2273 Living in seclusion

    Henyee Translations

    Henyee Translations

    Thankfully, the women had all advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier at least, and were qualified to touch the Regulations of heaven and earth. Thus, everyone was taking turns to hold the Origin Magic Cube, and would still be able to comprehend something.

    Unfortunately, the time acceleration effects of the Black Tower and the Reincarnation Tree could not be used any longer.

    Frankly speaking, this was all Regulations, the power of the heaven and earth, and the two were based on the Celestial Realm. Now that they had left the Celestial Realm, it was like being a fish out of water or a weed without roots. They would very quickly exhaust all the power that had been stored up.

    The Black Tower was still very useful as it could provide a hiding place at least. Thus, its power naturally could not be exhausted, and they would lose this very most important use thereof.

    Even if it took time, it would be fine. There was no rush.

    Year after year passed. At least 300 years later, Ling Han finally recovered his injuries, and the women had also had some slight improvement in the comprehension of Regulations, but they were still who knew how long away from being capable of disguising themselves as members of the Foreign Realm,

    and just made a grand appearance.

    Thankfully, the Immortal's Tribulation would only come once every 100,000,000 years, and there was no need for them to worry.

    1000, 5000, 30,000 years!

    Time passed quickly, and it was a rare opportunity for Ling Han and the women to enjoy a relaxed, peaceful life. If it were not for the fact that they still had too many concerns, they would really plan to just spend the rest of their lives in this manner.

    Ling Han smiled. With these 30,000 years of comprehending Dao, he had finally fully strengthened his foundations, and was now qualified to break through to the Severing Mundane Tier.

    'Come at me!"

    He exited the Black Tower, and began breaking through to the Severing Mundane Tier.

    Because he had actually advanced to the Severing Mundane Tier long ago, this was equivalent to destroying his cultivation level and starting again from the very beginning. Thus, there was no need for him to go to any Severing Mundane Tier Mystery Realm. The moment his cultivation had reached that

    level, he would naturally be able to break through.

    It only took a mere three days, and he had once again become a Severing Mundane Tier.

    Bang, thunder boomed in the heaven and earth as dense clouds rolled over, lightning flashing in their depths.

    Ling Han released a battle cry as he charged up into the skies, and began to confront the heavenly tribulation.

    This was a heavenly tribulation of the Foreign Realm, Ling Han was very interested in it, and wanted to experience it properly.

    Boom, a wide bolt of lighting struck downwards, as if a Divine Sword.

    Ling Han confronted it with raised fists, and the moment they came into contact with each other, he nodded internally. The heavenly tribulation of the Foreign Realm was indeed stronger than the Celestial Realm's. Thus, in a battle of equal levels, the cultivators of the Foreign Realm should be stronger.

    It was no wonder that even Shi Chanzi, Hong Huang, and other Monarch Stars were no match for them. Only the Rain Emperor, Ji Wuming, and Hu Niu could be exempted. That was because the side of the Celestial Realm was at a disadvantage by nature.

    The people of the Foreign Realm kept calling the Celestial Realm a super low-level dimension, and this was indeed correct.

    "Then what level of dimension is the Foreign Realm?" Ling Han mumbled. "I am really quite curious."

    The heavenly tribulation of the Foreign Realm actually took a long time, about 16 hours. When Ling Han's figure descended, he was already a First Severance.

    "First Severance." Ling Han nodded. "If I returned to the Celestial Realm now, I would be able to easily defeat a Third Severance."

    This was extremely extraordinary. It was because those striking the heaven and earth could only be called kings, and only a Fifth Severance could be called an emperor tier. At present, Ling Han was only a First Severance, so it was natural that he had not entered into the ranks of monarch tiers, yet could

    actually win even with a gap of two minor levels. This was practically inconceivable.

    "The power of Regulation of the Celestial Realm is indeed inferior to the Foreign Realm', yet it is not a full advantage. Furthermore, there are still some desirable traits. With each compensating for the other's shortcomings, that is why my battle prowess can be so strong."

    Ling Han was very pleased. Though he had been forced into escaping to the Foreign Realm, this actually could not be considered a bad thing. When he returned to the Celestial Realm, Ji Wuming probably would not be able to match him any longer in a battle of equals.

    "I should go and check out farther places!"

    Ling Hans strode forwards, roaming the expansive world of the Foreign Realm, and experiencing the charms of this world.

