1394 Face-smacking Zhang returns again!

    Silence reigned in the venue!

    Everyone watching the live broadcast on television was dumbfounded!

    It wasn't written wrong! He did not write it wrong at all! This was indeed a "Rivers Run Red" poem. The line length and rhythm were all typical of a "Rivers Run Red" poem. But none of them had ever seen this piece before. This was a totally different "Rivers Run Red" from the one that they knew in their world. Boundless? Benevolence? Knowing no borders? None of the words written were about that. It wasn't even **ing close to it!

    This was a scolding!

    This was a **ing poem used to scold people!

    Flies dashing themselves against a wall?

    Buzzing drones?

    At times weeping?

    Zhang! Who the ** do you think you are you scolding!

    The Japanese and Korean reporters at the venue were all long-term foreign correspondents stationed in Beijing, and almost every one of them could read Chinese. When they saw this calligraphy, they nearly fainted in anger!

    "Zhang Ye!"

    "You! You!"

    "You're pushing it too far!"

    "You're scolding us!"

    "How can you do that!"

    "This is a live broadcast! You're too bold!"

    "This is so infuriating! Pissing me off!"

    The Japanese and Korean reporters couldn't accept it and were turning green from anger!


    At an entertainment company in China.

    "Heavens! Something has happened!"

    "What's the matter?"

    "Zhang Ye started something again on live TV!"


    "Let me take a look!"

    Several celebrities immediately put down their work and ran over to watch!


    At Yao Jiancai's house.

    "Uncle Zhang has made his move!"

    "What move?"

    "Dad, come watch the live broadcast!"


    At Zhang Ye's parents' house.

    "Why is Little Ye scolding other people again!"

    "That child!"

    "Forget it, we're already used to it."



    "Holy **!"

    "This guy is too sarcastic!"

    "What sort of a person is this!?"

    "How can there be someone like him? Scolding others in calligraphy on live TV?"

    "Isn't that as good as scolding us too?"

    "Ahhhhh! This is driving me so mad!"

    "This Chinese Heavenly King is just like a rabid dog!"



    "Oh my God!"

    "He's turned to scolding others now?"

    "I'm gonna spit all over his face!"

    "This is provocation! He's definitely trying to pick a fight!"

    "He's pointing right at us and scolding us!"

    "I can't believe my eyes!"

    "A philanthropist?"

    "What kind of a goddamn philanthropist is this, **!"

    "And he's even the Asian philanthropic ambassador? Which philanthropic ambassador have you guys seen behave this way!"


    It blew up!

    When this was relayed over the live broadcast, the whole of Asia blew up!

    No one could have expected that a philanthropic ambassador would actually scold people like that during a press conference organized by the Asian Charity Association and broadcast live throughout Asia. To say nothing of the past, this was something that wouldn't even happen in the future. As such, countless people were shocked by the scene that had just unfolded!

    Some people cursed and swore!

    Some people vomited blood!

    Some people were overjoyed!

    Some people were just enjoying the chaos!

    At the venue.

    Beads of sweat were rolling down the head of the coordinator at the Red Cross Society. He pretended not to have noticed the furious expressions of the Japanese and Korean reporters and coughed. "Thank you, Teacher Zhang, for your calligraphy piece. I hereby announce that we have come to the end of our press conference." The press conference ended just like that and the live broadcast signal was abruptly cut off. Could he not end it early? If he did not do that, it would have probably erupted into a fight! The coordinator was almost in tears. He had been in charge of several appointment press conferences for the Asian philanthropic ambassador, and all of them had been conducted smoothly. What kind of situation could possibly happen in such press conferences? Even if there were an incident, how bad could it get? This was what he had thought, as well as what the staff members expected. But to the surprise of everyone, something really went wrong today! And it was even an extremely big incident!

    The volunteers offstage froze!



    "This calligraphy-"


    "Teacher Zhang has torn a hole in the sky!"

    "Yeah, h-he has terribly offended them!"

    The press conference was dismissed.

    But Zhang Ye was a sea of calm. He looked like he hadn't committed anything wrong and the incident from just a short moment ago had nothing to do with him. The fellow walked off the stage like nothing had happened.

    The coordinator rolled his eyes. "Teacher Zhang, didn't we agree that you would be writing 'Rivers Run Red?!'"

    Zhang Ye blinked. "It is 'Rivers Run Red.'"

    The coordinator was exasperated. "Not that 'Rivers Run Red.'"

    Zhang Ye said, "Hai, they're all about the same. Which 'Rivers Run Red' isn't a 'Rivers Run Red?'"

