Chapter 726: The Voice wraps up!

    Chapter 726: The Voice wraps up!

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    After his off days came to an end, Zhang Ye arrived back at Central TV early in the morning. When he reached The Voice's program team office after taking the elevator up, the staff immediately surrounded him. Some of them were chatting lightheartedly with him while others were worried about his recent incident.

    "Director Zhang, you're here?"

    "You gave us such a scare yesterday!"

    "Yeah, we thought that you might not be coming back anymore because of that."

    "The police didn't trouble you, right?"

    "You aren't hurt, right, Director Zhang? Why did you get into a fight again?"

    "I was in the elevator just now and overheard two leaders chatting. They were talking about how they won't approve your off days anymore in case you go...ahem. The Voice's recording couldn't proceed if you weren't here today. The recorded scenes we did before have all been broadcast."

    "Yes, please don't scare us like that anymore in the future. Our weak hearts won't be able to take it."

    The assistant directors and editors kept going on and on about it.

    Zhang Ye laughed. "I'll be fine, thank you all for your concern. Is the recording studio all set up and ready? What time will the coaches arrive?"

    Ha Qiqi said, "The four coaches will be ready by 10 o'clock."

    Zhang Zuo said, "The contestants have all arrived too and are getting ready for the stage."

    Zhang Ye voiced his understanding. "Now that the blind auditions have been completed, we will be recording the battle rounds. This will be different from the previous segments, so I need everyone to give their full attention and follow the procedures I listed out beforehand. There will be four main camera positions, so let's set them up." [1.]


    "Got it."


    Under Zhang Ye's command, the program team staff began to work very quickly. A sense of self-confidence they didn't have before could be seen on everyone's faces. This was bestowed upon them by Zhang Ye, as well as by The Voice. After several broadcasted episodes, The Voice's viewership ratings were just as hot, as it maintained the number 1 spot in the nationwide viewership ratings for variety shows. They were even leading the number 2 spot by a long way. As such, The Voice's program team staff were emboldened and confident. At least at this current moment, they were the most excellent program team there was among all of the variety show teams in the country.


    Around 10 AM.

    In the recording studio.

    Three of the coaches had already arrived. Only Zhang Yuanqi was not here yet, but her manager had called in advance to inform them that she was on the way. The preparations in the studio were more or less complete, with Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and a few other staff members making some last-minute adjustments.

    Offstage, Zhang Ye was chatting with the coaches.

    Chen Guang said with a laugh, "You got into trouble again yesterday? Wenli and I read about the news."

    Zhang Ye replied, "It was just a small thing."

    Chen Guang was amused by this response. "You even smashed the cars of Tsinghua University, how could it be a small thing?"

    "That temper of yours..." Zhang Xia said with a hint of criticism, "...you'd better improve it. I'm only telling you this because I don't treat you as an outsider, but just look at our entertainment circle. Are there any celebrities who have a temper as bad as yours? After all, that's Tsinghua University you're dealing with. You should have made some allowances with them no matter what."

    Zhang Ye sincerely responded, "Alright, I will listen to Grandma Zhang's advice."

    Zhang Xia helplessly said, "All you do is talk the talk. You need to walk the walk too."

    Fan Wenli chuckled. "But then again, Director Zhang is doing really well in the entertainment circle even with that temper of his. That is also a talent by itself, and at least for me and Old Chen, we aren't able to do the same. Whenever Old Chen and I get some negative news reported on us, even if it's just some baseless rumor, both of us suffer a drop in our popularity. Our reputation also takes a hit. We're completely unlike you since every time there's any negative news or trouble concerning you, your popularity increases instead. You're definitely a miracle of the entertainment circle!"

    Zhang Ye smiled and quickly said, "Sister Fan, please don't praise me so greatly. What miracle? Everyone is calling me the oddity of oddities. I know all about that."

    However, Zhang Ye did not care how others judged him. Anything he wished to do or anything he wanted to do, as long as he felt that it was not wrong, no one could stop him from doing.

    A commotion stirred outside.

    The thud of footsteps gradually got closer and closer. Zhang Yuanqi arrived!

    "Sorry I'm late, everyone," Sister Zhang politely apologized the moment she walked in. "I won't explain why, but after we finish recording today's episode, let me treat everyone to dinner. It was really just a one-off incident today." Actually, there were other cases like this where a big shot celebrity like a Heavenly King was three hours late to a filming and the director and crew did not say a word about it. The entire film crew just waited for him to show up. But Old Zhang was much more considerate in her actions and the way she spoke. Even though she was only late by 10 minutes, she still apologized immediately after she arrived. This was also the reason why Sister Zhang enjoyed such a good relationship with everyone even after working for so many years in the entertainment circle. At least on the surface, she was very friendly.

    Chen Guang smiled and said, "It's fine, we only just arrived too."

    Zhang Xia asked, "Did you get held back because of your fans?"

    "Yes." Zhang Yuanqi laughed gently. "I had only just left my home when the reporters and fans blocked my way. I nearly couldn't make it here." After explaining, she looked at Zhang Ye and said, "I thought you were taken away by the police again."

    Zhang Ye laughed. "Well, I don't get taken down that easily."

    Zhang Yuanqi gave him advice out of goodwill. "Take it easy."

    "OK." Zhang Ye then looked to his staff and said, "Let the audience in and prepare to start recording."

