Volume 27, Chapter 297.2: The Vampire Ba

    Fortunately, Wang Dong'er's cultivation was higher than Adler's. If it were a much weaker opponent, the Bloodshadow Puppet might have sucked him dry.

    As they fought, Wang Dong'er was already completely suppressed by her opponent. However, Adler's chain moves had yet to end. After he beat her back, his wings suddenly expanded massively. Following that, rays of red light started to appear mysteriously in the sky. They covered the area where he and Wang Dong'er had previously fought. All of the rays of light then turned into sharp blades as they slashed at Wang Dong'er.

    Empyrean Bloodnet. This was not a soul skill, but instead an ambush from his pair of claws.

    His sharp claws were a pair of Class 6 soul tools. The Clearjade Sect clearly invested a lot of money in preparation for this competition.

    The sharp finger sleeves were called Bloody Cuts. With each attack, it would bring out a razor-sharp line of blood that was as thin as a string. In reality, they were lines of energy shot from soul tools. They possessed extremely high cutting abilities.

    This ability was akin to launching a second attack with each attack. In close combat, it was rather exceptional. What was even more terrifying was the fact that the Bloody Cuts were invisible. They could remain obscure until it was time to reveal them. They could remain hidden in the air they had just passed. When it was time, their user could then activate them. After they had been activated, they would be able to attack anything in 10 meters. When they attacked, they brimmed with a powerful offensive ability. They attacked at random, but they would not attack the person using the Bloody Cuts.

    Adler had been placing these around for so long, and the power of the Bloody Cuts was maximized at this moment. Only then did he use this third soul skill to activate this immensely powerful soul tool. The objective was simple: he wanted a quick and simple victory.

    If he had used Bloody Cuts straightaway, he would have surely made more trouble for Wang Dong'er. However, he wasn't confident of defeating a Soul Emperor as a mere Soul King. Hence, he chose to bide this time as he quietly used his Bloody Cuts to form a Empyrean Bloodnet. He quietly waited for the right moment, and when it came, he activated them. While the lines of blood would attack at random, Wang Dong'er, who was surrounded by them, would surely be entangled with the many bloody lines and be struck by them. As long as a few could land on her, he would be able to overcome her. This method was not only cruel, but also devious. If her defenses were insufficient, she would be cut into mincemeat.

    Wang Dong'er's pale face revealed a cold look. Even when she was pushed to her limits, she did not betray any sign of panic.

    Light flashed, and she disappeared from where she was. She suddenly moved to 10 meters away. It was the soul skill of her left leg bone, Instant Shift.

    Adler was dumbfounded. As there were too many teams in the tournament, the Clearjade Sect did not notice that Wang Dong'er had already used Instant Shift once before. The Empyrean Bloodnet's area of effect was only ten meters across. Even if Wang Dong'er did not completely escape from it, she already left its most concentrated part.

    Not only that, but Wang Dong'er's body started to shine once again with light, blocking some of the bloody lines.

    Protective soul barrier? This was a Class 6 protective soul barrier.

    Adler re-focused his gaze. He once again used his second soul skill, and a terrifying shriek resounded in the air. He rushed toward Wang Dong'er at the speed of lightning. This time, the Bloody Cuts were no longer hidden. His razor-sharp claws held some of the bloody lines as he rushed toward Wand Dong'er.

    The protective soul barrier appeared and disappeared. After it blocked the bloody lines, Wang Dong'er retrieved it. Terrorshriek was no longer effective on her. Her own fourth soul ring started to shine.

    The soul skill that had once caused You Chen so much pain appeared in the sky once more. A huge, six-pointed golden star appeared behind Wang Dong'er. Instantly, the golden light swallowed her entire body. Then, it zapped Adler.

    The Hexagram Array can be used like this? Adler had not thought of this, but his movements were fast too. He quickly retracted his bat wings, and as gravity made his body plummet, he was able to dodge this blow.

    Wang Dong'er raised her right hand, and a radiant golden fire shone in it. The butterfly wings behind her back started to change too.

    The two front wings and two back wings started to beat without rhythm. She descended as if she were dancing.

    This was a secret technique of the Tang Sect, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. She used this skill in mid-air.

    The two wings behind Wang Dong'er's back and legs shone with white light. This made her even faster than before. Instantly, around 18 Wang Dong'ers appeared in the sky. They surrounded Adler. Her pair of wings conjured powerful rays of light, which she sent flying toward her opponent.

