Chapter 946: Take this one alive!

    Chapter 946: Take this one 'alive'!

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    The next day.

    At the front doors of South Wudang.

    An eerie voice echoed!

    Bang bang bang.

    "Old pal, open up!"

    Bang bang bang

    "Old pal, open up!"

    Half an hour later, screams rang throughout South Wudang!

    The front doors 1  were kicked down!

    The plaque was smashed to pieces!


    The day after next.

    And the day following that.

    That ghostly sentence sounded at many of the martial sects' headquarters!

    "Old pal, open up!"

    Then chaos ensued!


    Ten days later.

    Mount Hua.

    The Huashan Sect's headquarters.

    There were two sounds of knocking on the main doors. Bang bang.

    "Open up!"

    Bang bang bang.

    "Open up!"

    Suddenly, a trap that had laid in waiting was activated without warning and a large net was released from above. It firmly caught the unsuspecting person standing before the front doors!

    The front doors suddenly opened!

    "We've done it! It's a success!"

    "Get him!"

    "Tie him up!"

    "Kill him!"

    "Kill the thieving bastard!"

    "Defend the Huashan Sect!"

    "Beat the **er!"

    A barrage of punches and kicks!

    Weapons were drawn!

    It was a mass drubbing!

    But in the next moment, a piercing roar thundered from inside the net, stunning all of the Huashan disciples!

    "Mother**ing hell!" Fan Wen, the junior brother of the Huashan Sect leader, had his head wrapped in bandages and his arm in a cast. He was lying on the ground with a bloody nose and a bruised face. He shouted angrily, "Why the ** are you guys beating me up!"

    After being released from the police station's holding cell a few days ago, Fan Wen had gone to a local hospital for treatment. His arm was put into a cast and he also got a rabies shot-for the bite that he received from a Tibetan Mastiff. After much fuss, he'd finally returned the sect's headquarters today. But he could never have expected to get beaten up so violently before he could even step through the doors. He was beaten so badly that even the cast on his arm was shattered!

    All the disciples were dumbfounded!


    "Martial Uncle Fan!"

    "Martial Uncle!"

    "Why is it you? Why did it have to be you?"

    "Why are back?"

    "Aiya, you should have said you were coming back!"

    Fan Wen howled, "What do you **ing mean I didn't say? Didn't I ask you guys to open the doors for me!"

    Several disciples flusteredly went to remove the net and rescue Fan Wen out of it. They thought to themselves that with the ghostly "open up" phrase that he had used, who'd have known it was him? In recent days, that "old pal, open up" line had spread throughout the entire martial arts community and become the most frightening words that anyone from the large sects could hear, turning the people into birds startled by a sound!

    Shaolin was barged into!

    Kunlun was taken down!

    The Zhou Family Style was exterminated!

    The Kongtong and Iron Palm Sects had fallen one after another!

    Afterwards, in the span of 10 days, South Wudang, the Emei, the Maoshan Sect, the Zhao Family Style, and the remaining dozen or so large and small sects that had taken part in the denouncement of Rao Aimin were all attacked by Zhang Ye. Their front doors were breached, and their sect's plaque was smashed. No one could escape his wrath. There were even two sects who had relocated to a secret hideout overnight when they received news of Zhang Ye's impending arrival, but Zhang Ye still managed to find them somehow! Even after all that, Zhang Ye still did not intend to stop!

    Who would be next?

    Everyone already knew the answer!

    Next was them, the Huashan Sect!

    This was because they were the only martial sect left standing that had partaken in that incident. Moreover, Zhang Ye could have already made his way here when he was last near Mount Hua, but he had not come. Instead, he left this place for last. From that, it could be seen that Zhang Ye placed a certain amount of importance on this location. This was because on the day of the National Martial Arts Conference, Chen Xi and Huashan Sect were undoubtedly the lead main force of the main force, and was the only sect still with a grandmaster as its leader today!

    Now that Fan Wen was back, he was also asking about the situation anxiously.

    After the disciples related the events, everyone looked dejected as their expressions darkened!

