Volume 42, Chapter 580.3: The Scorpion Tiger Dies and Zhong Li Comes Ou

    "You're spouting so much nonsense." Huo Yuhao said plainly, "aren't you afraid that I'll recover all my strength during this time?"

    Zhongli Wu laughed out loud. "So what if you recover? Do you really think you can challenge me one-on-one? Furthermore, what you've expended before along with the Holy Lady's strength isn't that easy to recover from. I'm spouting so much nonsense to you only because I'm confident of defeating you. The heavens and the earth will change as the winds and clouds rumble!"

    A strange sight occurred as Zhongli Wu exclaimed those words. The giant dragon beneath his feet suddenly turned green, and the dark clouds in the sky turned green at the same time. Strong winds gusted through the air, and the heavens and earth did seem to change in that moment.

    Wind! This was the power of wind, and Zhongli Wu was completely unlike an evil soul master at this point.

    Strong winds billowed as tiny tornados appeared in the sky and swept toward Huo Yuhao. Frightening winds gusted at him, and the elements of water in the sky swiftly plummeted as Huo Yuhao's Star Anise Icy Coagulation was dispelled just like that.

    Such powerful winds. Is this the Silver Dragon King's mastery over the elements?

    This peculiar fighting style was entirely out of a normal soul master's scope, and not a single person could tell what soul skill Zhongli Wu was using. He was using his beast spirit to fight, and his beast spirit was entirely different from Huo Yuhao's Spirits.

    Huo Yuhao was the only person who could understand a little about what was happening at a time like this.

    He still couldn't tell what Zhongli Wu's martial soul was, but he could be sure that Zhongli Wu had relied on his martial soul to capture this Bone Dragon King as his beast spirit. Zhongli Wu should be targeting soul beasts, but there were so many soul beasts' agonizing cries, while he only had one beast spirit. This meant that those soul beasts that Zhongli Wu had killed had probably become nourishment for this Bone Dragon King!

    It was no wonder he wanted to chase down and kill the Beast God, Di Tian. Of course, Zhongli Wu wouldn't use this Bone Dragon King to consume the Beast God if he was successful. Instead, he would directly control the Beast God as his new beast spirit, and he would probably use that new beast spirit to consume this Bone Dragon King. Zhongli Wu's own strength increased continuously with this continuous cycle of the strong swallowing the strong. Zhongli Wu evolved with every instance.

    When Zhongli Wu's spirit was sufficiently powerful, he would consume other soul beasts to strengthen his beast spirit. When his own beast spirit wasn't strong enough, he would go the other way and change his beast spirit.

    Zhongli Wu himself probably wasn't sure how many soul beasts had died at his hands from the beginning of his career until now, when he was a Transcendent Douluo. His soul skills were probably all auxiliary skills to support his beast spirit. What a formidable evil soul master! He has his own salient characteristics and overbearing might.

    Huo Yuhao shook his arms amid the strong winds and swiftly soared into the sky. However, he realized to his surprise that he couldn't really control his body, as his attempt at breaking out wasn't successful.

    Any kind of flight had to rely on air resistance and air flow, whether the individual flying was using the air in the sky or releasing air from his own body. When Huo Yuhao released his soul power once more, he found that the air around him had been completely sucked away. Huo Yuhao's soul power landed in empty space, and his body barely moved before he stopped.

    Right at this moment, enormous green blades of wind that were several meters long and about a meter thick cut down toward him from all directions. Ear-piercing crackles could be heard as gashes were opened in the air again and again. Huo Yuhao felt like the air around him had been shattered, and he was about to be torn apart.

    Strength like this is just too frightening.

    I can't fight, and I can't even control my own movement. What do I do? Do I take this head-on?

    These winds are actually so powerful!

    Huo Yuaho's eyes glowed as he swept his right arm in front of him, and he began to move.

    Light flickered as he vanished into thin air just like that. Right when everyone thought that he had used Instant Teleportation, he reappeared at his original spot.

    Huo Yuhao's disappearance and reappearance coincidentally evaded the first few blades. He to phase in and out on the spot, and his position seemed to change a little, but those changes weren't big.

    Zhongli Wu raised the staff in his hands, and his expression became even darker as he watched what was happening. However, there was only astonishment deep in his eyes.

    Normal soul masters couldn't tell what Huo Yuhao was doing at this moment, but how could he not know? Huo Yuhao was clearly using spatial power!

    Zhongli Wu was all too clear about who had the ability to control space. Ultimate Douluo, and only Ultimate Douluo, could control spatial power. How could Huo Yuhao accomplish that?