    All about the same?

    This is **ing way too different, alright!

    The Japanese and Korean reporters did not leave and stayed behind to protest loudly.

    But at this moment, the staff of the Asian Charity Association discovered that the Chinese media's reporters were all as calm as Zhang Ye. Some of them hurriedly headed back to their offices after packing their equipment, while some others finished up their reports before heading back to publish them. Some of them even headed out of the venue in groups amid laughing chatter.

    The coordinator was speechless.

    The Japanese and Korean reporters were speechless.

    The staff of the Red Cross Society was too.

    How can you people still be this calm?

    Do you know how big of an incident this is?

    The Chinese media's reporters knew that this was a big event, of course. But they were not as surprised and shocked as the others since they were very familiar with such situations. They'd already had many years of experience when it came to dealing with Zhang Ye. The others might not know him well, but how could they not know him well? Scolding people on a live broadcast? You guys haven't seen such a thing before? But we've been through it too many times. Counting the number of cases that happened in recent years, when has Zhang Ye not scolded anyone during a live broadcast? Eight out of ten times, something would happen. Is it the first time you learned about this? In fact, the Chinese media's reporters were also very surprised. They were surprised that there were still people who dared to challenge Zhang Ye in these situations. Do you really not know who he is? Do you really not know what kind of a temper he has? Oh, you're letting down your defenses just because he started becoming active in charity for several days? Are you thinking that he'll be a pushover just because of that? Are you're finding him amiable just because of that?

    Hur hur!


    If he really had such a good temper, there would've been peace in the entertainment industry long ago!

    If he were so easy to speak with, he wouldn't be Zhang Ye!

    -He was the most notorious hooligan in the Chinese entertainment circle!

    Did you guys think that his nickname was for nothing?

    Remember this! If you wish to scold Zhang Ye in the future, do it secretly. No matter what, you mustn't challenge him face to face. Otherwise, you'll realize that the person who gets scolded the most will be yourselves. Because when it comes to Zhang Ye's eloquent mouth and literary knowledge, even if there are a hundred people joining in to argue with him, you can't beat him!



    The Chinese netizens were laughing like crazy!

    Many people were elated!

    "It's starting, it's starting!"

    "The scolding has started! Zhang Ye is scolding people again!"

    "I'm shedding tears of joy!"

    "I knew it!"

    "Our Face-smacking Zhang has returned!"

    "Oh my God! Face-smacking Zhang is still the Face-smacking Zhang we knew in the past!"

    "Hahahahaha, the scolding in this 'Rivers Run Red' was so satisfying!"

    "How awesome, how wonderful! The best thing about this is how he didn't change the tune template. It was still written to the format of 'Rivers Run Red.' Zhang Ye still adhered to using the 'River Run Red' ci tune and only changed its content. And he even changed it on the spot! This skill, this talent, this fighting prowess, there's really no one like him in the entire world! That's the trademark of Face-smacking Zhang! Just by today's example, no one else has a thing on him!"

    "What a good 'sweep away all pests'!"

    "Zhang Ye has shown his might!"

    "Face-smacking Zhang is almighty! Nicely done!"

    "How exciting! I got such a fright from seeing Zhang Ye becoming so involved in charity work in recent days. Seeing his Weibo filled with all that charity-related news every day really made me uneasy and terrified. Phew, I can finally heave a sigh of relief. Face-smacking Zhang's style is still as glorious as ever!"

    "This is the Zhang Ye we know! He won't take it lying down as long as he's not happy with something. It doesn't matter who comes at him!"

    "How exhilarating! What a release!"

    "This is still the Zhang Ye that I'm most comfortable with!"

    "Right, it's so enjoyable when I see this fellow scolding people!"

    "Others would scold people with curse words, but that's so uninteresting to watch, and there's nothing spectacular about it either. It's still Zhang Ye's scolding that is ruthless! It's so pleasing to watch! He's always coming up with all sorts of different styles!"

    "Hahaha, just like I predicted, he wouldn't last more than a few days. Who was the one who said that it would be good enough if he could go on for half a month doing this? You were so wrong! This guy can't even hold himself back for three days! What is this? Hur hur, a leopard never changes its spots. That temperament of his will never ever change!"

    "Seeing Face-smacking Zhang scold others again, I can rest easy."


    In China.

    A lot of those in the industry who had a grudge against Zhang Ye were speechless!

    "How good would it have been if you all had just let this guy settle in his role as a philanthropist!"

    "Yeah, why did you all have to provoke him for no reason!"

    "Hai, look at this, the hooligan has returned again after only two days of peace!"

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