1402 Zhang Ye makes yet another move!

    The next day.

    There were countless news reports.

    "Zhang Ye's tour tickets highly sought after!"

    "Ticketing website gets crippled by traffic!"

    "The Japanese and Korean celebrities' concerts receive the cold shoulder!"

    "Zhang Ye's appeal is still as charming as ever!"

    A lot of people who launched the ticketing website in the morning discovered that the tickets for the three concerts in China were still not sold out yet. The lowest tier tickets priced at 1,000 RMB had already been sold out, but there were still remaining tickets for the middle tier and premium seats. As for the VIP tickets, although the price was clearly shown on the website, they remained unreleased for sale.

    One event's tickets were snapped up within 13 seconds!

    The other three still had tickets on sale even after the next day had arrived!

    The contrast was too glaring!

    Zhang Ye had crushingly defeated those three Japanese and Korean celebrities!

    Previously, some fanatical fans of Kim Jichan and Park Jaesang said that the popularity of their oppas was not something that Zhang Ye could match. The two oppas both ranked slightly higher than Zhang Ye on the Asian Celebrity Rankings Index, so how could they not be a match for him? However, once the tickets went on sale, many people were dumbfounded by the results. No one would know if they did not try. But the moment they did, they got a shock. Be it Kim Jichan, Park Jaesang, or Kimura Kazuya, none of them were even close to Zhang Ye when it came to their popularity in China. They were simply not on the same level!


    The three Japanese and Korean celebrity teams.

    "It's alright."

    "Our tickets are actually selling quite well too!"

    "We should be able to sell them out by today. After that, we can release the second batch of tickets."

    "Yeah, don't be in a rush to push out the VIP tickets first."

    "Right, just ignore them. We'll do it accordingly to our own pace."

    "In the end, it will still depend on reputation. Only when the concert begins will we be able to compete based on our strengths. It's still a little early to say now who has won or who has lost."

    "That's right, it doesn't matter how it is right now!"

    "When the actual day of the performance comes, that is when the real battle begins!"

    "Let Zhang Ye do what he wants. I don't believe that he would be able to beat us at selling the tickets!" "If they want to sell it cheaply, just do it. We will still be able to sell ours even at this high price!"


    Their fans also showed them a lot of support.

    "Sisters, let's do it!"

    "We cannot disappoint our oppas!"

    "Why are the tickets still not sold out yet?"

    "I'll buy one!"

    "I'll buy one too even if I have to starve!"

    "It's just 2,000 RMB, right? A middle tier seat? I've bought it!"

    "Right, we can't let Zhang Ye steal the limelight from the oppas!"

    "Supporting Kimura!"

    "Supporting Jaesang-oppa!"

    "So what if it's expensive? "I'll buy one no matter how expensive it is!"

    "That's right, we'll buy them!"

    Many of the fans were screaming in excitement!

    The importance of the Japanese and Korean celebrities' fan bases in China was definitely not to be underestimated!


    At the studio.

    Zhang Ye was on the phone with the ticketing agent.

    "Teacher Zhang, the tickets have all been sold out, but the profits-"

    "Isn't it good enough that our shows have been sold out? We can just make less money."

    "But that's not the point. Even if you had priced the lowest tier tickets at 1,500 RMB, there would still be people fighting over it."

    "Old Liu, tickets to the show that I put on have always, and will always, be cheap. This might be our first time working together, but we already agreed on this matter beforehand."

    "Well, alright then, we'll do as you say."

    "At most, I'll give you a bit more of my share of the profit."

    "There's no need to, that won't do. We'll just divide it according to our agreement."

    "It's fine, I can't let you guys work for nothing."

    "Hai, Teacher Zhang, I have nothing else to say other than that you're the most honest celebrity I've worked with in all my years. Based on what you've just said, even if there's no money to be earned in the future, I'll still get your affairs handled for you."

    "Thank you, Old Liu."


    He was not honest at all!

    The crucial point was that he didn't actually have much interest in making money. Would making money be more enjoyable than smacking faces? No! Such happiness was something that not even money could buy!

    He would do it even if it meant losing money!

    Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and the others came over.

