Volume 21, Chapter 183.2: The Transformation That Occurred After Seclusion!

    After Huo Yuhao's body was baptized by the Boundless Ocean, he seemed to have become a new person. Not only was his life power extremely great because of the Life Gold's nourishment, he was also more resilient now. In this way, his cultivation speed during meditation increased as he circulated his soul power. Although it wasn't comparable to the cultivation speed of a normal soul master, this enhancement was sufficient to reduce the time taken for him to reach Rank 50 by a third with his twin martial souls and hard work!

    As compared to the changes in his body, Huo Yuhao was most pleased with the increment in his spiritual power and the progress of his spiritual sea. He didn't need to deliberately use his soul power anymore; his spiritual power was able to detect any movement around him up to a diameter of fifty meters. Once he used his Spiritual Detection, this diameter increased to eight hundred meters. If he used it unidirectionally, he could detect up to three kilometers away. Even the slightest of things could be detected, which allowed him to reach the Totality stage of the Purple Demon Eyes.

    Huo Yuhao also discovered that three of his four soul rings had become much darker in color. The only exception was his million-year soul ring, which still remained white. The other three were now black. According to his judgement, they had all passed forty thousand years. This was evidently the benefit of absorbing thirty percent of Skydream's spiritual origin.

    The Skydream Iceworm knew that his body couldn't withstand it if his soul rings were too high of a level. Otherwise, the three seals that were unsealed were powerful enough to increase three soul rings to the hundred thousand year level.

    After half a year had passed, the crisis in the Illustrious Virtue Hall had already been averted. When Huo Yuhao found Xuan Ziwen and was brought into the Illustrious Virtue Hall again, he received a lot of attention in the underground base. However, he became much more low-profile than before. He silently walked towards a new laboratory desk that he was assigned to and started to create and research on soul tools. To the others, he didn't seem much different from how he was half a year ago. However, trouble still came......

    Huo Yuhao left the Illustrious Virtue Hall after he completed one day of research. As he walked towards the dormitory, he thought over what he had gleaned today. He realized that his mental calculations and analytical ability had improved after his spiritual sea transformed. His understanding of soul tools had also deepened after his knowledge was enhanced. This was definitely good news. Even though he couldn't research on the metallic man now, consolidating his capabilities as a soul engineer was much more beneficial for his future research.

    When he was about to enter the dormitory, he was alarmed by something. Huo Yuhao's left toes pointed to the ground and he stopped. He turned his body towards another direction.

    "Ji Juechen?"

    From the dark and quiet corner, Ji Juechen walked out slowly as he held the Extraterrestrial Meteoric Sword. He appeared as cool and aloof as ever. As compared to half a year ago, his aura seemed to be much sharper now.

    "You can tell that it's me?"

    Huo Yuhao laughed slightly and said, "Your sword intent is unique."

    Ji Juechen nodded his head at Huo Yuhao and said, "Thanks."

    "For what?" Huo Yuhao asked.

    Ji Juechen replied, "After that day, I entered deep meditation once I returned. My understanding of my sword has deepened because of you. That's why I'm thanking you."

    Huo Yuhao was stunned as he asked, "You also entered deep meditation? I'll have to congratulate you then. You don't have to thank me though. I only just awoke from my deep meditation. Come to think about it, it's fate. We both benefited greatly from that fight."

    Ji Juechen revealed a look of annoyance apart from his usual indifference, "My deep meditation only lasted for a month, but yours lasted for half a year. Today, I shall see how much you've improved after half a year."

    "Alright." Huo Yuhao neither rejected his proposition nor asked any questions. There wasn't any meaning in talking too much with someone like Ji Juechen. Furthermore, Ji Juechen was already grabbing his sword with both hands. It seemed like he didn't care whether Huo Yuhao was going to follow along with his suggestion.

    Huo Yuhao didn't prepare. He watched Ji Juechen with his sparkling eyes as he walked step by step towards him.

    A weird scene was revealed. Every time Huo Yuhao made a step, another layer of gold would be coated on his body. His eyes sparkled with gold too. He would even leave golden footprints everywhere he went.

    Ji Juechen was indeed different from how he was half a year ago. His sword intent wasn't all-engulfing anymore. It manifested only as a streak now, but this streak was much fiercer and vicious than before. It was an extremely strong sword intent now, as if it was a dragon.

