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    Hong Huang was very overbearing. At Saintly Origin Academy, he already dared to make a move on Ling Han in full public. Though he had not killed or wounded him, he had directly destroyed Ling Han's abode.

    There was no one that could discipline him, because he was one of the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable's people, the disciple of a Heavenly Venerate.

    And now, he was similarly making a move on Ling Han with absolutely no scruples, because he knew that Ling Han's power only originated from the Origin Magic Cube. Aside from that, he was only a Second Secret Monarch Star.

    He, too, was a Monarch Star, and a Ninth Secret at that. Just how wide was the gap between the two of them?

    Thus, he attacked Ling Han without any reservations. He, too, wished to touch the Origin Magic Cube, to peer into a sliver of the secrets of Regulations.

    Ling Han did not face him head-on. In a situation when he could not use the Origin Magic Cube, there was naturally no way he could be a match for a Ninth Secret. The gap between them was really too wide.

    Void Space unfolded, and he formed millions of manifestations.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Hong Huang barraged him madly, and the Celestial Kings had no intention of interfering.

    ...Those that wanted to interfere had long since done so, stopping the Imperial Void Celestial King from attacking Ling Han, and now this was merely a Ninth Secret that was flaunting around arrogantly. Naturally, there was even less of a possibility of them interfering. In any case, he was at the same cultivation level as Ling Han.

    Ling Han dodged continuously, the expression on his face turning colder and colder.

    No matter what, he was still a member of the Celestial Realm, and hoped that the Celestial Realm could be saved. He still had a high opinion of a Monarch Star like Hong Huang, who would be able to fight for the Celestial Realm in the future.

    This was why he had not made a move on Hong Huang in the neutral zone, but now that he thought about it, this was completely unrealistic.

    Since when had the line of Sealed Emotion battled for the Celestial Realm?

    He shook his head. Hong Huang was merely courting his own death.

    "Do you need me to get rid of this trash for you?" A voice rang out, calm and unhurried, completely slow and at ease.

    Ji Wuming had appeared at the doors of the great palace who knew when, his hands crossed behind his back, looking at Hong Huang disdainfully.

    Though the latter was only a Monarch Star, he was still completely worthless in his eyes.

    "No need!" Hong Huang called out loudly. Did a Ninth Secret still need help in a battle against a Second Secret? You got to be joking.

    Yet Ji Wuming sighed, and said, "Trash, I was not talking to you. Don't flatter yourself!"


    Hong Huang faltered, and his whole face flushed instantly.

    He had not imagined that he was the trash that Ji Wuming was speaking of. This, this, this, this... He was a great Monarch Star, a Ninth Secret prodigy, and in Ji Wuming's eyes, he wasn't even worthy of being called human, and could only be considered trash?

    More importantly, he had really flattered himself by snatching the chance to answer first. Now that he thought about it, his face flushed.

    No, he was furious!

    He was the disciple of a Heavenly Venerate, and there was absolutely no one that could insult him.

    Ling Han was surprised, and asked, "Brother Ji, have you recognized me?"

    Ji Wuming nodded, and said, "Your disguise technique is indeed flawless. It should be the Heaven Deceiving Technique of the Heavenly Saint Palace, right? However, there are not many people that I would consider a rival in this world, and the only one whose cultivation level is close to mine is you. How could I be unable to guess?"

    Indeed, if Ling Han appeared average, then Ji Wuming would truly be unable to recognize him, but just how many Monarch Stars were there?

    Hong Huang was mad with jealousy. He knew that Ji Wuming was stronger than him, but Ji Wuming had such a high opinion of Ling Han, and considered him a rival, yet did not even deign to pay Hong Huang any regard, calling him trash. How could he possibly accept that?

    With him roaring furiously, his attacks became even more crazed. He was determined to kill Ling Han, and use facts to tell Ji Wuming that he was much stronger than Ling Han.

    Ling Han's figure flashed. It was true that his strength was no match for Hong Huang's, but Void Space was too amazing, and added with the Regulations of Time, his ability to protect himself was still very strong.

