Volume 45: Huo Yuhao, Chapter 607.1: Yuhao Arrives

    The Skydream Iceworm was delighted as he said, "I can't fight. But I'm very good at containing energy. Don't forget that I'm a million year soul beast. I slowly transferred my spiritual power to you, but I still possess my own strength. I've cultivated for a million years, and spiritual power is my specialization. Don't worry and just absorb this soul ring. I'll help you store whatever spiritual power's left. When you can absorb it, I'll fuse this newly-found strength into your body. Won't that do? I can still be a container."

    Huo Yuhao eyes brightened. Tang Wutong was also delighted. Yes! The Skydream Iceworm was a million year spiritual-type soul beast. Ignoring his ability to fight, he was actually very good at storing energy. He had transferred his spiritual origin to Huo Yuhao. Given the amount of energy he had released, it should be fine for him to store the Evileye Tyrant King's seven hundred thousand year cultivation. Moreover, it was only his soul ring. It wasn't the immense spiritual power that the Evileye Tyrant King possessed.

    The Snow Empress furrowed her brow and asked, "Skydream, are you really confident? The Evileye Tyrant King's spiritual power is different from yours. His is much more dominant. You must be cautious. Otherwise, if things go wrong..."

    The Skydream Iceworm rolled his eyes and said, "Are you that unconfident? It's only a soul ring. Don't worry. I've got it. Come on, what's there to hesitate about? Yuhao, quickly fuse with this soul ring. If you can obtain his Light of Time, you'll strike gold. Your understanding of spatial power will ascend to another level. You might even understand the profundity of time domains."

    Huo Yuhao fully trusted the Skydream Iceworm. Without his fusion then, he wouldn't have gotten where he was today.

    He sat down without any hesitation. Using his spiritual power as a guide, he started to fuse with the Evileye Tyrant King's soul ring. As for the eye bone, Tang Wutong put it away. It wasn't a good time to fuse with it now. He should only consider it when he was preparing to form his third soul core.

    Huo Yuhao's entire body shook tremendously as the dark-red soul ring was absorbed into his body. He only felt a terrifying spiritual intent which was strong, dominant and filled with indignation and destructive intent swarming his spiritual sea. It was surging, and was about to tear his spiritual sea apart.

    But Huo Yuhao wasn't easily bullied. His spiritual soul core started to circulate quickly. His spiritual power, which carried some characteristics of Ultimate Ice, was slowly freezing this spiritual intent before slowly breaking it down. It purified the new spiritual power so that it could fuse with Huo Yuhao's body.

    The Skydream Iceworm's strength was demonstrated next. Just like he had mentioned earlier, he devoured all the purified spiritual power into his body before sealing it.

    With his help, Huo Yuhao's absorption went on smoothly. It had to be said that the Evileye Tyrant King's spiritual power was immense and dominant. He was indeed a seven hundred thousand year soul beast. Just the essence contained within his soul ring was enough to completely fill Huo Yuhao's spiritual sea.

    At the very start, he could still filter the spiritual power, but after a certain stage, he could no longer do so. This was because he no longer had any time. As every second passed, a large amount of spiritual energy would be released from the soul ring, and fuse with his spiritual sea.

    The Skydream Iceworm was strong too. At such a time, he absorbed all that spiritual power without any hesitation. He didn't even let go of the spiritual power that resisted him.

    He revealed his original form in Huo Yuhao's spiritual sea. The golden light patterns that had already vanished from his body were slowly being restored. It was just that were some blood-red patterns along with the golden light patterns. It was a manifestation of impure spiritual power.

    Even so, he still did Huo Yuhao a huge favour.

    Li Ya also appeared above Huo Yuhao's spiritual sea.

    Even though she couldn't devour spiritual power like the Skydream Iceworm, she still did her best to filter some of the spiritual power for him. She dispelled some of the brutal and violent aura.

    In this way, it was much easier for Huo Yuhao to fuse it into his body.

    In this continent, only he was daring enough to fuse with six Spirits. Furthermore, every one of them was very loyal to him.

    Right now, there were no longer any conflicts between him and his Spirits. They wouldn't interfere with him either. Apart from their trust in him, they also saw hope in him.

    Huo Yuhao's encounter with the God of Emotions and subsequent recognition by were simply too overwhelming for these six Spirits.

