Chapter 75.3: The Start of the Tournamen

    Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament


    This simple entrance fee they collected would earn the Star Luo Empire two million or so gold soul coins every day. Within a single month, they could earn a total of sixty million gold soul coins. After deducting the military and other various costs, the empire would still earn a large sum. This was one of the main reasons why the four empires were very willing to host the Continental Advanced Soul Duelling Tournament. It had to be known that a year's worth of revenue from Star Luo City wasn't far from this number!

    Just as the spectators began to fill the arena, Huo Yuhao and his companions were standing in the participant's area.

    Today, the people from Shrek Academy were dressed in their traditional, dark-green school uniforms; these were the standard colors of the academy. Furthermore, they stood at the very front of all of the other academies. However, there were no objections to this. This was the glory that Shrek Academy had accumulated through their strength for over a thousand years.

    However, the other participants who stood behind them involuntarily revealed a look of astonishment as they looked at their lineup.

    It would have been fine if only ten people had turned up, but an overwhelmingly large majority of the ten didn't seem like they were anywhere near twenty years old. They were able to see how young they were without even using a bone test. Only the three who stood at the very front seemed like they were of an appropriate age. However, they all wore cloaks that concealed their facial features.

    A large majority of the academies were inwardly praying that they wouldn't meet Shrek Academy or the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy in their first match. Otherwise, it was practically announcing that they would be eliminated.

    The participants from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy stood behind Shrek Academy, allowing them to get an even better view of the students from the latter.

    The youngest students from Shrek Academy were Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong, and Xiao Xiao. Huo Yuhao was slightly better than the other two; after fusing with the Ice Empress' torso bone, his stature had changed greatly. He could now pass for a fourteen or fifteen-year-old youth. However, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao's faces still looked somewhat infantile. This was especially true for Xiao Xiao. She was rather short, and looked like she was only a young girl. At this moment, even the proud Xiao Hongchen was filled with doubt. Just what was Shrek Academy trying to do by sending out a lineup like this?

    It took a full hour for the spectators to enter the arena; there were simply too many people.

    The originally-empty Star Luo Plaza was now packed with people. Fortunately, the place didn't seem too chaotic due to the iron fences partitioning it, in addition to the army maintaining order.

    It was now 9am.

    "Silence." A loud voice suddenly spread throughout the entire field. After hearing this voice, every soldier in the army stood perfectly straight and raised the lances in their hands.

    Immediately, as the solemn voice covered the entire field, the originally-clamorous Star Luo Plaza promptly went silent.

    "His Majesty, the Emperor, arrives!"

    With a crash, the populace immediately knelt down in large numbers. Several hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously made the same, orderly movements, creating a truly spectacular scene.

    The soldiers only knelt down on one knee, but the participating academies had been given special permission to not kneel. However, they had to give a ninety-degree bow to show their respect to the emperor.

    "Subjects, you may rise." The voice of the Star Luo Empire's emperor was magnified with a loudspeaker-type soul tool. Only then did the populace get to their feet, and the participating students subsequently straightened their backs. The gazes of everyone present were cast towards the top of the imperial capital's walls.

    The Star Luo Emperor was already standing at the very front of the city walls, along with the empress and his civil and military officials. His gentle gaze didn't lose any of its grandeur as he surveyed his people.

    "The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Duelling Tournament is the most important occasion on our Douluo Continent. This time, it's our Star Luo Empire's turn to host it, and I'm very happy. Now, on behalf of the Star Luo Empire, I welcome each and every academy who has travelled far to come here. I wish that you'll be able to reveal the elegance you should have in the tournament one month from now.

    "Thank you, your majesty." The leaders and students from the hundred and thirty-three academies bowed again.

    The Star Luo Emperor nodded and smiled slightly in their direction.

    "Okay, I now announce that the Continental Advanced Academy Soul Duelling Tournament has formally begun!" The Star Luo Emperor's loud declaration opened the curtains to this grand occasion.

    "Long live the king, long live the king, long live the king!" The masses all cheered in chorus. The atmosphere in the plaza seemed to have been aroused instantly.

    "Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom...." Gun salutes rang out from the city walls, and rang out a hundred and eight times before stopping. Star Luo Plaza had already transformed into an ocean of excitement and cheers.

    The Star Luo Emperor retreated slightly with his generals, then took a seat alongside the empress in a chair that was already prepared for him. He waved towards the prime minister beside him, who then obeyed his command and ordered a subordinate to start the tournament.

