Chapter 858 : “Unwarranted Torture (1)”

    Chapter 858 : "Unwarranted Torture (1)"

    It was night on the second day that Qiao Chu slipped into the jail and met with Jun Wu Xie on there.

    "You have sure having a jolly leisurely good time in here. Outside things are so chaotic that it is almost on the verge of exploding and here you are so carefree not having anything to do." Seeing Jun Wu Xie calmly sitting with her jail cell stroking the little black cat's fur made Qiao Chu can't help himself but smile helplessly.

    Jun Wu Xie looked up slightly and glanced at Qiao Chu: "How is it outside?"

    "After you went to see Qu Ling Yue with Lei Chen that day, Qu Ling Yue's condition improved by leaps and bounds yesterday. But early this morning, her injuries suddenly took a turn for the worse and she fell into a coma still vomiting out blood, driving the entire bunch of physicians there into a frenzy. That Imperial Physician Li had in a fluster and exasperation claimed that a certain Young Miss named Jun's previous actions had just been underhanded methods that deceived people and even Lei Chen was not spared a significant amount of admonishment as well. That Jiang Ying Long had been struck dumb in helplessness and when the Crown Prince went to pay a visit once more, he was blocked at the door by people from the War Banner Academy. It seems like your actions yesterday had not only failed to make the people from the War Banner Academy relax their guard but had instead made them feel even more strongly against Lei Chen." Qiao Chu might have said all this in a nonchalant tone, but Fei Yan who had gone there in person to gather information had seen every single detail of that situation clearly.

    Lei Chen had been blocked outside the doors and Imperial Physician Li had cursed and sworn from inside Qu Ling Yue's room. However much shock and surprise Jun Wu Xie had brought to everyone yesterday, was fully returned today by being reviled, cursed and spat upon.

    "Just as expected." Jun Wu Xie lips raised at the edges, to reveal a cold smile.

    Qiao Chu stated quizzically at Jun Wu Xie's reaction. "You knew all along this would happen?"

    Jun Wu Xie answered slowly: "I wasn't certain at first, but I am sure now."

    "And you are still so carefree about it? Do you even have any confidence towards Qu Ling Yue's injuries? This is the first time that I am seeing a patient who had passed through your hands, suffer a relapse." Qiao Chu asked, scratching at his head.

    Towards Jun Wu Xie's skills in Medicine, he had full and complete trust. But Qu Ling Yue's relapse of her injuries, was also a fact that Fei Yan saw with his own eyes.

    "There is always a first for everything in life, it's nothing really." Jun Wu Xie wasn't showing much of a reaction to it.

    Qiao Chu continued with his report: "It is said the tomorrow evening will be the time that the people from the Thousand Beast City will be arriving in the Yan Country's Imperial Capital. By that time, if they are to see Qu Ling Yue still lying in bed barely alive, they might just decide to come charging all the way into here and seek trouble with you. Aren't you going to make any preparations at all?"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    "They will not have the time to find trouble with me for the time being."

    Qiao Chu was stunned, completely unable to know what Jun Wu Xie was thinking.

    "Anyway, knowing you will have no lack of ideas in your head, I just want to tell you not to allow yourself to suffer and that's all that matters. If the matter cannot be resolved for now, then just get right out of here and tell us what you want us to do thereafter and you just don't show yourself."

    "I have plans made." Jun Wu Xie said softly.

    As the two people were still chatting, from within the silence in the prison, footsteps were suddenly heard. Qiao Chu flew up with a leap and jumped up onto the overhead beams, hiding himself within the shadows.

    Two prison jailers appeared before Jun Wu Xie's jail cell. They were holding a set of locks and chain in their hands as they unlocked the cell door and walked in.

    "His Majesty has decreed, to change a set of locks and chain for Young Master Jun. We would like to ask for Young Master Jun to cooperate." The jailer opened his mouth to ask with a smile, highly courteous to Jun Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie's powers as a green spirit, was not something these low ranked jailers were able to coerce, hence, on the few days that Jun Wu Xie had been in prison, the jailers had still been somewhat polite and had not dared to make things difficult. Her meals given to her adhered to the usual rules and everything had seemed normal so far.
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