Chapter 736: This chapter is an enjoyable read!

    Chapter 736: This chapter is an enjoyable read!

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    "What an uncommon person!"

    "Quickly, record this poem! We will submit it for this evening newspapers!"

    "'Experience is...' what comes after 'Experience is'?"

    "Experience is the fruit of life!"

    "That's right, that's right. The words used were really too exquisite!"

    "This little girl is no average person after all!"

    The reporters and crowd lavished praise on Chenchen.

    Zhang Ye who was watching from a distance away felt angry and tickled at the same time. He had once again experienced just how smart this child was. He merely sang a few lines of that poem in the morning which Chenchen overheard, or it could also be that she saw the calligraphy he wrote of this introductory poem. But just by listening or seeing it once, she had managed to memorize it just like that. If it were another child, or rather, most adults in general, not even they could've achieved something like this.

    Faced with all the praise from everyone, Chenchen remained relatively calm and was very cooperative. When the reporters' cameras focused on her, she would turn to face them and pose, though not showing much of an expression.

    "Rao Chenchen!" Zhang Ye shouted at her.

    When she heard, Chenchen looked in the direction the sound came. After she saw him, she said, "Zhang Ye, I solved a crime."

    Zhang Ye stared at her angrily. "What did you think you were doing?! I'll deal with you when we get back home!"

    But with his appearance, the reporters were left with their mouths agape!


    "It's Zhang Ye!"

    "What is Teacher Zhang doing here?"

    "Picking up Chenchen?"

    "Holy **, could he be a relative of our little hero?"

    "What the hell! They are relatives??"

    "I knew it! I was still thinking how an eight-year-old child could produce such an exquisite poem? It was definitely Zhang Ye who composed the poem privately which then got memorized by this child!"

    The police officers also stared blankly at him. Earlier, when they contacted Zhang Ye with the number that Chenchen gave to them, they did not know who they were calling, neither did they know that the person would turn out to be such a big time celebrity. Moreover, it even turned out to be the notorious Zhang Ye whose name was already very well-known within the Public Security Bureau! Beating up a leader's son, beating up a Korean celebrity, and more recently, smashing cars belonging to Tsinghua University. Zhang Ye had dealt plenty with the officers from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. Within the Bureau itself, the legend of Zhang Ye had already been spread to all corners!

    A detective exclaimed, "You are Rao Chenchen's guardian?"

    "That's right, I'm here to pick the child up. Sorry for the trouble she's caused," Zhang Ye said.

    A senior detective said, "She did not give us any trouble at all. In fact, she has been a great help. Let me express our gratitude on behalf of the Municipal Public Security Bureau's Criminal Investigation Brigade. As reward for assisting in cracking the case, there will be a prize given to Chenchen and her classmates. We will have to seek approval for the reward amount to the higher-ups first, but someone should contact you in the coming few days."

    "There's even a reward?" Zhang Ye said in surprise. "Sure."

    A female reporter squeezed over from the other side and stood in front of Zhang Ye. "Teacher Zhang, I'm from the TV station. Please let us interview you. Regarding Chenchen, she..."

    Zhang Ye immediately flapped his hands. "Stop filming, stop filming. She is just a child, why would you want to get her on the news? Everyone, stop filming now. Those who have already recorded the footage, even if you intend to pixelate the footage, I still won't allow you people to publish it on the news. There cannot be any photos or footage of the children's faces and their figures appearing in the media. This is a form of protection for them!"

    A male cameraman said, "Don't be like this, Teacher Zhang. Please make an exception for this!"

    A middle-aged reporter said, "That's right, we've even planned the layout for our headlines!"

    Zhang Ye firmly said, "I don't care what becomes of your page layout, I'm the child's guardian. And if I don't authorize this, no one can report it on the news without my permission! There's no room for negotiation with this!"