    The staff opened the doors and allowed the audience to make their way into the recording studio. At the same time, many of their colleagues from Central TV's other program teams also joined the audience for the recording. They found a seat wherever they could, while those who did not have any seats ended up finding a corner and standing there. They were all here to take part in the recording of the new episode of The Voice. In the previous blind audition rounds, everyone had understood and learned the way the segment operated. But for today's recording, it was going to be about the coaches' battle rounds, so a lot of their industry peers had come to watch and learn about it. Even if many of those people at Central TV still didn't approve of Zhang Ye as a host who always got into trouble every other day, they knew that his results were definitely the real deal. It was there for all to see. For a show that was ranked number 1 in the nationwide viewership ratings for variety shows, there might be some home viewers who did not watch it because they didn't like to watch talent shows. But to an industry peer, even if it was a genre they did not like, they would still watch it. This was because it was their job. They also wanted to learn why Zhang Ye's programs could get such high viewership when they couldn't do it themselves. They had to know the reason!

    Very soon, the recording began.

    The stage lights flashed as the fog machine spewed out fog!

    Zhang Ye walked out to the stage slowly. "I-will-not-accept-any-gifts-this-year The-only-gift-I-will-accept-is-Brain Gold There's-no-need-to-watch-any-TV-shows-this-year The-only-TV-show-you-need-to-watch-is-The Voice The-authentic-health-product The-authentic-The Voice Welcome-to-the-broadcast-of-The Voice of China-brought-to-you-exclusively-by-our-title-sponsor-leader-in-health-products-Brain Gold Drink-Mount Zhou Mineral Water-to-show-your-support-for-The Voice The-most-favored-student-of-the-four-coaches-for-this-season-of-The Voice..."

    It was the same reciting!

    They were the same lines of the advertising message!

    But even with the same tricks, he still managed to get the entire audience pumped up. Every time the audience heard Zhang Ye's machine gun-like reciting speed, they roared with excitement!

    Offstage, Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and the others looked at each other and thought to themselves how lucky it was that nothing had happened to Zhang Ye yesterday. Otherwise, even if the position of the executive director could be replaced by someone else, no one could fill Zhang Ye's shoes as the host!


    The days flew by.

    One week.

    Another week.

    Yet another week.

    The duration of a singing show couldn't possibly be stretched out for too long. After around a month or so, the curtain was finally drawn on the first season of The Voice with much anticipation!

    The only tinge of regret Zhang Ye had was that in the lead-up to the night of the finale, Zhang Ye had strongly advocated to Central TV Department 1 for the season finale to be broadcast live on TV. He had wanted it to be just like The Voice from his previous world where they wrapped up the finals with a live broadcast, but due to Central TV Department 1's status as a national broadcaster rather than a provincial TV station, they had more considerations to be concerned about. They could not risk having anything that could not be controlled go wrong on live television. Therefore, Zhang Ye's application for the last episode to be broadcast live was denied. His team could only adhere to the old way of recording first and then broadcasting it later. The only redeeming factor was that the show's effects and quality were still considerably good.

    The top three contestants of the first season of The Voice were revealed.

    Champion: Dong Hao.

    Runner-up: Qian Pingfan.

    Second Runner-up: Luo Yu.

    On this night of the finale, The Voice was the most discussed topic on Weibo, Tieba, and various forums. This night belonged to The Voice!

    "Hai, my Yuan Tong! You could only go as far as eighth place!"

    "I like Yuan Tong. She's beautiful and sings well too!"

    "I like Zhou Danian. I hadn't expected that he would get eliminated in the third live round. What a pity!"

    "Dong Hao got first place? He was definitely a dark horse. He only has average looks, and does not have much personality in his singing voice, but I think that he was particularly good at performing at the right time. He's a typical contest-based participant and on that point, he really had a big advantage over the others!"

    "How could Qian Pingfan only be ranked second! *flips table*"

    "My beloved Luo Yu! Third place is too unfair for you!"

    "Dong Hao getting first place is well-deserved!"

    "What the heck? To me, Zhou Danian is the true champion! That old man was awesome!"

    "No matter how it ended, The Voice was an incredibly good watch. To me, this is the best variety show there is. No other shows even come close!"

    "Right! Zhang Ye has again done it too amazingly! It was a pleasant surprise to everyone! I could never have expected that our country could come up with such an outstanding variety show!"

    "Teacher Zhang, thank you for putting on such a great show for us!"

    "I love you, Qian Pingfan! I love The Voice and I love Zhang Ye!"

    "Waiting for the next season! Waiting so hard!!"

    "It's definitely going to be the best variety show this year!"

    "The show's creativity, stage effects, skills of the host, strength of the contestants, no matter which aspect we look at, The Voice has totally outdone all of those talent shows in the same genre!"

    "That was so exciting!"

    "The Voice, thank you for accompanying me till the end of summer!"

    There were discussions, analyses, appreciation, and criticism as the heated debates came one after another!


    On that night, the season finale of The Voice had its viewership ratings calculated in advance. A breakdown of viewership ratings for The Voice from its first episode showed that it had always been doing very well!

    First episode viewership: 2.01%

    Second episode viewership: 2.12%

    Third episode viewership: 2.04%

    Fourth episode viewership: 1.95%

    Fifth episode viewership: 1.98%

    Sixth episode viewership: 2.09%

    Seventh episode viewership: 2.13%

    Eighth episode viewership: 2.22%!

    The average viewership was maintained at above 2%!

    Then, for the season finale episode, The Voice once again broke the nationwide viewership ratings record by securing a shocking 2.45%!!

    A miracle!

    -That was the word that many industry insiders used describe the advent and closing of The Voice of China!
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