    The sonorous voice that had previously spoken immediately rang out again, "According to the rules of the Continental Advanced Academy Soul Duelling Tournament, the first round of the tournament will be a knockout round. This year, there have been a total of a hundred and thirty-three academies who have registered so far. After drawing some lots, there will be a single team who has a bye. A total of sixty-six matches will be conducted. The first round will be a knockout round, and the loser will have to end his journey in this tournament. Now, the first match will begin. The first team consists of the participants from the Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy, while the other is the continent's number one academy, the academy that has countless feats of glory to its name, the academy that has won every single tournament for the past thousand years, Shrek Academy!"

    Following the announcer's declaration, the atmosphere in Star Luo Plaza immediately reached its boiling point.

    "Shrek, Shrek, Shrek..."

    The shouts for Shrek Academy thoroughly covered every single corner of the plaza.

    The seven from the preparatory team were left staring blankly as they watched the scene unfurling in front of them. This was the first time they'd seen something like this, and their faces were somewhat pale for a brief moment. This was a crowd of several hundreds of thousands! If they were to lose this match, leading to Shrek Academy's disqualification, they simply couldn't imagine what would happen.

    "Everyone, don't panic. This is the glory that belongs to our Shrek Academy, and also the glory that will soon belong to you. During the last tournament, we too faced a scene like this. I can tell you that our opponents will definitely be ten times more nervous and panicked than us, because we're Shrek Academy." Ma Xiaotao's voice rang out in the ears of every single member of the preparatory team.

    A scene like this was a first even for Wang Yan, who was leading the group! Only Ma Xiaotao, Dai Yueheng, and Ling Luochen, who'd previously represented Shrek Academy as the preparatory team in the last tournament, would've seen something like this. At this moment, Ma Xiaotao's words were naturally most persuasive to them.

    Dai Yueheng immediately continued, "Xiaotao's correct. These cheers are for us, and for the glory of Shrek Academy. Right now, we need you to burst forth and step up. Use your strength to prove how powerful our Shrek Academy is. Go. Raise your chests, and put on your most enthusiastic face to thank these supporters."

    With the morale boost from the two seniors, their incessantly excited hearts calmed down slightly. However, their palms were still sweaty. They naturally didn't know that Shrek Academy's preparatory team had never appeared in the first round before. This was because the first match represented the face of Shrek Academy. Furthermore, their hearts would definitely be affected after facing such a passionate crowd for the first time. Thus, the main team would go out in full force during the first round.

    However, they simply had no other choice now!

    Right at this moment, the announcer's voice rang out. "May the team members from the Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy take the field."

    A group of young, pale-faced students walked out from the far side of the contestant's area. As they walked out, even their footsteps were somewhat unstable. Ma Xiaotao giggled, and turned towards Huo Yuhao and the rest, "Look, these are your opponents. Have you noticed? Some of them are shaking all over. The reputation of Shrek Academy is indeed a large responsibility and a heavy burden on you, but our glory is also one of the most effective weapons you have. Bring out your courage and strength. Shrek, win."

    With that, Ma Xiaotao strode towards Bei Bei and extended her right hand. The others then stepped forth, and eleven right hands were placed atop each other.

    Wang Yan whispered, "Huo Yuhao, you're in charge of commanding the team after we're up. The rest of you have to follow and maneuver according to his Spiritual Detection. Yuhao, use your second soul skill carefully, if possible."

    Huo Yuhao's mind had originally still been somewhat blank, but he was suddenly enlightened after hearing Wang Yan's reminder and the words that Ma Xiaotao had said. His Spirit Eyes immediately lit up, and he nodded heavily. "Teacher Wang, I understand. Seniors, don't worry. We won't lose any of Shrek's face. Shrek, win."

    As they looked at the determination in Huo Yuhao's eyes as he said the word 'Shrek', every single member of the preparatory team felt their blood boiling. Right, they were students of Shrek Academy, representing the ten thousands years of glory it had held. Their opponents would only feel fear towards them. What they had to do was beat every single opponent who stood in front of them.

    They no longer had an escape, nor did they need to retreat. They needed to unceasingly advance, advance, and advance!

    "Okay, the members of the Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy have stepped up. Under the eyes of the crowd, let us now have the continent's number one academy, the true king of academies, Shrek Academy, take the field!"

    The announcer's resounding voice immediately reached its peak, and Star Luo Plaza instantly became a sea of voices that cheered for Shrek. Even the Star Luo Emperor, who sat on the city walls, couldn't help but stand up and reveal a look of excitement on his face. Who would've imagined that he'd studied in Shrek Academy during his youth using a pseudonym? Even now, he still deeply loved a person, the person who eternally stood guard within Shrek Academy's inner courtyard...

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