Volume 27, Chapter 320.1: The Ever-Transforming Huo Yuhao!

    He crouched and leapt skywards. At the same time, he extended his hands to his sides and something weird occurred. Wang Yanfeng's body continued to rise, and didn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. His six soul rings lit up at the same time.

    Not only this, but a greenish-bronze glow also lit up behind Wang Yanfeng's back in the form of two huge palms. The greenish-bronze hands carried a very thick aura that suppressed the entire stage.


    Xu Tianran squinted on the main stage and laughed coldly. "I thought they'd continue to conceal their abilities. They've finally appeared. The Body Sect is indeed in the Heavenly Soul Empire! Hmph!"

    Jing Hongchen also clenched his fist, and there was a look of bitter resentment in his eyes. When the Body Sect attacked the Illustrious Virtue Hall, it was the biggest humiliation of his life. How could he not feel hatred when he saw them now?


    Huo Yuhao found it difficult to breathe onstage. The appearance of the greenish-bronze palms behind his opponent's back made him feel as if he were being suppressed by a mountain. The ground started creaking too. It was like the stage couldn't handle this pressure, and was about to collapse.

    Only the Snow Lady was still sitting on his shoulders and behaving as if nothing had happened.

    Was this the Second Awakening of a body soul? Huo Yuhao was very calm right now. He knew that his opponent was from the Body Sect, and thus he had expected the fight to become intense.

    This was a Bronze-level body soul.

    He recalled what Elder Mu had told him about body souls.


    "Yuhao, I'll tell you what a body soul is today, and why they are so strong.

    "Body souls are very special existences among martial souls. Generally speaking, our martial souls can be anything, but they are rarely a part of our body. We are incomplete if a part of our body is our martial soul.

    "The earliest soul masters with body souls were believed to be mutants. Furthermore, the advantages of body souls weren't known yet. That's why they were looked down on.

    "But a genius with a body soul appeared and managed to unlock the secret of making a body soul strong. This person was the first sect leader of the Body Sect!

    "He went through a period of tireless cultivation, and discovered that having one's own body as a martial soul was more reliable than any other type of martial soul. More importantly, a body soul possesses characteristics that other martial souls don't have.

    "For example, it's easier to control a body soul, compared to a regular martial soul. This is derived from the fact that humans have great control over their own limbs. In addition, the limit of a body soul is also much higher than most martial souls!

    "Simply put, you can only control the size of your martial soul if it's a sword. You can pour your soul power into it, and use your soul rings and skills to enhance its strength. If your martial soul is your arm, it isn't just about size anymore. First, every finger can change significantly. Even your veins and arteries, bones, and pulse can be controlled. A soul skill can exhibit different kinds of possibilities in the hands of a strong soul master with a body soul.

    "The most frightening part of a body soul is in its Second Awakening."

    "Our martial souls Awaken when we are six years old. There are martial soul imprints on our body from that age onwards. We can start cultivating if we have soul power.

    "The Second Awakening is something unique to a body soul.

    "What's a Second Awakening? It refers to an evolution in your martial soul. It also means that a body soul can evolve one level higher than others. Let me give you an example: If a body soul is as strong as an Earthdragon after its first Awakening, it might become as strong as a true dragon after its Second Awakening. There's a huge change in quality!

    "Right now, only body soul Soul Masters are able to experience this Second Awakening, and this is why the Body Sect continues to prosper. Someone who possesses a body soul and is able to become a soul master will want to join the Body Sect and make themself stronger. The Body Sect is also very protective and caring towards their disciples.

    "It is possible to tell if a body soul is undergoing its Second Awakening. If you meet such a soul master in the future, you must be very careful! Their body can become a terrifying weapon!

    "There are even different levels of this Second Awakening. The Body Sect categorizes them into four levels. After the Second Awakening is completed, light projections formed from the individual's martial soul will appear behind him as he unleashes his evolved abilities. The color of this projection is very key to understanding the level of his Second Awakening.

    "A black projection carrying a metal glow appears during an Iron-ranked Second Awakening. After this Awakening, the fighting strength of the individual's martial soul will increase by thirty percent or more.

