Chapter 359: The Brain Platinums commercial copy has landed!

    Chapter 359: The Brain Platinum's commercial copy has landed!


    After lunch, Zhang Ye and Wu Mo signed the contract.

    The contractual terms were all standard, and in addition, a term stating that Zhang Ye would have full rights to directing the commercial was added. Zhang Ye checked that everything was in order. The company did not lowball the endorsement fee either. In fact, they had given quite a tidy sum.

    "Teacher Zhang, I'm glad to be working together with you."

    "Glad to be working with you too."

    "Do you think we should head over to the advertising company?"

    "Sure, anytime."

    "OK,  let's head over now then. I've already made an appointment with them. The thing is that we only have a few more days before the commercial is slated for broadcast. It would be best if we could get the draft out by today and then start on its production, otherwise it might be too late and fees paid to Beijing Television Station would not be refunded."

    "OK, I will do my best."

    "We are all depending on you."

    Then, a group of them all headed to the creative department of the advertising company.

    Wu Mo had actually agreed to the terms of the contract as he was left with no choice. The shareholders of the company did not really support this decision either, but were out of choices too and had to agree. The commercial was due soon and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. If their products did not sell, they would be left with nothing but a huge debt. This was what everyone of them wanted to avoid at all costs and therefore, they agreed to bet on this.


    At the advertising company.

    Wu Mo began introducing everyone.

    Zhang Ye also greeted everyone from the advertising company.

    Many of them were quite friendly. When they saw Zhang Ye, their eyes glowed with admiration. It was clear that they had all heard of Zhang Ye's advertising achievements.

    "Teacher Zhang, nice to meet you." said a middle-aged man.

    "Nice to meet you, Director Wang." Zhang Ye shook hands with him.

    "I am in charge of this project, why don't we discuss it further inside?" Director Wang was a man in his forties who was a little plump and looked honest and good-natured. "We've all heard about your achievements in the advertising circle. When we first heard that you would be coming over to take charge of the planning this time, a lot of our staff wanted to join in to get some guidance from you."

    Zhang Ye quickly replied, "You speak too highly of me. You are the professionals and I'm just an amateur fooling around."

    A youth standing behind said, "Teacher Zhang, you're too humble. All the advertisements you have planned turned out to be classics. Even us professional use them as study material in our classes."

    Zhang Ye said, "Your company is one of the leading names in the advertising world in Beijing. I dare not accept such a title."

    Everyone did not say too much as it was only their first time meeting. It was just some random chatter and complimentary greetings to one another.

    Actually, the advertising company was not just complimenting Zhang Ye without any reason. If it were any other person who was taking over the production planning of the commercial, they would definitely be unhappy about it. After all, they were the true professionals in this field, but Zhang Ye was different, he had experience and even a few accolades to back him up. He even created a new style of creative advertising. It was rumored at that time that the top 3 advertising firms had all headhunted Zhang Ye and this was why Zhang Ye's abilities in this field was doubted by no one.

    A crowd of people streamed into the meeting room.

    After the doors closed, everyone settled down to discuss the agenda.

    Wu Mo was very focused as he had paid a lot of money for this. To the advertising firm, it was also a big project that they placed great importance on.

    Director Wang got the staff to give out copies of the project plans, "This is a copy of plans that we came up with earlier. As CEO Wu was not too satisfied, we did not use them."

    Wu Mo said to Zhang Ye, "Take a look?"

    "OK." Zhang Ye took a copy and glanced at it for a while.

    It was not flawed, but neither were there any highlights. It was quite normal.

    Wu Mo said, "We don't ask for much in the commercial planning. It can be any type of commercial, as long as it can boost our sales. What we need now is sales figures, otherwise the company will not be able to operate any further. We cannot afford our high overheads anymore." In front of them, Wu Mo did not have anything to hide anymore. There was no need to.

    Zhang Ye said, "For commercials, they are assessed by whether they can sell the products. This is the requirement and not something that you just talk about. If it were me, I would not agree to it either."

    Director Wang, "Oh? It seems like Teacher Zhang already has some ideas?"

    Wu Mo quickly interrupted, "Tell us what's on your mind? What direction should we take for this commercial?"

    Everyone in the meeting room focused on Zhang Ye.

    Zhang Ye coughed a few times. Right now, he felt a little embarrassed and was not sure if this advertisement would work, but there was no turning back now so he proceeded to expand on his idea, saying, "I do have a plan, shall we listen to it?"


    "I'm all ears."

    Everyone turned serious.

    A few creatives even took out pens and paper. Some even brought voice recorders, wishing to record everything Zhang Ye had to say, making it convenient for them to learn from in the future.

    Zhang Ye cleared his throat. "This commercial is actually not complex. It is very simple, and generally it's just one advertising catchphrase that will be sung."


    In the form of a song?

    That's new! As expected of Teacher Zhang Ye!

    Just think about that "Shuidiao Getou" that was adapted to become "Wishing We Last Forever". It came from Zhang Ye and even the melody was composed by him. He was deeply skilled in this!

    Everyone's eyes became even brighter as they stared unblinkingly at Zhang Ye's face.

