. Obviously, they had comprehended formidable nomological laws. Despite that, they continued suppressing and accumulating their strength. The longer they kept doing so, the more dangerous the lightning tribulation would become.

    It was only during a demon disaster, when the power of the heavenly tribulation weakened, did they have some confidence in transcending their tribulation.

    Therefore, at the latest, these three will certainly choose to transcend the tribulation during the last stages of the demon disaster... They've already fought evenly against Immortals. After becoming Immortals themselves, they'll likely become the best batch of Immortals beneath Grand Unity!

    Immortals had rankings as well. After comprehending how to fuse nomological laws, Fang Yuan could kill trash Immortals from the Sixteen Countries effortlessly. As for those that had bodies comparable to immortal artifacts, he would have to put some effort into it. If the likes of Qiu Tianfeng broke through to the Immortal realm, they would have power on the level of the greatly weakened Sethgu, which was infinitely close to Grand Unity Immortal. Without using the Universe Obliteration strike, he did not have much confidence in killing them!

    He wondered what this Golden Soul Sect eldest senior brother would think if he knew that even after he broke through, it would only take Fang Yuan one saber move to kill him.


    Although he kept his guard up, it was a relatively peaceful journey. Apart from encountering the odd otherworldly demon that had drifted away from its group, which they had sped past with the floating ship, nothing special happened. He did not talk the entire journey and arrived safely at Yanyang City.

    While it was called a city, it was actually a tiny country. A large array covered it like a sky barrier, protecting the millions within.

    Cultivators had to protect mortals. After all, mortals were their biggest source.


    The floating ship directly broke through the sky barrier, passing many fields, farms, and towns before a large city appeared.

    "This is... the Yin-Yang Prime Chronogram Array?"

    Fang Yuan stood on the deck and nodded in approval at the array covering the city.

    The size of this array could vary, from covering a small country to just protecting a single city.

    However, when it expanded to the maximum, it would only be able to warn and hinder. On the other hand, when it converged into a small area, it would be at its most powerful.

    "In other words, if otherworldly demons come, the civilians outside the city walls will all be cannon fodder... However, otherworldly demons prefer to target cultivators. With the city in front of them, they might not pay attention to the farmlands and puny mortals!"

    While Fang Yuan was contemplating, an opening appeared on the city's restriction, allowing the ship to pass through and land on a city square.

    Two rows of disciples bowed in welcome. "Welcome fellow Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters!"

    The core disciples ranked above the inner and outer disciples. They were destined to become Immortals, so their status within the Golden Soul Sect was nothing to scoff at.

    The arrival of a group of core disciples immediately alarmed Yanyang City, and even a few Immortals came to welcome them.

    "It's Eldest Senior Brother Qiu Tianfeng himself!"

    "I really don't understand. Why would these core disciples come out?"


    The disciples discussed among themselves secretly, clearly baffled.

    "Martial Uncle Nong Feng and Martial Uncle Ming Yue!" Qiu Tianfeng walked forward to greet the two Immortals.

    "Haha... It's truly exemplary of you to come and face the disaster..." Immortal Ming Yue smiled. "We've already prepared a feast. Please!"

    From his actions, he seemed to treat Qiu Tianfeng as an equal, even having a slight sense that his status was lower, which was incredible.

    Before Fang Yuan appeared, even the weakest Immortal was higher in status than mortals. It had been a law of heaven and earth.

    For Qiu Tianfeng to be able to do this, clearly having earned the respect of an Immortal, it was somewhat heaven-defying.

    Along the way, the other disciples all looked at them incredulously.

    After all, it was truly rare to see core disciples abandon the safe environment in the main sect and accept missions voluntarily.

    However, a few clever ones suddenly thought of something. There must be something the core disciples are after since they've come here! Opportunity! A humongous opportunity! Unfortunately, my strength isn't enough. I'm nothing more than free food for otherworldly demons!

    The eyes of those looking at Fang Yuan's group burned with passion, showing that they were willing to sell themselves to the group and act as their cannon fodder.

    These were the smart ones that had enough courage. Regretfully, they could not even be cannon fodder.

    "This is precisely the helplessness of the times..." Fang Yuan sighed softly. He followed Qiu Tianfeng into the palace at the center of the city, went to a side hall, and enjoyed the feast.

    In his mind, he was thinking frantically.

    As expected, after some time, Qiu Tianfeng announced joyously, "Juniors, Martial Grand Uncle just sent me a message. He has agreed to meet us!"


    Even in normal circumstances, Grand Unity Immortals were difficult to see. With this demon disaster at hand, even core disciples should not disturb him.

    After hearing this, both Tie Xinku and Huang Yue were thrilled.

    They were very grateful to Qiu Tianfeng. They had not imagined that this eldest senior brother would keep their matter in mind and would start working on it as soon as he arrived in Yanyang City.

    Only Fang Yuan's heart sank.

    Still... I would have had to pass this test eventually. On the bright side, at least we're outside. Even if he sees through me, I can still escape!

    If he had been exposed on Golden Mount Meru, it would have been impossible for him to escape.

    But the array above Yanyang City and a single Grand Unity Immortal would not be able to stop him.

    Fang Yuan was certain of this since he had mastered the Five Extreme Origin Heavenly Escape Technique and could teleport.

    Together with Tie Xinku and Huang Yue, he followed Qiu Tianfeng toward the main hall.
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