    Zhongli Wu had seen such power from his mother and from the Darkness Holy Dragon, the Dragon Emperor Douluo. Zhongli Wu had also seen this from Di Tian when he was chasing him down. Di Tian had relied on his mastery over spatial power to repel Zhongli Wu and the others. Di Tian was clearly injured, but he could still launch a series of retaliations to the point where Zhongli Wu and the others had to escape wretchedly. They would have perished in the end if they hadn't escaped quickly enough.

    But such powers shouldn't appear on Huo Yuhao! How old is he? What's his cultivation? How can he have mastered the secret of spatial power?

    Had Huo Yuhao really mastered spatial power? The answer was no, because Huo Yuhao only had a brief and superficial understanding of spatial power.

    Zhongli Wu's suspicions were also correct, because only Ultimate Douluos could control spatial power. More accurately put, only individuals with two soul cores could do so.

    A human with two soul cores could use his two soul cores' connection to sense and feel everything in the world more intricately. Spatial power was among those things.

    Those who formed two soul cores through the Yin Yang Complement method would have a much easier time feeling and sensing everything, because their strength was produced as Yin and Yang clashed and fused in their bodies. There was a certain extent of spatial transformation embodied within them.

    Therefore, even though Huo Yuhao's control over spatial power was still very shallow, his ability to understand was even stronger than other Ultimate Douluo.

    Faint light flickered as Huo Yuhao's expression grew strange, because his understanding of spatial power grew deeper with every break through space.

    What was spatial power? Spatial power was just different nodes of time. One who wished to master the secrets of spatial power also had to master the transformations of time. The secrets contained within this were extraordinarily profound.

    Those blades forced Huo Yuhao to understand spatial power a little better, and he couldn't evade every blade because he was still a little unfamiliar with what he was doing. However, a single blade couldn't really hurt him with his Icy War God's Armor.

    The reason why he couldn't use spatial power to phase to someplace else was because he wasn't familiar enough with it. If the Beast God had been here, so what if there wasn't any air around him to use? The Beast God would penetrate directly through space and appear right in front of Zhongli Wu.

    But even so, Zhongli Wu was still greatly astonished.

    The blades suddenly stopped as the tornadoes appeared once more. There wasn't just a single tornado, but many small tornados concentrated and stacked together. The tornados were actually multiplying into each other as they became an even larger one.

    The air was being torn apart, and some of the tornado's strength was even starting to create gashes in space.

    You can draw upon spatial power, can't you? Then I shall tear open space and mess everything up. Let's see how you can control space then.

    The Beast God would have been able to control space if he were here, but Huo Yuhao couldn't really do that because he was just starting out.

    Huo Yuhao's body swayed amid the strong winds, and his Icy War God's Armor radiated intense dark blue light and blocked the winds around him. However, even lower-tier soul masters could tell that he was expending a lot of soul power to do this.

    However, Huo Yuhao didn't seem to care. His movements were very slow, and his arms slowly closed around his body as a strange force appeared as his hands wrapped around himself.

    That was a small air flow, and the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion's silhouette appeared behind Huo Yuhao's back. Huo Yuhao was protecting this sphere like a jewel as it gradually took shape, and it was rotating in a direction opposite to the tornado.

    Does he plan to use this small air flow to resist my tornado? My tornado will just instantly consume it.

    Zhongli Wu's face was filled with contempt, but he didn't do anything. He wanted to defeat Huo Yuhao, but he didn't want to kill him. He could only convert Huo Yuhao into the Holy Ghost Church's Holy Son by capturing him, and only then could he maximize his profit.

    Zhongli Wu had chosen to enter a war of attrition from the beginning, but who knew that he had to consume so much because of his tactics in the end.

    Zhongli Wu had sent four people, and two perished in battle, one was returned in exchange, while the last was just missing. Huo Yuhao's strength had far exceeded his expectations, and he had to be equivalent to a Transcendent Douluo. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao was a Transcendent Douluo with an Ultimate martial soul. There had to be something peculiar about that soul tool on Huo Yuhao's body as well. Otherwise, he couldn't possibly become a Transcendent Douluo at such a young age.

    But so what? Huo Yuhao still had to consume energy even if he was a Transcendent Douluo, and he would definitely be defeated if he expended energy continuously.

    Therefore, what Zhongli Wu wanted to see most was for Huo Yuhao to continue using his soul power. He could only admit defeat once he was beyond a certain threshold.

    Zhongli Wu's tornado contained terrifying strength, but he had some way to minimize his own expenditure. This was his Bone Dragon King's doing, as it could perfectly control the element of wind so that he could minimize the soul power that he had to use.

    The airflow in Huo Yuhao's arms slowly became bigger, but the size was relative. The small sphere started releasing its aura, but it was immediately broken once it touched the destructive cyclone.

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