82 Lone Battle

    The Myth Legion had never left the battlefield for many hundreds of years and were fundamentally experienced in all sorts of battles, but when had they ever seen such a broken-looking group of Battle Mechas that would use such underhanded tactics, making them wonder if they were a bunch of gangsters or bastards instead?

    What made them unable to believe what was happening was that this group of gangster Battle Mechas was so unafraid of death; there was clearly black smoke and sparks appearing on their body, but after several seconds, they would act as if they were reincarnated from the flames of life, standing up and continuing their battle.

    There was especially one of them from the battalion-a broken-looking green Battle Mecha-that seemed to be the most broken and glorious-looking of them all. This battalion had plenty of tactics as they faced the Myth Legion. Even though they were not well-versed in close combat techniques, their evasive tactics were clearly much better than other Federation Battle Mechas. When attacking, they would utilize different kinds of piercing formations and controlled firepower to isolate the space between the Myth Legion Battle Mechas, crushing them one by one.

    The Myth Legion was, after all, not deities, and when faced against this group of soldiers swarming in, they would still retreat when left alone; these gangster-like Battle Mechas felt like some slippery loaches, making the Myth Legion feel helpless. Wallace knew that this time, their mission had failed, and thus, he made the decision without tangling on and commandeered the Myth Legion to break out of this enclosure.

    The entire Myth Legion had been cut up into small sections, making it hard to break out of this enclosure. The only group that was grouped were the [King Kongs] under Wallace's command. They relied on their powerful charging force and extremely fast speed to kill their way out before finally breaking out of the enclosure as they retreated back into the forest in a flurry at the cost of half of the forces of this Myth Legion group, which was comprised of two companies and one platoon.

    This was the first time the Federation special Battle Mecha forces had battled with the Myth Legion head-on and smashed half of their forces! Seeing that their target objective had been successfully saved, the gangster-like Battle Mechas were celebrating in happiness as they could boast of their capabilities when they go back!

    On the mountain ridges, Fatty, who was watching the battle, had been angered to the point of becoming muddled-headed. He immediately scolded out in the regional communication channel, "You, this group of idiots! Has there ever been a case of several hundred Battle Mechas that are in a broken condition acting dead together?! Also, you have already surrounded them, and yet, you still let them run away. Since they have already run off, then let it be the case. Just don't bring your open mouth all the way to this father's side!"

    Seeing the Myth Legion Battle Mechas rushing towards the mountain ridges, Fatty did not care to continue scolding anymore as he shouted out, "Save me! Russell is over at my side! Damn it! Faster, come and save me! They are killing!"

    Those gangsters that were celebrating had all become stumped until the moment their regiment commander, Nadal, gave the orders to continue chasing. Only then did they wake up from their elation as they hurriedly ran towards the direction the Myth Legion had been escaping in.

    However, a distant water would not be able to kill the close fire, and the speed of the Myth Battle Mechas was so much faster than the warrior-class Battle Mechas. Fatty had cried there and then as by the time he waited for those idiots to arrive, the dishes would have become cold.

    Burning with anxiety, Fatty cast his sight over to the several protruding rocks that were by the side of the mountain ridge. After walking around these small and big rocks at the halfway mark of the mountain, he suddenly laughed out with joy. This was the path one had to take in order to go up the mountain ridge. If the Myth Legion decided to change their path of retreat before reaching here, then it was fine. However, if they were to continue in his direction, then these several mountain rocks would bring with them the cliff above, erupting downwards, and the landslide that was caused by the heavy rain would most likely bury half of them!

    Quickly using his eyes to mark and carve out several places where he could place the explosives at, Fatty took out the engineer mine from his toolbox before placing them in the proper locations; he became really excited while waiting for the Myth Legion to come his way.

    The Myth Legion Battle Mechas were in a panic. They did not understand why those celebrating, gangster-like Federation Battle Mechas would, all of a sudden, seem as if they ate some medicine to boost their drive and continue chasing after them. Even the most iron-blooded warrior would have a change in his mind after being defeated, and the Myth Legion soldiers would absolutely not allow themselves to become captured. Seeing the group of beggar-like Battle Mechas that were akin to grabbing chicken, the Myth soldiers that were in the state of defeat became even more panicked as they were being ousted like chickens and dogs.