    "How are the Sect Leader's injuries?"

    "He has not recovered yet!"

    "If Zhang Ye comes, then will Sect Leader..."

    "He certainly can't fight!"

    "Then shall we...make a run for it?"

    "How can we run away? We're the Huashan Sect, for goodness sake!"

    "Right, we won't run even if it means our deaths!"

    "Forsake our martial and run away? The ancestral founder would surely curse us to death!"

    "But who can hold off Zhang Ye?"

    "Where are the reinforcements? Where are they at?"

    "We've already sent out an appeal to the martial arts community! But..."

    "The other sects can hardly look after themselves right now, so who would answer to our appeal?"

    "A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him! When the Sect Leader has recovered from his injuries, we can fight again then..."

    "We can't run!"

    "We will take him on then!"

    A large sect still had the dignity of a large sect, after all!

    A few minutes later, a large group of people suddenly arrived outside their front doors.

    When the Huashan Sect saw this, they got very excited. "They're from the National Martial Arts Association!"

    The people from the National Martial Arts Association were here, a team of more than a dozen martial artists led by a steward. When they arrived, that steward immediately found Fan Wen and said, "Ah, Old Fan, why are you injured again?"

    There was fresh blood all over his arms.

    Fan Wen looked glum. "It's nothing. I fell down earlier." He couldn't possibly blame it on getting beaten up by his own sect's disciples, could he?

    The steward from the National Martial Arts Association said, "Where is Grandmaster Chen?"

    "He's recuperating at a different location," a Huashan Sect elder said.

    The National Martial Arts Association's steward nodded. "We're here to back you guys up. Don't worry. If Zhang Ye tries to cause trouble here at Huashan Sect, the entire martial arts community will not let him off easy!"

    However, at this moment, an eerie sound suddenly came from beyond the door!

    "Old pal, open up....Eh, it's already open? I'll let myself in then." Zhang Ye who was dressed in training clothes had at some point made his way quietly here!

    The Huashan Sect's people were horrified!


    "Zhang Ye!"

    "It's Zhang Ye!"

    "H-He's really here!"

    Many of them picked up their weapons at once!

    The National Martial Arts Association's steward was surprised. He looked at Zhang Ye and asked, "You really have the courage to appear on these grounds?"

    Zhang Ye smiled. "Why would I not?"

    The National Martial Arts Association's steward said angrily, "I am Li Yan from the National Martial Arts Association! And I am in charge of handling this problem! The Association has given me full authority in handling you. Zhang Ye, do you know what you're doing? Do you know who you're pitting yourself against?"

    Zhang Ye glanced at him. "I'd also like to know if you know who you people are pitting yourselves against. I've always been a reasonable man. If people are good to me, I will return the favor ten times over. But if someone provokes me, I'll be sure to return the favor a hundred times over! Li Yan, right? From the National Martial Arts Association? You're in charge of handling me? Can you handle it?! You people are suddenly making an appearance now? Where were you during the National Martial Arts Conference? Where were you when the news of the sneak attack was reported? Where were you when the dozen martial sects went against their morals and surrounded us and attacked? Stop bull**ting me!"

    Li Yan said furiously, "Don't you dare make a move against the Huashan Sect!"

    Chen Xi was the vice president of the National Martial Arts Association, while Fan Wen was a steward at the association. The relationship between the National Martial Arts Association and the Huashan Sect was therefore very close. When the other martial sects were attacked by the enemy, they did not show up. But when the Huashan Sect was in danger of attack, the National Martial Arts Association immediately sent their people over!

    However, no one expected what happened next!

    "Ha!" Zhang Ye laughed heartily.

    Li Yan's voice had just faded when Zhang Ye took a large stride forward and used a pushing hands movement to land a hit on Li Yan, leaving him lying on the ground!

    "Old Li!"



    "Old Crook Zhang!"

    The Huashan Sect was stunned!

    The National Martial Arts Association's people were also stunned!

    Li Yan lay on the ground and cried out angrily, "Zhang Ye!"

