Chapter 92: "This is also Everything"!

    Chapter 92: "This is also Everything"!

    The interview question was out.

    Everyone looked at Zhang Ye, wondering how he was to answer. He had to follow up on a tough poem that had previously gone in Chinese language textbooks, Wang Shuixin's most famous poem, "Everything".

    Zhang Ye did not speak for a long while.

    "Everything"? Why did it sound so familiar?

    He was sure that he had heard this poem somewhere, but he could not remember it clearly. Hence, he said, "Can I have some water?"

    "Yes." Wang Shuixin turned his head.

    An interviewer threw a bottle of mineral water to Zhang Ye.

    Zhang Ye used the time to drink the water and opened his game ring and bought a "Memory Search Capsule". He closed his eyes, pretending to be in thought. In fact, he had swallowed the capsule while drinking water. He was searching the memories in his brain, and finally Zhang Ye opened his eyes. He had found his memory and had finally remembered why this poem sounded so familiar!

    What the f**k!

    Wasn't this Bei Dao's "Everything"!?

    However, there were some slight differences!

    For example in his world, Bei Dao had written, "Every fate is destined. Every cloud is fleeting. Every beginning is without an ending. Every search is brief."

    As for Wang Shuixin's poem, it was "Everything is fated. Everything is unreal. Everything has no end. Everything has no home to return to." It may look different, but the format and meaning were about the same. The core idea was similar. One of the lines, "Every faith comes with longing", was identical in both poems. There was not a single word different!

    This world also had something similar to "Everything"?

    However, there was no Bei Dao, but it was written by Wang Shuixin?

    This was not surprising either. The two worlds' cultural backgrounds weren't much different. The Four Great Classical Novels, such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin, still existed. Maybe it was because the Four Great Classical Novels had too strong of an effect ingrained in the country, so there was no way of changing it. So it was not modified by the game ring. Then it was pretty normal to have similar literature works from both worlds.  Of course, they were just similar. In Zhang Ye's world, Bei Dao was a very famous poet. In terms of text and profoundness, Zhang Ye clearly believed Bei Dao's "Everything" was much more excellent than Wang Shuixin's "Everything"!

    This was the topic?

    Zhang Ye laughed, for he could not control himself.

    Bei Dao's "Everything" was considered quite famous, but the reason why Zhang Ye did not remember it to the point of needing to use the Memory Search Capsule to search his memories for it was because there was another poem that was more famous. It was written as a retort to Bei Dao's "Everything". It had completely negated Bei Dao's work, hence Zhang Ye and the people from his world had a deeper impression of that poem and had forgotten about Bei Dao's "Everything". Even if people from his world mentioned "Everything", it was to use it as a reference or backstory. It was as if "Everything" existed just to accentuate the other poem. Hence, no matter how well it was written, and had cried out the lives of people so perfectly, in front of that poem, "Everything" was just a supporting role, and considered a sidekick. It could only be hidden under a shade!

    "Are you done?" a woman urged.

    "Can you begin?" a young interviewer was also turning impatient.

    Seeing that Zhang Ye did not speak for so long, Hu Fei guessed that Zhang Ye was unable to follow up. He sighed in his heart. Zhang Ye had low odds of success, and it would have been impossible for him to be accepted by the Leader. Wang Shuixin's attitude was very clear. Now, by not being able to answer the interview question, the chances of hiring him were close to nil.

    However, Hu Fei's love for talent was very deep. He was still trying his best to help Zhang Ye fight for it, "Director Wang. Little Zhang is still young, so no matter how much talent he has, he can't compare to you. This question is indeed quite difficult. Shall we change a topic and let Little Zhang have freedom to express a poem?"

    "Brother Hu, " a female interviewer said, "then what's the point of an interview? Anyone can write something freely. That's not ability."

    Wang Shuixin also lightly laughed, "Old Hu, to speak the truth, I want to test Little Zhang's creative ability on the spot today. It seems all his poems in the past were created on the spot. As for the poem's quality and logic, I'll reserve my judgment. I don't believe those good works of his were written on the spot by Little Zhang. It doesn't agree with reason. Even if it was written on the spot, it couldn't be done without any stammering, right? And those poems of his had so much logic? And the parallelism was done so well? And since you appreciate this youth so much, I'm testing him this time. So I purposely used my poem to let him follow up. First, it's to see if he really can compose on the spot, and secondly, to see if Little Zhang really has as much literary skill as people say."

    Hu Fei said, "But to follow up on a classic poem that even entered language textbooks, Little Zhang will..."

    Wang Shuixin waved his hand to stop Hu Fei from continuing. He looked at Zhang Ye, "It's alright, Little Zhang. Take your time to think; there's no hurry. Hur Hur. At your age, you might not have heard this poem. When you were in high school, the materials for your language class might not have included "Everything". If you did not catch everything, I can recite it to you again."

    A youth volunteered, "Since you already recited it once, why don't you let me, Director Wang?"