    However, this streak of sword intent couldn't stop Huo Yuhao. It was only destroyed.

    Ji Juechen hadn't even stabbed out his sword even when Huo Yuhao reached him. When the both of them were only two meters apart, Huo Yuhao stopped in his tracks. Right now, his entire person had already turned golden. There wasn't any aura that came from him. No one would feel pressured as they stood beside him.

    However, Ji Juechen's forehead was already filled with perspiration. Beads of his perspiration started to stream down his cheeks. His hands that were holding onto the sword started to tremble slightly.

    Huo Yuhao placed his hands behind his back and said, "You're on the right path. You're focused, and your entire life has been dedicated to your sword. You'll achieve great success if you continue on like this. In terms of focus, even I'm not your match. However, I have an advantage in terms of talent and fortune. I have a great teacher. You'll have to chase me your entire life if you want to defeat me."

    After he finished speaking, Huo Yuhao lowered his hands again. He turned and left. Every time he took a step, the golden light on his body would dim a little.

    When he reached where he'd stood originally, all the golden light had dissipated from his body. He slowly walked into the dormitory block.

    When Huo Yuhao disappeared, Ji Juechen groaned. He stuck the Extraterrestrial Meteoric Sword in the ground and was perspiring profusely. His sword intent disappeared instantly.

    The two of them didn't physically clash. However, there was an intense clash between their intents.

    Ji Juechen's sword was all about its sword intent. Once he suppressed his opponent, his opponent would be easily defeated no matter how strong he was. While his seven-ringed cultivation was superior to Huo Yuhao and he even attained the Martial Soul True Body, he still lost to Huo Yuhao because he couldn't suppress him in terms of his aura.

    When Huo Yuhao walked towards him, he could clearly sense that he was like an imposing sovereign. Every step he took made him even more imposing. The sovereign-like aura managed to defeat his sword intent on the spiritual level. He couldn't strike with his sword even when Huo Yuhao reached him. Huo Yuhao managed to use his spiritual power to suppress and control him. Huo Yuhao was aware of that, thus he placed his hands behind his back.

    Ji Juechen knew that he had lost as Huo Yuhao stared at him silently. He even lost by a greater margin than the previous time. Huo Yuhao was far ahead of him in the pursuit of the intent that he desired.

    "You'll have to chase me your entire life if you want to defeat me." This sentence was stuck in Ji Juechen's head. His body started to tremble slightly as he thought of it.

    He stood there quietly for fifteen minutes. When he lifted his head up again, a determined look filled his eyes.

    "I'm on the right path. Even if I've to chase my entire life, I'll do so. He's the target that I'm finding." After he finished speaking, an excited flame rose in his eyes. He took a deep look at where Huo Yuhao disappeared from. After that, he turned around and disappeared into the darkness.

    Huo Yuhao couldn't help but shake his head slightly as he entered the dormitory block. It wasn't a relaxed encounter previously. He also realized that Ji Juechen had found a way of fusing his spiritual mind, sword intent and soul power. Although it's different from the Descent of the Sovereign, it was still unique. If he continued like this, he might be able to produce another Descent of the Sovereign.

    Ji Juechen didn't appear to be very strong in terms of his talent. Huo Yuhao could clearly sense that, but Ji Juechen managed to carve out a path for himself using his own hard work, determination and resolve. Even the increase in his soul power might have something to do with his own cultivation method. Otherwise, it wasn't possible for him to reach this level at such an age.

    If they went all out to fight, Huo Yuhao knew that it's unlikely for him to emerge victorious. The gap in their cultivations was too great. Furthermore, Ji Juechen's sword was extremely swift and fierce. However, Ji Juechen was chasing something from him that was different. That's why he conceded defeat twice. It seemed like he needed to work even harder. While he didn't seem to be sacrificing less than Ji Juechen, he was pursuing more goals than him. This meant that he had to work even harder so that he wouldn't disappoint his unique talents!

    "It's still not over?" Huo Yuhao furrowed his brows as he looked in the forward direction.

    "Your senses are very acute." A faint voice sounded. A lady walked out from the corner. It was Na Na, who once begged Huo Yuhao to return her spirit in his room.

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