Chapter 13.1: Mysterious Water Pill

    Book 2: Academy of Monsters

    "Match, start." After announcing the start of the match, the referee rapidly retreated. Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi then released their martial souls almost simultaneously.

    The Soul Dueling Arena that had previously been clamouring instantly became silent, everyone's attention now focused on the two people in the arena. As influential figures within Shrek Academy's outer courtyard, every single duel between Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi would shake one to the core. The other students loved it when they fought against each other. Furthermore, there were even many students who privately made bets against one another.

    Blue lightning gathered around Bei Bei's body, and his right arm expanded rapidly. As the blue lightning wreathed his body, his martial soul, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, was released.

    On the other side, Xu Sanshi didn't show any weaknesses at all. His body expanded once again, causing his uniform to stretch outwards. Following that, the massive tortoiseshell shield appeared in his right hand again as well.

    The two began to slowly walk around the outside of the arena as they stared at one another with piercing gazes. The strong soulforce that was being emitted from the two of them-one blue and one black-increased in strength unceasingly. The differences between the two different types of soulforce could clearly be seen.

    On the surface, they looked like they looked like they were evenly matched. Both of them were Soul Elder experts that possessed three soul rings, and both of them were battle-type Soul Elders. From their martial souls, Bei Bei was clearly an assault system Soul Elder, while Xu Sanshi-who possessed a shield-was highly likely to be a defense system Soul Elder.

    One of them had the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon that was known as the martial soul with the highest amount of attack power, while the other had a mutated martial soul that had an enormous level of defense, the Mysterious Underworld Turtle. It was hard to say who would win.

    Wang Dong seemed to have forgotten about his issue with Huo Yuhao as he silently began to concentrate on the two people in the arena. Huo Yuhao was the same. Their moods had involuntarily fluctuated towards following the two competing Soul Elders.

    After releasing his martial soul, Bei Bei's gentle temperament instantly turned sharp. On the other hand, Xu Sanshi's hot temper seemed to have cooled down, and a mountain-like stability had appeared.

    When Xu Sanshi reached the area that was closest to Huo Yuhao and the others, Bei Bei suddenly roared, and charged towards Xu Sanshi like a bolt of lightning.

    Xu Sanshi was slightly startled. He hadn't exposed any weaknesses, and this wasn't a great opportunity for Bei Bei either! When did Bei Bei become so impulsive?

    Although Xu Sanshi thought this in his heart, he didn't dare to be slow at all. He was extremely clear on the explosive power that Bei Bei could release when he attacked.

    When Bei Bei was only five or so metres away from Xu Sanshi, he suddenly leapt upwards and sent his right arm, which was covered with thick scales, towards Xu Sanshi's head. Blue lightning wrapped itself around Bei Bei's draconic claw, signifying that he could release his soul skill at any time.

    However, Xu Sanshi remained calm and unhurried. He slightly shifted his right foot back half a step, and slightly crouched down. He placed his shield in front of his body, allowing it to completely protect his body. Meanwhile, pitch-black soulforce surged out from his tortoiseshell shield, faintly forming a black halo of light that both shrouded and protected him.

    "Boom-" Bei Bei's draconic claw collided ferociously against the thick black tortoiseshell shield, causing the two of their bodies to simultaneously shake. Bei Bei rapidly halted his attack and fell back, while Xu Sanshi slid backwards.

    Of Xu Sanshi's three soul rings, his hundred year soul ring suddenly lit up, causing the black light emitted by his tortoiseshell shield to immediately be doubled. A strong black halo spread out from his shield, covering a full ten or so square metres. It was like an enormous hood that pushed outwards. It even emitted rumbling sounds as it was released.

    This was Mysterious Underworld Quake, Xu Sanshi's first soul skill.

    This was a wide range knockback skill that also had a dizzying effect. If his opponent's cultivation was inferior to his, they would feel dizzy and be knocked backwards. At the very least, this skill could allow Xu Sanshi to pull some distance from his enemies.

    However, Xu Sanshi never expected Bei Bei to be so determined.

    When Xu Sanshi released his first soul skill, both Bei Bei's second and third soul rings unexpectedly lit up at the same time.

    The first to activate was his third ring, which was his thousand year one. As its light expanded outwards, a low rumbling sound suddenly exploded from Bei Bei's body, causing his entire body to emit strong bluish purple lightning. The scales on his right hand spread rapidly towards his body, encapsulating the right side of his chest within them. Following that, the aura surrounding his body instantly rose.

    This was Thunderous Fury.

    Following that, his second soul ring flashed, causing many thick electric snakes to instantly burst outwards from Bei Bei's body.

    When Bei Bei combined his second and third soul skills, they managed to negate Xu Sanshi's Mysterious Underworld Quake. Even if Xu Sanshi was widely recognised for his defense, his Mysterious Underworld Quake wasn't able to knock Bei Bei away.

    A hole was forcibly torn into the black hood formed by Xu Sanshi's skill. Bei Bei ignored the assaults of the black streams of air and stubbornly forced his way in.

    Xu Sanshi was startled, but his movements didn't slow down in the least. His second and third soul rings also lit up in succession. He was all too familiar with Bei Bei's power, and was extremely confident in his own defense. Although he didn't feel 100% certain that he could defeat Bei Bei, Bei Bei absolutely wouldn't be able to beat him if he concentrated firmly on his defense.

    However, in the instant that he released his second and third soul skills, he suddenly felt as if his brain had been pierced by a needle. A trace of fuzziness instantly appeared in his consciousness, causing his two soul skills to suddenly turn sluggish for a moment. He'd actually been unable to immediately release them.

    Bei Bei's pouncing body suddenly turned illusory. This was the Tang Sect's Ghost Shadow Perplexing Tracks. His body crouched slightly downwards, and his entire body seemed to slide along the ground. He used his right claw to hook onto the bottom of the tortoiseshell shield, whilst simultaneously sliding behind it.

    Even if Xu Sanshi wanted to release his soul skills, it was too late. Letting Bei Bei get around his shield like this had already doomed him to tragedy.

    Bei Bei used his right foot to stamp directly on Xu Sanshi's calf, and underneath the strengthening effects of Thunderous Fury, the lightning of Vigorous Thunderbolt instantly surged forth. In the next moment, Xu Sanshi's body was only able to tremble in its original location. On the other hand, Bei Bei's enormous draconic arm dug directly into his shoulder. The outcome of the battle had been settled, just like that.

    The match had ended even faster than most people had expected, so much so that there were many people who simply hadn't seen what happened. Bei Bei had gone around Xu Sanshi's tortoiseshell armor's defense and then subdued his opponent in order to obtain victory.

    "Bei Bei wins." The referee's voice rang out, announcing the victor. He didn't stop Bei Bei from throwing Xu Sanshi to the ground either.

    Xu Sanshi's bodily resistance was indeed extremely strong, which was shown by how his trembling immediately stopped when Bei Bei withdrew his lightning. However, his words were still somewhat scattered. "You, you were cheating." Although he didn't know how Bei Bei had cheated, he knew that he definitely wasn't the reason for his soul skills being slowed down by half a beat earlier. Furthermore, he'd been fully concentrated on his defense. The fact that Bei Bei had actually been able find the weakest spot in his defense in only a single moment was completely outrageous.

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