    Even though they all shared the same goal, they didn't bear too much hope when it came to ascending to the ethereal godly realm. They were only feeling lucky that they made their current choice after truly sensing a godly aura, and after realizing how the godly realm treated soul beasts. By following Huo Yuhao, they could leave this world and enter that realm, obtaining new life! What was there to whine about? They would do their best to help Huo Yuhao, in the hope that they could obtain new life in that realm.

    It took three days and three nights before Huo Yuhao fused the Evileye Tyrant King's soul ring into his body. It wasn't fully complete. This was because the Skydream Iceworm's golden light patterns had completely filled his body. This was why Huo Yuhao still had to suffer from some of the brutal spiritual power.

    This left his spiritual sea very unpeaceful. It was as if a storm could break out at any time.

    Right now, Huo Yuhao's cultivation should be that of an Ultimate Douluo. He was even a twin martial soul Ultimate Douluo.

    He was also like a rubber ball now. He was filled with air, and could only do his best to keep himself from bursting. If things went wrong, it was likely he would face problems.

    "Yuhao, the best solution now is to find a place for you and Wutong to cultivate quietly. It'll probably take longer for your body to absorb so much energy if you do that. However, it's the safest option. Furthermore, both of you have the potential to become Ultimate Douluo." The Snow Empress proposed.

    While Huo Yuhao was very powerful now, it was also very dangerous for him. If he faced a strong enemy and overused his powers, he might lose control of the energy that he had not assimilated yet. He would face the danger of death if that happened. The reason why he couldn't absorb all that energy was because his body wasn't adapted enough to do so yet. If he wanted to be able to handle it, he had to cultivate more to make himself stronger.

    However, could Huo Yuhao really find a place to cultivate now? The answer was no. There were still many matters to deal with in Radiant City.

    Huo Yuhao made a rough estimation. If he wanted to completely absorb the energy in his body and make a breakthrough as an Ultimate Douluo along with Tang Wutong, he would need at least three years.

    After they became Transcendent Douluo, their abilities were increasing too quickly. This made their foundations slightly unsteady. Given this, they couldn't possibly make another breakthrough in the short-term. They would run the risk of running amok.

    However, many things could happen in three years. At least, they couldn't enter closed-door cultivation now. First, they had to deal with the problems in Radiant City. It was only by killing Xu Tianran and making Ju Zi fulfil her ten-year promise that he could bring himself to cultivate and make a breakthrough.

    After listening to the Snow Empress' opinion, Huo Yuhao thought for a brief moment before saying to Tang Wutong, "Let's go. Let's return to Radiant City."

    He was telepathically connected to Tang Wutong. Naturally, she understood his worries. She nodded without any hesitation. At such a time, she had to support her man. Furthermore, things had to be settled at the Sun Moon Empire.

    Without the Holy Ghost Church, the Sun Moon Empire would be able to accumulate enough strength to attack in less than a year's time. This time, they were definitely going to work towards unifying the entire continent.

    Under such a circumstance, what they could most effectively do was fulfil their promise to Ju Zi. It was only in this way that the two empires would get some breathing space.

    Huo Yuhao knew that he could stop the Sun Moon Empire in the short-term, but he couldn't hold them off forever. After all, he had to challenge Di Tian the moment he became an Ultimate Douluo and accepted the God of Emotions' seat. As for what would happen next, he didn't know. The future was unknown. However, the situation in the continent had already changed. The advent of technology had brought the entire continent under the control of soul tool technology. This was irreversible.

    After the Heavenly Soul Empire was invaded, there were many protests at the start. However, as soul tool technology slowly crept into people's lives, the protests became less and less vigorous.

    Ordinary citizens had very simple demands. As long as they could live in peace, had enough to eat, and could keep warm, they were content. Moreover, soul tool technology brought them a lot of conveniences. As time passed, they slowly got used to it. They even forgot what had happened before.

    It seemed like it was possible to reverse the Sun Moon Empire's dominance of the continent. However, no matter what, Huo Yuhao had to turn back time, since he was from the Star Luo Empire, and he had to do this for Shrek Academy too.

    Looking from afar, Radiant City was like a huge beast. Only the imperial palace seemed to be a little disharmonious.

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