Volume 34, Chapter 481.2: The Darkness Dragon Emperor

    The Nightmare Douluo was at Rank 91, and evil soul masters had a very difficult time improving after reaching the later stages of cultivation.

    The Holy Ghost Church had been accumulating strength for so many years, and they had accumulated quite a few Titled Douluo. However, Transcendent Douluo were few and far between, and there were just several of them. It wasn't hard to see how difficult it was to become an evil Transcendent Douluo.

    Therefore, the Nightmare Douluo was extremely interested in capturing Huo Yuhao, and that was why he didn't hold back in asking Jing Hongchen for help. Aerial battle wasn't his forte, and in terms of direct fighting strength, the Class 9 soul engineer Jing Hongchen was much stronger than he was.

    Huo Yuhao had been observing Jing Hongchen and the other two through Spiritual Detection. He wasn't worried at all as Jing Hongchen rose into the sky, as the Ice Bear King's strength wasn't something that Jing Hongchen could easily fight against. Battles that occurred five thousand meters up in the sky were based on absolute strength, as many soul tools would be weakened. Of course, Jing Hongchen had many ways of preserving his own life, and Little Bai wouldn't be able to do anything to him even though Jing Hongchen couldn't defeat him. Furthermore, Little Bai had already accomplished the first step of his task. He should already be retreating, and he probably wouldn't clash with Jing Hongchen.

    The royal palace was still in a state of disarray at this moment. The blizzard's viciousness wasn't what caused the chaos, as this was the Heavenly Soul Empire's royal palace after all. The structures inside were tough, far stronger than the Sun Moon Empire's tents back in the Extreme North. The blizzard couldn't cause much harm if they stayed inside their rooms. Of course, that was also because this blizzard came from five thousand meters high in the sky. The blizzard's strength would be very different if the Ice Bear King had unleashed it from the ground.

    The thing that was causing such disarray in the royal palace was the increasingly dropping temperature. Soul masters would also be affected once the temperature reached thirty degrees below zero, and these effects weren't minor. Normal soldiers couldn't even move around at all.

    More and more soul masters and soul engineers appeared outside. It was very difficult to pass down orders in such a tremendous blizzard, and they could only fight against it passively as they resisted the biting cold.

    The soul power undulations and spiritual undulations within the royal palace were very messy under such circumstances. Huo Yuhao activated Spiritual Detection once more, and he avoided the two Titled Douluo on the roof as he stretched his Spiritual Detection toward those areas with a lot of people. He had to find a single target so that he could make a move.

    An evil soul master's soul power undulations were vastly different from those of normal soul masters, and their auras were different as well. It wasn't difficult to find an evil soul master. Huo Yuhao wanted to find an evil Soul Sage. Such an individual would be considered relatively powerful and higher up in the hierarchy, so he had to know quite a few secrets.

    Indeed, Huo Yuhao quickly found his target after his spiritual power webbed out. There were several evil soul masters clustered together amid the chaos, gathered in a room about four hundred meters away from him.

    There was one person who was clearly the leader of the group, and the others all had relatively weaker cultivations.

    This individual was a Soul Sage, and he emanated bluish-gray soul power undulations that circled around his body. The other evil soul masters all had four or five soul rings, and there were five of them altogether.

    That's him, Huo Yuhao's eyes squinted as he immediately made his move.

    He snuck towards that location in a flash, and quickly came close behind that evil soul master. His eyes flickered as he closed in on the room, and he sent a single strike of Spiritual Shock against one of the four-ringed evil soul masters.

    The four-ringed Soul Ancestor made a stifled grunt as he gradually crumbled to the ground. Blood flowed from his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth as he didn't seem like he could live through this.

    "Who goes there?" The Soul Sage roared as he dashed out of the room in a flash and immediately caught sight of Huo Yuhao, who had just turned to run away.

    An enemy! Evil soul masters were typically quite conceited, even though one of their own had perished. Huo Yuhao deliberately created an image that presented himself in this evil soul master's eyes as a seven-ringed Soul Sage with two yellow, two purple, and three black soul rings.

    Evil soul masters always believed that they were invincible against others of the same rank. The evil soul master saw that his enemy was just a Soul Sage, and he accelerated in pursuit of Huo Yuhao without figuring out his actual strength.

    The two Titled Douluo immediately noticed the disturbance from the rooftop far away, but they didn't move at all. The reason was simple; it was because of the number of soul rings that Huo Yuhao displayed.

    Soul rings were an absolute representation of one's strength for most soul masters. Their enemy was just a Soul Sage, and there was already an evil Soul Sage in pursuit, so these two Titled Douluo didn't have to interfere at all. They still had to pay attention to the big picture to prevent any top-tier individuals appearing among their enemies' ranks.

    Huo Yuhao escaped very quickly. All the surveillance soul tools were severely affected by the blizzard in the sky, and they couldn't lock down on his position, and so Huo Yuhao wasn't attacked by soul tools because they didn't have a lock on his location.

