Volume 34, Chapter 487.1: Huo Yuhao is Not Allowed to Go!

    "So fierce?" Huo Yuhao finally understood why the Snow Empress said she could see hope in the future from his strength. If he could possess power like that of Di Tian, then that meant he would be at the pinnacle of the world. When that happened, as long as he could obtain the Godly Seat, then becoming a God would be the most natural outcome.

    "So that's it. I understand. Thank you, Snow Lady." Huo Yuhao acknowledged sincerely. The Snow Lady was both teacher and friend to him now. She had been immensely helpful to him ever since the Snow Empress had truly awakened, and that was the case both on the battlefield and in teaching.

    The Snow Empress grunted and said, "There's no need for thanks. Even though I did say that you can relax when you should, you can't go overboard with that. You have to work hard at what you need to do. Alright, go and get Little Bai. I figure he's probably starving."

    Huo Yuhao felt his heart skip a beat. Wasn't that right? So many days had gone by, and yet he hadn't given Little Bai anything to eat. Right, there's still Big Mao and Second Mao too. They're still in my spectral demiplane.

    Huo Yuhao allowed the Snow Lady to return to his body as he left the room. He found Nan Qiuqiu before he released Big Mao and Second Mao so that she could take them to get something to eat. He quickly ran out of the city.

    Huo Yuhao quickly found the Ice Bear King, Little Bai, with the Snow Empress' guidance.

    The Ice Bear King was still at a small river not far from Shrek City, and he was napping carefreely. He was still in human form with his enormous and protruding tummy, and he dipped his hands into the river water from time to time. He didn't even have to look, yet he grabbed a fish or two with every dip as he tossed them into his mouth before he swallowed them with a few bites.

    But how many small fish could there be outside the city? Furthermore, they weren't very big, and Huo Yuhao could tell from his lazy demeanor that his appetite was clearly unsatiated.

    "Little Bai!" Huo Yuhao found him with Spiritual Detection from far away as he hurriedly called out.

    The Ice Bear King sprang to his feet when he heard Huo Yuhao's voice. He moved deceptively fast as he stared in Huo Yuhao's direction with a look of pleasant surprise.

    Huo Yuhao was suspicious about whether this fellow was staring at him so passionately and eagerly because he was hungry, or because he was starting to miss him.

    "You're here, grandfather. I'm starving." Little Bai was almost stammering as he spoke. He even nudged his hands into his clothes as he put on a very pitiful look.

    Huo Yuhao stared at him as he shook his head exasperatedly. If this were made known to the public, who would believe that this "man" was one of the strongest savage beasts in the Extreme North!? He looked just like a hungry little child with that aggrieved expression on his face.

    "Alright, alright. Have your fill." Huo Yuhao took out a pile of dried meat and fish from his storage-type soul tool for the Ice Bear King to eat.

    Huo Yuhao had his own plans. He wanted to bring this fellow back after feeding him. Otherwise, when he began to eat his fill inside the Tang Sect, he could possibly astonish the entire Tang Sect. He might possibly even cause mass panic and hysteria!

    There was no doubt that Huo Yuhao wanted to bring the Ice Bear King on his subsequent expedition to the frontlines. He had worked together with him twice now, and understood quite a bit about his strength from those experiences. Furthermore, his teamwork with the Ice Bear King and their combined fighting strength was very effective, especially in limiting the Sun Moon Empire's aerial surveillance soul tools. The Ice Bear King was someone who could rival a Transcendent Douluo's strength.

    The Ice Bear King couldn't be bothered with anything else as long as he had something to eat. He just sat down and gobbled his food elatedly.

    The Ice Bear King patted his stomach after munching for a good hour. Was it strange that this fellow immediately became so energetic and lively once he was full? Huo Yuhao was rendered speechless as he looked on.

    "Where are we going now, grandfather?" The Ice Bear King immediately asked Huo Yuhao.

    The Snow Empress immediately came out from Huo Yuhao with a flash of white light and appeared in front of the Ice Bear King.

    "Mother!" The Ice Bear King immediately lay prostrate on the ground when he saw her, and he called out to her intimately.

    The Snow Empress blushed and said, "Don't call me mother. Address me as Snow Empress next time." She turned towards Huo Yuhao after that and asked, "Yuhao, do you plan to fuse with him right now, or a little while later?"

    Huo Yuhao understood what she was trying to say. "Are you saying that my soul power has reached Rank 80?"

    The Snow Empress nodded and replied, "Even though you've only just reached that stage, you are actually at Rank 80. You should have no problem absorbing another soul ring, and that's the same with a Spirit. Little Bai won't resist you in any way, and after he becomes your Spirit, your soul power will be boosted by at least another two ranks. That's because you have Ultimate Ice. Otherwise, a normal soul master's soul power would be boosted by at least four or five ranks."

    Huo Yuhao was astonished when he heard her words. Soul masters needed to accumulate much more soul power to raise their soul power by another rank after reaching Rank 80. A soul master reached a different stage after every ten ranks, and the journey after reaching Rank 80 had been coined the path to heaven. Becoming a Titled Douluo was heaven, but how easy could it be to move towards becoming a Titled Douluo?

