Volume 26, Chapter 263.2: Ancestor Tang San

    Huo Yuhao's expression was very calm as he nodded. He said, "To me, the only priceless thing is my lover. I don't want to have a conflict with all of you because of these external possessions. Take it." As he spoke, he placed the pill directly into the flower of the Delicate Silk Immortal. He let go of the pill and allowed it to roll down.

    Wang Qiu'er was in a daze as she looked at Huo Yuhao, but she didn't say anything. She didn't try to stop him at this point. She only felt that something was stuck in her heart, and she also felt a great sense of loss.

    The Delicate Silk Immortal sighed, and her petals started to open. The purplish pill drifted back above her stamen.

    "Ah Jiao, what do you think?" she actually asked the Blazing Delicate Apricot.

    The Blazing Delicate Apricot also sighed and said, "That person once said that it was easy to find valuable treasures, but difficult to have a lover. Let him pass. He's probably one of the special humans."

    The Delicate Silk Immortal said, "Alright, I shall let you pass. You've passed all the tests that person left behind. Return Ah Jiao's stuff and you can start reading that book. If you need help, I can help you."

    "Thanks!" Huo Yuhao was delighted.

    This was the ending he wanted! To him, nothing was more important than Wang Dong'er. He didn't wish to offend these plant-type soul beasts because of his greed, which would affect his search for the Yearning Heartbroken Grass. He wasn't willing to risk anything.

    He returned to the Blazing Delicate Apricot excitedly, and passed the Blazing Rubber back to her.

    "Don't, don't give it directly to me. Just place it on the ground. I want to re-absorb it once the Ultimate Ice melts." The Blazing Delicate Apricot was evidently terrified of the Ultimate Ice left behind by the Snow Empress.

    When she saw Huo Yuhao placing the rubber on the ground without any hesitation, her scarlet-red body swayed a little, and she spoke again, "It's easy to find valuable treasures, but difficult to have a lover. You are a good person."

    Huo Yuhao grinned and replied, "Thanks. It'll really be good if I can leave with the Yearning Heartbroken Grass."

    After he finished speaking, he returned to the Delicate Silk Immortal's domain. He sat down cross-legged and started reading the book.

    This book was completely snow-white, and the material used to make it was unknown. The book was soft and felt a little like silk, but it seemed tougher than silk. It was also slightly damp to the touch.

    There weren't any words or title on the cover page. Huo Yuhao sat cross-legged and flipped open the first page of this book.

    There weren't many words on the first page, but those that were there felt very ancient.

    "I'm glad that someone can see my last words. If you can pass the Delicate Silk Immortal's test, it proves that you are qualified to read this book. This book was left behind by Tang Sect's ancestor, Tang San. It records the difference between the various types of immortal and poisonous plants. There are also some lost Tang Sect methods of using poison. After you learn them, please leave this book behind. You must also use these abilities prudently."

    Huo Yuhao was shocked as he read this! He didn't expect that this book recorded the Tang Sect's ways of using poison!

    He was originally doubtful of the Blazing Delicate Apricot and Delicate Silk Immortal's words. They weren't referring to Wang Dong'er's father. It seemed like his doubts were right. The person who really left this book behind was Tang San, the founding ancestor of the Tang Sect! He was also the one who had discovered this place!

    Wang Dong'er's father must have had passed the test too, and found the Yearning Heartbroken Grass. It was just that he couldn't leave with it, and thus he left behind these words in the book.

    As he thought of this, a few of his doubts were resolved. This was undoubtedly the most appropriate explanation.

    He quickly flipped to the second page.

    "He who has an affinity, hello! I am the founder of the Tang Sect, Tang San.

    "The Icefire Yin Yang Well is a gift from heaven. The Extreme Chill Icespring and Blazing Sunspring exist together here; Yin and Yang complement each other. It is one of the blessed lands. The Douluo Continent as a whole is also a blessed land. After I discovered this place, I didn't dare to take it for my own. I found some valuable herbs here along with my partners and re-grafted some of these rare yet valuable plants. Whoever you are, you must rid yourself of greed since you passed my test. You can't ask for more. You can only take seven types of herbs from this place.

    "The methods of using poison can save and harm people. Those with ill intentions can destroy lives. That's why I intentionally left the medicine and poison chapters of the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record here. Only those who have passed the test will be able to learn it. Whoever learns this Treasure Record will be considered a part of the Tang Sect, and I hope you'll look after the sect. If you are unwilling to join the sect, please return the book. You can still obtain the herbs under the Delicate Silk Immortal's guidance. If you are willing to join the sect, you can't leak the chapters either. You can only use them yourself. Exercise caution!

    "Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation, Medicine Chapter.

