Chapter 248: Live broadcast? Nothing Im afraid of!

    Chapter 248: Live broadcast? Nothing I'm afraid of!

    Four days later.

    Friday, morning.

    On the internet, the awe and discussion of "Zhang Ye's Talk Show" had started to die down. The topic was no longer so actively discussed anymore. It was normal that even the hottest topic did not last for long. There had been a plastic surgery scandal of a Korean celebrity who had always claimed to be "natural". Everyone had gone to discuss about this as the previous topic was left in the dust. Zhang Ye didn't mind because he had earned enough reputation in this wave of discussions.

    His Weibo followers were nearing 900,000!

    His Tieba fan club's hardcore fans had increased to 40,000!

    Even the celebrity rankings did not place Zhang Ye at the bottom of the D-list celebrities anymore. He had been promoted to around 8th or 9th spot, although it was counted from the back. But the concept of D-list and E-list were totally different. This was a level where the celebrities were all truly professional; they had gone through fire of baptism to reach this level. There were no pushovers. So to be able to climb 8 or 9 positions was already going against the heavens. If "Zhang Ye's Talk Show" could continue to keep up its quality, then it's very likely that his placing would only keep increasing.

    Taking a look at his total Reputation points, it was a total of 2.1 million!

    Zhang Ye knew that he had gotten so many Reputation points through just one episode of the program mainly because this world did not have an entertainment program such as his talk show. This led to the big effect of him gaining so many Reputation points. Based on his guess, he would not be able to get so many points anymore. Starting from the second episode, the reduction would be by at least half, so he would get around one million Reputation points per episode.

    But to get one million was already very high. When he was back at the Beijing Television Station, an episode of "Zhang Ye's Analysis of the Three Kingdoms" could at most get him a few hundred thousand Reputation points, so he was operating at several multiples of that now! Looking back, Zhang Ye knew that his choice to join the online television station was the right one!

    Still an hour before work.

    Dong Shanshan had already left home to busy herself with her new program.

    Zhang Ye had the habit of watching the news on TV after breakfast. He brought up the game ring's interface at the same time to try his luck at the Lottery. There was nothing to do anyway, so he might as well try his luck. Then without looking at where the pointer would land on, Zhang Ye used his Additional Stakes and added 10 stakes!

    He had spent a total of 1.1 million Reputation points!

    The pointer began to swing! It spun crazily fast! Then it started slowing down!

    Because the Difficulty Adjustment Die had left a deep psychological trauma to Zhang Ye, and the previous two lottery draws had gotten him Consumption Category items, he really did not want to get the Consumption Category items anymore. It would be best that he could draw a Special Category item. If that doesn't work out, a Stats Category or Skills Category was fine, too.

    Spin on! Round and round!

    The pointer came to a stop!

    Zhang Ye took a look. It was still okay; it had landed on the Skills Category!

    He took out the Treasure Chest (Small) from his inventory and opened the lid, full of expectations, hoping to see what would come out from inside.

    [ Computer Programming Skills - Network Technology Experience Book ] (11)

    Zhang Ye's eyes turned gloomy. He could not help but slap himself on the forehead. What kind of lousy sh*t was this? His program was getting more and more popular. His fame was also increasing. But why was his luck becoming worse by the day? Thinking of the previous time when he was still in Beijing... Before he had gotten his Taiji Fist Skill, he had actually drawn a Computer Programming Skills Experience Book, for a total of 21 books! This time it's back? A change of course? This time it's Computer Programming Skills - Network Technologies Experience Book? Your sister! Was this a plan for this bro to become a Computer Programming Teacher?! Why programming? Why network technologies? What would I want them for? This bro here wants to become a famous celebrity, not become an IT worker!

    Forget it, what's done is done. There's no point in saying any more. I will eat it first. Who knows if this crappy thing might come in handy in future? That was how Zhang Ye consoled himself.

    1 book.....

    10 books...

    11 books......

    Zhang Ye "ate" up all the skill experience.

    As for the remaining 1 million Reputation points, Zhang Ye did not plan on carrying on playing the Lottery. Without any hesitation, he bought a total of 10 Memory Search Capsules. After eating them, he carried on extracting the memories of all the excellent talk shows from his world. There was no such thing as having too much of it. The previous time, he had only extracted a tiny amount, and if he wanted to carry on doing the talk show well, the knowledge and memories were extremely important. Without these things, it would be impossible for Zhang Ye to tell the joke segments with such confidence and composure. It was a fundamental need!

    8:40 A.M.

    All the reputation was spent. Zhang Ye took a cab to work.


    The unit.

    Today was a gloomy day, but it did not seem like it'd rain.

    The moment he entered the office, a staff member called him over to inform him that Director Feng want to see him.

    Zhang Ye put down his belongings and went upstairs to Director Feng's office. He knocked on the door and went inside, "Director Feng, you were looking for me?"

    Wang Xiong was also in the room. Feng Guiqin was just speaking to him as she looked towards Zhang Ye. She smiled and waved him over, "Come, Little Zhang. Sit down first."

    "Okay." Zhang Ye sat down over there.

    Feng Guiqin looked at him and said, "Recently, your 'Zhang Ye's Talk Show' has brought us many viewers and it has received much praise. But there has been much happening on the internet the past few days; discussions about your program has begun to die down. I'm worried that after the second episode's broadcast tomorrow, the results would deteriorate further. Therefore, I would like to create some publicity to make your program the topic of discussion again."