    But that wasn't too surprising. Little Bai was a savage beast with more than two hundred thousand years of cultivation. Huo Yuhao would definitely receive a great boost in his cultivation after absorbing the Ice Bear King as a Spirit. He could even raise his soul power by two ranks even with his Ultimate Ice. That was strength that belonged to a Soul Douluo!

    Huo Yuhao hesitated, but then shook his head and said, "Snow Lady, I can't bear to leave him. Is it really appropriate that he becomes my Spirit?"

    The Snow Empress smiled and said, "You don't have to hesitate about that. I wouldn't have been so certain last time. Have you forgotten what I just told you? Even I have seen hope in you, so you fusing with Little Bai is good for him. He won't disappear because of that anyway, and his consciousness will still be around. Even if you ask Ah Tai to do this, he would be willing to go for such an opportunity. This is an opportunity that soul beasts like us can only dream of. Therefore, you don't have to deliberate at all. Little Bai will definitely be willing."

    "Yes, yes. I'm willing, I'm willing." Little Bai chimed in from the side without any hesitation.

    Huo Yuhao thought to himself in exasperation, Little Bai, oh Little Bai. You must have no idea what we're talking about, and you're just in a hurry to profess your loyalty. But this fellow is so cutely straightforward and honest.

    Huo Yuhao contemplated for a moment, then said, "Snow Empress, I think I'm not going to fuse with Little Bai for now. I am about to go to the frontlines, where the Sun Moon Empire and the Heavenly Soul Empire are locked in battle. Little Bai's support will be very important for us there. Let's wait until after our expedition. Furthermore, my soul power has just reached Rank 80, and my cultivation isn't stable or consolidated yet. I'm not in a hurry."

    The Snow Empress replied, "That's up to you, then, as Little Bai can do it anytime. Bring him along, and you can fuse with him whenever you feel the need to. External strength is not as important as your own strength no matter how powerful it is. Furthermore, I can feel that Little Bai is becoming increasingly close to his day of tribulation. Take him along, and you can absorb him as your Spirit as soon as you feel that something is amiss."

    Huo Yuhao tilted his head and said, "Alright. We'll rescue teacher Xiao Ya, and then I'll fuse with Little Bai immediately afterwards."

    Huo Yuhao took the Ice Bear King back to the Tang Sect. He emphasized to Little Bai once more not to address him as "grandfather" before entering the Tang Sect, and Little Bai was like a curious baby as he asked questions nonstop. In the end, Huo Yuhao told him that he wouldn't give him food to eat if he continued asking, and only then did he quiet down.

    "Eh, who's that? Master." Huo Yuhao ran into Na Na as soon as he stepped into the door.

    Several years had gone by, and Na Na's spirit and liveliness were vastly different from when she had first met Huo Yuhao. Na Na was both pretty and capable today, and she worked as a butler to the Tang Sect. Her status within the Tang Sect had grown exponentially, but the only characteristic that she couldn't shake off was that she would always address Huo Yuhao as "master" every time they met. Huo Yuhao was too lazy to correct her after a while.

    "This is my friend," Huo Yuhao introduced the Ice Bear King to Na Na.

    Na Na smiled at the Ice Bear King and said, "Welcome to the Tang Sect."

    The Ice Bear King stared at Na Na and said, "Hello, pretty lady." He had almost never had any contact with humans before, and he almost began to drool when he saw the beautiful Na Na.

    Huo Yuhao nudged him from the side, and only then did the Ice Bear King return to normal. He scratched his head embarrassedly before he followed Huo Yuhao inside.

    Bei Bei's office was torn apart by the explosion, and it was still undergoing repairs as he decided to move into the conference room to deal with administrative matters.

    He had arranged a series of jobs because he was in a hurry to rescue Tang Ya. He had gathered the Tang Sect's senior-level individuals for a meeting, and they had to discuss who was to participate in this operation. He was the eldest senior brother, but the Tang Sect's internal affairs and atmosphere had always been harmonious.

    "Eldest senior brother, you should let me go, no matter what. It's my turn."

    Huo Yuhao had just stepped in through the door when he heard his second senior brother, He Caitou's voice. There was a tinge of bitterness in his voice.

    Bei Bei chuckled and said, "Don't be hasty, Caitou. By rights, I should let you go out to take a walk, but you know about our situation in the Tang Sect. Teacher Xuan can't deal with everything by himself, and you are the best with soul tools next to our little junior brother. I am most assured with you directing things. You are stable, and I have decided to let you take over my role temporarily. What do you think?"

    He Caitou seemed a little depressed as he shook his head. "No. Let me go, eldest senior brother. Why don't you let little junior brother remain? He's better than me at everything. With him around, everything within the Tang Sect will be dealt with neatly and impeccably. He hasn't been staying within our walls for quite some time, and he's always running into danger when he's outside. I think we should let him calm down a little inside the Tang Sect, and he can also help relieve your burdens."

    "Don't backstab me, second senior brother!" Huo Yuhao chimed in with a laugh.

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