    In truth, there was no good or evil about the heaven and earth. After one had truly entered into this world, one would uncover the beauty of this world. However, in the Foreign Realm, the human-shaped beings would all have tails of an ox and horns, while the fierce beasts would be those insect types.

    Occasionally, he could see massive worms crawling in the jungle, hunting mosquitoes, flies, ladybugs, and so on. The overlords that flew around in the skies were no mighty bird, but rather moths and cockroaches.

    The plants here were also slightly unique. They were mainly colored in dark themes. In fact, even the rolling waters of rivers were more inclined to darkness, making one wonder if they could really be drunk.

    Ling Han shook his head, and mumbled, "If Hu Niu knew, she would definitely feel sad because there is no beast meat here for her."

    Three years later, he walked out of this barren plain. The first city of the Foreign Realm appeared ahead of him.

    His first reaction was "Is this really a city? This is completely a bird's nest!".

    However, this bird's nest was really majestic and colossal, definitely no smaller than a city of the Celestial Realm.

    ""TIl sneak in and take a look."

    Though that was his plan, Ling Han did not immediately put it into action, but rather observed the other people that were entering the city. He had to know what kind of payment there was for entering into the city. If it required something like Star Stones, and he could not produce it, wouldn't that draw


    He definitely would not believe that the Heavenly Venerate of the Foreign Realm would allow him to roam around freely here and be a guest.

    After watching for a while, Ling Han found out that the currency used in the Foreign Realm was actually no different than what was used in the Celestial Realm, and was also Star Stones. However, because the heaven and earth of the two Realms were different, Star Stones were actually different as well. If

    Ling Han took out the Star Stones of the Celestial Realm, that would be equivalent to announcing that he came from another world.

    'Thankfully, I killed a great many Celestial Kings of the Foreign Realm before, and I have also obtained a great deal of Foreign Realm Star Stones.

    Ling Han strutted over. In the Foreign Realm, Six Lotus had just entered into the ranks of elites. He tossed out some Star Stones, and the guards did not even dare to say anything, but merely invited him respectfully into the city.

    This was a city that was mainly occupied by "humans." There were people that walked on two legs everywhere, but they just had horns growing from their heads, and were dragging a long tail behind them.

    Ling Han found a restaurant, and then sat down, sipping wine slowly, and listening to the idle conversations of those around him.

    A restaurant was always the place to get information the fastest.

    As expected, he had become a wanted criminal. The Foreign Realm Heavenly Venerate had issued a Heavenly Venerable Tier decree, requesting that everyone in the entire Foreign Realm mobilize and search for an intruder from the Celestial Realm. The decree mentioned that this person should have

    grasped the ways of the Foreign Realm, so any unusual situation would have to be reported to the higher-ups.

    Unlike the Celestial Realm, even a normal person here knew of the existence of the Heavenly Venerable Tier, and honored them as supremely noble deities, worshiping them reverently as they could gain a boost of battle prowess.

    Realization dawned on Ling Han. Those "evil cults" in the Celestial Realm should also be worshiping these Heavenly Venerates of the Foreign Realm. This kind of power was indeed great to actually be usable even in the Celestial Realm.

    "Power of belief!

    This suddenly came to him. This was a power that was independent of the heaven and earth, and was born from the hearts of the people, which did not belong to the heaven and earth.

    No wonder it could be used in the Celestial Realm.

    'Tam nowa fugitive,' Ling Han thought. 'Though I have used the Regulations of the Foreign Realm to disguise myself, without the Heaven Deceiving Technique, probably even a Ninth Lotus elite would be able to see through me.

    "Hence, I must avoid encountering these elites.'

    He stayed a whole day in the restaurant before he finally left. Then, he looked for a Time Cultivation Chamber in the city... or something along those lines.

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    Don't say, though the level of this city could not be considered high, it really had this kind of place, but the acceleration effect was only 10 times.

    This was already very extraordinary because this city was equivalent to a One-Star City of the Celestial Realm. In the Celestial Realm, how could a One-Star City possibly have a Time Cultivation Chamber? That was something that only a Four-Star City could be equipped with.

    Ling Han went there. Though the 10x time acceleration effect was pitifully small, it was better than nothing.

    He focused on cultivation, progressing through the cultivation levels quickly.

    He was standing at the heights of Immortal Palace Tier, and re-cultivation of the Severing Mundane Tier would only require making up for the Regulations, and added with the fact that he also had the Origin Magic Cube, it would be strange if his progress was slow.

    Thus, merely 3000 years later, Ling Han had come once more to the Fifth Severance...
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