    "Delicate Silk Immortal - the jinx of a hundred poisons. It has the effect of neutralizing all poison. It can't dispel poison on its own, but it can curb poisonous substances. Its scent is clear and refreshing. All poison around the Delicate Silk Immortal becomes useless. Its scent can neutralize all poison. Its flower is pink, and its petals are...

    "Snowworms are another way to refer to top-quality cordyceps. Snowworms are greyish-white in color, and there are ring patterns on them, eight in total, and the central four rings are the most evident. It is thin and long, while its color ranges from light to deep brown. Its cross-section is slightly longer than most cordyceps, and there's a slightly larger spore at the top. This spore is bright-yellow on the outside and white on the inside. It is plump and juicy. Not only is it larger than an ordinary cordyceps, its uses are much better too. Just in the Icefire Yin Yang Well...

    "Ninth-grade Trogopterus Dung - an invaluable treasure. It's nurtured by the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and needs to absorb...

    "Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass. It possesses huge white flowers in the shape of star anises. The stamen in the center of its flowers shine like ice crystals. It doesn't possess any scent. It's located at the center of the Extreme Chill Icespring...

    Oh my! Huo Yuhao started to become agitated after just a slight loot at the book. He hadn't expected to obtain the medicine and poison chapter left behind by Tang San. It wasn't a problem for him to enter the Tang Sect, since he was already a part of it!

    At this point, the Delicate Silk Immortal's voice sounded, "Hey, have you finished reading the first few pages? Are you willing to join the Tang Sect? If you aren't, you can't continue reading. I promised that person...!"

    Huo Yuhao lifted his head to look at the Delicate Silk Immortal and smiled. He answered, "I'm a disciple of Tang Sect. Of course I'm willing."

    "Oh? You're a disciple of Tang Sect? Let me take a look at your Mysterious Jade Hands, then."

    Huo Yuhao nodded and lifted his hands. He slowly circulated his Mysterious Heaven Technique, and his hands slowly turned the color of jade. As his body condition wasn't at its peak right now, he couldn't fully use his Mysterious Jade Hands. However, it wasn't possible for him to fake the Mysterious Heaven Technique.

    "Alright, that's fine. You can continue. After you finish reading, return the book to me. That's why you'd better memorize it."

    "Alright." Huo Yuhao nodded, then started to read the book seriously.

    He didn't read it in order. He quickly found the record related to the Yearning Heartbroken Grass.

    "Yearning Heartbroken Grass, also known as the Yearning Heartbroken Red Flower. It looks like a flower, but it's actually grass. It has a white flower the size of a palm. There are no leaves, and its stem is connected to a black stone.

    "The Yearning Heartbroken Grass is one of the most valuable herbs. There's a legend about it too. A long time ago, there was a young man who lived a very simple life. He loved plants and flowers, and he had a whole garden of them. He would spend most of his time with his flowers. Every time his flowers wilted, he would become extremely sorrowful. He would then gather their petals and bury them. He even spent time mourning their loss. His love for flowers touched the Flower God in the heavens, who descended to the mortal world and came to live with him. They had a great time together. However, this didn't last. The other gods and deities were enraged when they found out about this. They believed that gods and mortals shouldn't be together, and recalled the Flower God back to the spiritual realm. When the youth lost his lover, he became very depressed and started to neglect his flowers. As a result, his garden became a pitiful sight. One day, a white-haired elder came and told him that his favorite white peony in the garden was the reincarnation of his beloved wife. As long as he destroyed the flower, the Flower God would lose her divine body and could return to the mortal world once again. They would be reunited then. However, he couldn't forsake his garden. After the elder finished speaking, he turned into a gust of wind and disappeared. The youth was jolted awake and regretted neglecting his flowers. He started to take good care of them again. Although he loved his wife, he couldn't bear to destroy the white peony. He took even greater care of the flower and shared everything with it. Eventually, he died heartbroken. Before he passed away, he dripped his blood on the flower petals, and the peony instantly turned into grass. The white petals were stained with the youth's blood. That's why it's also called the Yearning Heartbroken Red Flower.

    "The flower isn't ordinary. When you pluck it, you must think of your lover. After that, you must spit out your blood on the petals. If you have other intentions, you'll die before you even pluck the flower. After plucking it, the flower will never wilt as long as it's with its owner. If the flower is forcefully destroyed, the Yearning Heartbroken Red Flower will also lose its medicinal effect. Consuming this grass has the effect of preserving one's body. One can even extend his lifespan by ten years and greatly increase their soul power.

    "Previously, my wife loved me deeply, and I plucked this flower. She was once a hundred-thousand year Softbone Rabbit who was reborn into a human. To save me in a crisis that followed, she sacrificed her soul ring. I'm grateful to this grass for saving her. Before I left, I returned to the Icefire Yin Yang Well to plant this flower again. It awaits someone who has the affinity to pluck it once more.

    "The Yearning Heartbroken Grass will only work for lovers. Destiny can't be forced. You must remember that. You must remember that."

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