2267 Demand of a Heavenly Venerate

    Chapter 2267: Demand of a Heavenly Venerate Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    Realization dawned on Ling Han. This old geezer was Shen Chao's ancestor.

    With a laugh, he retorted, "Shen Chao ambushed me in the neutral zone, and it was indeed I who killed him! Old geezer, it would be best to kill this kind of shameless descendant to avoid being embarrassed in the future."

    The Celestial King of the Shen Clan couldn't help but be dumbfounded. This brat actually dared to speak so fluently in front of him, not taking him seriously at all?

    But very soon, he felt relieved because Ling Han dared to insult even a Heavenly Venerate, so what did this count as?

    His expression did not shift. The self-restraint of a Celestial King was naturally good. "Do you think that just trading in a Heaven and Earth Origin Star would be enough to stop me?"

    "Of course not," Ling Han stated, smiling, but then continued righteously, "but I think that justice lies in the hearts of the masses!"

    When these words fell, a considerable number of Celestial Kings looked guilty.

    They had not stepped out to protect Ling Han, and a very large reason for that was that they were intimidated by the mighty reputation of the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable.

    That was right. Indeed, a Heavenly Venerate could not move easily, but it was not that they could not appear. Even if just a sliver of divine sense descended, it could only be matched by a great many Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings. However, before that, even Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings would only be able to wait for death.

    Who dared to offend a Heavenly Venerate?

    Moreover, the Imperial Void Celestial King was also indescribably powerful, and his battle prowess could even be ranked in the top three among the present Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, so did he not worry that the former would exact vengeance on him in the future?

    But Ling Han was someone who had done a great service for the Celestial Realm, after all. Was it really proper for them to just stand by and watch?

    A hot-tempered Celestial King could not hold himself back, appeared in front of Ling Han with a flash, and said to the Celestial King of the Shen Clan, "Brother Shen, please give me some face, and don't make a move! The grudges of the juniors can be resolved by the juniors themselves. It would be best that we do not interfere."

    If the Celestial Kings would be interfering in all matters, wouldn't the world descend into complete chaos?

    The Celestial King of the Shen Clan sneered, "Tong Xuan, you want to protect this brat? Humph, killing a comrade of the Celestial Realm in public is a severe crime that deserves death. Even if I made a move on him, it would only be safeguarding the rules of the Celestial Realm. What would be wrong about that?"

    Not only did he want to attain vengeance for his descendant, he also wanted to use this opportunity to draw the Shen Clan close to the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable.

    The Foreign Realm was invading, but the stand of the three Heavenly Venerates was extremely ambiguous, but no one believed that the Heavenly Venerates would just wait for death. They definitely had some other way of retreat. Thus, the Celestial King of the Shen Clan wanted to get their support, and scheme for a route of survival for himself as well as his descendants.

    Tong Xuan Celestial King's right hand shook, and a spear that was completely covered with burning flames appeared in his grip. With a wave of his spear, his fighting spirit flooded out. "Then you will have to pass through me first!"

    He was like a man that guarded the pass, and even ten thousand wouldn't be able to break through.

    The Celestial King of the Shen Clan humphed, appearing slightly hesitant.

    Tong Xuan Celestial King was very strong, and his battle prowess could be ranked in the higher tiers among Seventh Heaven Celestial Kings. He was not confident that he could win, but now that the arrow was drawn, there was no way he could not release the arrow.


    Right at this moment, an incredibly frightening divine sense surged over. The Clear Heaven Pass immediately reacted, glowing entirely, and blocking this divine sense, but the city walls still moaned, as if they could not bear the pressure.

    It should be known that the Clear Heaven Pass was strengthened generation after generation of countless Celestial Kings through day and night, and who knew how many formation patterns had been laid out. Even if a few dozen Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings joined forces, it would be difficult for them to damage it the slightest bit.

    Yet now, this was only a sliver of divine sense, yet caused the powerful fortress to tremble madly, being close to collapsing. What kind of concept was that?

    Heavenly Venerate!

    Everyone mouthed these words. The only one who could be so strong had to be Heavenly Venerable


    Even the battle between the Imperial Void Celestial King and the Eternity Celestial King and the others stopped. If a Heavenly Venerate descended, even if they were all added together, that would still not be enough.

