Chapter 358: Signing the Endorsement Contract!

    Chapter 358: Signing the Endorsement Contract!

    The endorsement deal was settled.

    Wu Mo said happily, "Teacher Zhang, let me treat you to a meal."

    Zhang Ye pointed to his watch. "It's still early in the morning, and I ate just before I arrived."

    "Then let us do it at noon. I'll invite the people from the commercial company to join us, so that we can negotiate the contract. After that, we can discuss the commercial's planning, and then let them produce it according to your intent." Wu Mo said.

    Zhang Ye blinked before suddenly making a request. "The contract can be signed any time. You can decide on the endorsement fees. As for other matters, I'm fine with anything. I only have one request, but if your company can't agree to it, then I won't be signing the contract. This is the only request I have for your company before being your spokesperson."

    Just one request?

    No problem! As long as it's not about increasing the fees!

    Wu Mo joyfully smiled and said, "No problem! Go ahead and tell me!"

    Zhang Ye said, "The planning for the commercial I'll be endorsing must be decided by me alone."

    Wu Mo nearly failed to stifle his laugh. He was still wondering what the matter was. "Definitely. We invited you mainly because of your commercial planning ability. If you didn't suggest any ideas for us, the commercial might not even be done in the next few days. Even though we have been racking our brains for many days, not a single suitable proposal has been produced. We will definitely have to listen to you. I can immediately agree on this. We were still afraid you did not want to participate in the planning."

    Zhang Ye looked at him and said, "This request has to be written in the contract."

    Wu Mo was stunned. "Oh? Write it in the contract? About that...typical contracts don't include this, right?"

    Wu Zeqing was directing the construction workers by the side, but when she heard this, she turned around and glanced at them.

    Zhang Ye said, "I know. It is also why this is a request of mine, and the sole one. The commercial planning must go through me during its entire process. Since you want to do a one-off payment for the commercial, then let's do it that way. It doesn't matter how much you give. I do not have any problems regarding the price, however, the commercial company has to produce the content according to my requests. To put it bluntly, regardless of the commercial's content, everything will be decided by me. This clause has to be written into the contract. If your company does not agree to my commercial planning, I will pull out from the endorsement. You will have to pay me an amount no less than the endorsement fees and the commercial fees for breaking the contract. Other than that, I have no other requests."

    Wu Mo was stunned. "About that..."

    The commercial was to be fully decided by Zhang Ye?

    Even the company's boss who paid for it had no right to veto?

    Zhang Ye said, "I know this might be a bit difficult on you, and there is no such precedent. However, I only have this tiny request, so if you are agreeable to it, we can sign the contract now."

    Wu Mo broke out in cold sweat as he wiped his forehead before saying, "Teacher Zhang, it's not that I don't trust you. Anyone in the commercial world knows your ability in commercial planning. But as the saying goes... What was it? Right. Horses might lose their footing, while humans might lose their touch. Everyone is convinced with your ability, but to err is human, right? There is a need for the wisdom of the crowds and bystanders' foresight. Furthermore, shouldn't I check my own company's commercial? Shouldn't me and the few major shareholders of the company need to watch the commercial first before deciding? If the commercial really is...and I'm just saying in the unlikely event. In the unlikely event that it is inappropriate, then we have to find other commercial proposals. If it's decided by you alone, isn't that a bit... What say you?"

    Zhang Ye was insistent on this point, because he already had a general gist in his mind. Furthermore, he did not know how difficult it would be to execute it. Hence, he decided to play the villain first. It was best to agree on everything beforehand. Even though he was Wu Zeqing's nephew, Zhang Ye would not abandon this principle. There was no need for Zhang Ye to take on this sort of endorsement, and if he were not Wu Zeqing's relative, Zhang Ye would have completely ignored him. Taking on the endorsement was 80% due to President Wu. The other 20% was because the company's product garnered the interest of Zhang Ye. Zhang Ye believed he could make the health supplement, Brain Gold into something greater.

    Large companies did not consider Zhang Ye. Was he a celebrity who wasn't too famous or unknown?

    Good endorsements were not something a celebrity of Zhang Ye's caliber could place his hands on?

    Since he could not do those endorsements, how many years would he have to wait before he could take on those commercials when he became a A-list celebrity? It was better to strive for it himself. If not, it would be a waste of his popularity. For his ambitious goals, Zhang Ye naturally did not want to squander every chance and resource. Hence, it was best to start off through commercials. If the commercial really succeeded, the sales of the company's product would massively increase. From this, Zhang Ye would gain popularity. It was a good thing for him. Many people might even get to know him through the endorsement, and could increase Zhang Ye's Reputation, allowing him to forge ahead steadily.

    Hence, there was such a request. If the other party could not accept it, Zhang Ye would not agree to the endorsement. He needed absolute control, because the commercial...was a bit "lame".

    Zhang Ye said, "CEO Wu, I know what you are getting at. It's not like I've never been in the advertising circles. I know all about it, so I can understand your reservations."

    Wu Mo said, "It's great that you can understand. We..."

    Zhang Ye carried on speaking. "But I still have to insist on this request of mine."