    Then Zhang Ye began to sing. "I'll just sing it simply for you to get a taste of it. Well, here goes." With a deep breath, and under the gazes of eyes filled with anticipation, Zhang Ye sang with a high note. "I will not accept any gifts this year! No gifts accepted, no gifts accepted! No gifts accepted, no gifts accepted! The only gift I will accept is Brain Gold! Brain! Gold!"

    Then, Zhang Ye noticed how everyone in the entire meeting room was dumbfounded. Each and everyone was stunned silent!

    Wu Mo stared and said, "Is that it?"

    Zhang Ye acknowledged with a cough, "Yeah."

    Wu Mo nearly fainted on the table. "What sort of commercial is that?"

    Director Wang's eyebrows kept twitching as he forced a laugh and said, "Teacher Zhang, I know you do talk shows. Hur Hur, you sure are humorous. Let's get serious. What's the real advertising catchphrase?"

    Zhang Ye said with a sweat, "That was it."

    When Director Wang heard this, he nearly fell to ground!

    That was it?

    You f**king call this an advertisement?

    Everyone present nearly coughed out a mouthful of blood!

    Wu Mo was nearly crying his heart out. "Teacher Zhang, can we do it properly? This advertisement...is really too shameful! If this thing goes on TV, wouldn't my company become the laughing stock of the entire industry? That can't happen! This commercial won't be able to drive sales up!"

    Director Wang dabbed the sweat off his forehead, "About that, I also suggest changing it."

    Zhang Ye refused to agree. "CEO Wu, didn't you forget the clause on our contract? You have to listen to me on this matter. There will definitely not be any problems. I guarantee you that the sales will soar!"

    Wu Mo: "..."

    Director Wang: "..."

    Others: "..."

    Soar your sister!

    What the heck!

    Wu Mo immediately said, "No! This commercial will definitely not do!"

    Zhang Ye leered at him and threw his hands up. "Then I can't do anything about that. I won't take on this endorsement. Your company can choose not to use the advertisement, but you will need to pay the penalty for breaking the contract." The contract was still held close to Zhang Ye's chest and had not even cooled down. It was written in black and white what breaking the contract cost!

    When Wu Mo heard this, his face turned green!

    Holy sh*t! Why do I feel like I was scammed by Zhang Ye!?

    Wu Mo's tears were about to flood down his cheeks. "Teacher Zhang, you are harming me!"

    Zhang Ye said with a wry smile, "I'm not harming you. You know I wouldn't too. How the commercial turns out will be decided by the market. When the commercial is broadcasted, you will know the situation. When that happens, everything will be decided, so now, the content of the commercial has to follow my instructions. Furthermore, do you think I will stake my reputation on this? If the results of the commercial are bad, it's bad for me too."

    Wu Mo's eyes were already red. "But this commercial...isn't it too brainless?"

    Director Wang added on. "Not only is it brainless, there's nothing that puts the commercial in the spotlight. How can you call this a commercial? It's not as good as the few proposals we had before! And let me say something unpleasant, your proposal is so much worse than ours. It's really a commercial that can't be aired. Not only Brain Gold company, even we will become laughing stocks!"

    Zhang Ye still insisted and said. "Just use it. You have to believe in me."

    Wu Mo grabbed Zhang Ye's shoulders. "It's not that I don't believe you, but it's too...too... Can we change it? Please don't fool around Teacher Zhang, can we change the commercial? I know you are a comedian, so you must be pulling our legs, right?"

    Zhang Ye shrugged his shoulders. "I am serious."

    Wu Mo: "....$###%@@#@! ! !"

    Zhang Ye had expected this, so he had requested for that clause to be added to the contract beforehand. "Anyway, that was my plan. CEO Wu, please believe me. Just with Wu....Big Sis Wu's level of relation to you, I will not scam you. If you really think it won't do, then I'll give up the endorsement."

    You aren't scamming me?

    You are f**king scamming me!

    Wu Mo felt he was a true retard, a pure retard. Why wasn't he satisfied with the proposals from Director Wang's advertising firm? Even the trash amongst those proposals were ten thousand times or even a hundred million times better than Zhang Ye's! If he had known so, he would have directly used theirs! Would there be a need to agree to that contractual clause of Zhang Ye's? This was scamming him to dig a hole, pushing him in, and then burying him! The company was already in bad shape! Now it's even better! Zhang Ye was making the matters worse!

    Using this commercial?

    Or pay the breach of contract fees that amounted to more than a million Yuan (~147,600USD)?

    Wu Mo wanted to pay the fees. He really wanted to, but the company was already drained of all its liquidity. This was a desperate bet of the company, so why would there be any additional money left!?

    Zhang Ye asked, "CEO Wu?"

    Director Wang also said, "CEO Wu, you must think carefully!"

    Wu Mo struggled for a long time and after more than ten minutes, he slammed the table with tears nearly streaming down his face. "I'll use Zhang Ye's commercial! So what if I die! At most I'll start from zero again!" At this moment, he no longer addressed him as Teacher Zhang, and used his full name.

    Zhang Ye did not mind and smiled.
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