    An incredibly enormous face appeared above the Clear Heaven Pass.

    The Clear Heaven Pass was already big enough, wasn't it? But compared with this face, it paled in comparison, showing just how humongous it was.

    Ling Han couldn't help but inhale sharply. This was the Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan, a true overlord of the Foreign Realm.

    Thankfully, this was not his true self, and merely a sliver of divine sense, but it was still so powerful it could drive others to despair.

    The Heavenly Venerate was right above them, and the entire Clear Heaven Pass suddenly became incredibly silent. No matter what everyone was doing, at this moment, they all stopped and looked up at the skies.

    At the same time, the Celestial Kings were incredibly wary. Though this was just a sliver of divine sense, and was also being suppressed by the heaven and earth of the Celestial Realm, it still had the strength of a top-tier Ninth Heaven Celestial King, and even a being like the Imperial Void Celestial King dared not be careless.

    "Hand over the brat that has the Origin Magic Cube," Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan spoke. His tone was even, yet it was filled with supreme authority.

    If everyone had to adhere to the Regulations, then wasn't Heavenly Venerable Tier which surpassed Regulations capable of commanding actions to be done with mere words?

    "Impossible!" the Eternity Celestial King immediately refused decisively. Even the Imperial Void Celestial King's expression was cool, appearing disdainful. That was because he, too, wanted the Origin Magic Cube. If Ling Han was handed over, then the time for his breakthrough to the Heavenly Venerable Tier would be pushed back who knew how much further in time.

    Stepping over this threshold was not an issue of talent, but more of luck.

    "If that brat is not handed over, I will destroy that neutral zone. However, it would damage the stability of the connecting point of the two Realms, and give you several tens of billions of years to continue struggling," Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan stated calmly. "However, if that brat is handed over, I can swear a dao oath that we will not invade for an epoch."

    When these words fell, quite a number of Celestial Kings looked tempted, and the thoughts of everyone in the whole of Clear Heaven Pass wandered wildly.

    The word of a Heavenly Venerate was naturally trustworthy.

    In other words, if the Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan swore a dao oath, this was completely believable.

    This was an epoch!

    Without any exaggeration, even an Ascending Origin Tier could not possibly live for so long, and would have long since been killed by the Immortal's Tribulation.

    In other words, the majority would be able to finish living this life in peace and safety, and could even continue their line for countless generations.

    Wasn't this the peace that they had always yearned for?

    It was only sacrificing one person, and it could trade for such a long period of peace for the Celestial Realm. No matter how they thought about it, this was an extremely profitable matter.

    Of course, as long as the one to be sacrificed was not themselves.

    The Imperial Void Celestial King's eyes trembled slightly. He was not concerned about the survival of the Celestial Realm. What was the most important was if he could become a Heavenly Venerate himself.

    "Youth, do not save a little only to lose a lot," Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan said evenly.

    No one knew what his words meant, but the Imperial Void Celestial King understood. These words were directed towards him, and it implicated the agreement that the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable and the others had reached with the Foreign Realm.

    His hands curled into fists, his hair fluttering freely, nine-colored light flickering. An intense battle was presently taking place in his heart.

    But after only a while, the Imperial Void Celestial King shouted, and with a quick flash, he soon disappeared from sight.

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    A great Ninth Heaven Celestial King, and one whose battle prowess could be ranked in the top three, had been forced off with just mere words, and surrendered an extremely great fortune.

    "I will give you all a day's time to consider. If this boy is still not handed over after a day, I will make my move," Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan said calmly, and with a tremor of his figure, he dispersed from sight.

    Instantly, everyone in Clear Heaven Pass broke into a commotion. They were all engaged in an intense debate.

    The Celestial Kings also exchanged looks. This was peace for an entire epoch, and even they were tempted.

    They truly did hope that Ling Han could become a Heavenly Venerate, and lead the resistance against the Foreign Realm, but he was presently only an Immortal Palace Tier. Even if there were Celestial Kings pouring their full efforts into nurturing him, becoming a Heavenly Venerate was still something that would only happen who knew how many years later.
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