Chapter 1288: So a pen really can kill a person!

    Chapter 1288: So a pen really can kill a person!

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    Every company's office environment was different.

    Some companies liked having classical music playing in the background.

    Some employees liked listening to pop music while they worked.

    So what was it like to be hearing a plaza dance tune while working? In the past, no one knew the answer to this question. But on this day, the staff of Tianfang Entertainment's headquarters were able to tell everyone else just how **ed up it was!

    "Oh my God!"

    "I'm on the verge of a breakdown!"

    "My head!"

    "My ears!"

    "Fuck, can I bang my head against a wall!"

    "This is too annoying! It's too damn annoying!"

    "Just who have we offended!"

    "These aunties are awful!"

    Some people broke down!

    Some people stuffed their ears with cotton balls!

    Some people covered their ears and constantly made noise to block out the noise!

    Some people were even brainwashed by the music and started humming, unable to stop!

    The music was still playing!

    Deng, deng deng deng deng!

    Deng deng deng deng deng deng deng deng!

    Deng, deng deng deng deng, deng deng!

    Some people in group chats were also messaging their colleagues at the branches. They were sending voice messages into the group chat as the plaza dance tunes played in the background.

    "To-day we still have

    "two more pa-ges of doc-u-ments

    "to-fin-ish up so-work hard."

    After sending this, the person who recorded the voice message burst into tears!

    The people from the branch who heard this message were all confused. But if they had heard "The Hottest Ethnic Trend" before, they would realize that the tempo of this message was fully in accordance with the rhythm of the music.

    The entire headquarters was now fully immersed in the ocean of plaza dancing!


    The police returned again.

    The nearby northern and southern neighborhood aunties totaling more than a hundred people were asked to leave.

    When the aunties left, one of the leader aunties whipped out her cell phone and hesitatingly tapped a group chat. The group chat was named "Walking the Dog" had over 2,000 members.

    "The dog has been walked, the police are here."


    "Got it!"

    "Sisters from the northern and southern neighborhoods, withdraw for now."

    "Great job, everyone, leave the rest to us."

    "The group from Northern Neighborhood One will be going in soon!"

    "Southern Neighborhood Three's second team is ready to take over the duties!"

    "The Fourth Bridge Neighborhoods' plaza dancing group is ready to respond at any time."

    For the entire day, there was no stop to the plaza dance tunes at Tianfang Entertainment's headquarters. The police had to respond to the reports so many times they ran out of manpower and had to call the other district branches for support. It would have been easier to handle if they had really caused trouble. They could just arrest the troublemakers and the problem would have been solved easily. But these aunties did not exactly break the law and were only dancing. They were also very cooperative and departed when the police asked them to do so. The only issue was that the groups kept getting replaced by groups of aunties from the other neighborhoods!

    The Tianfang staff were no longer in the mood to work, nor could they even if they wanted to. As such, they just stood at the windows like fools and watched those large groups of aunties come and go.

    Ten times!

    Twenty times!

    Thirty times!

    The consequences of everything that had gone on today were: The police and the staff of Tianfang Entertainment had all learned the dance moves to "The Hottest Ethnic Trend" and "Small Apple"!

    When a passerby saw this sight, they almost died laughing. That person stood to the side and took out their cell phone to record a video of this and published it online.

    It was titled: "China's aunties make their move!"



    The video was being shared like crazy!

    When the netizens saw it, they laughed hard!

    "Aiyo, I've been left kneeling!"


    "I'm dying of laughter!"

    "How supportive of the aunties!"

    "Damn, this I must Like!"

    "I saw it too just now when I passed by the place. It was such an awesome sight. They kept replacing the earlier groups, which had been asked to leave, wave after wave. A few thousand aunties were taking turns doing this, and I heard that the staff from Tianfang Entertainment were nearly driven crazy! It's rumored that Zhao Chipeng nearly trashed his office because of this!"

    "Hahahaha, well played!"

    "This is so awesome!"

