Chapter 870 : “Quack Doctor (3)”

    Chapter 870 : "Quack Doctor (3)"

    Imperial Physician Li immediately said with a smile: "Even Senior Feng is saying the same thing, what other doubts could there be? If not for all of us putting in every single effort possible into the treatment, don't tell me that Miss Jun had really used just one Heart Coagulation Elixir to cure Miss Qu's grave injuries? Doesn't that sound like a complete joke to you?"

    Xiong Ba's brows were tightly creased up together as he stared at Jun Wu Xie, looking like he was considering Imperial Physician Li's words.

    Jun Wu Xie then said in a calm tone. "Since Imperial Physician Li is saying that it was all due to you and your group's efforts, then I would like to ask. Ever since that day, Qu Ling Yue had been under your complete care. Have all of you been able to achieve any improvements to her condition since?"

    Laced with a frosty chill, the voice was like an icy lake that flowed into the hearts of people. It's biting chill suddenly forced the three men from the Thousand Beast City to wake up to the facts stated within Jun Wu Xie's words.

    If the half day's period of improvements to Qu Ling Yue's condition was truly because Jun Wu Xie had just coincidentally stolen the limelight from Imperial Physician Li and his group, then according to reason, the credit should go to Imperial Physician Li and the others. But under their care completely since that day, Qu Ling Yue's condition had not shown a single sign of change and had remained unconscious throughout in a coma, which suddenly sounded rather illogical.

    Imperial Physician Li was stumped by Jun Wu Xie' words and he could only stand there with his face turning pale, to glare angrily at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie was not willing to continue wasting her time on such morons and she immediately turned to face Feng Yue Yang.

    "Since Senior Feng has read Qu Ling Yue's pulse and seen the medicine and herbs that Imperial Physician Li had given Qu Ling Yue, I believe that with Senior Feng's skills and knowledge in Medicine, he is well aware of the extent the effects of those medicine could possibly bring."

    Feng Yue Yang nodded. "Those medicine will only be able to stabilise the condition but they will not make our Young Miss recover from her inquiries."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded with satisfaction and turned to Imperial Physician Li and said: "Quack doctor."

    Imperial Physician Li's eyes flared wide open, suddenly having a strong urge to leap over to tear apart that little lass with her potty mouth.

    "What are you trying to say here? You little brat! If the improvement to Miss Qu's condition is not due to the meticulous care given by us, don't tell me it is all due to that mealy Heart Coagulation Elixir of yours!"

    Feng Yue Yang was feeling a little confused. With Qu Ling Yue's condition, regardless whether it was Imperial Physician Li's method of mild and gentle nourishment, or if it was with Jun Wu Xie's Heart Coagulation Elixir, both forms of treatment would not be able to make Qu Ling Yue's injuries show any improvements. Although the differing parties were debating endlessly on it, one point was however still clear to him.

    And that was Qu Ling Yue's injuries had indeed been fully healed for half a day.

    That situation really baffled Feng Yue Yang who was revered for his exceptional skills in Medicine.

    Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at Imperial Physician Li who was hopping mad in fury and said: "Who told you that I had only used a single Heart Coagulating Elixir?"

    Imperial Physician Li was so startled he froze in place a moment, his eyes still flashing with fury as he stared at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Isn't that so? I saw you with my own eyes that day. You had only fed Miss Qu a single Heart Coagulating Elixir and there had not been anything else! Do not spout so much nonsense in this place!"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes remained on the increasingly frustrated Imperial Physician Li and slowly shook her head, her eyes showing complete and utter disdain, as she stared right into Imperial Physician Li's eyes.

    "As a medical physician, you really qualify as a quack doctor."

    Imperial Physician Li's face was turning a shade of green from its previous pale white.

    Xiong Ba was getting even more confused as he listened to the two of them. "I, Xiong Ba am merely a unrefined boor, and I really wouldn't understand all these twists and turns you physicians are doing with your words. I want to only ask one question. Jiang Ying Long, you tell me the real truth. Did our Young Miss' condition really show signs of improvements before?"

    Jiang Ying Long nodded without daring to hide anything.

    Xiong Ba then turned to look at Jun Wu Xie. "Miss Jun, you say the improvements in our Young Miss' condition was due to your actions. Then tell me besides the Heart Coagulating Elixir, what else did you do? Please be forthcoming with your words."

    Jun Wu Xie raised up an eyebrow and asked: "Do all of you think that Qu Ling Yue had really sustained severe injuries?"
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