    Zhang Ye threw up his hands. "See if I care! I was still worried I might not find someone from the National Martial Arts Association. If it weren't for the National Martial Arts Association siding with their own that day, the issue wouldn't have escalated to this point. I have yet to take this up with you people, but you're already here pointing your fingers at me? You think I won't make a move on the Huashan Sect? Let alone Huashan Sect, even for those of you from the National Martial Arts Association, I'll **ing beat up any who come forward! What can you do about that? Back at the National Martial Arts Conference, you people from the National Martial Arts Association and the various large sects were all expressing an attitude of 'whoever was more skilled would have the last say.' Well, alright then, in recent days, I am the most skilled in the national martial arts world, so the last say belongs to me now! Isn't that right?"

    He was too imposing!

    This attack from Zhang Ye dumbfounded those people from the National Martial Arts Association!

    The dozen or so National Martial Arts Association people were ready to charge, but then took a step back again, probably afraid to do so!

    A madman!

    He's really a **ing madman!

    Then Zhang Ye shouted, "Where's Chen Xi? Why is he still not coming out?"

    No one spoke.

    Zhang Ye said, "He's not coming out, right? Then I have no choice. I've been very nice, deliberately giving him more than ten days to recover from his injuries and left the Huashan Sect as my last stop. Since he still hasn't recovered, don't blame me for being a bully. I want to see who'll try to stop me today!"

    Fan Wen raged, "When my senior bro recovers fully, that'll be the day you meet your demise!"

    Zhang Ye was amused. "Wait for him to fully recover? It's still a question whether he can even land a hit on me. Besides, by then, Old Rao would've already been discharged. I'm guessing that Old Rao will still want to pay a visit to the Huashan Sect when the time comes, so you can leave those words for her when she comes!"

    Fan Wen choked at those words!

    If Zhang Ye were bullying his way around the Huashan Sect today due to their lack of people, then when Rao Aimin came around, they would truly be swept away. Even if their sect leader were not injured, or if his martial arts skill were to greatly increase all of a sudden, that would still not be enough for him to equal Rao Aimin!

    "Let's take him on!"


    "Enough with the talk! Attack!"

    A battle instantly broke out!

    Huashan Sect was still a large sect after all, so they had many experts on their side. Compared to Kongtong or even the Zhou Family Style, they were on a completely different plane!

    But just like Zhang Ye had said earlier, in the current Chinese martial arts world where the five grandmasters were either injured or not around, he had the last say in things. They were not even a match for him!

    One person fell!

    Ten people fell!

    Twenty people fell!

    Zhang Ye was also injured from taking seven or eight punches. In addition, a person from the National Martial Arts Association slashed his arm with a sword. But an hour later, he was the only person left standing!

    They couldn't beat him!

    They simply couldn't beat him!

    The Huashan Sect people despaired!

    Several of those from the National Martial Arts Association did not even have the courage to attack anymore at the end!

    Zhang Ye looked at them. "Let me give you all a word of advice today. Do not think that if you're more skilled, you'll have the last say in things, that everything must follow your reasoning, that the world revolves around you and everyone else has to abide by your rules! There will always be someone who is more skilled than you!"


    He picked up a staff and prodded it upward!

    The Huashan Sect's plaque that was hanging overhead immediately fell into Zhang Ye's hands!

    "Zhang Ye!" Fan Wen glared at him with immense hatred!




    "If you want to break something, break me!"

    "Don't touch our Huashan Sect's plaque!"

    The Huashan Sect's disciples all looked doleful!

    It's done for!

    The Huashan Sect's plaque couldn't be protected!

    Zhang Ye had been going around smashing the plaques of the various large sects and smacking their faces in the process. Everyone knew this by now!

    Zhang Ye had already raised his hand as an open palm. But just as he was about to smash the plaque in his hand, he suddenly stopped and started studying the plaque. He turned it around, looked at the front, and even lowered his head to sniff at the wood's scent. In the end, Zhang Ye decided not to smash this plaque and tucked it under his arm instead, carrying it away with him.


    He took this one "alive"!

    It was made from fragrant rosewood 2  after all!
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