2271 Hunted down by a Heavenly Venerate

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    The Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable stated evenly, "I will leave that unworthy brat to you."

    "Small matter!" Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate nodded, and set off in rapid pursuit of Ling Han.

    Meanwhile, the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable stretched out his hand towards Hong Huang as he asked, "Is there anything in this world that I cannot accomplish? Hehe!" A majestic light surged in his hand, turning into a seal that was brimming with life energy.

    Clang, the lightning in the skies blazed even brighter, as if a massive hole was cracked open. Even more lightning giants surged forth, pouring down like floodwaters, and charging towards the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable.

    "If wish you to live, you will. If I wish for your death, then you can only die, and even the heavens cannot stop me," the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable said calmly as he pressed down the seal. Boom, a dazzling light immediately blazed within Hong Huang's body. That seal had turned into an image,

    and was being stored into Hong Huang's body.

    Those that were at the Celestial King Tier could see it. Hong Huang's spirit that had originally disprsed was actually being consolidated under a mysterious power, and entered once more into his body. Furthermore, it was quickly fusing back as one.

    In an instant, all the Celestial Kings were gaping, stunned to the point of absolute speechlessness.

    When one died, his Dao would be destroyed. Just now, Hong Huang's soul had definitely been shattered, making him deader than dead. It should be known that Ling Han presently had the strength of the Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier, so wouldn't it be a simple thing for him to kill an Immortal Palace


    "Urgh..." Hong Huang released a moan, and his eyes suddenly opened. At first, he was completely dazed, but then got his wits back. He quickly knelt down in front of the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable. "Master, thank you for saving my life!"

    The Celestial Kings were even more astounded. This was too shocking. Even Celestial Kings like them could not believe the extent that Heavenly Venerable Tier power had reached and how he could even resurrect a dead man!

    However, they also had some guesses internally. This should only be effective for those who had just died. Though their spirit had shattered, it had not yet dispersed completely and returned to the heaven and earth. Otherwise, even a Heavenly Venerate would be able to do nothing.

    Even so, this was still an extremely astonishing and heaven-defying power.

    What exactly was that seal?

    Did the Celestial Realm have this kind of Regulations?


    A furious bolt of lightning suddenly struck towards Hong Huang, yet it had completely surpassed the range of the Immortal Palace Tier, and had reached Celestial King Tier.

    Hong Huang's death and revival was completely a breach of the Regulations of heaven and earth. Thus, the heaven and earth sent down a punishment of lightning, intending to erase this kind of existence.

    The Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable waved his hand, and looked towards the skies. "You will not be able to kill anyone that I wish to live. Whatever karma there is, I will bear it!"

    Clang, the heaven and earth raged even fiercer, repeatedly sending furious bolts of lightning, but even the strongest was only at the Ninth Heaven Celestial King Tier. However, there were really too many of them. Even the strongest Ninth Heaven Celestial King would be tired to death, but for a Heavenly

    Venerate, this was like child's play.

    Half a day later, the divine lightning disappeared. Though the heaven and earth was powerful, it could only take action via the Regulations. Even a divine punishment could only last half a day. Once that time passed, it could be considered as having obtained the approval of the heaven and earth.

    In other words, Hong Huang had truly come back to life, and would no longer be targeted by the heaven and earth.

    This power... was heaven-defying, really heaven-defying.

    All the Celestial Kings all looked at the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable reverently. Practically no one had ever seen a Heavenly Venerate move, but now it was only a slight glimpse of a sliver of their might, and they knew that the power of a Heavenly Venerate surpassed any limits that they could


    The Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable crossed his hands behind his back. He looked at the neutral zone, and suddenly frowned.

    Boom, the sound of a colossal explosion was heard, and an indescribable shock wave of power surged over. As the whole Clear Heaven Pass trembled violently, brick after brick fell off of the strong fortress, as if it was about to be destroyed.

    When this blast surged past, everyone shockingly discovered that a colossal pit had appeared in the distance. A frightening kind of energy originated from the ground, flowing up towards the skies. It could be seen that the Regulations there had become an ocean, pieces and pieces of them.