    "The aunties make a move and Dog Zhao gets chewed out!"

    "Tianfang Entertainment has been conquered by the aunties! Nicely done!"

    "Dear aunties, I've wronged you all in the past!"

    "Me too. I used to hate those aunties who plaza danced below my apartment building. But damn, I will no longer speak badly about plaza dancing from now on!"

    "Forever supporting the plaza dancing industry! This is an industry that belongs to the people, it is an art of the common folk!"

    "Hail the almighty aunties!"

    "Zhang Ye is very influential!"

    "That's true. That guy's the father of plaza dancing, after all!"

    "Pfft, hahaha! I can't stop laughing every time I watch it!"

    "Everyone's looking to beat up those dogs of the Zhao family!"

    "Their stock price has also hit the drop limit!"

    On this day, the plaza dancing aunties stole the show and even managed to make it onto the news.

    Although the news did not exactly report about this in a positive light and even had a criticizing tone in their report, the common folk were all full of praise for those aunties!


    The next day.

    The headquarters of Tianfang Entertainment was once again taken over by the aunties. And this wasn't even the end of it. Perhaps due to last night's news report about this event, all the other plaza dancing aunties across the country found out about how their sisters from Beijing had carried out such a hugely satisfying event. As such, all of them were fascinated and couldn't hold themselves back!

    In an instant, all the branch offices of Tianfang Entertainment or the organizations that worked with them were christened by this plaza dance event!

    The Shenzhen branch office fell!

    The studio in Shanghai fell!

    The administrative office in Nanjing fell!

    The overwhelming number of aunties swarmed everywhere to these locations!

    All of them experienced the heart-rending plaza dance that had descended upon them!

    The stock price of Tianfang Entertainment crashed once again!

    In the morning session of the trading day, Zhao Chipeng led a group of shareholders to prop up the price. At first, they managed to stabilize the price so that it wouldn't increase or decrease. But by the time the afternoon session opened, Tianfang Entertainment's stock price suddenly fell again. In the matter of a minute, it fell from its stable position and hit the drop limit again to cease trading for the day!


    On the third day.

    The plaza dancing activities were still haunting Tianfang Entertainment!

    Tianfang Entertainment's stock price got hit once again by the drop limit!


    On the fourth day.

    Tianfang Entertainment's stock price bounced back greatly!

    But by the time the trading session came to a close, a panic sell-off was triggered!

    Tianfang Entertainment got hit by the drop limit again!


    In a matter of four days, their stock price had fallen more than 30% in total. A stock that was valued at ten yuan per share was now trading at a little over six yuan. What did that mean?

    It was a crash!

    Their stock price had almost been halved!

    The selloff from the equity pledge was also triggered as a result!

    The industry was shocked!

    Even the people in the financial industry were dumbfounded!

    Retail investors steered away!

    Stock traders steered away!

    Stock exchanges steered away!

    Everyone had abandoned them!

    When Zhao Chipeng saw his stock's price falling day after day, he was hurting badly!

    Tianfang Entertainment's upper management and staff were also panicking over this. It was only now that they understood and truly realized what sort of a crisis the company was going through. Even if they accepted and could bear the loss from this, even if they could survive this, the company would still have taken a beating. Their reputation, authority, resources, and financial power would all take a big hit!

    Zhang Ye!

    Fuck your grandpa!

    Zhao Chipeng and many of the others cursed!

    The prior developments left them unable to calm down. None of them could believe that the cause of this current situation was actually due to one person and a short story titled "A Madman's Diary"!

    A short story of only 4,000 words!

    In only a matter of four days!

    It had caused Tianfang Entertainment to lose over 10 billion yuan in the stock market!

    Everyone used to say that Zhang Ye's writing was worth a thousand taels of gold per word? Or ten thousand taels of gold per word?

    But how was this worth only ten **ing thousand taels of gold per word?!

    This was more like a 100 million taels of gold per word 1  !

    So Zhang Ye's pen really could kill a person!
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