Chapter 237: Fusing all Talk Show programs!

    Chapter 237: Fusing all Talk Show programs!

    At night.

    After 10 P.M.

    Most of the office lights were already switched off.

    Only now did Zhang Ye emerge from the office of the film crew. The title introduction had finished filming in the afternoon, but the post-production was done only at night. A lot of it was not as ideal as he had expected. Seeing the finished product's humor, he felt it was not as funny. So after some discussion, everyone stayed behind and worked overtime with him. For example, the punchline "I'll speak for myself" was still better off using the original words' subtitles. But it would only change when Zhang Ye really fed himself salt. The post-production took care of the subtitling effect where the original words shattered and were replaced in the next second by the words "I'll feed a bag of salt to myself". Many of his facial expressions were also carefully selected before they settled on the final version, which amplified its humor.

    Sister Four said tiredly, "Treat's on you!"

    Zhang Ye did not refuse saying, "No problem. When the program is out, I will treat everyone to a meal. Thank you for your hard work today, everyone! Sister Four, go home early and rest up."

    Sister Four waved her hand, "You, too."

    "Teacher Zhang, see you tomorrow." The camera crew also said goodbye to him.

    They walked together toward the corridor where Zhang Ye sent them off before he headed back to Studio 7. He went straight to the makeup room and switched on the lights. He did not leave, but was making another round of serious considerations of the program's set layout, making detailed changes to the decorations, colors, lighting effects, etc. In the past, the proposal stated it in a simpler form, with just a general description. Now that he had become the person in charge of the whole program, he would have to do everything step by step. This could be considered as an on-the-job training process to gain more experience and improve himself.

    After finishing the set layout plan, Zhang Ye immediately gave a call to the set layout department's staff. He added some requirements to the original plan and told them how it should be decorated. Then he expressed his hope that they would complete the job by tomorrow.

    That person had probably already been asleep at home, "Sure, I understand."

    Zhang Ye could hear that he was distracted, so he said, "Bro, my program only has two or three days of preparation time left. Please do me a favor. I will give everyone a treat when the time comes."

    That person did not say much, "Sure, Teacher Zhang. Please do not be worried. We will go over earlier tomorrow and complete the task by tomorrow night."

    "Then thank you." Zhang Ye hung up.

    After that, Zhang Ye went out from the makeup room to the recording studio to survey the place. He made some gestures to confirm his thoughts before preparing to take a rest. Looking at his watch, good God, it was already after 11. There were probably no more public buses at this time and it was too far from the apartment to walk. So Zhang Ye looked over at the audience seats and decided to stay the night.

    Di, di.

    Dong Shanshan's message: Are you coming back?

    Zhang Ye immediately replied: It's too late; I will sleep over at the office.

    Dong Shanshan: I had some food left for you. Alright then, rest early.

    Zhang Ye was extremely touched: Thank you, classmate Dong. You sleep early, too.

    Dong Shanshan: OK, classmate Zhang.

    Zhang Ye smiled a little and put his cellphone away. Hugging his own head, he stared up at the ceiling. He was overly tired, but he couldn't sleep. It was such a busy day that there was nothing better to mention. However, the benefits he had reaped were tremendous. He understood the roles and functions of the team much more in-depth now, as his experience and knowledge of the television industry had taken another step in growth. It had been a good learning experience. If ever he had to make another new program, he was sure that he could do it easily.

    And with a talk show that he had shaped with his own mind and body, Zhang Ye believed that the result would be a lot better than him instructing other people to arrange and set up the show for him. After all, this was done according to his own thoughts and considerations. There would be no chance of forgetting something or careless mistakes as he sought to reproduce his previous world's matured form of talk shows. With this experience, he could see clearer than anyone and knew how best to execute the plan. So tiring himself a little bit more was something that Zhang Ye would take on voluntarily. Such sacrifice would definitely bring rewards. Leaving it to others to do the work for him would have made him worried because these people didn't even know what a talk show was. The people of this world had never even heard of it!

    New program.....

    Thinking of this, Zhang Ye fell silent once more.

    Would the people of this world be able to accept a form of entertainment arts like a talk show?

    The talk show would definitely be very popular. Zhang Ye never doubted this, nor questioned it. But in his previous world, a talk show's popularity took time to build up. Whether it was the earliest foreign talk shows or China's gradual importation of talk shows, the results were the same. The masses needed some time to slowly accept it. But today, Zhang Ye couldn't wait for such a build up. The Leader had requested for the first trial episode to have a guaranteed 500,000 views!

    No way!

    He needed to ensure it!

    F**k! Then this bro will strengthen the content of the program!

    Zhang Ye sat up and decided to redo his plans for the program he had previously decided on. It was to greatly maximize the reach to his audience! It was not that he lacked confidence, but he wanted to do the very best that he could. He wanted to be sure of the quality, as such an opportunity did not come often. He had already been alienated by several provincial television stations, as well as city-level television stations. It was not easy for him to obtain the chance to work in the WebTV industry, so if there were any mistakes, he would no longer be able to work in this line anymore. He had to shock the people who looked down on him or those who were pessimistic about him!

