Volume 34, Chapter 456.1: The Experiment Fails?

    The funnel's volume and rotation speed were also increasingly continuously along with its soul power. Its gravitational force became stronger as it became larger, and even the stones and sand around it were being pulled in its direction. However, it was immediately ground to dust by the powerful soul power.

    The space around the tiny funnel slowly began to contort even more. Its volume was still increasing as it spun, but its rotation seemed a little irregular, while the funnel itself was no longer stable. It was trembling faintly.

    I'm losing control!

    An ominous feeling surfaced in Huo Yuhao's heart as he pounced behind a small hill on the side.

    "Boom, boom, boom-" Intense explosions could be heard as a vigorous air flow rushed over his head. The soundwaves were deafening as intense soul power undulations erupted in all directions. However, everything settled down very quickly.

    Huo Yuhao looked up at where the funnel was before, and he could see an enormous crater that was thirty meters in diameter and more than ten meters deep. A hurricane seemed to have swept over the large crater, and he could see many marks like blade cuts around it.


    Huo Yuhao, even with his full strength, couldn't do any better.

    However, he didn't even use ten percent of his soul power.

    High-speed rotation and compression were undoubtedly the reasons why the tiny funnel had become so strong. However, the funnel became very unstable when he lost control of it.

    There were clear spatial undulations and contortions around the funnel. However, there was a clear gap between that and the Beast God's black holes. That was probably because he didn't have enough soul power.

    It was no wonder the Beast God was so formidable - he had stored so much soul power in that state in his body. It would be a surprise if he wasn't that frighteningly powerful.

    Huo Yuhao understood that controlling such power was far too difficult with his current strength. However, understanding and experiencing the principles concerning this was very beneficial for his future cultivation, so that he didn't take any long roads.

    He decided to stop experimenting, because he wasn't sure whether he could distance himself from the pull of the funnel using Instant Teleportation if the funnel became stronger than before. What would happen if he couldn't? That meant he could only detonate it prematurely. Otherwise, the ultimate result would be that his soul power would be sucked dry, or perhaps the funnel would swallow everything. The funnel would increase to an even more frightening state before a tremendous explosion would be triggered.

    Huo Yuhao had already observed and learned a lot today. As for his next experiment, he felt that it would be a lot safer if he attempted it after he had returned to the academy.

    Huo Yuhao rushed back to the army camp. The explosion from before was quite loud, but the army camp was ultimately relatively far away, while he had also chosen a valley in the mountains. That was the reason why nothing much happened in the army camp.

    He silently snuck back to his own tent, but was startled when he lifted his curtain because there was actually someone else in his tent.

    Tang Wutong was frowning as she stood in the center of the tent and asked as he walked in, "Where did you go?"

    Huo Yuhao hesitated momentarily as he stammered, "I went to the toilet!"

    Tang Wutong retorted angrily. "Do you need to spend one hour on the toilet?"

    "I have constipation..." Huo Yuhao answered feebly.

    "You!" Tang Wutong grunted furiously as she turned to leave.

    "Hey, how did you know I wasn't in my tent?" Huo Yuhao asked subconsciously.

    Tang Wutong had already stomped to the entrance of his tent. She paused and replied, "I was afraid that something would happen to you, so I decided to visit you tonight, and discovered that you weren't here anymore. Where did you go?"

    Huo Yuhao could tell that her voice was softening, and Dong'er's beautiful face surfaced in his mind once more. His heart softened as he spoke the truth, "I went to experiment with a method of controlling soul power. It wasn't very convenient to do it inside the army camp, so I decided to go outside."

    Tang Wutong turned around and stared at him in shock. "Your body is already like that - why are you still doing experiments? What if something happened? Couldn't you have just waited for two more days?"

    "Uh... alright, I made a mistake," Huo Yuhao admitted his mistake conscientiously.

    Tang Wutong grunted and said, "Sleep early. Good night," And she walked away after that.

    Huo Yuhao was in a little bit of a daze as he watched her departing profile. Her attitude towards me seems a little better than before! Unfortunately, she's not Dong'er - how fantastic would everything have been if she were Dong'er!

    Huo Yuhao lamented in his mind as he sat back on his bed and quietly recalled every detail of his experiment.

    Two days quickly passed as Huo Yuhao's body gradually recovered. Positive news came back from the frontlines - the Sun Moon Empire's internal territories were indeed empty, while the White Tiger Duke's war strategy was extremely successful. The soul master legions that had dispersed into the Sun Moon Empire's territories were wreaking havoc everywhere, and they caused great damage to the Sun Moon Empire. The Star Luo Empire had more soul masters than the number of soul engineers that the Sun Moon Empire had brought back, and this disparity was even wider in terms of the number of powerful individuals. The Sun Moon Empire was badly bruised and battered as the Star Luo Empire overran several of their cities.