    Wu Mo: "..."

    Zhang Ye said, "You can first consider it. If your company can agree to it, I'll take on the job. If not, then please trouble someone else."

    Wu Mo was troubled. He never expected that Zhang Ye would have such a request for a simple endorsement. He knew Zhang Ye would not harm him, as there was this level of relations from his aunt. Although Zhang Ye was not purposely harming him, who could guarantee that the commercial he produced would be excellent? Zhang Ye would guarantee it himself? That would be useless. It had to be affirmed by the market! Hence, Wu Mo faced a dilemma!

    What was he to do?

    Should he agree to it?

    Eventually, Wu Mo's eyebrows were already fully knitted together. "Teacher Zhang, I can't make the decision on this matter. I will need to discuss it with the other shareholders."

    Zhang Ye nodded and said, "Alright."

    Wu Mo was in a rush to return. "Then wait for my phone call. I'll be leaving first. Aunt, I'm leaving."

    Wu Zeqing gave a dull acknowledge. "Don't speed."

    "Got it." Wu Mo's mind was preoccupied and he quickly drove off.

    Zhang Ye looked at Wu Zeqing as he explained. "Sorry about that President Wu. I did that because..."

    Wu Zeqing gave him a gentle smile. "There's no need to explain it to me. Let's go to my office." After instructing the construction work's supervisor, she left.

    Zhang Ye followed behind her. President Wu's qipao was really very beautiful. He could not help but steal a few glances at it, as his eyes landed on Wu Zeqing's perky butt. Just looking at her made his hands itch. He really wanted to give it a touch, and felt it would be worth it to be beaten up over it.


    In a building.

    Wu Zeqing's office.

    "What tea would you like to drink?"

    "Anything would do. Let me do it."

    "Tie Guanyin it is. Just stay seated."

    President Wu boiled a kettle of tea before pouring it into two cups. She then pushed a small teacup to Zhang Ye.

    "Thank you." Zhang Ye said gratefully. Then he gave the teacup a whiff and said, "Nice tea!" Bullsh*t nice tea. This fellow didn't even know the difference between Tie Guanyin and Longjing, so how could he tell what tea was good? However, since it was a chat, he had to say it that way.

    Wu Zeqing sat behind her office desk and took off her jacket. As she held the teacup, she took a sip in a very proper manner. She said with a smile, "A friend gave it to me. If you think it's nice, take some when you leave."

    Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "There's no need. It wouldn't be appropriate."

    The slit in her qipao reached high up. The purplish-blue qipao reached up to her thighs, and through the slit, one could see her soft, white skin. Zhang Ye, who had eaten breakfast, turned hungry just watching this. The saying how beauty could be consumed was probably such a situation. If it was anyone else, a glance would be fine. However, the critical point was Zhang Ye was different. He had seen Wu Zeqing's nude pictures. Which part of her body had he not seen before? Just seeing her thighs made his thoughts wander to her other parts, as he turned warm inside.

    He knew how full Wu Zeqing's breasts were.

    He knew that Wu Zeqing had a mole on her inner thigh.

    However, they were all hidden underneath the qipao, not to be seen.

    Suddenly, Wu Zeqing spoke. "That nephew of mine has been spoiled since he was young. He has never suffered, so he doesn't know hardship. Do you think it was incurring of ridicule?"

    Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "Not at all. CEO Wu is much better than me. Not experiencing hardship doesn't mean immaturity. Similarly, having experienced hardship doesn't necessarily mean maturity. I am the best negative example."

    Wu Zeqing laughed. "The both of you are incomparable. That tiny bit of talent my nephew has is not even worth a thousandth of yours. If the opportunity comes, please advise him."

    Advise him?

    Advise him on literature?

    That was clearly impossible. Zhang Ye understood Wu Zeqing's intentions. She wanted him to help Wu Mo, and helping his company tide over the crisis. He said, "Don't worry. I will definitely help if I can do it. I will not spare any effort. That is the reason why I made that request and for it to be in the contract, because..."

    Wu Zeqing waved her hand and said gently, "You don't have to explain it to me. I will not barge in on matters regarding business. I invited you here to talk about the classes for next semester."

    Zhang Ye said, "About that, I haven't decided on what to lecture."

    The two of them chatted for more than ten minutes.

    Finally, Zhang Ye bade farewell and left. He took a pound of Tie Guanyin. He knew that Wu Zeqing had owed him one, and the matter regarding the photos had come to a close. It would probably not be pursued further.

    That was great!

    If not, he would feel jittery every day!

    On his way back to the Chinese department, Zhang Ye felt completely relaxed.

    At this moment, Wu Mo called. "Teacher Zhang."

    "Hi, CEO Wu, please speak." Zhang Ye did not know what his answer would be.

    After a pause, Wu Mo said, "The few of us shareholders have discussed and come to a decision. Let us sign the contract before noon. We will add a clause to the contract as requested by you!"

    Zhang Ye chuckled. "Alright, thank you for CEO Wu's trust."

    Wu Mo said, "I can't not trust in all the talent you have!"
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