    Looking at the game ring's total Reputation points, "I'll speak for myself" had given Zhang Ye a total of 1.2 million Reputation points. This was an unexpected joy, hence Zhang Ye did not hesitate to use the 1.2 million Reputation points to buy a total of 12 Memory Search Capsules!

    In the past, Zhang Ye had already decided on Wang Zijian's "Tonight 80's Talk Show", and had used the Memory Search Capsules to store many episodes in his brain. Why did he choose it? One of the reasons was because it was one of the most "talk show-like" programs, at least in terms of format. As the pioneer of talk shows, Zhang Ye naturally wanted to choose a relatively authentic talk show program. He could not choose a "talk show variant" program like "Bao Zou Big News Events" as the first one to put forth to the audience. If he did, it would suffer even greater limitations.

    Secondly, the joke segments used in "Tonight 80's Talk Show" were relatively "independent". It was more "all-purpose", which usually described some rough social phenomenon, but the specifics were not mentioned. Even if he said it, no one would understand it. This was something that Zhang Ye valued the most. If he used something like Zhou Libo's "Mr. Zhou Live Show", many of the matters discussed pinpointed to the time, place and person, and was a result of a certain factual incident, then Zhang Ye would not be able to perform. After all, the things that happened in his world might not happen in this one. Even if they had, it was useless to talk about outdated stuff.

    As such, "Tonight 80's Talk Show" was put forth as his agenda.

    But now, Zhang Ye had changed his mind again. He wanted to make the program even better. After all, "Tonight 80's Talk Show" was also limited in its audience. The people who liked it, loved it. Those who did not like it would find it dispensable. There were certain joke segments that were indeed not as humorous. It could at most curve a person's mouth. This was something that Zhang Ye needed to improve on.

    How was he to improve?

    Of course by taking the merits of the respective shows!

    Zhang Ye had a bold idea. In his world, due to a host's style and the source of the joke segments, coupled with the involvement of copyright, many things were set in stone. There was no way to take merits from various sources, but Zhang Ye could. Zhang Ye had the opportunity to do so. If he took one of the many excellent talk show programs from his world to be its foundation, then blended all the classic joke segments from other programs to form a program, what sort of result would he obtain by concentrating all the essence of talk show programs?

    Ha, just thinking of it made him excited!

    For example, in "Bao Zou Big News Events", much of the sharp ridicule and funny mockery were unrivaled amongst all the similar talk shows! And for example, "Mr. Zhou Live Show", it would occasionally include some segments that had funny connotations. It was interesting, but not vulgar. It was thought-provoking and was also a major feature. It was something that no one could imitate! And then there was "Dapeng Talk Show". Although its results could not compared with the three aforementioned programs, it had a very unique style! Then there was the Beijing provincial station's "Talk Show". It was considered one of the worst talk show programs, but there were also remarkable joke segments that could be used. This was all the wisdom of people crystallized into one. Besides, Zhang Ye did not need to worry about copyright problems. He could use all the joke segments. As for his hosting style, Zhang Ye still had not created a hosting persona for himself yet, so he did not need to worry about it. He could speak as he wished. He just needed the joke segments to be properly fused together without conflicts!

    What are you saying?

    Why isn't one of the talk shows, "Good Show", mentioned?

    Stop joking! "Good Show" was like a man-sized child program!

    Anyway, the more Zhang Ye thought of it, the more excited he became. He could not longer suppress it. He impatiently ate the first Memory Search Capsule and began to recall the "Mr. Zhou Live Show" he had watched in college!

    Then it was "Bao Zou Big News Events"...

    Then "Dapeng Talk Show"...

    Every capsule only lasted five minutes, so very quickly, an hour had passed.

    He had finished the 12 capsules. Zhang Ye had only reinforced his memory of about 4-5% of all the outstanding talk show programs of his world. As there was too much information, and it was even video and audio information, it was a lot more complicated than pure text. Hence, the consumption rate of the Memory Search Capsules was relatively higher. However, this was enough. Zhang Ye relied on these memories to mix and edit them together. It was enough to make eight or nine episodes. And after the program was broadcast, he would gain a constant amount of Reputation points, which would allow him to carry on buying Memory Search Capsules until "Zhang Ye's Talk Show" perfectly ended!

    It's done!

    Time to arrange his memories!

    Zhang Ye did not need to use pen and paper. He only closed his eyes as the images from his memory search appeared one after the other. Even the number of times the talk show's host blinked was remembered by him clearly. He then arranged all the segments in the talk show programs that he found suitable. Sorting, merging, denying it or not, then he repeated this job.

    "Zhang Ye's Talk Show"!

    The first talk show program of this world!

    Zhang Ye wanted to draw on the strong points of some to make up for the weak points of others. He wanted to push this program that had his name on it to the extreme!
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