    The Myth Battle Mechas had directly ran into the trap set by Fatty, and after several resounding explosions, a section of the cliff started collapsing in view of the explosions. Thousands upon thousands of cubic meters of rock mixed with rainwater and silt came rushing down. All the Myth Battle Mechas that were running at the forefront, other than a single [King Kong], had been buried underneath by the gigantic collapse, which they were defenseless against. As for the other [Devil Tigers] behind, they could not move at all under the continuous flow of silt, leading to them being surrounded by the Federation Battle Mechas.

    Stewart was stunned as he stood by the mountain ridge, looking at the excited, broken-looking [Beast Mk.III] that was shaking its butt, and only after half a beat did he grit his teeth and said, "You are the one! You are the one! This father has finally found you! **01314, prepare to be trialed!"

    An entire platoon of [King Kongs] along with half a company of [Devil Tigers] had been buried alive, and the only one that escaped alive, Wallace, had been driven mad. Pulling his joystick, the [King Kong] was just like a mad tiger as it leapt towards that [Beast] which was so pleased with himself. He had to tear this despicable and shameless bastard into pieces!

    Fatty's extreme joy soon turned into sorrow as the rocks continued falling, breaking the mountain ridge passage into two sections. No one could help him now, as he had to face this [King Kong] that pledged to take revenge all by himself!

    [King Kong]'s speed was really fast, and after just two cannon shots by [Logic], [King Kong] had already leapt before him with the ion-blade hacking down at his weak spots!

    Fatty was astonished; he was barely able to subconsciously do a combination of orders, prompting [Logic] to barely dodge the attack while sending a kick at the wrist of [King Kong]. This ion-blade's power was too big and he had to get rid of it as soon as possible.

    As someone who had been in more than a hundred battles, how would Wallace let this broken-looking Battle Mecha in front of him achieve his desire? Keeping his blade, he similarly kicked out, and with the short legs of [King Kong], it went directly at the cabin of the broken-looking Battle Mecha!

    "This chap is clearly much stronger than the [King Kong] that had been smashed by me previously. Why did I meet him the moment I go out on a mission?"

    Gritting his teeth, Fatty dodged the attack; his hand speed had been increased to its maximum potential, causing [Logic]'s speed to increase more and more. These two Battle Mechas on the mountain ridge were moving rapidly as they battled, causing those special forces down the mountain to sweep their energy cannons frantically against those [Devil Tigers] while gesticulating wildly and talking.

    [King Kong]'s speed could not be considered fast, but that ion-blade in its hand was truly too terrifying, as every single strike was aimed at the weak points of Fatty. Fatty's hands were cramping up soon, and yet, he could not increase his hand speed to 40 APS. The instantaneous transformation capabilities of the biological double attribute metal, which was designed by Milan, could not be fully unleashed to its potential with such a slow hand speed.

    Both of them began moving faster and faster, and at the top of the mountain ridge, one could merely see two shadows flickering about as they continued clashing and retreating. The "pi pa" sounds coming from the clashing of fists and legs of the mechas followed one after another just like exploding peas.

    [King Kong] once again increased its speed, with the ion-blade wielded in a backhand manner slashing right at the lower limb of [Logic]. With a stretch, the left hands went towards the cabin of Fatty's Battle Mecha. Now that he was in a life and death situation, at this moment, Fatty's hand speed had, all of a sudden, broke through to 40 APS. The mechanical arms of [Logic] immediately went to protect the cabin, and with a push of the mechanical legs, he evaded the ion-blade before kicking out at the chest of [King Kong].

    During the time he was executing these few moves, Fatty had a flashback that was just as fleeting as electricity and flint stones; it was of the match between the person called Zhang Qing with his [Hoch] against the other person with his [God Armor].

    Zhang Qing! What he used was not solely a current era Battle Mecha combat technique! Instead, it brought with it another Battle Mecha combat technique that had the concept of ancient Earth China's martial arts!

    When he was young, Fatty had also done the standard martial arts sequence of movements that were passed down from generation to generation. However, they were merely flowery fists and fancy footwork meant for strengthening his body! At this moment, the substance of a book that introduced an ancient Earth China's martial arts style began floating in his mind.

    "Hands are likened to two doors. Focus on the legs to hit the other!"

    A jab kick! The Northern Legs of the ancient China's Northern Legs and Southern Fist martial art!
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