2274 Demon, Angel

    Henyee Translations

    Henyee Translations

    Hu Niu and the other women gradually broke through to the Severing Mundane Tier.

    It could not be helped. Previously, they had not had the free time to study the Regulations of the Origin Magic Cube. Furthermore, with such ***** use of the Origin Magic Cube, they naturally could not be compared to Ling Han. However, it was fine once they had advanced into the Severing Mundane

    Tier. They could disguise themselves, and move freely in the Foreign Realm.

    At present, there was completely no difference between Ling Han and any other person of the Foreign Realm. His forehead had a six-petal lotus flower, with five leaves beneath it.

    This was the most direct sign of cultivation level for a Foreign Realm cultivator. Six petals meant that he was in the Severing Mundane Tier, and five leaves indicated that he had completed the Fifth Severance.

    Of course, the lotus flower could also be withdrawn, and there was no need to show it to others.

    After Hu Niu and the other women advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier, their rate of cultivation immediately sped up. The major tier was a barrier, especially when it was a switch from the Regulations of the Celestial Realm to the Regulations of the Foreign Realm. This was really, really difficult.

    But once they had crossed over, it would be a level road ahead of them. Of course, Liu Yutong and the other women were initially only at the First Severance as well, and definitely could not be compared to Hu Niu, the Empress, and Bewitching Maiden Rou.

    Ling Han decided to switch locations. The time acceleration effect of 10 times was really too low, and he was not short of cash. Previously, he had robbed countless Celestial Kings of all their wealth. At present, he only wanted to spend, spend, and spend.

    He first understood a vague outline of the situation in the Foreign Realm, and then set off, heading to Fire Beacon City.

    It was a Five-Star City, with Time Cultivation Chambers that reached an efficiency as high as 500x time acceleration boost.

    As Ling Han saw it, he had to recover his cultivation level to the Immortal Palace Tier as soon as possible, no matter what.

    He purposely bought a carriage for transport. This trip to Fire Beacon City would take as long as three years, and that time could not be wasted. Furthermore, he had also spent a lot of money to build the carriage itself as a Time Cultivation Chamber as well. Really, not even the slightest bit of time would

    be wasted.

    They exited the city, and headed north. Very soon, Ling Han discovered that aside from the Regulation of Darkness, the Foreign Realm also had another type of Regulations.

    Regulations of Light.

    Light and darkness were opposites, and were incompatible with each other. Where there was light, there would definitely be no darkness, and where there was darkness, there would be no light. They were even more starking opposites than water and fire, with absolutely no possibility of coexistence.

    When Ling Han sensed the Regulations of Light, he, too, had entered into a completely different area.

    'These words were spoken by the coachman, also a young man. He, too, had snow-white feathered wings, with a halo above his head, his eyes like balls of lightning.

    "Long Tu!" The young man that had spoken previously showed a hint of wariess. "So Fairy Yunhe has arrived. Forgive the impoliteness!"

    "Now that you know, scram!" the coachman, Long Tu, said disdainfully.

    "Long Tu, my respect is for Fairy Yunhe, not you!" the young man said. "Our Lady Darla is ranked equally with Fairy Yunhe, so what are you so proud about?"

    Long Tu smiled arrogantly. "How can Darla be capable of being our fairy's equal; a horse really doesn't know it has a long face!"

    "Arrogance!" The young man from before immediately moved, leaping towards the carriage.

    "How dare you!" Boom, a palm struck from within the carriage. It was as fair as jade, yet bore a frightening might. Peng, that young man was immediately sent flying, traces of blood at the corner of his lips.

    "Long Tu, ascend the mountain." A voice rang out from the carriage again. it was very crisp and melodious, yet also carried a boundless pride.

    "Understood!" Long Tu replied respectfully, his eyes sweeping over the young man on the ground. His face bearing an expression of contempt, he flicked his horse's whip, and the carriage instantly set out again, heading up the mountain.

    That young man also got to his feet as he wiped away the traces of blood at the corner of his lips, an expression of malice on his face. When his eyes swept over, and spotted Ling Han, he couldnt help but show a furious expression, and shouted, "What are you looking at? Are you tired of living?"

    He was already angered, yet knew that there was absolutely no way he could get his vengeance on that "Fairy Yunhe." This made him even more pissed off, and he wanted to find someone to vent his anger.

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    Ling Han smiled, and asked, "I am only a passerby; whom have I offended?"

    "Me!" The young man moved, grabbing out at Ling Han. Weng, his fingers tuned into blades. This blow was definitely not for capturing Ling Han, but rather to kill him.

    Ling Han originally did not have any positive feelings for people of the Foreign Realm, and seeing how this man was so arrogant, his killing intent also blazed naturally. With a casual strike, siwa, a sword light surged past, and pu, the right arm of this man was severed.

    If it were not for the fact that he was presently a fugitive, Ling Han would not have restrained himself so much. He would have long since taken the youth's life.

    "Ah!" the young man screamed, his face filled with pain. At the same time, there was also disbelief in his expression. This average-looking young man in front of him actually had such great strength..
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