Chapter 1081: The Clown takes off his mask!

    Chapter 1081: The Clown takes off his mask!

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    Flowing Time gasped!

    Different expressions were shifting and running across King of Oddity's face!

    When "Life Fantasia" from The Clown's world was recited, a lot of people felt as though their sweat glands had suddenly exploded! This was a poem they had never heard before. It was such a ridiculously good poem that many people became very engrossed in listening to it! However, the reason for their shock was not because of how good this poem was. What shocked them was totally unrelated to this poem's literary and artistic standards!

    It was because this poem had suddenly reminded them of someone!

    At this moment, everyone watching on TV and those at the venue all thought of one man!

    Zhang Xia said anxiously, "Is he?"

    Amy said, "Surely that can't be, right?"

    Yao Jiancai said, "Holy **!"

    Chen Guang stared with wide eyes and said, "That's impossible!"

    Xiaodong also shouted in astonishment, "It can't possibly be him! It's absolutely impossible!"

    No one believed that The Clown could be that man!

    Who are you?

    Just who are you?

    The music suddenly started playing gently.

    The title of the song was already displayed on the teleprompter screen: " I Am What I Am 1  "!

    When everyone saw this, they were stunned!

    "I Am What I Am"?

    The Clown smiled as he walked around the stage barefoot.

    Standing at center stage barefoot, it felt very cooling and comfortable. The pajamas he had on gave him a very relaxed sense of unparalleled coziness. It was as though all his disguises and burdens had suddenly been dropped and he could finally get back to being himself again in front of everyone!

    It was such a good feeling!

    Ever since he was banned, he had never felt so happy!

    Being secretive? Hiding here and there? This was not actually something he enjoyed. He wished to stand in the light and sing to the entire world!

    This was the real him!

    This was who he really was!

    The Clown lifted his microphone.

    He started singing softly.

    "Happiness is that there's more than one way to be happy.

    "The greatest blessing is that everyone is the pride of the Creator."

    The platform below him started to rise!

    Bit by bit, it took Zhang Ye higher!

    One meter...

    Five meters...

    Eight meters...

    Before long, The Clown was standing at the highest point in the venue, ten meters up in the air where he could see everyone!

    Dressed in his pajamas and standing barefoot, he sang loudly as though he had seemingly forgotten himself.

    "There's no need to hide.

    "I live for the life I appreciate.

    "No need for a disguised side.

    "In the bright corner I'll wait!"

    The audience was stunned when they heard!

    Xiaodong, Fan Wenli, and the others were also stunned!

    No hiding?

    No disguising?

    Waiting in a bright corner?



    At this moment!

    The Clown suddenly raised his hand and ripped off his mask. Flinging it, the mask flew outward. A face that shocked everyone was exposed onscreen!

    The eldest young sister shouted, "Ah!"

    His second sister screamed!

    His third sister's mouth was hanging there like she had forgotten how to scream!

    Ha Qiqi, who was in the audience, was dumbfounded!

    Zhang Zuo was dumbfounded!

    Spinach looked at him in shock!

    Han Qi was dumbfounded as she sat there unable to move!

    It's you!

    Why is it you?

    How could it possibly be you!

    At this moment, the venue erupted!

    At this moment, everyone watching on TV went crazy!

    This was really crazy!

    Looking at that very familiar face, everyone went insane!

    The Clown suddenly exploded with a high note!

    Who am I?

    You're all still asking who I am?

    I'm not anyone else!

    Lose the honorific.

    The surname is Zhang.

    He screamed as he looked up and pointed to his chest and sang loudly.

    "I am what I am!

    "A firework of different colors!

    "The broad sky and open seas!

    "I'll be the strongest bubble as I please!

    "I like what I am!

    "May the wild rose blossom at ease!

    "Even in a lonely desert,

    "Blooming in plain sight, unhurt!"



    Criticizing me?

    Insulting me?

    Bullying me?

    It doesn't matter! It really doesn't matter at all!

    Even if there is only one person looking at me, even if there isn't a single person left! I still won't retreat and let this world change me!

    I am what I am!

    No matter where I go, I am what I am!

    Like that stubborn wild rose that blooms in the desert.

    Can you all understand that?

    Can you all see that?

    In the audience, his mother suddenly cried as she pointed at the stage and shouted, "That's my son! My son!"

    His father also teared up a little!

    So earlier, when The Clown had said that his parents were here too, he was actually referring to them!

    His mother was choking back her tears. "It hasn't been easy for Little Ye! It really hasn't been easy at all!"

    His third sister shouted, "Brother!"

    The eldest young sister and second sister were also so excited that they were unable to get ahold of themselves!

    Currently, all of the audience's reactions were similar to theirs!





    It was Zhang Ye!

    The Clown was actually Zhang Ye!

    The Clown laughed!

    He laughed without restraint!

    "How happy I am,

    "Enjoying life in a glass house."

    He pointed to the sky and sang loudly.

    "And telling the world!

    "What it's like to be bright and open!"

    A sustained note made the entire audience stand up!



    Everything else was drowned out in an instant!

    A lot of people were crying!

    A lot of people were shocked!

    The man who insisted on singing when he had nearly fainted on the stage due to a fever during the first episode-that was Zhang Ye!

    The man who sang "The Internationale" with anger when he was faced with censorship from several television associations-that was Zhang Ye!

    At this moment, many of The Clown's songs floated uninhibited into the minds of the audience!

    I am a beautiful, beautiful wild rose! / Hating the Heavens for being unfair!

    I'm ugly, / but I am so tender!

    Arise! / ye pris'ners of starvation! / 'Tis the final conflict!

    You only see the brightest of stars in the starry night sky!

    Zhang Xia cried out, "It's Little Zhang!"

    Xiaodong shouted, "Oh my god!"

    Zhang Yuanqi was the first person to guess that The Clown might have been Zhang Ye. But when she saw The Clown take off his mask and the face behind it, she still found it unbelievable!

    Dong Shanshan was dumbfounded!

    High up in the air!

    The Clown pointed at himself.

    "I am what I am!

    "A firework of different colors!

    "The broad sky and open seas!

    "I'll be the strongest bubble as I please!

    "I like what I am!

    "May the wild rose blossom at ease!

    "Even in a lonely desert,

    "Blooming in plain sight, unhurt!"

    It was too shocking!

    This song had turned the theater upside down!

    This song was written with Zhang Ye in mind!

    Every single word was about him!

    Many of the audience members were waving their arms and screaming for Zhang Ye!

    Countless viewers watching TV were shouting and yelling in shock and going crazy for Zhang Ye!

    Zhang Ye closed his eyes.

    He lowered his voice.

    "Even in a lonely desert,

    "Blooming in plain sight...unhurt."

    The entire audience stood up!

    It was as if everyone had agreed beforehand that they should stand up in unison!

    Han Qi covered her mouth and cried. She had already lost count of the number of times she had cried today. It was really touching. She was captivated by his unique charm! So much so that she couldn't free herself!

    Han Qi suddenly raised her hands and shouted, "Zhang Ye! Zhang Ye!"

    In an instant, cheers erupted throughout the venue!

    A female audience member shouted in tears, "Zhang Ye!"

    A male audience member bellowed, "Zhang Ye!"

    "Zhang Ye!"

    "Zhang Ye!"

    "Zhang Ye!"

    "Zhang Ye!"

    "Zhang Ye!"

    The audience had gone out of control!

    The audience had gone insane!

    This night belonged to The Clown!

    This night belonged to Zhang Ye!!

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