Chapter 996: A last-minute song change by The Clown!

    Chapter 996: A last-minute song change by The Clown!

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    In the waiting room.

    Han Qi said, "We're already through to the next round."

    Zhang Ye nodded.

    "No matter how you perform the next song, we can still proceed to the second episode. Teacher, why not consider not performing the second song tonight since your health is..."

    Zhang Ye smiled at her.

    Han Qi said, "The second round battle for the crown of the Masked King will be taking place immediately. According to the broadcast order, the elimination round for the three singers who were defeated will take place first. However, today's recording order was changed, so we'll record the battle of the Masked King round first. You're slated as the last of the three to appear onstage, but if you really can't bear it anymore, let's just give this round up. I'll communicate this to the production team since we won't get eliminated even if we withdraw now."

    Zhang Ye did not say anything.

    Han Qi's earpiece crackled. "Ah, it has already started!"

    Petal Shower's figure appeared on the TV as Dong Shanshan handed her the stage. The moment Petal Shower appeared, the audience suddenly rippled with excitement. This was because her previous performance left a deep impression on them and they liked her very much. Hence, the atmosphere exploded right as she took the stage!

    Han Qi sighed and said, "It definitely wouldn't be a problem with your skill. We'll battle them after you've recovered from your cold." She took a pause. "S-So rest a little longer. I'm gonna head out."

    Zhang Ye gave a noise of acknowledgment.

    The doors closed.

    No one else was left in the room.

    Zhang Ye weakly propped himself up and watched the TV.

    "When did we start putting on a façade?

    "When did we start forgetting to tell the truth?

    "When did we start forgetting how to love someone.

    "When did we start forgetting how to admit we were wrong."

    Petal Shower was performing a rock song that required her to sustain her falsetto. The range on her falsetto was simply extraordinary, and her technique was well-honed too. Her voice was completely different from Zhang Ye's voice that scattered through the registers. It was a very clear tone, and she could hit her falsetto range as and when she wanted to!

    The audience had truly never heard someone sing in such a way. It was quite refreshing!

    Waving hands!


    The atmosphere in the studio was heating up!

    Next, it was Sunflower in the Starlight's turn to take the stage.




    It was a fast-paced English song!

    The high notes were very strong! It was highly lethal!

    The moment he opened his mouth, he sang in a high pitch and with great explosiveness throughout his performance!

    Watching the TV, Zhang Ye could see that a lot of the audience members were so pumped that they stood from their seats. From inside the waiting room he even seemed to hear the faint sound of screaming coming from the studio!

    Then Zhang Ye looked away and turned off the TV.

    The room suddenly became quiet, similar to what Zhang Ye was feeling at the moment.

    When Zhang Ye stood onstage after his performance and faced the judges' comments about the weaknesses in his singing, he did not say anything. Right now, he did not want to say anything either.

    After he drank another Stamina Potion, he finally mustered up enough strength to open the game ring interface.

    He activated the Lucky Halo (Upgraded) with much difficulty.

    His Reputation Points were starting to decrease rapidly.



    He tapped on the Lottery Draw (One).

    He straight away added 500 additional stakes to the 100,000 Reputation Points per spin of the lottery draw.

    The wheel began to move.

    The needle started spinning.

    One revolution.

    Three revolutions.

    Five revolutions.

    Zhang Ye looked calmly at the wheel as the needle came to a rest in the Skills Category region. When he opened the golden treasure chest, the item majestically appeared from within.

    [Piano Skill Experience Book] × 501: Increases player's piano skill experience.

    It turned out otherwise indeed.

    Zhang Ye laughed at himself, a self-deprecating chuckle.

    The lottery was not omnipotent and the Lucky Halo did not necessarily help him achieve whatever results he wanted as it did not have sapience. It was only a tool that could help increase his luck stat. Zhang Ye was thinking of getting some sort of medicine to treat his cold or an item to treat his injuries from the lucky draw. However, Zhang Ye was not even sure if the lottery draw system had anything similar to the items he wanted, so he did not hold out hope that he would really win them so coincidentally. He had only intended to give it a try so that he could stop wondering if it would happen at all.

    This wasn't too bad.

    This was a rather good outcome, actually

    Zhang Ye consumed all the experience books.

    The door opened.

    Han Qi and a program team producer walked in. "Teacher Clown, it's almost your turn to go onstage. Can you hold together? If not, then this round..."

    Zhang Ye stood up. "I'm fine, let's go."

    Han Qi quickly said, "Let me help you."

    "There's no need." Zhang Ye shook his head.

    On the way to the studio, he reached into the game ring's inventory once again. This time, he took out five Stamina Potions and gulped them all down!

    Very good!

    He could still hang in there!

    Zhang Ye smiled. He was suddenly full of fighting spirit!

    Along the way, he saw a lot of the program team staff.

    Hu Fei was being astonished by Petal Shower's and Sunflower's passionate singing. When he saw The Clown, he immediately turned around and asked with concern, "Are you going to be alright?"

    Han Qi answered for him, "The teacher will be fine."

    Hu Fei nodded. "Just try your best."

    Hou Ge said, "You already performed amazingly."

    Dafei added, "Don't force yourself. The outcome isn't that important anymore."

    In reality, it was not that the outcome was unimportant, but that there was no suspense.

    Han Qi had listened to the two contestants' performances, as had Hu Fei, Hou Ge, and the others. Judging from the audience's expressions and outpouring, it was quite clear that today's Masked King would definitely be either one of them. As for whether Petal Shower or Sunflower was better, that was still hard to say. Anyway, it definitely wouldn't be The Clown. Be it his health, voice, or the audience and judges' judgment, it was unlikely that they would let him, a singer whose voice was not in a good state, take the throne of the Masked King in this first episode. It was already made clear in the previous round between The Yak and him. Although The Clown's performance had moved many of the audience members and judges, he still just barely won and nearly got eliminated.

    Hu Fei reported the time, "Get ready. There's only a minute left."

    Music Director Bai Yuanfei also came over, wishing to have a last-minute discussion with Zhang Ye, "Since your body can't handle it, lower the song by an octave and don't sing the high notes. Just finish singing the song. That'll be enough."

    Zhang Ye smiled.

    Try my best?

    Don't force myself?

    Just finish singing the song?

    Zhang Ye suddenly said something in his hoarse voice that shocked the program team staff. "I'm terribly sorry, but I'd like to switch songs."

    Everyone was stunned!

    Bai Yuanfei exclaimed, "What?"

    Hou Ge nearly toppled over. "Switch songs?"

    Hu Fei was also panicking. "Why would you switch songs at a time like this? You're about to go onstage!"

    "Teacher!" Han Qi was also stunned!

    No one knew what The Clown was thinking!

    Bai Yuanfei said, "It's too late for that! There isn't an arrangement; the band isn't prepared either. Who'll play your accompaniment if you take the stage like this? You didn't even rehearse it! Y-You're taking a huge risk!"

    At this moment, the Miracle Wheels band members came over.

    The guitarist said, "Switch songs?"

    The drummer said, "That's not actually necessary, right?"

    You stand no chance of becoming the Masked King now, so why would you do that?

    Your health and voice are in this state. Why are you still trying so hard?

    Zhang Ye bluntly asked, "Do you have a piano?"

    Bai Yuanfei was taken aback. "We do."

    Zhang Ye nodded. "That's enough."

    What's the meaning of this?

    You even know how to play the piano?
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