    However, the White Tiger Duke governed his army very strictly. Normal citizens were not to be harmed after the city had fallen, and their armies would pull out of the city after looting and pillaging the governing body's granaries and armories.

    Conquering cities wasn't the aim of their battle strategy, and wreaking excessive destruction wasn't within the White Tiger Duke's personality either. Pillaging resources was a lot more effective - furthermore, doing so could also replenish the Star Luo Empire's own expenses.

    Everyone who participated in the strategy were soul masters, and many of them had storage soul tools. Pillaging was like a gentle breeze for them.

    Quickly, the Sun Moon Empire's eastern borders were in a state of emergency.

    Even though their intel was shut off and they didn't know about the Sun Moon Empire's response, or about the Heavenly Soul Empire's situation, the Star Luo Empire's operations would undoubtedly relieve the situation.

    The White Tiger Duke sent letters back several times to inquire about Huo Yuhao's physical state. After he made sure that Huo Yuhao was fine, he even personally wrote a commendation for Huo Yuhao for his contributions to the Star Luo Empire. The title of Marquis had also been conferred to Huo Yuhao.

    Xu Sanshi and the others rested and got ready for another day, and they made sure Huo Yuhao had recovered completely before he wrote a letter to the White Tiger Duke to bid their farewells. All eight of them then departed the Star Luo Empire's army camp and journeyed back toward Shrek Academy.

    Both the White Tiger Duke and Princess Jiujiu didn't want them to leave. However, the war situation at the frontlines was of the utmost priority, so they couldn't take time out to attempt to keep the eight of them here. Furthermore, they understood that these people from Shrek Academy couldn't be kept. Fortunately, both parties had established an amiable relationship after their missions - especially so after Huo Yuhao accepted his title of Marquis. This undoubtedly meant that Huo Yuhao was admitting he was a soul master from the Star Luo Empire.

    Everyone flew through the air. They came as eight, and they returned as eight. Huo Yuhao had practically returned from the dead, but everyone managed to return with their lives. However, everyone had experienced the cruelty of war. This was especially so after the top-tier individuals directly participated in the war.

    The Death God Douluo Ye Xishui never appeared again after she departed. At least, the Star Luo Empire had yet to encounter that terrifying Ultimate Douluo after they invaded the Sun Moon Empire. But no matter what, this Ultimate Douluo was like an enormous shadow that loomed over the Star Luo Empire's head. Her appearance would lead to rivers of blood.

    The situation had descended into complete chaos. The eight of them were returning to the academy to protect it, and that was what they absolutely had to do.

    Even though their individual strengths weren't much for Shrek Academy as a whole, Huo Yuhao's status was special, and his presence could even allow Shrek Academy to link up with the Great Star Dou Forest's soul beasts for aid. If that was the case, Shrek Academy would be able to hold their own against the Sun Moon Empire if it was invaded.

    They maintained a strict formation as they flew through the air. Huo Yuhao flew in the center, but his eyes were a little lackadaisical.

    More accurately put, he had been in this state for the past few days. Whether he was walking, sitting, flying, or perhaps even eating, he would have a dazed and listless demeanor. His companions were a little worried about him, but he would always say that he was just contemplating some things when they asked.

    The truth was, he wasn't lying - he was contemplating some things that were extremely important to him. That tiny funnel that he was experimenting with was naturally the most important item amongst those things.

    Huo Yuhao had officially concluded his experiment's results after his last experiment. Even though he didn't manage to create a black hole like Di Tian's soul power in the end, the entire experimental process allowed him to discover and complete things that he had never known about.

    For instance, soul power would generate tremendous gravitational force once it was compressed into a solid state, and its absorption of external soul power would become stronger. This point was very important for his future cultivation.

    He was a Soul Sage, and his soul power had become liquid at this point. His liquid soul power's viscosity would increase as his cultivation increased - wasn't that distinctly similar to what his soul power was like when he compressed it during the experiment? Furthermore, he had known about this principle a long time ago, that soul masters compressed the soul power inside their body continuously as their soul power increased, before more soul power would be stored. Soul masters' martial souls would naturally become stronger if their martial souls fused with stronger soul power.

    Elder Mu had told Huo Yuhao before that soul masters' soul power would be continuously accumulated and compressed as they became stronger, and only when they became Titled Douluo would things begin to change.

    However, Elder Mu didn't tell him much about Titled Douluo. That wasn't because he forgot about those things - Huo Yuhao's cultivation was still very low at that point, and Elder Mu feared that Huo Yuhao would attempt to run before he could walk.

    Huo Yuhao recalled what Elder Mu had told him. According to Elder Mu, a soul master's soul power would reach the limit of its conversion from liquid to solid as he or she reached the pinnacle of an eight-ringed Soul Douluo, which was Rank 89, while Titled Douluo would probably have entirely solid soul power.

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