    The neutral zone had disappeared, and had now become a whirlpool of wild energy.

    Not even Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings could barge into this whirlpool of energy. They would definitely be killed, because this had surpassed Regulations. It was the heaven and earth howling.

    Probably even Heavenly Venerable Tier would keep away from such great power. No wonder the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable had frowned.

    What exactly had happened?


    That said, Ling Han raced rapidly, steering the Black Tower. Xiu, his speed was astonishing. Though the Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate had appeared, Small Tower had previously been very confident. Though it could not oppose a Heavenly Venerate, it was not diffult for it to flee from the pursuit of a Heavenly


    "You can't escape!" Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate moved. Before his voice was even heard, his hand had already descended. It was actually hot on the tail of the Black Tower. Like the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable. he, too, was attacked by countless lightning giants. Though they could not harm him, it

    still affected his attacks and speed.

    As his palm descended, the Black Tower flashed, and narrowly escaped, continuing to charge forwards at full speed.

    Small Tower's confidence was not for nothing.

    Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate humphed. He felt a mysterious discomfort, and kept feeling that Ling Han had some karmic connection with himself.

    Even a Heavenly Venerate's memory would be erased after leaving the Timestream because this was a power of heaven and earth. As long as you could stand and battle freely in this world, that meant that your strength was still inferior to the heaven and earth, so how could he possibly oppose the heaven

    and earth?

    To a Heavenly Venerate, this kind of feeling was very, very rare, but since it had appeared, he would get to the bottom of things.

    Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate moved once more, and grabbed out at Ling Han.

    However, with how fast the Black Tower was going, it entered the neutral zone in a flash.


    This blow from the Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate landed on the heaven and earth of the neutral zone. The whole world immediately shook uncontrollably. It was as if it was formed from fragile crystal, and could be shattered at any moment.

    Even inside the Black Tower, Ling Han spat out a mouthful of blood. He was one and the same with the neutral zone. If one was damaged, the other would be harmed as well.

    However, he exited the Black Tower without hesitation. With a thought, he already appeared on the other end of the neutral zone, the end that was connected with the heaven and earth of the Foreign Realm.

    His form immediately changed as horns sprouted from his head, and a tail sprouted from his behind. Meanwhile, his feet became the hooves of a bull, and his skin tuned red. Furthermore, his aura was also drastically changing. It was incredibly and extraordinarily weak, but had perfectly assimilated

    with the Foreign Realm.

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    Pa, he took a step, and entered into the heaven and earth of the Foreign Realm, and the heaven and earth of the Foreign Realm had no reaction, and did not target him.

    Correct. Ling Han had never considered taking shelter in the neutral zone. He had long since thought of his escape plan, and that was the Foreign Realm!


    Firstly, the Tower of Three Realms had revealed itself, and he would defintiely be hunted down by Heavenly Venerable Tiers after this. Then, at most, he would only be able to attain Eleventh Secret, and would never have any hope of advancing into the Ascending Origin Tier. This was something he could

    not accept.

    Only if he fled into the Foreign Realm would the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable and the others be unable to continue hunting him. Even if they did, he was not afraid. The Regulations of the two Realms were different, and even a Heavenly Venerate could not predict his whereabouts.

    Secondly, the overall level of the Regulations of the Foreign Realm was superior to the Celestial Realm's. If he cultivated here, he could raise his battle prowess to a higher level.

    Of course, he had had practically no contact with the Regulations of the Foreign Realm before, and had to start again from the very beginning, For example, his cultivation level had now fallen back to the Genesis Tier.

    To completely conceal his identity, Ling Han gave up all Regulations of the Celestial Realm. His own battle prowess had already boundlessly decreased, but there were still Regulations of the Celestial Realm locked up within the Black Tower. Though he could not get any replenishment, it was enough to

    allow Ling Han to unleash the battle prowess of a Second Secret Monarch Star after extracting them, and battle vigorously for a good few times.

    Thirdly, Hu Niu, the Empress, and the others could also be tempered in the Foreign Realm. Who knew, perhaps they would be able to rebuild their foundations, and advance into the ranks of Monarch Stars..
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