    How can this be possible? He was definitely hit by my Bloodshadow Puppet! At least one-third of his blood essence has been absorbed by me. Why does he still have such strong soul power? How much soul power does he have!? Adler was stunned. After a series of attack, he was indeed able to absorb Wang Dong'er's blood essence, and he felt his powers grow. However, the blood essence in his body seemed uncontrollable. It stopped regenerating him. Coupled with Wang Dong'er's strong counterattack, he quickly sensed that something was wrong.

    His fifth soul ring started to shine as Adler's plan immediately changed. He knew that he might not be able to win this fight. However, even if he could not win, he had to wear her down as much as possible so he could create a chance for his teammate.

    His fifth soul ring was black. It was a ten-thousand year soul ring, and also his most powerful soul skill. Blood-colored light flashed intensely from his body, and he was able to release a layer of intense bloody light. He planned on using brute force to make Wang Dong'er retreat. Following that, the intense bloody light started to rise and burn. Everyone could feel that he was using his most powerful attack.

    Wang Dong'er's fifth soul ring started to shine too. Her body became as clear as a golden crystal. Goddess of Light Possession was not just a soul skill which could resist many types of elements. At the same time, it would greatly enhance all of Wang Dong'er's light-type soul skills! A Hexagram Array five meters wide appeared behind Wang Dong'er's back.

    This clash would determine the winner. They were competing in terms of pure physical strength.

    However, at this moment, something extraordinary happened.

    The rapidly-increasing bloody light in mid-air suddenly stopped. Then, a hysterical scream emerged from the bloody light. "What... what exactly is in your blood?"

    Adler's voice was filled with terror. From the bloody light, rays of golden light shot out. Instantly, they broke through their blood-colored surroundings.

    It was like a sun was about to emerge from the blood-colored light. A powerful light burst forth from the center, and the bloody light surrounding it started to disintegrate as golden rays pierced through the blood.

    "Oh no." The judge, the Unbreakable Douluo, cried out. His body flashed, and he was instantly in the air. A layer of white light enveloped Adler's body.

    However, it was too late. He could block attacks from the outside, but how could he block attacks that came from the inside?

    A terrifying explosion burst forth in mid-air. Instantly, blood and flesh flew all over, and the eye-catching golden light remained in mid-air for four to five seconds before it slowly faded. However, Adler was gone without a trace. His flesh and blood had disintegrated under the golden light.

    The captain of the Clearjade Sect who sat in the resting zone suddenly stood up. A powerful energy could be felt from his body, but in the face of the protective barrier, he was helpless.

    In mid-air, Wang Dong'er looked dumbfounded. She did not know why Adler exploded. This had all happened too fast. She quickly retracted her attack.

    The golden light gradually faded until it had diminished into several golden motes. Afterwards, it spread out in all directions, before slowly circling around Wang Dong'er and suddenly surging towards her. When the motes light touched her, they gradually disappeared one-by-one. Color returned to Wang Dong'er's pale face as they did so.


    Everyone who saw this scene was dumbstruck. What was that golden light? What did Wang Dong'er do? She actually made her opponent explode. She did not seem to have used any powerful soul skill beforehand!

    Her opponents, teammates, and even the leadership of the Sun Moon Empire who were watching from the main podium were all completely stunned. What had happened? Why did Adler explode?

    "What's in his blood?" The Imperial Tutor mumbled to himself.

    The Prince Regent, Xu Tianran, frowned and said, "Can this person's blood attack?"

    The Imperial Tutor shook his head and said, "No! This isn't an attack from the blood. Instead, her blood is too unique. It probably has some energy that the Vampire Bat martial soul was unable to devour. In other words, his blood was too nourishing, which caused the body that absorbed it to explode. This doesn't seem to be a trick from the Tang Sect. Adler probably ingested his blood and then experienced some sort of side effect. Interesting. After this competition ends, I want to catch Wang Dong to do some research. Maybe I'll make some sort of discovery. It's a shame for the little bloodsucking bat though."

    Zheng Zhan stared at Wang Dong'er with a green face. He did not know what to say. No matter what, Adler's death had something to do with her. What monsters are in the Tang Sect? Why is it that people die whenever they participate? Their opponents were not weak, but they were even more powerful. Wang Dong had already killed someone in two competitions. What a Soul Emperor.

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