    "Alright, Little Xu, you do it. Hur Hur." Wang Shuixin was in a good mood. He had been doing administrative work all these years, so for him to once again display his literary works was a rare event. Seeing Zhang Ye remaining silent, and his subordinates looking at him with admiration and respect, Wang Shuixin was very pleased.

    The other interviewers and the youth completely ignored Zhang Ye. They knew that it was impossible for Zhang Ye to follow up on the poem. The only reason that they were still in here to interview Zhang Ye was to kiss ass and flatter the Leader. They wanted to see with their own eyes how their Leader defeated Zhang Ye, a newcomer who had been praised for his poetry. Besides, even without the flattering factor, Director Wang did have the absolute ability!

    Zhang Ye? A newcomer!

    Compared to Director Wang, what was he!?

    He wanted to compete with Wang Shuixin in literature and poetry? Wasn't this do something beyond his ability!?

    Director Wang's "Everything" came about due to his using all his senses to come into maximum contact with the pulse of life. He had used his critical perspective to inspect the interpersonal moral and ethical relations, as well as the sparks that arose when people clashed. He had also subconsciously pondered above love, freedom, joy, suffering, hope and death, which were all common factors of human life. It was one of the best modern poems, and could be said that he had written a poem of such a genre at its peak. Zhang Ye wanted to use the literary insight from "Everything" as a topic to exceed "Everything"? That was impossible!

    Well, but it was not that the poem did not have its flaws. If one wanted to pick faults with it, it was probably the reason why it was eventually removed from the language textbooks. The poem was too dark and oppressive. There was no hope in it. This was also why "Everything" was criticized by some people. But the flaws could not obscure the splendor it possessed. This poem was still enjoying a relatively high status in the poetry world. It could be considered a "pessimism" masterpiece.

    "Let me recite it, while you listen well." the youth said to Zhang Ye.

    Zhang Ye ignored him, and already had his plans.

    The youth frowned. You even turned haughty? Just because you were praised to the skies by people who did not know literature, you already forgot who you were? See, your original form has been revealed! I have no idea why Teacher Hu appreciated you so much. You can only have your way with Big Thunder and those slightly known poets in Beijing. But take a look; once you encounter a real master of literature, you have nothing against them, right?

    The youth grunted and cleared his throat, "Everything is fated. Everything is unreal. Everything has no end. Everything has no home to return to."

    Wang Shuixin squinted his eyes as he listened to his poem.

    The other interviewers again revealed their reverence. Their mouths moved gently, as if they were tasting the poem, and were also reciting it along with the youth.

    The youth carried on, "Every happiness doesn't come with a smile. Every suffering.."

    But suddenly, a scene no one expected happened. Zhang Ye opened his vocal cords and interrupted the youth, who was having a good time reciting, rudely!

    Zhang Ye shook his head, "Not every tree has been broken off by the storm; Not every seed cannot find soil to root; Not every true feeling is lost in the deserts of human hearts; Not every dream wishes to be cut off at its wings. No, not everything... is like what you said!"

    Hu Fei gasped. This...This poem...

    Wang Shuixin and the other 7-8 interviewers were stunned!

    Zhang Ye looked at Director Wang and then at a few interviewers, then began stressing his words, "Not every torch is burning itself, but not illuminating others; Not every star indicates darkness, but does not predict the dawn; Not every song passes through the ears, but does not stay in the hearts. No, not everything... is like what you said!"

    The second paragraph was also out!

    It was another massive parallelism! His tone also grew stronger!

    Wang Shuixin's expression instantly looked ugly, but he made no sound!

    However, Hu Fei got a kick hearing this. He clenched his fists and was so excited that he wanted to stand up to cheer for Zhang Ye. This was the first time that he had such a bright smile on his face. He was happy for Zhang Ye and also happy for himself. He had not evaluated Zhang Ye wrongly! He was really a remarkable talent of the age!

    Zhang Ye scanned everyone with his eyes and purposely paused before reciting the last paragraph. For this paragraph, he wiped off the solemnity and seriousness, and changed it to that of a smile. There was even mockery in his smile, "Not every appeal has been dismissed; Not every loss cannot be compensated; Not every abyss is death; Not every grief lands on the heads of the weak; Not every heart and soul are to be stepped on and buried in the mud; Not every consequence is blood and tears, but without mirth!"

    "Everything in the present is creating the future!"

    "Everything in the future is grown from yesterday."

    "Hope, and to fight for it, please put all of them on your shoulders!"

    The last shout was Zhang Ye saying it to Wang Shuixin, and could also be him saying it to himself!

    Everything was darkness? Everything was suffering? Every success was accompanied by tears and sorrow?

    Be it Bei Dao's "Everything" or Wang Shuixin's "Everything", Zhang Ye could not agree with them!

    He knew that many people hated him, or had a grudge with him or disliked him. He also knew that he had not much hope for this interview, but Zhang Ye had never felt that his life was filled with darkness. He had never hesitated in his life. As long as he had a glimmer of hope, he would never give up!

    That was everything?

    Everything is like what you said?

    No! Not everyone is like what you said!

    At least, I am not! I, Zhang Ye, am not!
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