Chapter 863 : “Guests from Beast City (2)”

    Chapter 863 : "Guests from Beast City (2)"

    The horse carriages of the Thousand Beast City stopped right in front of the inn occupied by War Banner Academy. Jiang Ying Long had immediately received the news and he came out to welcome the guests.

    From within the horse carriages, three outstanding looking men stepped out. One of them was approximately about thirty five years of age and his face was hard and stalwart, a formidable looking man. Another one was younger, looking to be about twenty four or twenty five. But out of the three people, the one who drew the most attention was an old man with a full head of white hair. Although his countenance was already all filled with wrinkles, but those eyes seemed like they had been immersed through the passage of time, well weathered and been through quite a bit in his life.

    Among the three people, the middle aged man seemed to be the leader, but it was not hard to see, regardless whether it was the middle aged man or the young youth, their attitude towards the old man was highly respectful.

    "What a surprise! It's actually Clan Hall Chief Xiong! I ask your forgiveness for my tardy welcome!" Jiang Ying Long's heart had jolted a beat when he saw the middle aged man.

    The Thousand Beast City was helmed by the Head Chieftain of the city and below him in the hierarchy were four Hall Chiefs, who oversaw and managed all aspects of the Thousand Beast City. And the man before Jiang Ying Long today was the Raging Blaze Hall Chief, Xiong Ba!

    The status of the four Hall Chiefs in the Thousand Beast City were second only to the Head Chieftain. Jiang Ying Long had not thought that the team which had arrived in the Capital would include a Hall Chief! It was plain to see that the Thousand Beast City was really furious and they meant business, or why would they bother to send a person who held such a highly revered position of Hall Chief like Xiong Ba! ?

    Xiong Ba was a man who was true to his name. Straight as an arrow, domineering and harsh. Among the four Hall Chiefs, he was the most brash and the hardest to communicate with. At the instant when his eyes saw Xiong Ba appear, Jiang Ying Long had felt cold sweat start to run from his body.

    Xiong Ba stared at Jiang Ying Long with a deep frown, and his deep voice suddenly boomed.

    "I heard of the news that our Young Miss was injured? How is her condition currently?"

    Jiang Ying Long's heart jumped and he immediately replied: "About that..... I would like to invite the Hall Chief to come inside first and I can tell all about it you slowly."

    Xiong Ba's voice boomed once again loudly: "No need for all the unnecessary fluff! The reason I came here today is only to ensure the Young Miss' safety. Don't talk to me about anything else. You will only need to tell me whether our Young Miss' condition is still critical or stabilised now!"

    As a Teacher of the War Banner Academy, he had never been snubbed so badly like he was at that moment. Xiong Ba's words did not show him any respect nor allow him any space to step back gracefully, but he knew he could not afford to have a falling out with Xiong Ba either and hence could only say sheepishly: "Ling Yue's condition has not improved and the Yan Country's Emperor has already gathered all the most famous of physicians here. Even the Imperial Physicians who served the Palace were sent here but as Ling Yue's injuries were really grave, all of us are feeling rather helpless about the situation."

    Xiong Ba's eyes widened up in a fierce glare and he grabbed Jiang Ying Long by the front of his robe to say: "When we left our Young Miss at the War Banner Academy, she was perfectly fine. She had initially not wanted to take part in this year's Spirit Battle Tournament but your Headmaster continued to extend his invitation to us repeatedly making our Head Chieftain reluctantly agree to it, but now you actually allowed her to be harmed in the Spirit Battle Tournament! It has already been a few days since our Young Miss got injured and the whole bunch of trash here with you are still not able to heal her! You....."

    Xiong Ba's immensely furious eyes were bloodshot as he shouted in rage. The youth behind saw that Xiong Ba was almost right about to rip Jiang Ying Long apart and he immediately stepped forward and said hurriedly: "Hall Chief Xiong! You have to let go of Teacher Jiang first! Looking into our Young Miss' condition should take priority now and since what happened has already happened, it would not help the situation if you continue to waste time here. Wouldn't it be better if we let Senior Feng go take a look at our Young Miss' condition first?"

    Xiong Ba's brows creased up alarmingly and he thought on it a moment. He finally gave a derisive snort of contempt and released his grip. "Since the people from the Yan Country and the War Banner Academy are not capable enough, then let the Thousand Beast City handle the matter ourselves!"
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