    The Nightmare Douluo would never have expected that the vicious blizzard in the sky was meant to create space for Huo Yuhao to escape in this moment. Furthermore, he would never have expected that a blizzard of such an enormous scale was just so that Huo Yuhao could capture an evil soul master, rather than for an ambush.

    The evil soul master who was chasing Huo Yuhao was also very quick. Three skeletal heads that were emanating dark green flames encircled his body, and spurted from behind him. Those flames continuously boosted his speed, and he was slowly bearing down on Huo Yuhao.

    The Heavenly Soul Empire's royal place wasn't small, but it wouldn't take a Soul Sage very long to leave its premises at full strength.

    It would appear that Huo Yuhao using the Ice Bear King's Blizzard to trick a Soul Sage was a little bit overkill. But in reality, Huo Yuhao would have wasted a lot more time and energy looking for an opportunity if that didn't happen, and his current plan was much quicker and more straightforward.

    The royal palace was a mess in this moment. That was Blizzard's most fearsome characteristic in group battles. Huo Yuhao lamented in his heart as he ran, as he thought about how fantastic it would have been if his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice could reach such an enormous size. Even if his domain attack didn't possess such destructiveness, simply creating such disarray while complementing his Imitation would greatly increase his undercover abilities.

    The royal palace's wall was in front of him, and the Soul Sage who was chasing him was about thirty meters behind him, in range for most offensive soul skills.

    There were two rows and a total of eight small soul thrusters on Huo Yuhao's back, and they activated at the same time as they immediately propelled his body forward. Huo Yuhao was like a cannonball as he arrived at the palace wall in the blink of an eye.

    The evil soul master behind him almost vomited blood. He felt like he was getting in range to attack his enemy, and he was just about to unleash a soul skill to attack Huo Yuhao when he accelerated and escaped his grasp. That feeling was just too hard to bear.

    Can he really be that lucky? The evil Soul Sage was furious as he hurriedly accelerated in pursuit.

    How could he know that everything was under Huo Yuhao's control with Spiritual Detection, and that it had nothing do with luck? The truth was that, with Huo Yuhao's abilities, he could use many different ways to shake his opponent off in terms of speed. The reason why he used soul thrusters was because he wanted to conceal his powers as much as possible.

    Huo Yuhao leapt into the sky as he tapped his foot gently against the palace wall, and bolted out. He didn't go up into the sky, as there were many aerial surveillance soul tools above him. Even though the blizzard had destroyed some, there were still some left.

    Huo Yuhao found the Ice Bear King with Spiritual Detection. He asked the Ice Bear King to leave the city first and wait for him outside.

    That was because Huo Yuhao had already sensed that Jing Hongchen was searching for the Ice Bear King's traces high in the sky, so calling to the Ice Bear King for aid would be counterproductive.

    The evil soul master behind him was close in pursuit. The three large skeletal heads around him radiated green light, and he seemed to be using his full strength as he charged at Huo Yuhao at breakneck speed.

    A faint and cold smile surfaced beneath Huo Yuhao's eyes. It's about time. There's a lot less surveillance and monitoring outside the royal palace, while the blizzard has covered the royal palace. I have to take him down as quickly as possible.

    Huo Yuhao turned around and raced along the palace wall. The evil Soul Sage was about to attack when Huo Yuhao used his soul thrusters to shake him off once more. They would arrive in a relatively spacious area if they continued forward, as the streets close to the royal palace were extremely wide and spacious. They were in the dark of night, so there wasn't anybody outside the royal palace.

    The evil soul master became even more furious. This fellow is too slippery. Does he really think that he can shake me off within Heaven Dou City? Even though he didn't really know how to use soul tools, he was very clear about what the Sun Moon Empire's aerial surveillance soul tools could do. He believed that soul engineers would chase Huo Yuhao down very quickly to help him capture this guy. But for a person like him, who was so arrogant and perhaps even twisted, he didn't wish for others to interfere.

    However, he suddenly realized that the Soul Sage who was running away in front of him slowed, and the distance between them was closed in an instant.

    Is he tired? He can no longer explosively unleash soul power?

    The evil Soul Sage was overjoyed. He pointed his right hand at Huo Yuhao, and a sharp howl could be heard as one of the three skeletal heads orbiting around him flew out and blasted straight at Huo Yuhao.

    This evil Soul Sage's martial soul was very extraordinary. His mother had passed away when he was born from a difficult birth, and they were inside the wilderness. He remained in the wilderness for several days before someone rescued him, and the toxins from his mother's corpse flowed into his body, which caused his martial soul to have such intense mutations.

    His martial soul became a Skeletal Head after mutating. Furthermore, he was different from normal soul masters. Normal soul masters' martial souls themselves would evolve and improve as they became stronger, and as soul masters obtained higher cultivation ranks. But his martial soul was extremely peculiar, as he would gain another Skeletal Head with each extra soul ring. He had only released three Skeletal Heads so far, and that was just part of his full strength.

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