    Zhang Zuo laughed and said, "Director Zhang, this move of yours is superb!"

    Ha Qiqi was also tickled. "Everyone is scolding them and saying that we're honest!"

    Zhang Zuo said, "Their ticket prices are really a little too expensive. This time, they've caused their own downfall. It'll be enough to cause them a headache for a while. This is what you call starting off on the wrong foot!"

    But Zhang Ye said, "It's still not enough."

    Zhang Zuo exclaimed, "Still not enough?"

    Zhang Ye said calmly, "Old Ha, help me get something done."

    Ha Qiqi was startled. "Please speak."

    Zhang Ye asked, "Are the most expensive tickets for the three concerts released yet?"

    "Not yet." Ha Qiqi said, "But they've actually started selling them already. It's just that they are priced really, really expensively. Even though they are marked at around 10,000 RMB each, the ticketing agent is deliberately holding on to the tickets in order to raise the prices. In the end, the scalpers start selling them at prices several times more expensive than the original prices. Everyone in the industry knows that this is actually the ticketing agent's own personnel selling them on the black market to make more profits. From the looks of it, the celebrities are probably also getting a share of the money. By the way, why are you asking about this?"

    Zhang Ye said, "Ask how much they are going for. I want to buy some."

    Ha Qiqi was stunned. "Ah?"

    Zhang Zuo was also dumbfounded. "Why would you buy their tickets?"

    Zhang Ye said, "Just ask them like I told you to."

    "Alright." Ha Qiqi immediately went to make a call.

    Eventually, they managed to find out the most up-to-date news.

    Kimura Kazuya's VIP concert tickets had been pumped up to 20,000 RMB and was a negotiable price!

    Kim Jichan's VIP concert tickets were at 19,999 RMB and non-negotiable!

    Park Jaesang's VIP concert tickets were the most expensive ones of all, going at a fixed price of 35,000 RMB each!

    Ha Qiqi said with a gasp, "They're all crazy! They've gone mad from wanting to make money so badly!"

    "These people are really too keen on making a quick buck!" Zhang Zuo also said angrily. "Aren't they trying to scam the fools? One has to be crazy to spend so much money on buying a ticket like this! Do they really think that our Chinese people's money is so easy to earn?"

    But the next second, Zhang Ye said something very shocking. "Old Ha, I'll hand you a few of my bank cards. Go buy as many of their VIP tickets as you can for me. I'll pay for them out of my own pocket!"

    Ha Qiqi was dumbfounded. "Are you crazy?"

    Zhang Zuo also very nearly fell over. "What are you trying to do? You want to buy them even when it's so expensive? Do you have relatives who wish to go watch their concerts?"

    Zhang Ye placed his bank cards onto the table. "Don't ask so much for now. Can we buy any?"

    Ha Qiqi said, "If it's at the black market price, I can definitely buy them."

    "Alright," Zhang Ye said, "get this done immediately."

    Ha Qiqi did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Alright then."

    One ticket!

    Five tickets!

    Ten tickets!

    In the end, they managed to get 17 VIP tickets across the three concerts, and it cost Zhang Ye less than 500,000 RMB to buy them. Several of the tickets were even bought from scalpers in Japan and Korea who demanded an exorbitant price after having initially agreed on a sum. As such, they overspent by quite a bit as well. This left Ha Qiqi rather infuriated as she gained a new understanding of these Japanese and Korean celebrities once more. To make a quick buck, they were willing to resort to all kinds of means. Ha Qiqi and the others couldn't figure out why Director Zhang would want to buy such expensive tickets, though. However, they discovered that Zhang Ye did not even blink at the sight of this amount.

    Less than 500,000 RMB?

    Like this bit of money mattered to him!

    After obtaining the tickets, Zhang Ye's next words scared the hell out of Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and all of the other studio staff!

    Zhang Ye lightly said, "Put these VIP tickets up for sale at 500,000 RMB each!"

    Ha Qiqi nearly spat blood!

    Zhang Zuo nearly fainted!

    500,000 RMB?

    For one ticket?


    All of these tickets together didn't even cost 500,000 RMB when they bought them!

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