    "A bronze glow represents a Bronze-ranked Second Awakening. After this Awakening, the fighting strength of the individual's martial soul will increase by sixty percent.

    "One level higher is Silver. Such an Awakening will only appear in more important body parts, such as the skeleton or head. Once the Awakening is completed, one's fighting strength can double. Some can even increase their fighting strength by a level. A Soul King can temporarily possess the offensive abilities of a Soul Emperor.

    "The rarest and scariest rank is a Gold-ranked Second Awakening. The light projection created will be golden. If you meet such a soul master, you should not fight him unless your soul power is more than a level higher than his. Such a soul master possesses great explosive power, but this will vary between different soul masters depending on the strength of their martial soul. When they undergo their Second Awakening, their offensive strength might even increase up to three times their normal standard.

    "Your eyes are also a body soul. Considering how important one's eyes are, I think its Second Awakening will be at least a Bronze-ranked one. Since your abilities are spiritual, I think it'll be a Silver-ranked one. If that happens, your abilities will greatly increase.

    "It's precisely because the Body Sect's disciples can undergo this Second Awakening of their body souls that the Body Sect looks down on soul tools. If you meet them in the future, you must be very cautious."


    While Elder Mu wasn't around anymore, his words were still deeply entrenched in Yuhao's memories. When Huo Yuhao saw those bronze palms, he knew that Wang Yangfeng's Second Awakening was at least a Bronze-ranked one!

    Elder Mu also told him that most of the disciples in the Body Sect would only experience an Iron-ranked Second Awakening. It was rare to see a Bronze-ranked Second Awakening. As for a Silver-ranked ones, there weren't more than ten people in the Body Sect who reached that level during their Second Awakening. As for the Gold-ranked Second Awakening, only their first sect leader had reached that level.

    However, the sect's members didn't crave Gold-ranked abilities. The stronger one's Second Awakening was, the greater one would be drained. At the Gold-ranked level, one's life power might be completely drained!

    The bronze palms shone brightly behind Wang Yanfeng's back up there in midair. Wang Yanfeng wasn't hiding his identity anymore. He mimed a pressing action as he aimed his palms towards Huo Yuhao.

    Suddenly, the two bronze palms expanded rapidly, actually reaching a length of more than ten meters and a width of more than five meters. Both palms struck down, crashing down towards Huo Yuhao's head!

    Before the palms reached him, the ground around Huo Yuhao had already caved in in the shape of a palm!

    While Wang Yanfeng was furious because of how Huo Yuhao was so contemptuous of him, he wasn't careless at all. After they exchanged blows earlier, he knew Huo Yuhao wasn't an easy opponent to deal with. Without his Second Awakening, there wasn't any way he could defeat Huo Yuhao.

    Even though this blow depleted him greatly, he also had confidence that he could use it to win. With his cultivation as a Soul Emperor, the strength of his body soul, and the increase in fighting strength from his Second Awakening, he believed that his opponent couldn't possibly defeat him!

    After all, Huo Yuhao was only a Soul King! There was still a big gap between them!

    However, Huo Yuhao was smiling at this point. It looked like Huo Yuhao had met an old friend, his smile was casual and familiar.

    Wang Yanfeng abruptly felt as though the sky was turning around. Everything around him seemed to have suddenly changed. He was horrified to discover that Huo Yuhao was now floating in mid-air in his wheelchair.

    A frightening pressure started to bear down on him.

    No one had expected such a change. However, Huo Yuhao seemed to have done it very simply.

    He had released a pitch-black glow from his body. A projection of a turtle-like shield that seemed to have a snake-shaped carving shone along with his fifth soul ring, and appeared silently in front of him. Following this, a light flashed, and he changed positions with Wang Yanfeng.

    Wang Yanfeng was the one who was about to suffer from his own attack!

    Everyone felt that it was unreal, too astonishing! Even his fellow Tang Sect members, except for Xu Sanshi, were shocked. They couldn't believe what had just happened!

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