    Zhang Ye wondered, "What kind of publicity?"

    Feng Guiqin laughed, "This came to me on a whim, or maybe I should say it's just my fantasy. I would still have to hear your opinion first."

    Zhang Ye ask puzzledly, "What kind of gimmick are we talking about?"

    Feng Guiqin said hesitantly, "I would like to do a live broadcast for one episode."

    "Live broadcast?" Zhang Ye was stunned, "A live internet broadcast?"

    Feng Guiqin nodded, "This has some difficulty, I understand. Even in traditional television stations, live broadcasts are a rarity. Except for some news and sports programs, the rest are mainly recorded broadcasts. Because factors and problems cannot be controlled fully for live broadcasts, even news programs will often have difficulties in preventing them even when they use scripts and teleprompters. So for online television stations, a live broadcast is even harder!

    This new industry has already been around for the past few years, but no one dares to do a live broadcast on WebTV. Such an event is probably already rejected by industry insiders as being too difficult. They would not want to risk it if anything were to go wrong. If problems occur during a live set and the host is unable to handle it, then it would become a live broadcast incident, so it would be better if they didn't do a live broadcast at all. But having seen you live at your first episode's recording, I have a feeling that you are able to do what others can't!"

    Zhang Ye nodded. Director Feng's words gave him a lot of pressure, but his emotions were stirred. This sort of trust was hard to come by.

    Wang Xiong asked, "Teacher Little Zhang, what do you think?"

    Feng Guiqin laughed, "Director Wang is not too agreeable. He thinks the risk is too high. Rather than get the title of 'First to do a live broadcast on WebTV', it would be better to do it slow and steadily. But I somehow feel that you can do it. Your program does not need any editing, and the rhythm from the beginning to the end was marvelously controlled. You even measured your words and did not cross the line. As for your adaptive ability, you were a graduate of a broadcast major and have done a number of programs before, so your experience is definitely not worse than anyone else."

    Zhang Ye was silent; he was considering.

    Feng Guiqin glanced at him and said, "Of course, like I mentioned, it still depends on your opinion. Whether you dare to take this risk or not to be the first to do this. If you feel uncomfortable, then let's forget it. We will resume our original plan for recording."

    After more than 10 seconds, Zhang Ye raised his head and said, "Director Feng, I've meddled with live broadcast related activities before, but this will be my first time doing a live broadcast. I will try. I have considered it for very long just now. I don't think there will be a problem. I dare not say that there will be no problems, but at least the problems won't be big!"

    Wang Xiong interrupted, "Teacher Little Zhang, you have to think carefully!"

    Feng Guiqin said, "Yes, you have to consider it very carefully."

    Zhang Ye laughed, "I've already thought about it. Other online television stations might not dare to do it, but I am a little different. I was born with guts; I dare!"

    Feng Guiqin was very happy. She slapped the table, "Good. Then we will do the live broadcast at 8 P.M. tomorrow. Little Zhang, go back and prepare yourself; it's all on you now."

    "Okay." Zhang Ye nodded and said goodbye.



    Everyone in the office had also heard this piece of shocking news - Saturday, 8 P.M.! "Zhang Ye's Talk Show" would be broadcast live!

    Wang Bei found Zhang Ye in no time and asked, "Zhang Ye, you want to do the live broadcast?"

    Zhang Ye tersely acknowledged.

    "Are you crazy?" Wang Bei made a fainting gesture, "This is not a news report program; you are doing a variety program. How are you going to make it a live broadcast?"

    You can't avoid a live broadcast if you're doing a news program. There were even scripts for those and all you needed to do was to read it accordingly. A sports match was more suited for a live broadcast because as long as the filming was done on time, it did not matter even if the commentator gagged on his lines. Some variety shows, like singing competitions, had live broadcasts for the finals, but since the contestants had already made it through to the finals, there would not be any major problems with their singing. But what sort of program was Zhang Ye hosting? It's a talk show! It depended on nothing but Zhang Ye's oratorical skills! He even insisted on not having a teleprompter. If he forgot his lines, then there would be no way to rescue the situation at all! It would all be ruined!

    Ah Qian came forward to ask, "Will you be using a teleprompter?"

    Zhang Ye shook his head, "No. There's no need for that."

    Ah Qian and Little Yu, "......"

    An old comrade came over and said, "Little Zhang, you're too rash. There's a reason why all the online television stations do not do live broadcasts. It's way too difficult!"

    Zhang Ye smiled a little, "I will give it a try."

    After a whole day of everyone trying to dissuade him, Zhang Ye still would not listen. He had already decided.

    Zhang Ye knew that Feng Guiqin wanted him to do a live broadcast because it would continue to help increase their online television station's influence. At the same time, Zhang Ye also understood that if they managed to do it while others did not dare to, this would a huge advantage for them. It would definitely add more credentials to his program!



    Zhang Ye did not have those emotions!

    There was a saying from his previous world. If a singer does not dare to sing live at a concert, then he was not considered to be a singer.

    Similarly, a host who did not dare do live broadcasts..... No matter how famous they might be, they would never be considered as an outstanding host!

    If his goal was to just be a normal host and earn a living, then it wouldn't matter. But no, he wanted to go further. This was why Zhang Ye wanted to risk it all and give it a try!

    Live broadcast?

    Don't dare to?

    There's not a f**king thing that I don't dare to do!
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