    He smiled, and said, "No need. If I wanted to kill this kind of trash, it would be as easy as pie."

    "Good! Good! Good!" Hong Huang's eyes were bloodshot. "Then show it to me by killing me!"

    Ji Wuming nodded, and actually just turned and left, not even staying to watch the battle.

    True, who was he? A Ninth Heaven Celestial King in the past, invincible throughout his era, and perhaps even stronger than the Imperial Void Celestial King. Then how could an Immortal Palace Tier battle actually be worthy of his notice?

    He merely did not want Ling Han to die, and make him lose a very good rival. Since Ling Han said he was confident, Ji Wuming naturally left. What was so fun about watching this?

    Ji Wuming was very relaxed, his figure moving lightly, and very quickly disappeared without a trace.

    Hong Huang began storing up power for a powerful attack. His battle prowess far surpassed Ling Han's. Thus, he naturally had enough room and leftover power to prepare a stronger attack. Otherwise, in a situation when both sides were equally matched, him doing that would merely be committing suicide.

    Ling Han smiled slightly. "Do you truly wish to die?"

    Hong Huang was so furious that he grinned. "If you had the ability to kill me, I would be able to die without regrets."

    "Sigh, what a waste!" Ling Han sighed, and took out the Heaven and Earth Origin Star.

    This was a good item that he had traded with military merits at the sacrificial altar of heaven and earth. After activation, it could burst out with a Celestial King Tier attack, but the trading price was also overwhelmingly expensive. Even he had only managed to trade for a few.

    Hong Huang's eyes were very sharp. The instant he saw the Heaven and Earth Origin Star, his face immediately paled.

    That was a powerful and deadly weapon!

    Celestial Tools would need a cultivator to activate them, and without enough strength, it could not be done at all. But the Heaven and Earth Origin Star was different. It was like a Celestial King Tier decree. It could be used just by opening it, but it was a one-use item.

    Compared with the Celestial King Tier decree, the Heaven and Earth Origin Star was more useful because as long as one locked down on his opponent with divine sense, he only had to throw it out, and that would be it.

    Hong Huang was indeed extraordinarily confident. He was a prodigy that could become a Ninth Heaven Celestial King in the future, but this, after all, was only a matter of the future. If he was to confront a Celestial King Tier attack at this moment, wouldn't that just be suicide?

    ...Even if the attack blasted out from a Heaven and Earth Origin Star merely had the destructive power of a First Heaven Celestial King.

    What to do, what to do, what to do... Hong Huang's forehead was covered with cold sweat, coldness sweeping over him like a flood. In this instant, he truly felt a nervousness that he had never experienced before.

    Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "At the academy, you attacked as you wished just because you have a cowardly master shielding you, and acted without any reservations, doing as you liked. Now, it was the same as well. Let me ask you, then: I have done such a great service for the Celestial Realm, yet you still attacked me. Do you even have the slightest bit of shame?"

    At present, he was a superhero of the Clear Heaven Pass. Who in Clear Heaven Pass did not extremely admire the Chicken Slayer, Han Lin? Yet Hong Huang aggressively made a move on Ling Han. This was completely a type of betrayal.

    Hong Huang could not answer. As he saw it, there was no need to be reasonable in anything he did, because his master was the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable, and this was a reason that was stronger than anything.

    Yet now, he finally felt isolated and helpless.

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    "Youth, you are really arrogant!" A cold laugh rang out, and an elder appeared. His brows and beard were white, filled with a sage-like air. With a flash, he appeared in front of Hong Huang like it was natural that he was there.

    The old geezer had seven multicolored lights, and it was as if a slight tremor of his body could cause the earth to crumble and the stars to fall.

    Seventh Heaven Celestial King!

    Ling Han's heart jolted. Though the Heaven and Earth Origin Star was powerful, it could only shoot out a Fourth Heaven or Fifth Heaven Celestial King Tier attack at most, and definitely could do nothing against Seventh Heaven Celestial Kings.

    "I heard that you killed my many generations grandson," the old geezer said, his eyes narrowing, emanating a shocking coldness..
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