Chapter 874 : “Face Slap – Ninth Form (4)”

    Chapter 874 : "Face Slap - Ninth Form (4)"

    Nobody would suspect Feng Yue Yang's words. If he concluded that Qu Ling Yue had fully recovered, then that must be true!

    But all the physicians there were people who had given treatment to Qu Ling Yue in the past few days and the extent of Qu Ling Yue's injuries were naturally well known to them. They found it unbelievable that Qu Ling Yue could recover in such a short period of time..... It had only barely been a blink of an eye, how was that possible?

    Xiong Ba's face was one of utter shock as he looked at Feng Yue Yang before turning his head to look at Jun Wu Xie standing calmly at the side.

    "Rea..... really?" Xiong Ba stuttered.

    "You think I will lie to you?" Feng Yue Yang said derisively.

    Xiong Ba's towering frame trembled slightly.

    He turned to face Jun Wu Xie in a hurry and immediately fell onto one knee and said solemnly: "I have been rude and have offended Miss Jun earlier. I hereby ask for Miss Jun's forgiveness!"

    The fierce and aggressive Raging Blaze Hall Chief had actually gone down on one knee to apologize to Jun Wu Xie. The sudden turn of events had caused everyone present to be struck completely dumb.

    How was it even possible that Jun Wu Xie had been able to cure Qu Ling Yue's injuries? That was undoubtedly just a joke!

    All the physicians in the room were shocked into speechlessness by the scene before their eyes and they were almost about to lose their minds, not knowing whether it was all a dream or reality.

    "Just get up." Jun Wu Xie said.

    Xiong Ba stood up after that and his face was still filled with a trace of awkwardness, looking highly apologetic. The fierce and aggressive demeanour from before vanished into thin air. Instead, the eyes looking at Jum Wu Xie seemed guilty and remorseful.

    "Miss Jun, what really happened to our Young Miss in regards to her injuries? What did you do earlier? Why did she suddenly recover?" This time, Xiong Ba was highly courteous and respectful with his tone of voice when speaking to Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie replied: "She wasn't even injured at all. Hence, there was no need for all this fuss."

    "Not injured?" Xiong Ba looked at Jun Wu Xie in confusion.

    Jun Wu Xie immediately walked over to Qu Ling Yue's bedside and lifted up Qu Ling Yue's smooth hair exposing her neck. On the fair skin of that neck, was three silver needles, stuck halfway into the flesh. Right at the centre of the three surrounding needles, under that skin, was a faint bruising that showed up against the otherwise smooth white skin.

    "This is?" Feng Yue Yang's eyes immediately flashed in puzzlement when he saw the bruise. It was in an area that was well hidden, at the back of Qu Ling Yue, hidden under her long luxurious hair. Even he had not noticed the abnormality earlier himself.

    "Sometimes, to make someone look like they had sustained severe injuries, you do not actually need to inflict any physical harm, but just seal her meridians to make the pulse chaotic and the effects will show." Jun Wu Xie explained.

    It finally dawned upon Feng Yue Yang. "What Miss Jun is saying, is that our Young Miss had not been injured? But she had displayed such signs in her pulse because someone had intentionally manipulated it to look as such?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Imperial Physician Li looked on as Jun Wu Xie explained the situation and his face drained of colour immediately. He was trying very hard to hide the nervousness in his heart and slowly moving towards the back of the group of physicians bit by bit, thinking of slipping away from the room surreptitiously.

    "Imperial Physician Li, aren't you going to explain it all to everyone here?" Jun Wu Xie's voice suddenly raised up without turning!

    All eyes turned upon hearing the voice calling out to the Imperial Physician who was preparing to slip away.

    Imperial Physician Li's pale face looked at Jun Wu Xie, and he hurriedly put on a brave face and said: "Why would I need to explain anything! ?"

    "Oh?" Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow, the corners of her mouth curling up chillingly. "When I released the sealed meridians for Qu Ling Yue the last time, her symptoms had completely disappeared then."
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