    Actually, Lianlian, Mengmeng, and the other children's parents also did not wish for any photos of their children to get published on the news. They feared that the criminal gang might still have some accomplices who had not been captured yet. If those people saw the children's pictures, they could seek revenge. Although this had a low probability of happening, they still could not take the risk and had to stick to the safe side in consideration of the children. The reason they did not speak up earlier was because this was the first time they were faced with such a situation. They were very nervous and had never dealt with media reporters, so they found it difficult to say anything to them. But with Zhang Ye here, they were relieved. The issue would be easier to handle since the parents knew that Zhang Ye was different from them. As a celebrity, he was more familiar in dealing with reporters than them. With him representing them, there would surely be no problems at all.

    After settling the problem here, Zhang Ye turned around and looked for the parents of Mengmeng, Little Fatso, and the others. He ran over to apologize, "Everyone, I'm really sorry for letting your children be in such danger. I will criticize Chenchen later and make sure she doesn't do something like this again. I will pay a visit to everyone again at a later date to express my apologies!"

    Zhang Ye had not even ascertained the situation yet, but he knew in his heart of hearts that Chenchen was definitely the one who led the other children along. No one would have done that except her!

    Mengmeng's mother repeatedly said, "It's OK, it's OK!"

    Little Fatso's father said, "Teacher Zhang, listen to what you are saying. This is a good thing!"

    Little Chao's father laughed heartily and said, "Teacher Zhang, you are being too courteous with us. What are you apologizing for? I should be thanking you instead. From the time my child started kindergarten, he has always been timid. I've always been unhappy that he couldn't not live up to my expectations, so now that he has contributed to such a marvelous incident, I can't be more thankful than this. I must thank Little Chenchen for this."

    Little Chao chuckled, "Dad, am I cool?"

    Little Chao's father gave him the thumbs up. "You did well this time! You have made your father proud!"

    Zhang Ye said, "It was all my fault, I shouldn't have let this child leave my side. Whenever she is out of my sight, she will always make something happen."

    Chenchen was not very happy about this.

    Taking notice, form teacher Zhao Mei walked over. "Teacher Zhang, don't blame Chenchen when you get back home. Although what she did was a little dangerous, the child had good intentions. Acting bravely is to be encouraged. Since it's already happened, and we are happy with the outcome too, don't reprimand the child anymore and encourage her instead. I feel that Chenchen was really capable in handling such a situation. You shouldn't be treating her as a child anymore. For the children in our class, I would be worried if any of them went out alone, afraid that they might get involved in an accident, get kidnapped by someone, or so on. But the only person I don't worry about is Chenchen. She's smarter than everyone else, so you have to consider her as an adult."

    Zhang Ye said exasperatedly, "It's precisely because this kid is too smart that why she stirs up trouble for me every day. You even dare to follow a thief? Don't you value your life? You even want to seek out their hideout? Did you think you were Dong Cunrui?! You must learn to have self-control and not do whatever you want to do. You have to carefully consider the circumstances and not be impulsive. That is what a mature person should be like, do you understand?" he said in all earnestness, and looked at Chenchen. [1.]

    It was very well said!

    But when the surrounding police officers, reporters, as well as the crowd heard that, every one of them didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

    Who is Dong Cunrui?

    Besides, Teacher Zhang, among all the people present, the person who is least qualified to speak those words would probably be you!

    Learn to have self-control? Have to be thoughtful and not be impulsive? You educate the child with that exaggerated tale full of flowery words, but when it comes to your turn? Why didn't you think of having self-control when you were beating up your leaders? Why didn't you be more thoughtful when you were scolding your peers? Why didn't you calm down when you were smashing Tsinghua University's cars? If these words came out of anyone's mouth but yours, they would sound reasonable. But hearing it from you just makes it sound totally unconvincing!

    Moreover, thinking about it, Chenchen's fearless nature is clearly molded after you. You are surely the one who influenced her!

    Yet you want her to be thoughtful?

    Did you set a good example in the first place?

    You are the child's biggest negative influence! Being a person with this type of personality yourself, you still expect the child to learn anything good from you??


    [1. Dong Cunrui was a Chinese Communist soldier in the People's Liberation Army during the Chinese Civil War who blew himself up in order to destroy a Kuomintang bunker guarding an approach to an important bridge in Longhua County.]
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