Volume 27, Chapter 267.1: Working Hard For the Sake of Recovering

    Despite the fact that he had risked everything to help Wang Dong'er obtain the Yearning Heartbroken Grass, he valued his life like all human beings, particularly since he could only make Dong'er happy if he lived!

    A stable mental state allowed Huo Yuhao to calm down. He examined his body once more, and quickly discovered a source of hope.

    That's right, at this moment, his body was completely chaotic. Even the passageways in his hands were all tangled up, and he could not move a single finger. However, there was still one place that remained intact in him. That was his brain.

    In other words, despite his poor physical state, his mental state was still perfectly intact. Furthermore, after he used the Fullmoon Piercing Autumn Dew, the quality of his mental state had changed too. His Spirit Eyes appeared to be evolving once more. All these were exceptional accomplishments!

    In other words, while Huo Yuhao's cultivation may have retarded, and he did not dare to use his own soul power as much, his Spirit Eyes remained the same, and his Spiritual Sea had not changed. In fact, it could be said to have become stronger. His concrete-immaterial realm was further stabilized by his love for Dong'er. This allowed his spirit to ascend to the next level, and he even possessed a unique move where his spiritual power merged with his soul power, the Goddess of Light.

    This was his advantage right now. His spiritual power had awakened within him, and was on the verge of recovery. It remained vibrant. Supported by his spiritual power, he used his Spiritual Detection and the Purple Demon Eyes of his Mustard Seed Domain to sense every change in his body. With his powerful spiritual power as his shield, he could try and heal himself.

    His spiritual power was another form of energy. It was possible for him to use his spiritual power to safeguard his passageways.

    After he cleared his mind, Huo Yuhao did not panic. There was no point in panicking. He had to wait for his recovery to reach its peak before he could do anything. At the same time, as he woke up, the functions of his body started to recover too. Like this, the power of the Life Gold could be felt once again. Its powerful life energy allowed him to continue possessing a powerful life energy. No matter how his recovery went, it would become easier.

    After Bei Bei and the others heard that Huo Yuhao had woken up, they all came to visit him. Elder Xuan came too. However, Elder Xuan instructed that no one would be allowed to disturb Huo Yuhao. Hence, everyone could only visit him once a week. His recovery would be completely managed by Wang Dong'er.

    Huo Yuhao lay there for three days. In these three days, he did nothing. He quietly enjoyed Wang Dong'er's care.

    Indeed, it was a form of enjoyment. While his body could not move and his insides were all messed up, he could look at Wang Dong'er take care of him every day. This filled him with an unspeakable warmth. Particularly at night, when Wang Dong'er, blushing, climbed into bed next to him to sleep wearing only her underwear. This made his spiritual power recover extremely quickly. Perhaps this was the power of love. Of course, this could also be due to his Goddess of Light's soul-spirit fusion skill.

    Huo Yuhao did not tell Wang Dong'er the truth. He just said that he needed some time to recover. This was good too, because Wang Dong'er did not probe or ask him any more questions. All she did was care for him tirelessly. She did not want to put any pressure on him. To her, no matter what became of Huo Yuhao in the future, no matter whether he could recover or not, she would never leave him.


    Dawn, three days later...

    He opened his eyes, and in the depths of his twin pupils, a purple light flashed. Everything around him became much clearer, and with each thought that passed through his mind, he felt as if the entire Sea God's Island was within his mental grasp.

    It turned out that everything was not as bad as he had thought.

    When she felt the slight change in Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong'er immediately roused herself. She sat up hurriedly and asked anxiously, "Yuhao, are you fine?"

    Huo Yuhao smiled at her and asked, "Do I look fine? Dong'er, close your eyes."

    "Eh?" Wang Dong'er looked at him suspiciously. Under his insistence, she closed her eyes. Her long eyelashes lightly touched the bottoms of her eyes, making her irresistibly alluring.

    In the next instant, Wang Dong'er saw it too. To her shock, she realized that she was looking at the entire Sea God's Island as if it were a 3D model. She could even 'see' the colors of the island, as if she was a pair of eyes in the sky gazing down on the island.

    No, no, she was not just gazing down. She could see every small detail of the island. The only thing that she could not see clearly was the area around the Sea God's Pavilion, which seemed to be protected by a layer of golden light. That had to be the power of the Golden Tree...

