Chapter 862 : “Guests from Beast City (1)”

    Chapter 862 : "Guests from Beast City (1)"

    "As I thought." Jun Wu Xie laughed coldly.

    "I beg Young Master Jun to spare my life! We were just following orders!" The jailer knelt down and begged, not even paying attention to the wounds on his body.

    "Open your mouth." Jun Wu Xie said.

    The jailer was taken aback as he paused and the black beast gave a low growl, making the jailer immediately opening his mouth wide. Jun Wu Xie carelessly tossed an elixir into his mouth and the jailer swallowed it in shock.

    "Pry his mouth open." Jun Wu Xie's gaze swept over onto the unconscious jailer lying in a heap on the ground. The man immediately moved to pry open his companion's mouth and Jun Wu Xie tossed another elixir into it.

    "If you wish to live, take care that your mouths remain shut. Two days later, I will naturally give you the antidote." Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

    The jailer nodded his head vehemently.

    "Scram." Jun Wu Xie said curtly after that.

    The jailer quickly dragged his companion and went out of the prison.

    After the two jailers have left, Qiao Chu leapt off the beam he had been on while hiding.

    "Looks like I was worried for nothing. Against such small fry, you have no problem dealing with them with powers to spare." Qiao Chu was suddenly feeling rather foolish now when he recalled how he had almost rushed out having been unable to hold himself back. If Jun Wu Xie was not even able to handle two lowly jailers, then that would have been strange.

    "But the Fourth Prince is really vicious. Why had he wanted you to be tortured?"

    "He came here last night." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    It then dawned on Qiao Chu, immediately understanding that the Fourth Prince must have tried to recruit Jun Wu Xie once again and was dealt another merciless rejection, and that had angered him, causing him to want to teach Jun Wu Xie a lesson.

    [A pity.....]

    [He picked on the wrong person!]

    "When the people from the Thousand Beast City arrive here, have Brother Hua come switch me out." Jun Wu Xie told Qiao Chu.

    "Alright." Qiao Chu was learning to be smarter. Anything he was unable to understand, he decided not to ask, but just to follow orders.

    Jun Wu Xie then nodded and glanced at Qiao Chu without a word. Qiao Chu knew what to do immediately and he got out of the place quickly, not daring to tally another moment there.


    The team from the Thousand Beast City entered the Imperial Capital in the evening the next day. When the horse carriages decorated with the banners of the Thousand Beast City came into the Yan Country's Capital City, it attracted the stares of quite a number of people.

    The Thousand Beast City was not subservient to any particular country and stood independent on its own. Although the amount of land they occupied could not compare to other countries, their geographical location was excellent. Bordering many countries, the Thousand Beast City stood alone and were not harassed by any of the bordering forces. The reason for that was not just the fact that the city had once produced two Purple Spirits who attained the pinnacle of power, but it was also due to the fact that the Thousand Beast City held a special kind of ability.

    The Thousand Beast City was situated on top of a mountain surrounded by dense forests. All the way from the foot of the mountain up to the top, Spirit Beasts were everywhere. Those Spirit Beasts would never attack anyone from the Thousand Beast City as the Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City had over the generations, possessed a Spirit Tamer Bone Flute. It was rumoured, that bone flute was able to harness the powers of Spirit Beasts and the flute's melody was able to subjugate tens of thousands of Spirit Beasts and listen to its commands. And that was how the reputation of the Thousand Beast City came about.

    Even the mightiest Yan Country with its strong resources, had no intentions of tangling with the Thousand Beast City. Although they were only a city over a small region, the countless Spirit Beasts had however become the Thousand Beast City's strongest shield. Military forces can be defeated, but the number of Spirit Beasts there were too numerous and as long as the Beast Tamer Bone Flute remained in the possession of the Thousand Beast City, no one dared go against the Thousand Beast City in the slightest.

    The Thousand Beast City wasn't too far away from the Yan Country and the two powers had always shared amicable relations. But the people of the Thousand Beast City seldom came out and the sight of their horse carriages suddenly appearing within the Yan Country's Imperial Capital made everyone immediately remember the incident when the Thousand Beast City's Young Miss had been gravely injured.
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