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    Henyee Translations

    Henyee Translations

    Ling Han had never been sloppy in his actions. Thus, after he made his decision, he put it into practice without any hesitation.

    He strode forwards. This was already the heaven and earth of the Foreign Realm. It was completely barren, and he was only at the Genesis Tier at present. In other words, that was the Fifth Lotus of the Foreign Realm, which was pitifully weak, a little like how he had been when he first entered into the

    Celestial Realm.

    However, his true cultivation level was the Immortal Palace Tier. Even if he had to re-cultivate the Regulations of the Foreign Realm, his rate of cultivation would still be astonishingly rapid. He only had to make some slight adjustments.

    'Ican't use the Black Tower anymore. Without replenishment from the power of the heaven and earth of the Celestial Realm, every use means one use less left. It can only be used at the most crucial time,' Ling Han thought as he continued to walk forwards.

    His Body Art had long since attained the Ascending Origin Tier. Though this was not of much help in improving his battle prowess, it was very useful at this time. Even if he did not have the support of power of Regulation, his speed was still extremely fast, being capable of matching the Severing

    Mundane Tier.

    Oh, now that he was here, this should be Six Lotus.

    Peng, behind him, the neutral zone was trembling madly, causing his face to pale as he spat out another mouthful of blood.

    Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate was still blasting the neutral zone, as if he was determined to barge in by force.

    A terrifying aura surged past, and a figure as tall as millions and millions of meters appeared at the Foreign Realm's side of the neutral zone. His whole body was enshrouded in flames, and was indescribably terrifying.

    Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan!

    "Eriend, what is the meaning of this?" Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan asked calmly. "Do you wish to ruin our agreement?"

    Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate's message immediately traversed over via divine sense. "The heir of the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable has fled into this region, and I must capture him!"

    "However, if you destroy this heaven and earth, you will definitely destroy the stability of the connecting point between the two Realms." Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan stated the stakes of the matter. "Friend, don't forget our goal. What else could compare!"

    Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate humphed, and retorted, "That brat has also obtained the Origin Magic Cube, and has now escaped into this area. If I do not destroy it, who else could do anything against him?"

    "En?" Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan faltered. He had completely not expected that the heir of the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable and the brat that had obtained the Origin Magic Cube were actually the same person.

    "What great fortune!" he said.

    Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate nodded. "Do you know why I am so determined to get rid of him now?"

    "To prevent a second Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable from appearing, this boy must be gotten rid of," Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan agreed.

    "Then let us destroy this heaven and earth together," Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate said.

    He alone was naturally also capable of doing so, but it would need some time, after all, and at present, he wanted no unexpected surprises-the longer the time he spent here, the more powerful the backlash from the heaven and earth would be, and eventually the heaven and earth would even suppress

    him directly. This was something that even he could not bear.

    Boom, the two great Heavenly Venerates moved at the same time, blasting the neutral zone.

    "Wa..." Ina far location, Ling Han threw up blood continuously, feeling like his body was about to shatter.

    Thankfully, the focus of the Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan was completely on blasting the neutral zone. Otherwise, he could have discovered his presence with only a careless sweep, and might have been able to see something off.

    Half a day later, the whole neutral zone shattered with a boom, and Ling Han spat out practically the last drop of blood in his body, being weakened to the extreme.

    He stumbled onwards, wanting to leave this dangerous location.



    Both Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate and Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan exclaimed in surprise. While the neutral zone had already been destroyed, and turned into a whirlpool of wild energy, they still did not see Ling Han flee from within.

    This brat had the protection of the Black Tower, and was also the master of the neutral zone, so he had to have fled before the world crumbled. Why was there completely no movement?

    "Friend, are you sure this brat entered into this area?" Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan asked.

    This was nonsense. How could a Heavenly Venerate have seen wrongly?

    Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate shook his head, and asked, "Could it be that you have not seen if that brat has fled over to your side?"

    "No." Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan shook his head. "If a person of the Celestial Realm came over here, they would be like a sun in the darkness. There is absolutely no way that they could escape from my senses."

    Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate's expression changed. "That brat has obtained the Origin Magic Cube. That is a fusion of the heaven and earth of the two realms, and must carry a sliver of the power of Regulations from your side."

    Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan paused, and asked, "What you mean is that brat has already comprehended the Regulations of our realm, and disguised himself as one of our realm?"

    "Other than that, there is no way to explain this matter," Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate said with absolute certainty. Ling Han had definitely not fled here just to wait for death.

    "All right. I will immediately issue a decree to hunt down that brat." Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan nodded. "Even if he could comprehend the Regulations of our Realm, his cultivation level must be extremely low and weak. I will inspect the world, and if there is any heresy, they would definitely not escape my

    eyes and ears."

    "Then I will trouble you, friend," Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate answered smilingly.

    "It is all for the sake of truly surpassing the heaven and earth." Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan also smiled. Then, he turned around, and his gigantic figure also immediately disappeared.

    If anyone from the Celestial Realm was here, they would definitely pale in shock. Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate was actually fraternizing with a Heavenly Venerate of the Foreign Realm, as if they were good friends. No wonder the three Heavenly Venerates had never moved against the invasion of the Foreign

    Realm. They were calling each other friends.

    And at this time, Ling Han had already run to a mountain village. The buildings here were strikingly different from the Celestial Realm's. They were all houses made from wood, with sharpened sticks stabbed everywhere, as if the whole house was made into a porcupine.

    The people staying here were all human in form, but some bore a sole horn, while some had twin hors or three horns, and this was the only difference.

    Ling Han did not enter into the village, but rather found a remote location in the nearby mountains, and began to heal his injuries.

    All the alchemical pills in his possession could no longer be used. Furthermore, the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll was also completely useless because it was drawing only from the Regulations of the Celestial Realm, and that could not be done here.

    Thankfully, Ling Han's physique was indeed stunning. This part was genuine and solid, and would not be weakened just because the heaven and earth was different.

    Depending on his own physique, he slowly recovered. After all, it was not himself that was injured, but rather that he had sustained a backlash from a world shattering. What this needed was only time.

    And now, Ling Han had a considerable amount of time.

    He entered into the Black Tower. The time acceleration effects inside had already stopped. This would greatly expend the power of the Black Tower, and in this place, this had become an exorbitant luxury.

    "Ling Han, what happened?" Hu Niu asked hurriedly.

    Meanwhile, the Empress helped him up, using her extremely feminine and seductively captivating breasts to cushion Ling Han's head.

    Ling Han grinned, and replied, "Almost got into a fight with a few Heavenly Venerates."

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    Everyone could not help but sweat madly. This husband was really getting more and more capable.

    Liu Yutong and the other women also came over, and Ling Han narrated the present situation they were in, which the women were shocked at. They had actually come to the Foreign Realm!

    "No need to worry!" Ling Han said smilingly, and drew out the Origin Magic Cube.

    Initially, it had already fused with him, and there was no way he could take it out, because no matter how strong he was, there was no way he could match the heaven and earth. However, now the neutral zone had already been destroyed, and the Origin Magic Cube had also become a vessel purely for

    comprehending the Regulations of the two Realms.

    "Everyone, just get ready to become residents of the Foreign Realm for a good number of years."
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