    Was, was this Spiritual Detection Sharing? Yuhao's Spiritual Detection Sharing?

    Wang Dong'er opened her eyes suddenly. With wide eyes, she looked at Huo Yuhao and said, her voice trembling, "Yuhao, Yuhao, you..."

    Huo Yuhao looked at her and said, "I said that I'm fine. Your husband is like an indestructible cockroach. This is the result of three days of hard work. Afterward, everything will become better. Eh, I can still do this."

    Wang Dong'er watched as Huo Yuhao's eyes turned bright purple. To others, this might have been be slightly unsettling. However, that was not the case for Wang Dong'er. At that moment, there was only excitement and hope in her heart. She could finally see a hope of recovery for him!


    Elder Xuan drank from a gourd in his room. Ever since he became the Master of the Sea God's Pavilion, he could not be as degenerate as before. After all, he represented the highest level of Shrek Academy. However, he still liked his life of holding a gourd in one hand and a chicken drumstick in the other. However, he could now only do it within the confines of his room.

    However, no matter how much fine wine he drank these past few days, his mood could not get better. "Huo Yuhao, Huo Yuhao, what has happened to you? How can I answer to Elder Mu after I die!? This child, really..."

    Elder Xuan could not voice his discontent in in public. After all, he had done what he did to save the person he loved. He did not know if he would have the courage to do so himself.

    At this point, Elder Xuan's dusky eyes narrowed. To him, it was as if the entire room had become brighter.

    "Who's there?" Elder Xuan asked in a low voice. A powerful energy pulsed from his body.

    "Elder Xuan, it's me," a clear voice replied. Instantly, Elder Xuan felt a warm spirit appear in his room. It did not dare to approach him, but instead stopped at his door. Then, a thin layer of purple started to spread and turned into a smiling face, which looked at him.

    "Eh? This is?" Elder Xuan looked at the smiling face in shock. "Yuhao? How, how did you do this?"

    Of course, who could the face be other than Huo Yuhao?

    Huo Yuhao smiled slightly and said, "While my body is weak, I used some herbs that helped to increase my spiritual power when I was helping Dong'er find her Yearning Heartbroken Grass. They allowed my spiritual power to increase exponentially. It is like my Spiritual Eyes has undergone a second evolution. This has allowed my spiritual power to reach the concrete-immaterial realm, and thus, I can communicate with you from afar. This is a manifestation of my spiritual power. While I'm not yet adept at wielding it, I'm sure time will better it."

    Elder Xuan looked at him dumbfounded and asked, "How's your body? Your spiritual power can do this?"

    Huo Yuhao chortled and said, "Don't worry. I'll get better."

    Elder Xuan chucked his gourd to the side and said, "I'll head over right now." As he said that, he flew out of the door. In the blink of an eye, he was outside Huo Yuhao's room.

    When he looked at Elder Xuan, who was charging toward his room with a face of shock, Huo Yuhao smiled happily. His successful experimentation told him that his spiritual power had truly reached a new level. It was no longer purely 'spiritual' like before. While it was still metaphysical, and could not attack like his soul power, he could do many things that he could not before.

    For example, his Spiritual Detection could be used for communication like what he had just done with Elder Xuan. At the same time, he felt that his Spiritual Detection's range was not bad. The Sea God's Island was not too big, but its diameter was at least one kilometer. He could already see everything on the island, as well as parts of Sea God's Lake.

    Through his Spiritual Detection Sharing, he originally could only use it to instruct others. Now, he could connect directly with the spiritual power of another person. Then, he could communicate intentions with the other party. Not only did this fulfil his role as a control-type soul master, but he could also seek others' opinions. While his body could not move, he could easily talk to anyone on Sea God's Island.

    Under his body's present condition, this was a piece of excellent news. With the recovery of his spiritual power, Huo Yuhao became clearer about the condition of his body. He was not afraid that he would not recover. Since he was alive, there must be a reason for it. With spiritual power, while he could not use it to attack anything in the world around him, he could use it to fuse with his soul power inside him and achieve terrifying results. This was an extremely intricate scalpel. Huo Yuhao understood that the only way to heal himself was through himself.

    "Your spiritual power, Yuhao?" Elder Xuan looked at him with an indescribable expression in his eyes.

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