Chapter 860 : “Unwarranted Torture (3)”

    Chapter 860 : "Unwarranted Torture (3)"

    "We really wouldn't know whether Young Master Jun's thin and frail looking body will be able to withstand the seventy two sets of torture equipment we hold within this prison. It must be known though, anyone who had previously undergone the entire circle of torture equipment here had all been reduced to become helplessly disabled and completely wasted even if they survived. It's such a shame that Young Master Jun even holds such high cultivated spirit powers." The jailer holding the whip said, lifting the whip and snapping it with a loud crack, sending the whip's whistling end to tear through the air and land just beside Jun Wu Xie, striking heavily upon the ground, leaving a white slash mark on the filthy floor of the jail cell.

    Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at the two jailers standing there with their malicious expressions.

    Qiao Chu who had remained hidden in the darkness observed it all. These two jailers were obviously going to inflict torture on Jun Wu Xie!

    Qiao Chu almost could not hold himself back for another moment and was about to make an appearance to beat those two scumbags into scrambling all over the floor to find their teeth when he suddenly caught sight of Jun Wu Xie looking in the direction of where he was hiding and discreetly shook her head.

    Qiao Chu's heart jolted as he tried his hardest to resist the rage threatening to explode within him, as he continued to remain within the shadows.

    The two jailers circled around Jun Wu Xie, seemingly trying to decide which spot would be the best place to inflict the first lash. Jun Xie's impossibly stoic calm began to unnerve them as all others who had been thrown into this jail had screamed, cried and begged but just this one youth had been different. From the first day that he had been locked up, he had not once opened his mouth to say a single word. Towards being imprisoned, he had not once shown the slightest sign of rage or anxiety.

    On that youthful face with its delicate features, they had only seen the same cold and distant expression, the gloomy and depressing prison seemingly non existent in the eyes of the youth.

    "Young Master Jun, would you say whether it's better that I lay the first lash onto your hip or onto your back first? Rest assured, the lowly me knows where to draw the line. I will definitely not harm your face in the slightest. I guarantee that after you have had a change of clothes, no one will be able to tell that you have been tortured." The jailer said with an evil laugh.

    Jun Wu Xie stood in his spot, not moving in the slightest, her cold and clear eyes glancing only a brief moment over the two jailers.

    "The moment you make a move on me, you will regret it." Jun Wu Xie chill voice suddenly rang out clearly.

    The two jailers paused a moment, and broke out into a bout of raucous laughter.

    "Young Master Jun, what kind of a joke are you telling us? That's just hilarious! Regret it! ? Don't blame me for not having reminded you. Do you know why we had put on that new set of shackles on you? To tell you the truth, the set of shackles you have on currently had previously been used to restrain a blue spirit user. Even though you have attained the green spirit, to break out from the restraint under this set of shackles, you will find it beyond you no matter how hard you try." The jailer said with a sneer. To execute torture on a green spirit user, how could they not have prepared for it?

    The fact that they had dared to be so arrogant, was because they believed Jun Wu Xie would not be able to retaliate against them in the slightest.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted her chin slightly and did not look at the two jailers anymore.

    The jailer holding the whip suddenly lifted his hand and in the next moment, the wicked tip of the whip was sent whistling through the air towards Jun Wu Xie's back!

    Qiao Chu who was hiding within the shadows felt his heart leap into his throat as his fists clenched hard as he fought against the urge strike.

    However, in the split second just before he wanted to rush out, a huge massive shadow suddenly appeared within the jail cell. It was a massive sized ferocious beast, and at the same moment that it appeared, its jaws clamped down upon the whip that was speeding towards Jun Wu Xie's body!

    The black beast's sudden appearance made the two jailers in the cell immediately freeze and the jailer holding the whip had not even had time to react when the massive beast which had its jaws on the whip had suddenly flung him up to smash hard into the solid stone wall!
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